Diablo 3 Developers React Angrily to David Brevik Interview

Rush posted his interview with Diablo series creator David Brevik last night, and as everyone who has watched it or read the transcript knows, Dave was quite honest and candid with his answers, and wasn’t afraid to criticize features he’s not very fond of in Diablo III. He didn’t say anything we haven’t heard before, and his criticisms were about 1/1000th as angry as your typical flaming Battle.net forum post, but they seem to have really gotten under the skin of some of the D3 developers.

The quotes come from Chris Haga’s Facebook page, where he posted about the interview, and then received comments from a number of other Blizzard employees, including prominent members of the Diablo III dev team. Again, these are on Haga’s Facebook page; this isn’t coming from private messages or email or anything hacked. Thanks to an anonymous source for spotting them and throwing me the tip.

What’s got them so mad? I don’t think it’s Dave’s comments about the game, since after all, everything he said has been said far more forcefully and angrily a million times by now. I think it’s 1) the fact that he’s a developer, 2) that he created the game in the first place, and 3) his comments about how great the old Blizzard North D2 team was, and how none of the current D3 devs have experience making ARPGs.

Point #3 makes two assertions that are true as far as I know, and I think Dave meant it as a compliment to his old friends and coworkers… but it’s not hard to see how the current D3 devs took it as an insult. Drama!

Update: A few hours later Gazilli0n issued IncGamers with a statement reading

“We admire Blizzard and Blizzard games.  David was asked about Diablo 3 and gave his honest opinion and we stand by him 100%.  Marvel Heroes is David’s vision and is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2. We’ll be in closed beta soon, so visit MarvelHeroes.com if you want to check it out.” – Leo Olebe, VP Marketing Gazillion Entertainment.



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  1. Truth hurts ouch!


    “Steven Parker: ?”They didn’t choose what I would have, so it sucks!” Sucks to hear.

    Andrew Silvernail: Don’t worry about it Haga, you made the fastest selling PC game of all time. He made Hellgate: London.”

    Hellgate London was great actually and D3 sold fast thanks to the previous Diablo games, no one expected a pile of flaming shit it turned out to be.

    • I liked your original comment;

      “They deserve it. Game sucks.”

    • “the fastest selling PC game of all time…”

      With a ravenous fan base who’d been waiting ten years!

      This is the same mindset that the film and music industries use to keep shovelling out mediocre product, as long as it sells.

      • They will pay for that arrogance.
        Can’t wait to see them selling D3Expansion.It’s like selling the new Iphone5 and after 2 weeks you realize that is crap.But because the name milions of ppls already bought it.Pure Scam 😛 Enjoy our money guys.Better fix that game because that will be your over as a company.

    • Notice how they throw hate at incgamers, a site that has thrown so much free publicity at their game franchise since before many of those clowns were even employed at Blizzard.

      P.S: In before the avalanche of incredulous fanboys finding ways to spin this arrive.



    • Fun fact:
      Flagship Studios was founded in 2003 so, at the most, Hellgate: London was in development for about 4 years before beeing forced out the door unfinished.

      Diablo 3 was over 10 years in development, with atleast one complete rewrite/redesign, before beeing released unfinished (no PVP, etc)..

      They may think Diablo 3 is a better product than Hellgate: London, and that I can agree with.
      But the damn thing was in development for more than _twice_ as long as Hellgate and they _still_ couldn’t finish it in time, nor could they make a particularly good game.

      With that amount of development time, it should have been f—ing spectacular! It wasn’t, and still isn’t.

      • A little logic here please. There are more than 10 years between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. That DOES NOT equate the game being in development for 10 years. Gamers have been waiting for 10+ years for Diablo 3, yes. That DOES NOT equate the game being developed for 10 years.

        • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diablo_III
          “Development on Diablo III began in 2001 when Blizzard North was still in operation”

          D2: LoD was released, as in finished, in 2001, so that makes perfect sense.
          It’s very common for a company/team to slowly start development on the next title even _before_ the release of the previous title and then pick it up full time right after.

          Sure, that was Blizzard North’s version. But I did say it had atleast one complete rewrite/redesign. That would be it.
          Still, they didn’t HAVE to do that, they could just have picked it up where North left it (and it would probably have been a better game), but nooo they knew better and started basically from scratch.

          No matter which case, Diablo 3 HAS been in development for over 10 years. That is undeniable.
          And with Blizzard themselves saying they’re constantly doing “iterations” in their development, the rewrite that early on is really not that big of a difference from some of the other “iterations” (read: complete redesigns/removals) they did _after_ their 2008 reveal.

      • Before saying something more try to research the facts. The Blizzard North game and new Diablo 3 is 2 completely different games. The Diablo 3 we can play now is the game that was in development for 6 years, not 10.

        • *sigh*
          Before posting anymore replies, try to read the previous posts, for example my post above from the day before you posted. Hint: It kinda already has my reply to your post, before you even posted it.. 🙄

          Anyways, even _if_ they somehow get a pass for starting over from scratch and scrap that amount of devtime from history, the game _still_ was in development two whole years longer than Hellgate, and they _still_ couldn’t finish it in time and it _still_ wasn’t a particularly good game.

          So no matter how you slice it, my point still stands.

  2. Did Jay really say ‘Fuck that loser’? That’s really sad.

  3. Ditto the last guy, it’s not just their blatant screw ups but it’s their slow ass and often non-existent attempts to rectify them that makes them deserve every ounce of criticism they get.

    Let them throw their tantrum, their unprofessional attitude shows in both their latest product and in their conduct.

  4. What Dave Brevik said was really true. If it was so far off as it would seem from their comments, they wouldn’t be rebuilding the game and tweaking everything in it after release.

    The game is good but it lacked that power and feeling like the other 2 games had. This iteration had way too much of a WoW feel to it quite honestly. The enrage timers, monsters killing you and regenning, dps checks, etc. Which is totally what the other games didn’t have and they were better for it.

    • It may have been true to some extent, but he also basically in a backhanded way said that D3 failed because they lost the Blizz North talent. That may seem fair to you and me, but it’s basically saying the devs that worked on the game sucked, which is very insulting.

      Also, when he insinuates that he is happy D3 is doing poorly, that is also really insulting to the current devs. The devs may have made some poor decisions, but honestly they likely worked really hard. To expect them to just take such insults is a little unrealistic.

      • Very insulting, but very true!

      • He says that loosing that talent is whats responsible for those bad decisions. He never says that they didn’t work hard or they didn’t put effort into the game.

        They clearly have ties to the other products that Blizzard has produced, the devs responsible just had different ideas about what was needed in a arpg like this game. Since they have been reworking so many numbers for the entire game over and over just shows that dispite how much work they put into the game and the honestly good job they did with what they have, there was a learning experience to figuring out the best middle ground in making a fun yet challenging arpg game. These last patches and direction they are starting to go, had it been when the game was first released would have made for a much better game.

        Now it’s really easy to say this now after it’s released and there is absolutely no way to be certain that things would be much different even if there was a partially different team working on the game. Him being behind the scenes of the Diablo games gives him enough to be able to critique a continuance of the game series. Different people are always going to have different ideas about how a game should be at the final stage and he was asked for an honest response, kudos for him giving one.

      • I personally take the philosophy that… well… it doesn’t matter how hard you work on an idea if the idea was bad from the start ;s

        Realistically if the team at Blizzard had any lasting talent, or – perhaps – more freedom to do what they wanted (rather than what Mike Morhaime and Chris Metzen expected), they game would have been a success and this situation wouldn’t have occurred.

        I personally think that Blizzard need to rethink their market strategy moving forward. Diablo 3 has, without doubt, tarnished their reputation enough to impact the sales of MoP, and we can only assume that StarCraft 2 didn’t help things, so there is clearly a need for Blizzard to mitigate any lasting damage with a sound long term plan. That, in my opinion, involves a total redevelopment of the company philosophy. Otherwise they may find themselves in a similar position to Activision, where on paper they perform fairly well but no one thinks them a credible long term prospect.

        • I think there’s a lot of ways you can criticize both the game, and how the game felt. But I Think the way Brevik put it was really quite insulting.

          He could have left it at the fact that one of the weaknesses of the experience was “blizzard south’s” focus on the storyline, which is a natural weak point of ARPGs. But he didn’t leave it there, and he didn’t put it in such diplomatic terms.

          I’m not saying D3 is immune to criticism. I think they dropped the ball in many, many places. We don’t really know why the ball was dropped, whether it was pressure from Vivendi, Morhaime, or simply JW’s poor decision making. I personally think he probably made some bad calls, but I also wouldn’t be surprised or hold it against him if he was insulted by me calling him incompetent, as well.

      • Truth hurts man.

  5. Could you at least provide the link to his facebook? Since the only one that shows is some random dude that has nothing to do with gaming, and since there is no source, I call bullshit.

    • Go to facebook, type “Chris Haga Blizzard” in the search bar. That’s how I found it.

      As for the comments – good job, Blizzard, so professional.

      • Yes, I checked as you suggested and it’s there for all the world to see.

        What a shameful show they are giving there, talks about talent…

        Also one of them was sarcastic about this webpage, the best Diablo page ever made, a thousand times better than theirs by the way.

      • Wow, as much as I don’t usualy care about Jay, I think he should get fired for saying that.

        • I agree…
          Jay should get fired for that.
          100% unprofessional and it reflects back on the company. There have been upper management and execs fired in the past for WAY WAY less than that.

        • Quite agree, there’s not much professional conduct going on in that facebook post. Work related stuff should remain on the work floor, not on facebook where the whole world can see it.


