Blue post from the B.net forums about a big complaint thread that was deleted, then reinstated. You want to read it now, don’t you? First off, here’s the Blue reply, from a different thread created to complain about the deletion. Diablo 3 Dev Naming and Drinking the Haterade:

    So you’re deleting 20 page long topics again huh?

    Not that I’m surprised since you did this already several times. Anything unconvenient and it gets deleted. Do you think the 20 pages and 300 upvotes get erased like that as well? Oh man this company… instead of fixing the problems they rather delete the undesired feedback. Hilarious.
    Lylirra: The original thread has been restored and can be viewed at its original link. While the OP does violate our posting guidelines, the following conversation is mostly constructive (albeit heavily moderated), so the thread in its entirety should not have been removed. For that I apologize.

    As a general reminder, however: harassing or attacking other posters (be they Blizzard employees or other players) is not okay. Full stop. Doing so will likely lead to your post/thread being locked or removed outright. In some cases, depending on the severity of what’s been said, your account may even be penalized. That’s not ideal for you or us, so working to be as constructive as possible — even if you’re voicing a dissenting opinion — is always a good tactic to strive for.

    A good thing to remember when participating in a discussion on these forums is to “attack an idea, not a person.” Be passionate, be argumentative, but focus your conversation on ideas, designs, concepts, mechanics, etc. Not people.

    Kyrone, if you’d like to reduce the risk of further critiques requiring such active moderation, I encourage you to remove personal attacks from your arguments. They are not needed for your feedback to be both valid and relevant.

    It’s got to be good, after that intro, right? Click through for the deleted, then un-deleted OP, and prepare to be… underwhelmed.

    After reading Blue post, I was all primed for the OP, thinking it would be some really flaming fury! Original complaints! Sadly, it’s just another “I don’t like Trials because vague reasons” gripe-fest, but one that kicks off by naming a bunch of D3 devs and calling them idiots for making design decisions this one guy disagrees with.

    And Blizzard in general, if that is even possible after all the insane fails they did with this game.

    You have a franchise with millions of fans around the world and handle it the worst possible way.

    Updates with minor changes nobody asked for, while ignoring the real and valid feedback, all every 3 months.

    No communication, nobody knows what is going on, but at this point I think not even the dev team has a clue what is going on either.

    Patch 2.1.2 was supposed to ship mid December but then you realized that the devs will be on holidays if major bugs had to be fixed?

    Sad enough that you lack developers confident enough in their skills to not mess everything up every patch, but are you telling me a company like Blizzard can’t even set up a proper timetable and you didn’t realize that Christmas is around the corner? Very professional.

    But that enhances the opinion I already got when seeing Josh, Wyatt and Travis talk about this game. Josh shows fake enthusiasm and speeks about “awesome loot” in every 2nd sentence…all I could think was “Sorry Josh, the loot system is pathetic, itemization is aggravating and 90% of all items are nowhere close to awesome.”

    Travis seems like he could fall asleep every second when he speaks about D3. No passion at all.

    And Wyatt…oh man, I have never seen another developer so out of touch with his own game. But sure, it’s nice finishing a GR level 18. Prime example why the game is failing and dying now. Devs don’t play their own game and don’t listen to the hardcore players who do.

    Also, why we even have community managers at this point is beyond me. All they do is post on ridiculously silly posts every now and then. The highly rated posts never get any attention, everything is ignored.

    What I can simply not understand is why you are wasting the potential of such a great franchise. If the lack of revenue is the problem, simply add microtransactions.

    * More stash space.
    * More character slots.
    * Unique transmogs.
    * Unique pets.
    * Small xp/leg droprate buffs for a limited amount of time.

    You have so many fans who would pay for that, and this would allow you to put more resources into developing actual content. If that is not a win/win situation then I don’t know what is.

    Step your game up Blizzard, your reputation is going down the hill.

    I hope you had some good cheese to enjoy with that whine? As for the complaints… who knows? There’s nothing specific in terms of bad thing or solution; just a bunch of “stuff sucks and stuff and Devs are nubs” which is why the thread got deleted. The irony is that similar complaint threads (which always seem to be posted by players with about 5, or else 5000 hours played) exist constantly and are not moderated. This one just got snipped since it named specific devs.

    That’s kind of distinction without a difference, since saying “Trials suck” vs. “trials suck because Josh/Wyatt/Travis” makes zero difference in content, but the later goes against the “calling people out” rules in the Battle.net forums and gets deleted because of that.

    On the larger issue… what’s the point in such ranting? I guess some people enjoy it, or want to join in as a break from their 8 hours of play every day, but what benefit does anyone think Blizzard gains from such threads? Like the devs were just waiting around for someone to call them idiots, and that’s the secret word that will launch them into action? They’re working on the game as much as they can and think they’re making improvements. Obviously not everyone agrees, but childish name calling doesn’t add value to arguments, at least not once you’re past junior high. (Unless you do it with some real style, of course.)

    Agree or disagree?

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