Diablo 3 Developer Live Chat: February 10th

season one live chatBlizzard has announced a live chat featuring Nevalistis with three of Diablo 3 lead developers next week. The devs will answer fan questions about Seasons and their plans for the future of Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls.

Tavern Talk: Seasons – Join Us February 10

To celebrate the start of Season 2, we’d like to take some time to discuss our philosophy behind Seasons in Diablo III, cover lessons we learned from Season 1, and share some of our plans for the future with you, our community.

On Tuesday, February 10 at 11:00 a.m. PST, we’ll be chilling out in the Blizzard Studio to cover all these topics (and possibly more) as well as answer your questions live!

Who can you expect to see on stream?

  • Wyatt Cheng, Senior Technical Game Designer
  • Travis Day, Game Designer
  • Don Vu, Associate Game Designer
  • Brandy “Nevalistis” Camel, Community Manager
  • After we go around the table to discuss Seasons in detail, we’ll open up the floor to player questions.

    Got a question for our developers about Seasons? Then be sure to send it to @Diablo on Twitter using #D3QA right now or leave it in a comment below!

    If you’re not able to tune in live, don’t break a sweat—we’ll upload a VOD of the entire chat to our Twitch and YouTube channels shortly after the stream for your leisurely viewing pleasure.

    These developer live streams usually run for an hour, and I can’t imagine there’s that much to say about Seasons that we haven’t heard before… which means we should get some amount of time for open topic questions. What do you guys want to hear the developers speak more about?


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    1. I want to hear about the next expansion.

      ROS fixed a lot of things I didn't like about D3 I am hoping the next expansions fixes the item problems. I would like to see rares be potentially useful instead of vendor trash.

      • Your not the only one who feels that way, unfortunately, they have a rigid and inflexible "philosophy" when it comes to rare items.

        At the last Blizzcon this was featured on one of the slides during a panel discussion.

        I don't think it's going to change.

    2. This is awesome. I just hope some people can be courteous and kind to these guys instead of lighting them up like they do on some of these threads. I've always believed in attacking the "idea", not the "person". Looking forward to it.

    3. So many legendary items with Legendary affixes are 'useless' simply because the numbers on these items are too small. For patch 2.2 can we just see a full sweep of these items, or do we have to wait another 12 months while we see 1 or 2 fixed per season?

    4. I just want some extra content… I know during Blizzcon, the developers talked about adding the ruins of Sescheron and throwing in some yetis and weird bugs…. Blizzard could also throw in some new Rift Guardians….

    5. Obligatory question about autopickup. Gems / Crafting mats.

      Also – I play hardcore seasons (eagerly awaiting s2 to kick in). Hit 460 paragon this season yet only found a single Unity ring in the final week of the season. So after attempting some 35-38 grifts and being 1 shotted by jailor on more than one occasion PLEASE either up the droprate on unity rings, or spread the bonus to additional pieces of gear. Being unable to progress up the leaderboards due to not finding one random item is bad design imo.

      • I found 7 Unity rings during the season and zero SoJs. The odds blow my mind.

        So my build was permanently RRoG + Unity. Once in a public game I was getting pwned by another player who was wearing Unity too. We talked for a bit "who has an alternate ring to put on" and neither of us had anything good. On our next rift together is when my 7th Unity dropped.

        Before the season I had 2 or 3 SoJs and no Unity rings. I was kind of mad because, OMG not only is this ring never going to drop, but when it finally does I'm going to need ANOTHER ONE. Ugh! I'll never see 2!

      • I left out the important part: 6/7 Unity rings dropped before the big patch late in the season. This patch greatly increased the drop rates of rare items. Previously, Unity and SoJ were uncommon in the (large) table of rings. So you may have gotten your wish. I've still never seen The Star of Azkaranth, but apparently they're flying around freely now.

        • Ahh this is good news if they’ve already upped the droprate somewhat. Cheers for the replys Catastrophe. Must admit i hit season1 hard then took around a month off and only recently came back to the game for the end of the season .. thats when i found my unity ring *shrug*. So i guess that pans out.

          Perhaps my question could just be rephrased as –

          Do the devs have any plans to address the requirement for double unity to push past mid 30’s in greater rifts (hardcore)?

          Thought they were attempting to open up more varied and interesting builds rather than pigeonholing everyone into this unity + unity&immortality relic combo.

    6. When is the next expansion going to be and what will it be based on?

      How long until patch 2.2?

      How long will Season 2 last?

      What is your design philosophy when it comes to changing class specific legendary set bonuses?

      Following on from that last question, are there still legendary sets that would feel need to be overhauled?

    7. Just a few questions I would ask, if possible.

      "What are your plans on addressing the large disparity in damage between the various classes?"