        • While the comment is highly unprofessional, it’s not something he should be fired for. At least not on facebook. Now if he said it in an interview that would have been a different matter.

  6. Hmmm I guess the reason D3 feels like it was made for children is because it was made by children. It all makes sense now…

  7. I am not buying a Jay Wilson game anymore after reading his blatant insult to the actual genius behind the series.

    Bye forever Diablo. Diablo died with the original Diablo 2 team.

    • cut the drama, it’s ok to like a game but hate its game director. jay wilson came off as a giant douche after all this and I would not be surprised to see him publicly apologize Soon. maybe after his dreaded mf blog.

    • While it was silly/bad of Jay to write that on facebook, its understandable that Jay would be sad/angry with the comments by David. Even if people don’t think D3 lives up to D2 Jay still put his heart and soul (and years of work) into D3.

      Looks like Jay agree’s that it was silly to write what he did on facebook as he removed it.

      Lets wait with calling David Brevik the genius behind the series, as there was other people working on it. Big games like D2 is a team effort. Maybe if he can recreate the magic in the Marvel game.

      Don’t get me wrong D3 for sure has issues. Main thing I was annoyed by was that they clearly didn’t test inferno/end game enough. Kinda weird when everybody 2 weeks after release see issues Blizzard didn’t see after 6 months in beta.

      • Most thoughtful comment here. It’s normal to be very emotional in this case.

        I still can’t believe the guy put his entire profile as public…

      • David Brevik: I thought of the game when I was in high school

        (that’s in response to your holding off on calling him the genius behind the game….it was HIS creation and his baby…….damn right he’s the genius behind this creation. Good try though) :mrgreen:

    • To me it gets even worse. MoP will be the 1st title I won’t buy from Blizz. To me the company has changed to the extent where they put earnings over quality and has completely turned to the dark side. I noticed this a few years ago and got bashed for sayin it. Anywayz, the WoW universe is murdered, Diablo 3 is a badly implemented copy of D2 (yes it is :-L … ACT I isnt about tristram …its new fuckin tristram … ACTII is caldeum vs lut gholein, ACTIII is d2’s act V, except you dont go up mount arreat, you descend into it and ACT IV to me is just bad. Everything about act IV is bad…and short. The only big plus is that Blizz has the best cinematics team in the damn world). Also, if you read the last AGREEMENT you had to accept in order to play, you could clearly read at some sections (don’t quite remember witch one it was, 14? 15?, anywayz), you could read that D3 is solely based on internet play now and forever and you will always need internet to play it AND that if at any given time in the future, D3 will stop being profitable (cuz that’s the translation from EULA/TOS language) and will stop being produced, Blizz has no obligation to keep the servers running, thus terminating the product you bought, turning it into even more of a shit scraping device. All this with the exception to selling/lending the right to host D3 services to 3rd parties. Now…to me this is the same as getting a car, using it for “x” years, and when they stop making parts for it, they come and take your car away. I could go on forever. TLDR: ME+Blizz are done forever.

  8. Lol i doubt those people will coment something like that on the Internet.

  9. “Don’t worry about it Haga, you made D3– the biggest disappointment of 2012. He made D2– the game that allowed your game to sell this many copies in the first place. Er, wait..”

  10. i love how this was the first sign of life we’ve seen from jay wilson since release. like he finally came crawling out of the woodwork to make this enlightening rebuttal

  11. Also:

    Jill Harrington Oh, incgamers. Paragons of objectivity.

    • I guess he hit a nerve in me! I am very disappointed with her. I expected better from her, despite of working for/with Jay Wilson, who showed clearly how wrong he is.

      This site has made more for Diablo than most of those ever did.

      Chris Haga was a fellow forumer here, as far as I remember -I have been reading this site since 2001 or so-

    • Objective(TM) – Agreeing with all of blizards design decisions, because we know best.

    • I was amused by that too. And she looks so nice in her wiki picture. It’s not like Rush asked leading questions or forced Dave into something; the interview was quite straight forward.

      And it’s funny how wrong Jill is in her sarcasm; we’re very objective, or at least we’re subjective and offer pros and cons and opinions on all sides of the issue. So what does Bliz want, just fanboy worship? Remember the press event back in 2011 that we weren’t invited to? Notice how almost all the fanboys that were… have long since /ragequit, rather than sticking with the game and supporting the community and hoping for improve in patches?

      • I know right? It’s almost as though there was no one who could remain devoted, even people who would otherwise buy a Diablo game immediately (like me).

      • What Jill said was totally out of line, you guys have remained the best fansite, no fanboyism and no anti-Blizzard agenda either. Which is how it honestly should be!

      • Honestly, Flux, I disagree. Rush started off leading him towards a negative line of answering by asking him to be honest rather than say a bunch of PR. That Dave obliged to engage in such straightforward talk is probably due to this site being in the Diablo forefront for so long and him feeling some trust/allegiance to it as a result.

        But then Rush’s questions left little room for him to talk about the positives by asking him to talk about how he feels D3 is as compared to D2 (where he’ll have an obvious bias toward his own game) while not asking him to comment on what they did right.

        From there Rush asked him to comment on how “We understand” and “From our point of view” with specifically mistakes that were made and the loot system. Rush meant Diablo fans who weren’t happy with the current game but by the wording, it easily also comes across as Rush’s perception that this is the majority stance and furthermore is the stance of diablo.incgamers. Again by responding directly to Rush’s question, it left Dave little room to speak positively (or even neutrally) about D3.

        Blizzard’s reaction was worse, of course (and also apparently brought on by thinking that their conversation was private when it wasn’t), but in the end NObody, not even diablo.incgamers, can ultimately win from questions of this type. There’s a reason interviews like this aren’t initiated or agreed to often — because they’re frequently suicidal. Unfortunately I think your site has lost much of the semblance of objectivity it had remaining from this interview.

        On Jill’s comment specifically, I’m inclined to think that her comment was directed at the Incgamers site as a whole instead of specifically diablo.incgamers.

        • FY – You may be right that there was a bit of egging on there, but I think no more than in previous interviews with, e.g. Max Schaefer, who pointedly sidestepped anything remotely negative about the game. Brevik clearly had some feelings that he wanted to express and did so, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either him saying those things or this site writing about them.

          It’s kind of a shame because I think it’s much more interesting and enlightening when people orbiting a creative project can speak freely about it without being shouted down or insulted. When everyone just clams up and says nothing but nice platitudes no progress is made, no dialogue is had. DB had an interesting perspective, and as pointed out, said these things in a far more gentle way than your average /ragequitter, but because of his closer connection it really seems to have struck a nerve.

          I think it’s a continual mistake on Blizzard’s part to lump together all of the IncGamers sites (which, near as I can tell, are independently written and managed) and blame all of them for any indiscretions by one. Also, as pointed out, in terms of objectivity or at least open presentation I think this site far exceeds any other out there. It’s not just a hate screed or a fawnsite, I think pretty much every article gives shrift to both the positive and negative aspects of the topic. So, good on you guys, keep it up!

        • On Jill’s comment specifically, I’m inclined to think that her comment was directed at the Incgamers site as a whole instead of specifically diablo.incgamers.

          Nope, it’s not. IncGamers general video game site only reports on some of things that are reported here. The only independently thing really was the review (9/10, conclusion “Fans have been waiting for 12 years, but not in vain.”) – nothing to cause any raised eyebrows for Blizzard, unless they were pissed of it was 10/10.

          But yeah it was a good interview and made a refreshing change from PR.

        • Even if Rushter was actually baiting Mr. Brevik into open criticism here, he’s entitled to his opinion and may publicly voice it any time. It’s not like criticism was something completely uncalled for when commenting on D3.

          On top of being insulting, the developers’ reaction proved to be quite revealing though: If that’s their way of dealing with criticsm from a professional source (which they can’t control like they control gaming media that’s dependant on their mercy), it should be crystal clear that feedback from less prominent directions won’t be even given a glance.

          So much for Blizzard Core Value™ #4: Every voice matters

  12. This is way too good to be true

  13. wow @ Jay W. That is a pretty shitty attitude. I actually didn’t think Dave’s interview was that negative, just pointing out the fans reactions.

  14. To anyone even doubting for a second that this isn’t true, just search ‘chris haga blizzard’ on the facebook search bar. It is true, and quite pathetic.

  15. I’m really disappointed by Blizzard right now. Even the cheap shot at incgamers for publishing the interview.

    The insults wouldn’t have hurt them so much if they didn’t have a sliver of truth to them at all.

    The people who made Diablo III are upset with how it was received critically and are seeing player numbers drop off exponentially. This is just the salt in the wound.

    • Exactly. And it shows, they just dont know how to create a truly legendary game. Because it needs passion for fantasy games. It seems to me, they never played an aRPG! What about some humility, Blizzards?? To say – well, we actualy know this is not the right thing, but we will listen to you, players to do it much better! No, its the best selling game ever, so that says everything to them. They just dont realize that it was ONLY because the huge PR and the D2 succes. Their only answer is: “Players are not confident? Trolls and flamers. Fuck that suckers.”

    • Yeah, I’m still vividly remember: “We don’t want gameplay to be interrupted by selling and salvaging so here are the items to do these things on the go”. A bit of time in the beta passed… “We think players need to visit a town once in a while so let us take those items back.” ???

  16. Jay Wilson “fuck that loser” Whats the matter Jay, truth hurts doesn’t it ! about time someone with real talent and credability said what all the players think.

    D3 had so much promise but instead we get this cartoon, gear check, wow gone very wrong type game.

    How epic it would of been made by the old team.

  17. $10 this is someone faking alot of Blizzard employees Facebook pages.

    • If it is, then they’re all really dedicated to trolling. They have stuff posted on those accounts from years and years ago.

    • Oh it’s definitely real. I would have made clear it was a rumor if I hadn’t known. I saw the page myself and had it confirmed from people who know their FB accounts.

  18. Oh wow. This is amazing. I actually enjoy Diablo III to an extent, but this is stunning. I thought the interview with Brevik was fine, and held the same view that fans have been expressing since BEFORE the release of Diablo III.

    Blizzard have clearly lost the plot. They had no idea what they were doing during the development of D3, which is clear due to the amount of iterations various systems went through. Brevik on the other hand knows what he is doing, as well as the old Diablo team, and I’m pretty sure Blizzard know that. It hurts them so much because it is true!

    • Most certainly.

      Diablo 3 took over 10 years to make, with atleast one complete rewrite/redesign.

      Runic made Torchlight in 11 months!
      Sure, no multiplayer, etc, but the game mechanics were there and were pretty damn good for a game made in 11 months.
      Torchlight 2 is on track for release this year, which makes the dev time about 3 years.
      I would certainly bet that it will have far better gameplay mechanics than D3, despite maybe not _looking_ as good (although that is up for debate quite frankly, with D3 having very lowres, cartoony textures aswell).

      Gazillion signed a development deal with Marvel in 2009, so that is probably the start of development on Marvel Heroes, which means it so far has pretty much the same devtime as Torchlight 2. It’ll be interesting to see if it really is the people that matter, or if it’s the name of the studio (should be obvious ofcourse).

      If any or both of Runic’s and Gazillion’s games have better gamle play mechanics than Diablo 3, then David Brevik was spot on (again, it should be obvious).

      Blizzard just keep refusing to admit that ever since they lost the people at Blizzard North, they are _newbies_ in arpg development. And it shows. Just compare the devtimes above..

  19. Video games are serious business.

  20. really?? wow such a cry babies!

    Talking about whining player base and all, but now we know who is the big mamma of whiners.

    Grow some ball Jay and the team. Because of him and the game in the first place you could sell all those number. No wonder my friend already blacklist a few name from you team as UNTALENTED, UNIMAGINATIVE and all. Even some of the fan on the forum have more ball and talent than all the monkey on that campus combine! 🙄

    Shame, such a shame!

  21. On the one hand, Jay is clearly not being professional here.

    On the other, I can understand the instinct to stick up for his development team. I disagree with the arguments Brevik made and I think the attitude of “well we would have done it better” is not a professional thing to say either, so it isn’t outrageous that Blizzard folk react in the same vein.

    I think standards were lower around the time of D2, so the imbalances, bad skill system, lack of content, and un-fun gameplay were forgiven much more readily than D3 flaws. It is easy to play the “we would have made a better game if we stayed” game, but without a shred of evidence to back that up (and Hellgate is certainly NOT a point in favor of that), it is just pointless speculation.

  22. Lol. D3 fail so much. Its legacy is what made it so popular in the first place!

  23. Ok, honestly.

    I absolutely hate Jay for one thing – he doesn’t know how to handle criticism. At first he said that they got overwhelmingly positive feedback on story in Diablo 3 – where from, Jay? Now he says: “f… you” to Brevik who didn’t really said anything besides “they’re new to the franchise, they need to learn a lot about ARPG genre” and “they’ve made different design decision than I would have”. Really?

    Brevik may have failed with Hellgate:London or Mythos, but he made Diablo 2 and people played it for 10+ years. If not for Blizzard North team, Diablo 3 wouldn’t have sold so many copies. I think we should all judge Jay by the amount of players who play his game 10+ years from now and unless Blizzard steps their game up and starts fixing D3, I highly doubt that a lot of people will do so.

    It’s kinda sad… I often watch interviews with Dustin Browder (lead designer on Starcraft II) and I’m amazed how Browder isn’t afraid to say they’ve screwed something up (example: he said that story in Wings Of Liberty was cool, but they’ve spread it out too much and that’s why it wasn’t as compelling as it should be, but they’ve learned their lesson), but it’s so hard for Jay to just come out on the stage and say: “hey, we made some mistakes, but we’ll try to fix them”.

    — On a side note, I’ve screenshotted the whole conversation in case Blizzard guys want to remove it. I also wish Mike Morhaime could learn about all that stuff because I think that publically saying “f… u” to other people from the industry isn’t something that helps maintain the good name of the company and should be severely punished. At least I know I would have a disciplinary meeting with all these dumbasses if I where their boss.

  24. I think they are overreacting a little bit. Especially Jay, why even use that language? Weird.

    Thing is, they can just let the game speak for itself. I mean, as Dave said they had no experience in ARPGs but still managed to produce a game that is far better than Hellgate:london, mythos, torchlight or any other ARPG made after d2. I would even argue that d3 is way superior to d2, even though it should be considering the time both games were released. Yes, they fucked up the items, and the story could have been better presented, but the rest is pretty effing spot on in my opinion. They have plenty of time to tweak the game further and with 1.04 and PvP coming up I think they may attract a lot of gamers for a very long time.

    BTW; I will be very disappointed if I’m not called fanboi 3 times over this comment.

    • fanboi! (just to please you):)

      I understant that Brevik’s comments hurt D3’s team, but come on… He didn’t say anything that would justify such a childish reaction from Jay Wilson. I’m not shocked because Jay tried to defend his team or disagreed with Brevik, I’m shocked because he just straight up offended him and showed no class at all with that comment.

    • In all fairness, people need to remember that when D2 came out it was good but not great. Only after LOD did it become (IMHO) truy great. I’ve always been of the mind that it’ll take time before D3 really hits the sweet spot. With the changes for 1.04, I can’t help but think we’re moving in the right direction.

      • I disagree..
        I remember thinking Diablo 2 was a pretty god damn great game when it was released.
        The only gripe I had, and it was a small one, was that I actually thought the graphics of the items in the inventory looked better and sharper in Diablo 1 than they did in Diablo 2, and to some degree I still do. But that was truly a minor thing, and the rest of the graphics and the game itself, I felt was vastly improved from the first one.
        Sure LoD brought some things that made D2 even better (but I honestly didn’t like the charms farming), but to me atleast, it was absolutely a great game when it was released, not just a good game.

  25. I have mixed feelings based both on the interview and the replies from the developers.

    .. fml, haha, okay I can’t really keep a straight face.

    Here’s my truth (which only applies to me): I stopped playing DIII in less than 1.5 months after purchasing it. I was still playing DI when DII came out and I played that with nearly no breaks (save for my TFC time – another great game who’s iteration I grew bored of quickly) for the next several years (until bootcamp, hah!)

    Over the next half a decade +change I’d reinstall the game, make half a dozen characters, and then be on my merry way until the next time I felt like making new chars or leveling up my old favorites. Especially when synergies were introduced and new runewords released.

    .. I also played mostly single player after the first 4 years, when I learned what \players 8\ did and while I WAS ON ABROAD AND ON DEPLOYMENT (thanks again for making this game online only. Serious, the collective gamers in the USN really -thank- you for your kindness regarding this matter =p)

    Brevik helped build two great arpg’s under the Diablo name. While there’s no doubt DII went through -one hell- (hah, c wut i did there) of an evolution in terms of skills and what the expansion brought with it – he clearly helped develop a game who’s core mechanics were so satisfying we couldn’t stop – despite all the faults we knew were inherent in the game.

    Jay & Crew has made a decent game, I admit. Better than I could make? Hell yeah, almost certainly. I keep returning to diablo.incgamers simply looking for the news that there’s a new patch, that one new mechanic (ahem, pvp) that makes me care about the game again. It’s got so many good things going for it, I -want- to want to play again..

    .. but it’s just not there yet, sry guys! D=

    Jay’s response was absurd. Serious me.respect(\Jay Wilson\)–; /*as if mine mattered to anybody =p */ I am curious from Brevik’s stuttered responses and (possibly?) filtering pauses that there was -a lot- of baggage there he was sorting through. I imagine there may be hidden baggage, conversations, disagreements, and hurt feelings we’ve never seen that happened behind the scenes. Perhaps this is what led to such striking reactions from the devs. I’d almost want to assume this is so – just to, ya’know, give them a little more credit that I’m feeling in the mood to.

    Bottom line, before I get on another tangent (OPPOSITE / ADJACENT) – Jay & Crew: Please quit your whining and listen to your betters. Maybe having your skin rubbed the wrong way is good for you. Thousands of fans make serious complaints about your game daily – maybe having Papa Diablo tell people his baby could’ve been better’ll motivate you to figure out how to make this game great (like it deserves to be).


    I played Hellgate London longer than I’ve played Diablo 3. Just FYI, Steve.

  26. “I played Hellgate London longer than I’ve played Diablo 3. Just FYI, Steve.”

    Come to think of it… so did I.
    What a horrible realisation. For which property, I don’t know. In the end I realised that I hated Hellgate London and felt ripped off. The lads in Flagship really disappointed me, but Diablo 3 was the real tragedy.

  27. Why can’t he take criticism? It’s not some random guy, or random forum baying for blood (which there are many of), this is coming from the man behind the original games, a guy who has every reason to know what he’s talking about.
    Instead of whining about it and circlejerking to their failure of a game, they should listen to this guy. Tbh they should have, at the very least, asked for help here and there while developing (why he wasn’t in charge is beyond me), as NONE of the guys behind D3 had any idea apart from WoW: Hack n’ slash.

    • Because your name = their design philosophy.

      That and “we doubled it” which is literally what they did for almost every DoT and a few other abilities.