      "What are your plans to address viable gearing options outside of 6-piece sets? If I find an incredibly rare weapon like Rimeheart or Thunderfury, should I not be able to build a great character based around that weapon?"

      "Many of the Wizard's skills have either poor synergy, bad mechanics or poor damage (due to mechanics). What are your plans to address this?"

      "What are your plans to address problems with proc coefficients, like you did with the change to Shard of Hate? As an example, the Wizard suffers from low proc coefficients which limits gearing options (i.e. Rimeheart)."

      "What are your plans for addressing power creep? Players can already achieve damage in the billions, monster's HP is in the hundreds of billions, etc. This can't go on forever."

      • "What are your plans for addressing power creep? Players can already achieve damage in the billions, monster's HP is in the hundreds of billions, etc. This can't go on forever."

        Well we're already using 64-bit integers for storing monster HP and damage etc, so our maximum number is 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (18 quintillion…), so we got quite a lot of headroom left.

      • I'm also interested in the creeping numbers problem. Big numbers are hard to appreciate. You start the game doing literally 2-4 damage and then somehow you're hitting for tens of millions. The damage boost from mainstat + this rune does 300% weapon damage + fire skills% + elite% = rofl. So my weapon says it does 2500 dps? Cool. Why am I hitting for 3-4 magnitudes higher than that?

    8. "Are there plans to address build diversity outside of 6-piece sets? Will interesting legendary items like Light of Grace ever be made competitive?"

      "For wizards one element (fire) rules over all others for many reasons. With the Firebird set bonus it does the most damage, it allows you to keep running and kill most things off screen (great for GRs), and it allows you to stack defensive abilities. What are the plans to make the other elements equal in effectiveness?"

      "Blizzard has said it plans to revisit old legendary items to make them all useful. Currently only a few items are adjusted each patch and there are dozens of useless legs out there. Is there a plan to speed up this process?"

    9. I have the same opinion as most have already mentioned above:

      1. Power creep
      2. Build diversity
      3. Slow rate of old leg improvement

      What I'd also like to see addressed:

      1. UI improvements – reduce clutter and make it more customizable. I dont need a large yellow/purple bar showing rift progress, or skill tooltips blocking my view when I'm clicking near the bottom of the screen.

      2. Increased clan size. 150 is too small.

      3. More record keeping. Why don't I know what my massacre record is? What my quickest normal rift time is? Most gold picked up? Longest time I've kept 3 stacks of nephalem glory up? People play for different reasons, some as trivial as beating a personal record like for one of the above. Blizzard could also implement a ladder for some of these "sillier" things, thereby offering other goals within the game.

      4. Improved trading. I know Blizzard wants to focus on us finding our own gear, but RNG is a fickle beast. I have 12 Unitys equipped and in my stash, but SoJ's have been few and far between. We all have stories like this. So give more purpose to clans and let us put up items for trade with other clan mates. Similar to how it is now, only clan mates online at the time an item is found can bid on that item with an item they found while online as well. Trades would only be good for 2hrs, as it is now, and items would be mailed back to you if there are no bids you accept. A bit complex, but would certainly add more relevance to being in a clan.

    10. There are some BIG issues with build diversity but from me

      One Question and one question only:

      What are you going to do about trials, knowing that they hold so many players from enjoying Greater Rifts and Greater Rift Progress ?

    11. Seriously if no one asks about Trials im going to inhale a bottle of Nitrous oxide and laugh until my hearth explodes.

    12. I just bloody want customisation for cursors already.

    13. when it comes to the unity ring… If im not mistaken i think that Blizzard said at Blizzcon that they dident wish to remove the unity ring. but they wanted to give the players other options to get to the same level as those players who wears it. But ofcurse this will mean that Blizzard needs to pot in some other items in the game that could comprimase for the unity ring. 🙂

      P.s sorry for my bad english! 😉

    14. Will the reintroduction of Roleplaying concepts and mechanics to D3 finally come with release of the second expansion? Or do we still have to await "further development" afterwards here?

    15. Will a mix of rewards be instilled into the item hunt? In D2, at any time I would be looking for: Uniques, Set pieces, charms, socketed eth WHITE gear to make rune words, runes, gold, and gems. In D3, i’m looking for Uniques/set items, and gems+gold for a short amount of time.
      Can treasure class be reinstated? In D2, I was forced to play various content based off of what items I wanted and how far I had progressed my gear. If I wanted SOJ’s, I would do Act 1. If I wanted an SS, I would do Worldstone, etc. While leveling up, I would have to do meph and Baal runs. Treasure class can even work in the GR system. Currently, we only have one tier of TC, which starts in T1. D2 had 90 tiers.
      +1 to power creep and build diversity comments too. Let’s add item type diversification and Treasure class mobs to that equation please.

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