  28. I took several screenshots of his comment along with the people who liked it. Youll notice atleast half those people work for blizzard. This is NOT a fake people, this is the real deal. Jay Wilson did say that and blizzard employees LIKED IT! Real professional, blizzard showing their true colors. Atleast. I’m done with this company.

    1. http://imgur.com/YHj3l

    2. http://imgur.com/4o2Mn ( Notice on this one the person who liked these comments; :\Works at blizzard entertainment.\)

    3. http://imgur.com/DwBJQ (Again, look at the people who liked his comment. There were more before it was deleted, didn’t get the screenies though, sorry. )

    P.S. The game sold millions of copies on the NAME ALONE. Jay and his team did NOTHING. What they managed to do was KILL DIABLO for the FIRST TIME, IN HISTORY. WORLD FIRST JAY, WORLD FIRST.

    To bad there’s no FEAT OF STENGTH for that one eh? Just the hall of shame.

  29. Wow, truth really hurts some times! Rather sad to read some of the Blizzard comments. The Blizz developers know very well they have screwed up in some areas (item generation, build variety etc) and have a hard time to face it when coming from him. Pathetic to see the comments from them.

  30. If this is really true, wow. Just wow. Talk about overreacting.

    But honestly I have my doubts that this is actually legit. I can’t help but think that this is a giant troll attempt. First of all, that seems very unprofessional of them; it just doesn’t chime with what any of them would say. Secondly, its a big coincidence that they are all up and on Facebook on a late night on Sunday.

  31. I’m not really surprised at the incredibly childish reaction from the D3 development team to this interview. What surprises me is that (some) of the developers seem to act like their game (abortion) taking criticism is somehow still shocking. Where the #%@$ have they been the past few months!?!? Hey guys and gals it’s time to wake up from whatever fantasyland you’ve been hiding in and take some responsibility for your mistakes.

    They should really be ashamed of themselves for reacting in this manner especially someone like Jay Wilson. There were MUCH better ways to handle a little professional criticism than a Facebook outburst. Especially when you are handling VERY mild criticism from the guy that CREATED the franchise that YOU are tarnishing.

    How about less QQ on Facebook and more working on cleaning up the mess you made.

  32. Truth hurts. Internet epic.


  33. Suddenly, Jay Wilson’s comment on fb magically disappeared… well what a surprise!

  34. the newest comment on the page “They were obviously baiting him into saying something critical of blizzard/D3”

  35. I don’t believe Jill Harrington can read the site so I think she’s speaking from third hand misinformation so it’s more disappointing that she feels bold enough to make such a claim. Not to mention how unprofessional and ungrateful it is. Nasty woman.

    But it’s nice that Jay Wilson is still alive though. Pity the first comment I read from him since release is blasting the guy who helped enable this game to happen. That comment was a poor choice and the other guys who ‘liked’ his comment I guess were equally out of order. I will predict it disappearing however. This is the intertubes where screenshot and it did happen I’m afraid. 🙂

    Hellgate: London was very much pushed out the door before it was ready, they were running out of money and EA wanted it out the door yesterday! The mantra at Blizzard is very much ‘when it’s ready’ because they are immensely fortunate to not be under the pressure other developers are.

    Imagine if Blizzard had been pushed by Activision to have Diablo 3 out in 2010 ready or not, (2 years after announcing) and without the foundation of an genre-defining legacy at its back. First title, years before it was ready, quite the train wreck.

    Hellgate: London is a cheap shot but if you do even the basic research, scratch the surface just a tiny bit it’s plain to see why it unfolded the way it did. I’m sure as developers they’re aware of all this but when you need a punching bag, or need to deflect you reach for the easiest target.

    • As usual, your right on the money Elly.

    • @Elly potentially for your own peace of mind, I think there’s a good chance that Jill’s comment referred to the incgamers parent site, rather thing diablo.incgamers specifically.

    • While Hellgate ended in complete failure, I played it until the servers went offline, and then after that, got into mods for single-player.

      If the D3 Devs think Hellgate is the epitome of failure, then what is D3 when I’m bored with it a mere 5 months after release?

  36. I dont care what blizzard employees think of the creator. The guy CREATED the game we love, not this bullshit thrown together sack of horse dung. Its his opinion, and if they dislike it, who cares. However, attacking a forum with probably half of diablo3 and diablo2’s player base is a smart move Jill. What a freaking mouthbreather.

  37. The angry reaction is the acknowledgement of the receiver.
    Criticism always hurts when it’s true.
    And the fact that the D3 developement team also used faulty logic like he was responsible for hellgate london bla bla… this proves even more so how right David was.
    The response from the current team were childish to say the least.
    Ah well I hope that they will atleast keep improving D3.

  38. Fuck that loser
    – you got JayWilson’d

  39. all he had to say was

    “I’m sorry David feels the game didn’t live up to his standards. But I’m proud of our team and all the work they did on Diablo 3. We’ll continue to update and improve it and uphold the tradition of excellence here at Blizzard.”

  40. they’re applauding themselves for the fastest selling PC game of all time, as if the quality of their game influenced sales and not the hype of previous games. If anything the massive sales are attributed to the incredible success of previous titles, not the one that they made and people hadn’t played yet.

  41. Chris Haga’s response was professional enough. At least he kept things in a mildly neutral tone. He was clearly upset and expressed it in a mature matter.

    Jay Wilson, however, acted like a child. I have no respect this kid. I feel the same for all the other who posted. I expected more from someone in his position. Whenever I read some type of Jay Wilson or Blizzard-dev blog, all I’ll think about is how childish they really are.

    Jill Harrington? I don’t know why, but I want to smack that bitch. She comes off extremely arrogant and annoying.

    The negative comment about Mythos was a tad annoying, too. Mythos had the right idea. It wanted to bring a Diablo 1 & 2 world to a grand MMO-like realm. This could’ve been much better if the art team was “darker” and had more financial backing.

    I can’t say anything about Hellgate London. I never played it.

    The Diablo 3 devs could’ve done anything. They had the resources needed to achieve anything. Diablo 2 was ahead of its time; Diablo 3 is behind its time. No innovation, lack of in-game community, and too much story.

  42. It has become increasingly obvious that the D3 development team suffer from a massive case of group think. From the this is our game we know best (paraphrasing…) comments in reaction to fan complaints, to the long delays before finally in the upcoming patch making much desired changes, to these (assuming the posts are real…) very revealing comments. Even the last minute system overhaul near the end of beta suggests a team reluctant to accept any criticisms or disagreements about their game.

    I still enjoy the game, but then I haven’t put in the hours and have only barely reached Inferno, and the new patch sounds very promising, but it seems that much of what I like (in comparison to D2) better graphics, awesome attention to detail, easier network play, etc. have more to to with the long iterative dev cycle than the talents of the core design team.

  43. I re-watched the interview after reading this post and I have to say David was very fair in his answers and actually cut them (the D3 team) a lot of slack. It seems likely he could have been far less diplomatic, but I think he gave solid, honest responses to the questions, something we rarely get from the current Diablo development team. In retrospect, the lack of experience in ARPG development really hurt their ability to not only produce a more refined product but also cut down the time spent on it (which in hindsight seems really wasted). Case in point…just think back on all the revisions made in the beta, the easiest part and only a tiny part of the full game (and the complete revision done on the Demon Hunter). There are also those who would argue that Diablo III was also pushed out the door before it was finished – the bland nature of items/legendaries seems to give credence to this.

    It is really discouraging to see this type of reaction from the development team, especially considering how many Diablo fans have been disappointed with the third installment. The truth certainly hurts (as an artist, I’ve felt some harsh comments on my work so I know how it feels) but the best thing to do is either politely acknowledge the feedback or just stay quiet before you say something stupid…oh wait. Fair to say I don’t think Mr. Wilson would be nearly as diplomatic if their positions were reversed.

    p.s. Blizz just showed even more class with the sarcastic comment about this site – it just shows how out of touch they are with real Diablo fans/community and proves David’s answers to be even more accurate. Elly, Rush, Flux (and all the rest), keep up the great work!

  44. 90% sure photoshopped.

  45. Their game is bad, and they should feel bad.

  46. We may not like what they said, but they are entitled to their opinion. Jay’s comment was uncalled for, but if I had put so much time and effort into something like this I’d probably be pretty emotional about it, too. I don’t think I’d express myself quite the same way, but that’s his rite. Unfortunate, but it is understandable to me.

    This might be a wake-up call to them, though. I don’t think the game is the “OMGWTFBBQ!!!????111” abomination some people think it is, but I do believe it needs quite a bit of work and tweaking. Maybe Mr. Brevik’s comments will be a catalyst for the dev team to really knuckle down and make the game into the successor to DII so many were hoping for.

    • Not only Jay’s comment, all those other comments were uncalled for as well. Just very immature, and this made me lose a lot of respect for these guys and Blizzard.

  47. I am really shocked and disappointed in how personally the developers have taken David Brevik’s comments.
    This, . . . THIS is very unprofessional. My opinion of these folks just dropped several notches.
    Jay Wilson, shame on you. You, my friend, have just lost all of my respect. How childish of you to react in such a way.

  48. This is my first post on here even though I have been following this site for a little over a year. After reading what Jay Wilson said about the genius behind Diablo, my favorite series of all time as well as many others, I almost feel sick. I will never buy another Blizzard product.

    • I’m very disappointed as well by the reaction of Jay Wilson and the others, but don’t punish the other development teams for the idiocy of “some” of the D3 devs.

  49. Back when I was co-working on an authorized D1&2 fansite with some friends, I was amazed by Blizzard’s public relations and how they made every effort even to the lowest level of non-commercial hobby-based media. Top experiences being hand-signed Xmas cards from the developers, small boxes of merchandise gifts and the fact that they sent out free physical D2 US disks half the way around the world when asked whether LoD beta would work with an EU copy of the game. These were amongst many, many other things and events that couldn’t give you any other impression than Blizzard being premium game developer in absolutely every aspect, big or small.

    It wasn’t just yesterday that I realized those times are over and forgotton, judging by how the company (in their defense: as well as the whole business) ‘evolved’ over the past decade. I’m certainly not excercising restraint in my own criticism of D3 and the way it was thrown together but I personally was pretty shocked by this revelation if it turns out to be legit. Shocked, disappointed and actually quite sad.

  50. I would pay money for a new episode of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch featuring Brevik vs. Wilson – in claymation! 😀

  51. even the rage got doubled.

  52. With the way D3 turned out, I’m not surprised that the team reacted so unprofessionally.

  53. This whole thing is amazing. Brevik’s passive-aggressive interview, the current devss overreaction and all are great. But we can’t stop there. The same spiteful, petty namecalling from this site and holier-than-thou attitudes from many in the comments are JUST AS GOOD.

    Human beings are fallible. If anything, I’m encouraged that the current devs would publicly stand by what they made, because it probably means they care enough to try and fix some of the problems (unlike all that D2 stuff that still doesn’t work. But hey don’t talk about that, it’s inconvenient). Everyone taking the “I can’t believe how childish they are” stance is a hypocrite… you’re namecalling as well. Everyone has failings; it’s what makes us human. Get over yourselves.

  54. Oh you, facebook…

    No limits to what people will say in their own little private not-public-at-all internet society.

    Haga is clearly overreacting, as Breviks interview wasnt even that harsh. On the other hand, maybe that is who he is; taking stuff very personally. Which is fine – however, using facebook might be a bad idea for people who takes stuff that personal… or actually just for people in general.

    I could easily read all the later comments from Wilson et al. as people trying to cheer Haga up, just like everyone else would do if their friend was down about something. It doesn’t have to be reasonable or fair, simply a “Its not you, its that other guy! What a jerk!”-comment.

    But again, posting it on facebook for the world to see… sigh.

  55. What is easier to score with: develop a sequel game based on the BEST SOLD game EVER(D2) or make a new game like hellgate: london.
    My view about hellgate: london, this game had a deeper view behind it then Diablo 3 on this moment. Then again, to compare developers, you should compare their achievements and also look at the budgets, they received to make the titles.

    Oh and is that the real Jay Wilson? Bye bye then………

  56. Jay Wilson hit his enrage timer :mrgreen:

    I’m Jay Wilson, any who says anything bad about d3 is a fucking loser !

    I will tell you wants fun and then double it 😡

  57. Funny how D3 has sparked a cultural war between hardcore gaming traditionalists (fans of thoughtful games made by small visionary teams with a personal touch) and the WoW generation (fans of big, graphically dazzling, commercialized games spit out by corporations). It’s really gone beyond D3 the game.

  58. Nomaar, I agree with you except calling the second camp WoW generation. WoW Vanilla and TBC were old school Blizzard mentality games and they were great games. The second camp should be called just the new millenium generation as their behaviour is siilar in all aspects of life not merely gaming.

    • Yeah, I’d agree with you there. Vanilla WoW didn’t become so popular by accident — it was really infused with a lot of thought and care, especially the world design.

  59. Been reading this a long time, but this is my first post.
    I congratulate David for being truthful and agree 100% with him. His interpretation of the Diablo franchise is hands down one of gaming history’s greatest moments.
    That being said, the Diablo 3 facebook strike team shows a lack of respect and self assessment. You cant say the game has no problems when millions are bickering on forums.
    I for one bought D3 on D2’s fame alone.

    • You and everyone else…. the D3 Devs giving themselves credit for having the fastest selling PC game on their hands is a bunch of BS. If they want to pat themselves on the back they need to wait for and watch the sales of the first D3 expansion pack.

  60. “Fuck that loser.” 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  61. I think an apology is in order and I am quite certain that Jay Wilson regrets what he said, for various reasons. I am also quite certain, that Morhaime will have a word with him on that, because it´s bad for business.

    Bis dat qui cito dat.
    Mr.wilson should have the greatness to call Brevik and personally apologize. It wouldn´t kill him. The Shitstorm may…

  62. i can’t help myself. I have to comment even though I feel like who f’ing cares.

    Congrats to Rushster for successfully trolling David. I’m so sick of all these interviews where someone asks some old Blizz north employee what he thinks of D3. It is flat out trolling for a negative answer. Up until now no one has made a mistake in their answers. (see Travis’s very politically correct answers) David tried to be nice but pretty much failed.

    And what do you expect the responses from current Blizz staff to be? What would you do if someone shit all over your job and something you’ve committed so much time to? Your first reaction sure as hell is going to be “F u loser”.

    The only fallacy I see here is that these devs have their profiles as public and obviously were having a private conversation there without thinking it thru.

    Lot’s of folks here are so quick to hate. You forget that these dev’s are people too. That they have poured the vast majority of their lives for the past 6 years into this game. Were mistakes made? Sure there were. Do you think they sat there though while making this game asking, “How can we really piss people off? Muahahaha!”

    • No, Rush wasn’t trying to upset David. He wasn’t upset at the questions before, during or after the interview or since Gamescom.

      And I think everyone is in agreement the response behind closed to doors to criticism is highly likely to be a **ck you and the horse you rode in on.

      I often say the same thing, privately, as I’m sure you do.

      • i’m not saying he was trying to upset david. What kind of bugs me is that the questions were asked at all. Want to interview the guy? Great. Ask him questions about his current project. Asking questions like Rush did will either get you perfectly diplomatic answers that a monkey could have typed out, or lead to the drama we see here. For pageviews on any website, obviously drama is preferred. 155 comments and counting just on this post let alone the post from the interview.

        It just isn’t quality reporting. It is the kind of reporting that media loves today and I’m f’ing sick of it.

        • Want to interview the guy? Great. Ask him questions about his current project.

          He did, this is the part of the interview pertinent to this community. The full interview asking him about Marvel Heroes is on the IncGamers general video game news site.

          Asking questions like Rush did will either get you perfectly diplomatic answers that a monkey could have typed out, or lead to the drama we see here. For pageviews on any website, obviously drama is preferred.

          Yes, it’s easy to suggest controversial stories are put there all along for page views as opposed to just posting my shopping list to ensure no one visits the site. Others may have felt it was negative and therefore should not be shared at all.

          We have posted plenty of interviews over the years where stock PR answers are dolled out and we’ve all nodded and gone yes, that’s lovely, thanks for that I consider myself informed. You’re not. You’ve been fed a line either because they’re gagged or they’re playing smart and don’t wish to court controversy, besides it’s better to issue pats on the head all round than say what you think/feel.

          David was told before anything was filmed that there would be probing questions and he was happy to answer those candidly. He’d done an interview at the same show with a magazine (edge I think?) where he said “diablo 3 is soulless”. He’s comfortable with his own opinion and indeed Gazillion are too as they issued a statement later this afternoon to IncGamers saying they stand by David’s comments 100%.

          Someone called Justin Curry-Smith felt this interview was baiting David (he wasn’t privy to any off-camera conversations so wasn’t to know) which suggests that without the questions David wouldn’t really feel that way at all. (http://i.imgur.com/d0ZAZ.jpg) That’s a more diplomatic response, much more PR, “the devil made him do it”….. unfortunately as the same sentiments have been shared before and after our interview it doesn’t hold water.

    • Your reply of “what do you expect” really only throws fuel on the need for people to give “politically correct” interviews.

      The man spoke his mind, shared with the public his true feelings. All in all I think it was still rather PC.

      The world needs more interviews like this. Whether it results in a poopstorm of drama doesn’t matter, but when a child-like “fuck that loser,” results, the LOL will indeed be directed towards Jay.

    • No sorry they get no sympathy from me whatsoever. They took an excellent franchise my favorite game franchise and ruined it. I’ll never get that back so it’s understandable people like myself are going to hate them. I’m sure they didn’t intend to ruin it but I hate #*$holes just as much as idiots so they are all in the same boat to me. I’m just glad there are a handful of promising games coming out in the next few months to fill the void this has left behind.

  63. All I have to say is…. The D3 Devs through themselves under the bus… and then proceeded to drive back and forth over themselves repeatedly.

    – No PvP at launch when PvP was demoed at Blizzcon
    – Mystic removed when Mystic was shown at Blizzcon years before release
    – Jeweler neutered and made useless after being shown at Blizzcon years before release
    – Itemized Skill runes, one of the core game mechanics presented at Blizzcon when D3 was officially announced… scrapped after 6 years of development… (seriously W… T… F…)
    – Crafting presented at Blizzcon neutered and made useless
    – Charms/Talisman presented at Blizzcon and given the axe
    – Item system complete crap at release
    – Item affix pool complete crap at release
    – No skill trees, no skill points, no stat points, no build commitment… D3 is supposed to be an (action) RPG for crying out loud, not an RTS or FPS

    • to paraphrase Jill Harrington: “Also can I “like” Sbong’s comment more than once please?”

    • – Not to mention that you can’t even use the damn weapon you equip!?
      It’s all skills, the weapons could have just aswell been charms (the ones from D2).

      – Only able to use a handful of skills at a time, making you more or less permanently choose a limited set and ignore the rest.

      – Pretty much the newest available skill, is the one you should use at the moment, except for the very first skill you have from start, which you are stuck with forever because it’s the only one you can use without your resource draining. I thought they said D2’s skill system was bad, and the whole point of their system was to improve on that and make _all_ skills equally viable? Guess not.

      As a Witch Doctor, I had to keep the poison dart skill up until atleast mid Act 3, before I could get rid of it without fear of dying for not beeing able to attack _at all_ because of low mana. (again, why the _hell_ shouldn’t I be able to fight with my damn sword!?)

  64. Bottom line.. is that David tried to handle this diplomatically, while being honest. D3 feels like a bunch of Wow devs got together and tried to recreate what David spent a good portion of his adult life developing. Not sure if anyone caught that he came up with the idea in high school. While I think the current team did the best job they could.. they unfortunately got a lot wrong. I think it’s best summed up with how this current team of devs missed the boat on what drove the addictiveness of D2.. They didn’t take into consideration that the D2 community is not the Wow community, or perhaps they did, and just botched it.

    D3 is a decent game. If we never had D2 to look back on.. We’d be heralding D3 as a great game. The thing is.. D2 is one of the best games, be it pc/console, of all time. It’s extremely difficult to one up that. I think the community must be patient.. Saying D3 sucks.. is like saying Magic Johnson sucked because he wasn’t as good as Michael Jordan. They’re just different games. I applaud this current group for putting forth the effort to try to make the necessary changes to get it right, however.. they’d be best served by bringing in David to consult on how to right the ship. These devs are guessing at how to appeal to the D2 community.. (this is most evident by putting shiny graphics on still underpowered legendaries, and adding 100 paragon levels for level 60 chars)Seriously, swallow your pride and bring back some of the people “who made a game that allowed you sell 6 mil copies of D3”.

  65. Giving a big thumbs-up to D-Inc for posting this while the folks over at Diablo Reddit moderated it out.

  66. Jay wilson’s “**** that loser” was removed from the comments on Chris’ page. I wonder how that knot in Jay’s throat feels waiting for that call from Mike.

  67. Never insult a guy who is worshipped by thousands of fanatics.

    • Why should he care? He’s got fanboys like yourself backing him up! Like you shared his paycheck or something. Sheep.. 😆

  68. Wow. That really sealed it. Bliztard will NEVER see another CENT from me. Peace.

  69. I’m not suprised by the reaction.

    What we’ve seen in the community is that they (D3 Dev) doesn’t take kindly to criticism. They want their little trophey for participating.

  70. Wow, just Wow. The company I admired and played their every game is turning into this… Sure, they made some mistakes here and there, but at least they are willing to fix them, and with that i was sure, that Blizzard is really a Jewel in the Game Development Industry, and that there is no 2nd company like this one.

    Blah, im depressed.

  71. I’m stunned to see how disgusting these people really are… Absolutely stunned. And sad about what it reveals about today’s Blizzard.

    It also helps understand why their PR doesn’t want them to talk to the fans.

  72. Aahahahaha, wow, what a bunch of pathetic little butthurt losers Blizzard employs.
    I was apathetic about Blizzard before, now i would take joy in seeing their company crash and burn, because not only do they insist on making each new product shittier then the one before because of pure greed, it’s also made by shit people that have no tact, taste, class, maturity and talent.

  73. I was expecting a “haha drama” kind of a post. But then Jay happened and it just made me feel sad.

    I was gonna pick up the D3 Battlechest when it came out, it could be a fun little mindless bargin bin of a game. But now have decided not to due to this. Thank you Jay Wilson for saving me $.

  74. Not sure if anyone is catching this, but the Jay Wilson comment is no longer in the thread…. dare I say…. deleted.

    • Or maybe it was a different Jay? I am looking on Chris’ friend list, and the image of Jay is different. Possible trolling of sorts? Please educate me.

      • He changed his profile picture 6 hours ago, it was definitely him. He is trying to make people believe it was a troll, like you are now. 😉

  75. Over at r/diablo the mods, especially Taffer, are deleting everything concerning this saying they aren’t tabloids. When the game was coming out every piece of information was important and all blue posts are put on display despite the fact most don’t even matter.

    This is important and they are censoring it.

  76. game sucks and Brevik hit it on the head as politely as he could

    peeps get banned from d3 forums for saying such things, wilson should be banned too, from his job that is.

    I dont think d3 can be fixed, too linear, story sucks and obviously was just another Kotick cash grab

  77. I’ve been pretty disappointed in how D3 ended up with, but I still couldn’t really hate Blizzard over it or anything. This kind of behaviour however is entirely uncalled for and very unprofessional from someone like Jay Wilson, or any other people who represent Blizzard.

    Something like this damages my perception of the company way more than a game I didn’t like.

  78. Jesus, Jay’s comment did make me bust out laughing, I didn’t see that one coming.

  79. “Every voice matters” lol

  80. what a bunch of sore losers. Hey, I like D3 more than most but guess what Dev team? The game has some very solid points.

    I guess the truth does hurt. The sure act butthurt about it.

  81. Wow. What a collection of inappropriate, misguided and overly-defensive reactions. Not to mention unprofessional. Probably projecting what they’d really like to say to the Bnet forum posters more than Brevick, but still… not smart and doing more harm to themselves than anything else.

  82. *Spoiler*
    I just wonder how David Brevik fells about Deckard chains death in act 1?

  83. There’s a lot of misplaced anger flying around that FB page. They should be pissed off… but at themselves. They have to know that they failed on a lot of levels. If you made a list of all their design goals they trotted out for us to see at Blizzcon after Blizzcon, I can’t think of one off the top of my head that has succeeded. The truth hurts and they just let everyone know just how much they really are feeling it with their comments.

    PS- The real low was somehow blaming incgamers for the whole thing. The interview couldn’t be more straightforward (and newsworthy). It’s sad how disconnected they are with the fans on this site that care about Diablo and want to see it succeed.

  84. well at least it’s confirmed that blizz reads diabloincgamers.

  85. i hate this kind of reaction but after all the bad press they had, i kinda of can understand him. Of course there is many things that went all bad with Diablo 3 and many things they are still working on. What he said was in a inner circle, that was supposed to be private. And he was simply caught in the act, while David Brevik knew he talked in front of a camera.
    I will play Diablo3 again after the patch goes live, maybe i will like it and if not well by the end of this week finally GW2 is starting …

    • You’re saying Jay, and the rest, were so stoned, they didn’t know they posted on Facebook?

      Public comments on the worlds largest public social networking site.
      They knew.

  86. I dont give a rats ass if Jay Wison said “Fuck that Loser”. Good for him, there are alot of people I feel the same way about.

  87. Personally I thought Jay’s comment was a breath of fresh air… For a long while now I have been extremely annoyed by Blizzard’s amazing PR wall of doom. Their lack of saying anything that wasn’t completely scripted.. I wish they would act in a manner like this more often.. Definitely a little overboard but whatever it is Facebook..

    The interview was extremely biased and prodding. Acting like the game is terrible and a failure. Any game that you play more than 40-50 hours is in my opinion already not a failure, any game that you expect to last you over a year you have completely unrealistic expectations. The people we were when d1 and sc came out are not the same people we were for sc2 and d3.

    More surprising than the interview or the responses to me is the reaction of the people in this site in these comments.. It seems overwhelmingly anti-d3 which is kinda surprising because why are you on a diablo 3 website if you don’t like the game. I haven’t really played the last month but I still like the game and will play it again when 1.04 comes out but I stopped playing because I had other new games to play not because D3 wasn’t a fun experience.

    • This is a Diablo fansite. Diablo, the franchise.

    • FlamingGod, are you a retard? Or simply stupid due to your own effort? Do you have reading comprehension problem perhaps?

      David basically is saying that:
      1) [Team A] making Item X vs. [Team B] making X may produce different item X. It is conventional wisdom. Neutral in tone, and pretty much common sense. Do you have common sense?
      2) Related to 1) HE FURTHERS CLARIFY USING CALL OF DUTY AS EXAMPLE that a different group of people (or painter) will make different item (a paint) even though the theme may be the same.
      3) 1+2 => neutral in tone, basic common sense, not prodding/leading/being mean. Point being different cook makes different taste pasta.
      4) 1+2+3 => David did NOT even say that current Diablo 3 is bad. He did NOT even say that Diablo 3 should be this way or that way to suit his pallate. All he said was: different cook will cook different tasting food.

      Please work on your reading/viewing comprehension or re-enroll 1st grade if you/anyone else can’t understand that much.

      5) Then he proceeded with answering interviewer question on how he would cook the food differently had he/his team the cook. He answered by saying that were his team the cook he would add less garlic (read: different loot system).

      Then he mentioned that loot system was coincidentally what other players had concerns and upset about.

      6) Finally, he returned back to point 1+2 above, that different team (cook) will create different product. Included was his joy to see that Diablo 2 team managed to create something that many people love.

      Idiot like you may not understand, but for anyone to make that claim, the claim must have gone through the test of time. Diablo 3 may turned out to be -historically- something noteworthy IN THE FUTURE. BUT, we do NOT know that YET. David merely instated what history has ALREADY MARKED as diablo 2 TEAM’s accomplishment in alienating their players.

      How in the world you morons managed to read between the lines and infer differently or get negative connotation out of what David said? What David says is pretty much conventional wisdom and common sense, plus harmful recital of history of what Diablo 2 team produced.

      • I forgot to mention,

        David was being generous too, actually simply being objective in his assessment:
        – David states that he likes the Diablo 3 approach to the Story presentation.
        – He actually gives Diablo 3 team credit basically by saying that it’s just a matter of different cook, cooking the food.

        I have not played Diablo 1&2. I purchased Diablo 3 due to overwhelming news coverage on how good Diablo 1&2. I do not share the same nostalgic sentiment many have on Diablo franchise. However, I can empathize and see where ex-D2 players are comming from. Diablo 3 has MANY problems in all sort of dimensions even when I see it as mere “Game ABC” whether as ARPG or MMO or even as generic-RPG. Coincidentally, many of the negative aspects that can be found by NON-Diablo1&2 players are voiced by the loyalists too.

        The presence of vast problems and negatives Diablo 3 has are something you blind idiots cannot deny. Sure D3 has positive aspects too like its presentation and smooth gameplay, but how much of that incorporates to the overall playing experience or product quality? That’s something you sympathizers need to address and show, not to mention addressing to every point the other camps are bringing up.

        • No, you are the idiot actually I didn’t even mention David’s responses.. I said the interviewer was biased and Jay going unscripted for a change was good.. I don’t really fault David too much though he probably took the bait from the interviewer alittle hard. To be honest I have never liked Jay Wilson though his comment actually makes me like him more not less.

          Though I don’t agree with you that David was at all fair or generous, I had not even once at all mentioned anything he said other than to say it was surprising.

          Anyways incase you weren’t really paying attention…

          Interviewer: Do you feel a little let down that the legacy has kind of been mashed up?

          Interviewer: Do you think they bought the wrong people in?

          Interviewer: From our point of view it looked like they misunderstood what kept people playing

          Interviewer: One of the other issues is they have not listened to their community

          That is pretty hardcore biased journalism imo, some foxnews quality questions. That would be like someone interviewing Bill Clinton and asking “Are you disappointed that the president that followed you ruined the country?”

          • I was asking if you were a retard, and I will ask you again.
            Are you a retard?

            The interviewer was asking question or touching the subject that a fraction of Diablo 3 audience has. It just does not happen to be the fraction of audience YOU fall into.

            That does not make the interviewer biased/prodding. Now the best part is, the subject of the questions and the items of the questions are something we all ALREADY KNOW EXISTED. Those “problems” exist! Even though ignorant and blind fools like you try to rationalize that they are forgiven or to the extreme, they don’t exist.

            The fact that the incoming patch touches exactly what the interviewer asked and what David voiced should be clear enough for you. Hence on top asking you if you have common sense, I’d add if you need eye surgery on top of that.

            Interviewer question was a simple, straightforward question. It does not have that malicious intent you, surprisingly, think it has.

            As harmless as me/anyone asking you about the food of the restaurant you just came out from. You can like the food, you can not-like the food. You are too retarded and DELUDED to go an extra mile to justify and rationalize your defense toward current Diablo 3 state while ridiculing and diminishing the interviewer’s question AND interviewee answer’s merits.

            Now look at the video as well not just the transcript. The interviewer knows it’s touchy subject that’s why he was kind of reluctant or machine gun the question. But, that does not mean that the question has no merit, nor representative to what many fraction of players have in mind.

            Don’t play “imo” “imo” you are entitled to “im O”, but does not mean your “im O” is not stupid or make you look retarded (if you are not one already), or baseless. Stick with what actually being presented and call something as it is.

            If there is credit due that you need to give, if you are man up enough, is to do so to David. Even though the questions gave way to David answer more harshly, he remained polite and careful. His response to interviewer, even on that question regarding if they brought the wrong people, was simply: it’s a different cook, cooking the food. He recognizes the other team efforts and only attributed Diablo state, whatever it is, to simply having 2 different cook with varying cooking styles. Again remember the Call of Duty reference and other things he mentioned preceding.

  88. I would like to see a poll on here to see what the community thinks of Jay Wilson.

  89. Someone needs to tell Jay Wilson and the Diablo 3 team this:
    \When you earnestly believe you can compensate for a lack of skill by doubling your efforts, there’s no end to what you can’t do.\


  90. I guess they won’t invite incgamers to the next D3 expansion media day… oh, wait, they already did that with D3…

  91. Jay (disappointment IS my middle name) Wilson – should sooooo get fired for behaving so completely unprofessionally towards a genius that created the game without which he (Jay) would be a nobody!

    Oh wait… he is a nobody.

  92. His last tweet was in june. still, the right decision.

  93. Why Jay Wilson doens’t have a page on uncyclopedia or some similar website? The guy is a beast on doing memorable crap. I wonder what will come next.

  94. OMG who gives a crap what jay said. so many people commenting on this matter like they actually give a shit that developers insult each other. Thats all it is, developers and their rivalries, it has nothing to do with us, you guys hate him so much that you want to punch him in the face when you guys see him because he made a shitty game? YOU guys are the biggest babies here, who the hell doesn’t say **** YOU to people you dislike in this day and age? And ill bet more than half of you said something along those lines publicly or through some social media network. People have their emotions, thats life. And you guys are so adamant about punishing blizzard for this? who the hell are you guys? You guys are so self righteous with nothing to lose that you forget that these developers are PEOPLE too. Giving this person shit for cussing at someone? SEROIUSLY?! THIS IS FREAKEN 2012 GIVE ME A BREAK.

  95. During development I saw Jay as a generally good-natured guy who was a bit in over his head.

    However, this outburst sheds some light on his poor decision making (as well as obvious lack of professionalism). If this was his attitude behind the helm, it’s easier to understand what went wrong with D3.

    Sad to see what became of this series, and I wonder what could have been with a better lead designer.

  96. -_-…Of course, the typical internet response.. No, I’m just a person who grew up to learn how to think and not what to think. I just see the hypocrisies on this board. I’m not defending Blizzard per se, I would defend ANY game developer. They work hard to do what they do, regardless if it’s a shitty game or not. Most of you guys have no idea what goes on in the studio, how much stress, lack of sleep, dedication and heart goes into a game. We sit here and criticize that all they do is sit on their asses counting money, which is a completely unrealistic assumption fueled by immaturity and rage. when we make those assumptions WE are the ones that look like dicks and assholes, we sit here, not knowing much about developing games, and insult the shit out of these PEOPLE(not talking about the game) that spent their weekends working and being away from their families trying to make this game for you ungrateful preschoolers. I’m talking about insulting the developers and accusing them of being evil, conniving, money hungry assholes, just because they made some poor decisions and made a sub-par game.

    anyways…I am just defending a person’s right to say \**** you\ to someone, why? Because everyone on this damn earth does it.

    • Are you a Blizz employe?
      There is a thing called being professional when it comes to media and especially when taking criticism. This clearly shows the mentality of Blizz.

    • I think that you are missing one very important point here. Jay Wilson is aiming this “F*ck that loser” at David Brevik, who happens to be ANOTHER game director, the one who created the DIABLO franchise, the game Jay is currently resting his butt and building his career upon.

      So we aren’t talking about a normal f*ck insult but instead a flagrant disrespect from the apprentice towards his superior. This is what people are most pissed about. It’s about disrespecting and showing ingratitude towards the one who provided you a job and a paycheck at some extent. As far as I know, I have seen no apology from Jay. On the other hand, David has remained silent… and rightfully so, maybe Jay should at least learn that from him!

  97. Lets be realistic, Blizzard Irvine make terrible games. They used to make good quality games and people keep coming back thinking it is the same studio but those who made the great games are long gone, burnt out and out of ideas or have sold their soul to Satan, or is that Vivendi? Perhaps Activision.

    Reality is small studios make great games. They sometimes grow into large studios, sometimes get taken over by a bigger studio who has forgot what it is like to make good original games and drag the now bought-out studio down into their quagmire.

    Game developers, I am talking about real game developers, make games because they have the passion to make games, to make a great game, it is like an author and a book, it is a work of art. Great games make a lot of money because they are a work of art. You can’t stick an artist in front of a conveyor belt and tell him to mass produce great art. It doesn’t work that way.

    Big studios are afraid of risk, smaller studios put their company on the line to make a title. See the plan for SWTOR when it was just Bioware, see the garbage that come out when it was EA/Bioware.

    If you sit down and say I want to make money, lets make a game that is going to make a lot of money. It is going to suck. You have to sit down and say I am going to make a great game I would love to play over and over for years, and if it is that good and everyone else feels the same then it will make a lot of money.

    Blizzard is hanging on to the threads of what were great titles produced by a hungry small studio in Blizzard North and got lucky with World of Warcraft, the timing and the environment was perfect for a game like it, lightning wont strike twice and from Cataclysm to Pandamon it is clearly evident they are out of touch with the evolution of the MMO industry.

    I am sure people will spit out your inflated Chinese subscriber numbers to justify how great Blizzard still is. Those who put their name to Diablo 3 are a disgrace to the game developer community. D3 isn’t even of a beta standard now and they are still fudging around with the game trying to figure out where they went wrong and how they could fix it. I will never buy another Blizzard product while these morons are at the company or with the current ownership structure and I have purchased almost every Blizzard product previously.

    If you don’t think your actions now will have a profound impact on what your customer base is going to be like going forward, you are greater imbeciles then even I have given you credit for.

  98. Jeez…..what a bunch of whiny b*tches the DIII devs are. You have millions that have been hammering the battle.net forums with a hell of a lot worse things being said about the game, yet they completely fly off the handle at one guy who states his opinion.

    Truth hurts…huh, Guys.

  99. [email protected] noob that said they made the fastest selling game of all time. More like fastest failing game of all time. The only reason they even sold that much was because of Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. Diablo 3 is a joke.

  100. lol am I the only one that thinks those dev accounts are parodies? I just find it hard to believe they would stoop to that level and put their career in jeopardy like that.

  101. Fire Jay Wilson. How Blizz came to hire this ignorant pig for such a Title is what I will never understand. You know who this guy is? This is the guy who was a quality assurance guy on Kings Quest 8 Mask of Eternity…. the ONLY kings Quest game never to reach critical acclaim.
    To the jerk who says “you made the fastest selling game” Lets see how fast the expansion will sell without Diablo 2 to Back you up huh boy….

  102. Wonder how many people have been kicked off the blizz forums talking about this.

  103. Wow…just wow! I agree 100% on everything that was said in the 1st interview! The current dev team failed so damn hard it hurts! Jay Wilson’s response? Just lol…what a fat loser… After telling the whole community that bought a game based on a game he didnt even like (d2) what is fun, after murdering an entire franchise and universe cuz well… His view worksnly for him and that’s about it… Those ppl failed Diablo. Simple as that. A game made ages ago, as a whole, is still in the lead and kotick and wilson leeched off of its glory. No, don’t fuck that loser, fuck yourselves for failing hard! Your take on someone elses work… Gj! Act I d3 is nothing new compared to act I d2, act 2 … Desert…lut gholein…caldeum, act III ? You leave out the jungle cuz you lack storyline and dont want it that fuckin obvious and go for act V d2 …but this time you dont climb on arreat, you go underneath it! Wow! Such talent! As for act IV? Srsly? It has a train of bosses and a shit, hastly done, overall everything! Good thing you have such a good cinematics team. Such shameless a-holes all of you for bashing the man that gave you everything you live on right now.

    • Oh they had jungle.. Made as an oasis in Caldeum.. Veeeerry original.. 🙄
      They just rehashed _everything_ from D2.

      Even Belial and Azmodan, although I actually kind of like how those two turned out (gotta like _something_), except Belials stupid huge “real form”.
      They look very very similar to Mephisto and Baal. (Belial is skinny and “floats” like Mephisto, Azmodan is big and on four craplike legs, like Baal)

  104. Very sad to read these fb comments.

  105. “Marvel Heroes is David’s vision and is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2.”

    Oh god, the last time I heard “spiritual successor” it was in reference to the piece of crap Dragon Age.

  106. Yeah. That sealed the deal for me. After I put in a staggering 18 hours into SCII (Had over 400 hours in SC1) I was feeling a little leery about Diablo 3. I can’t calculate the hours i put into Diablo II, I bought it on release day(remember the 6 hour patch? Or being unable to connect constantly… I actually played single player!) and didn’t put it down until Diablo 3 came out (it’s still installed). I’d estimate 5000 hours? I think that’s being very modest. Well, I’ve crushed 100 hours in Diablo 3 hoping it would get better. It doesn’t. I’ve put countless more hours into Hellgate London and Mythos than I’ve put into Diablo3. Hellgate London WAS a better game than diablo 3. Period. I’ll argue that all day, hellgate had a few … problems… but the core gameplay was better than diablo 3. My rock n roll hunter was beyond fun, my demon hunter in D3 is … fun at times, but mostly boring as shit (but still 10x more exciting than my monk).

  107. Ah yes, the noble game developer. Sacrificing time with friends and family for absolutely no compensation. The mendicants of our time.

    Fact is, they made a game that was successful because of previous entries in the series, and now they’re getting pissed because the guy responsible is saying he wouldn’t have done it that way.

    Well…criticize him all you want, but people like his games a lot more, so maybe you’re not doing it right?

  108. I’d expect to find this sort of behavior at a middle school playground. As many have pointed out, it was Brevik and his team’s efforts on D1/D2 that set up D3 to be the fastest selling PC game.

    Also, Brevik’s comments were both very professional, honest, and most importantly, respectful… something those Blizzard developers are obviously lacking.

    There were a lot of things wrong with Hellgate… mostly in-regards to its business model. If anything, it was far more interesting and fun to play than D3 was, and it set us up for Borderlands.

    Lets just put it this way…. D1 and D2 are still on my hard drive, D3 isn’t. Brevik will be remembered for that. Jay, Jill and co. will always be remembered for saying shit on Facebook.

  109. risingred..now thats a name I haven’t seen since the old d3 b.net forums.

    Werent you an idiot fanboy back than? One of the ones that consistently bashed my ideas and criticisms towards the D3 teams philosophies?

    Strange how I turned out to be right…about everything.

  110. Here’s another amusing image to add to the losergate gallery.


  111. Wow. I’m going to screencap my captcha for this comment. It’s beyond ironic.


    I’m probably using the word ‘ironic’ wrong again. Oh well, such is being an american.

    I’d comment on the article, but, I’ve already done it on a different site. Hell, I’ll just copy my post.

    “And this is why Blizzard doesn’t make good games anymore.

    The last great game they made was Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

    Vanilla World of Warcraft was a good game.. and then it all went downhill from there.

    The thing that pissed me off the most in recent years was them not using the original Kerrigan voice actor, Glynnis Campbell, who was with the company since Diablo was created. That alone actually ruined the entire storyline of Starcraft 2 for me. The multiplayer was great.. but that was it.

    Oh and Battle.net 2.0. Yeah.

    My last game purchases from Blizzard were World of Warcraft (late 2004, bit after launch) then Starcraft 2 (year after release, on sale).

    Blizzard’s time has been long over since around 2008; why there’s some people who still don’t see that is beyond me. I loved Blizzard as much as the next guy (been playing their games since The Lost Vikings), but when a company starts sinking, it’s best to open your eyes instead of cling to old memories and delude yourself into believing what’s not reality anymore.

    Most of us are upset; but they did it to themselves.

    PS: If you want the real Diablo 3, look into Path of Exile. I actually prefer to it as Diablo 2.5. Yes, Torchlight was made by Blizzard North, but Path of Exile is -really- like Diablo 2, far more than Torchlight.”

    I don’t want to comment on Marvel Heroes, but, well.. I probably won’t be playing that.

  112. I was away for another month, but the Diablo 3 entertainment continues, obviously not in the game itself. Well Blizzard reaches new lows, sad, but inevitable.

  113. As much as I :
    1 – Despised diablo 3 enough to get a refund.
    2 – Think that those blizz employees reactions were awful.

    Isn’t it a bit to much to say : “Marvel Heroes is David’s vision and is the spiritual successor to Diablo 2.”

    How on earth can a Marvel based game be a successor to a Diablo game ? *mindblown*

  114. The REASON Diablo 3 get the fastest Selling PC game is only because the HYPE they got from Diablo 2.
    Several of my friends bought Diablo 3 and ended with disappointence.
    Does this guy even realize it.
    Its far easier to just Continue a franchise rather than creating new one.

  115. I wish Blizzard had more losers like Brevik, then they might make games that don’t suck.

  116. What surprises me most of all is how they actually think Diablo 3 is a good game…Did ANY of them really play the game?

  117. I had to do a doubletake when I saw Jay’s comments. My second assumption was that if it wasn’t a shoop than it’d have to be a troll account (like those people that pretend to be Justin Bieber on Twitter and swear at fans).

    Completely unprofessional. I never liked Jay Wilson, and the whole D3 fiasco really puts me off Blizzard. I haven’t bought a Blizzard game since WC3. I reallyreallyreally wanted to get D3, but the horrible art direction, clumsy game mechanics, “LOLSOBADASS!!!!” approach, and now the public display of embarrassingly childish vulgarity from Jay has cemented my move away from Blizzard.

    Ever since Blizzard-Activision, man. Ever since Blizzard-Activision.

    Here’s to hoping Jay gets fired.

  118. J.W is an amateur, srsly. He has no clue what it takes to be a professional game designer, he thinks he’s one but he’s actually not.

  119. http://imgur.com/4o2Mn

    “Can’t wait to see him beat us with Diablo’s marvel clone!”

    Say what you want butthurt devolopers, It will be 10x the game Diablo 3 is :mrgreen:

  120. I leave for a few days and what do I find when I come back? Is a little maturity too much to ask for from the D3 devs?

    But more than anything I think this show how much they REALLY appreciate community feedback. The D3 community complains (understatement there) about certain issues, and they give half-hearted replies and work on SOME of them. Brevik comments on some of the same and they go bat****. Man, that is just depressing. 🙁

    • All of that said, we are all still frequenting a site dedicated to the Diablo franchise. Just saying.

      (As a side note to this side note, I just noticed that this comment box lists “Diablo” as being misspelled. 😆 )

  121. The only thing I am really concerned about, is this part:

    ” … you made the fastest selling PC game of all time.”

    So this is how Blizzard measures a game these days and shows that it’s not better then any other generic company comprising the industry today.

    Everything else what was said and done is just a display of being human. I could not possibly adjudge anyone for this.


    Someone please make Diablo I.5 and Diablo II.5! Just take those and the expansions and put topnotch graphics on everything (and I don’t mean Diablo 3 grafics!). May the 6 gigs of graphic memory be filled! 😈

  122. Also…clone? What?
    How can you clone your own work? More like…more like THEY cloned Diablo 2, only they were drunk when they did it, and they did it with puffy paints, and at some point they just said fuggitshipthatshiditsfuggin plaaaatinum!

    Only it wasn’t. You sold us puffy painted t-shirts you monsters.

  123. Mom was right when she said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what you choose for breakfast can make or break your day (sorry, bacon didn’t make the list). Here are our top 8 foods that help make your morning meal a healthy one.

  124. 10 god damn years waiting for diablo 3 and the bloody game managed to ruin most everything that made the original great. Luckily i found an indie game that is the true successor to diablo 3 called path of exile. it is funny how a small team of diablo lovers managed to develop a far better game than the multi million pound blizzard. you guys should honestly give it a look

  125. no wonder the game sucked so bad. with such lousy blizzard SOUTH faeces. 👿

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