Diablo 3 Design Update Arrives from the Devs

It’s been a mad couple of weeks since release and the community has been debating many of the game mechanics since the launch on 15 May. Everything from items to Inferno has been under discussion, and as promised, Blizzard has revealed their findings and what they are planning to work on moving forward.

With Diablo III out for nearly two weeks now, millions of players around the world are storming Sanctuary and joining the battle against the Burning Hells. At the same time, we continue to work around the clock to make sure you have an epic online gaming experience.

As more and more players begin to perfect their character builds and progress into Diablo III’s higher difficultly levels, some of the most prominent feedback lately has been about game balance and design, and that’s what we’re here to talk about today. As with any new game, gameplay issues are inevitable, and we hear a lot of feedback regarding what‘s balanced, what’s not, and everything else in between. We recently made some decisions to adjust (or outright nerf) a few class skills, and today we wanted to explain our overall philosophy on design changes — as well as give some insight into some more changes that are coming up.

Before we get to that, though, we thought it’d be fun to share a few interesting stats we’ve collected since Diablo III’s release:

  • On average players have created 3 characters each
  • 80% of characters are between levels 1 and 30
  • 1.9% of characters have unlocked Inferno difficulty
  • 54% of Hardcore players chose a female character
  • The majority of Hardcore deaths (35%) occur in Act I Normal
  • The most common level 60 build in the game is only used by 0.7% of level 60 characters of that class (not including Passive diversity)
  • The most used runes for each class at level 60 are Barbarian: Best Served Cold, Demon Hunter: Lingering Fog, Wizard: Mirror Skin, Monk: Peaceful Repose, Witch Doctor: Numbing Dart

These are just the teasers. Click through for much more useful info.

When it comes to making game changes, in general, our intent is to react quickly to critical design and balance issues, bugs, and other problems that seriously conflict with our design intent through hotfixes. For issues which aren’t as severely out of line, we plan to react in a more measured fashion — through client patches. We have a patch coming within the next week (patch 1.0.2) that has been in development since the game’s launch and is mainly aimed at addressing service issues. The first real game balance changes, outside of hotfixes, will be coming in patch 1.0.3. We expect that because the game is new, some other issues will arise that will need to be immediately addressed through hotfixes, but in general, most changes will arrive through patches.

Regarding the changes to Lingering Fog, Boon of Protection, and Force Armor: we determined these skills were simply more powerful than they should be, and we felt their impact on class balance and how each class was perceived warranted hotfixes as soon as we were able. However, we don’t want you to be worried that a hotfix nerf is lurking around the corner every day. If a skill is strong, but isn’t really breaking the game, we want you to have your fun. Part of the enjoyment of Diablo is finding those super-strong builds, and we want players to be excited to use something they discovered that feels overpowered. A good example of this is the monk Overawe rune, which many players have identified as being quite good. We agree it’s good, but we don’t think it’s so far out of line that we’re going to swoop in and hotfix it out of existence.

Inferno is intended to be extremely difficult, but with some specific skills, a few classes were simply able to progress far more easily than intended. This made the classes, which were about where they were supposed to be, seem very underpowered. It also created the perception that the classes doing well were intended to rely on specific runes in all their builds, and the other classes were just broken. This is the opposite of what’s true. If any single skill or rune feels absolutely required to progress, it means that skill is working against our goal of encouraging build diversity — and those “required” skills need to be corrected. We know these hotfixes snuck up on people, and it took us a day or so to communicate that they had gone live. However, our intent moving forward is that when there are circumstances where a hotfix is necessary, we’ll communicate changes that could impact your ability to play your class through ‘Upcoming Changes’ posts in the General forum. Ideally, we’ll let you know as soon as we even have the idea that we want to make that kind of change.

That said, we also wanted to let you know we’re keeping a close eye on Inferno. The intent of incoming damage is that it should be a very consistent drain on your health, and mitigating that drain is a major part of what makes Inferno mode difficult. Right now, there’s a lot more damage “spikiness” occurring than feels right, and that’s one major area we’re looking to adjust in patch 1.0.3. While we don’t have any specifics yet, our design goals are to support and promote build diversity; continue to ensure that a mix of champion packs, rare packs, and boss fights are the most efficient way to acquire the best items in the game; and ensure that all classes are viable in Inferno.

From a high-level perspective, we think a more fundamentally fun way to approach difficulty in Inferno isn’t seeing how much incoming damage you can avoid or mitigate, but rather to see how efficient you can be while voluntarily taking on a challenge that pushes you. For anybody who’s ever died because they chased a Treasure Goblin too aggressively, you know what we mean; dying because you got greedy or overconfident can actually be a lot of fun. Now that the skills mentioned above have been brought more in line, we’ll be keeping a close eye on balance.

We’ve also seen some people saying our intention with Inferno is just one-shot you to make it difficult. While damage is a bit spikier than we’d like, we’re actually seeing a pretty significant number of people attempting Inferno without sufficient gear. There’s a good chance that returning to the previous Act to farm upgrades will do the most to help you survive. That said, we’d like to shift some of the focus away from survival and more toward using a variety of offensive tactics to succeed. Survival will still be important, but finding ways to maximize your damage while staying alive is more exciting. We’re not particularly concerned with whether or not a boss is “beatable,” though it should feel epic and challenging to defeat it. We’re more concerned with ensuring that acquiring 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor and taking on as many Champions and Rares as you can remains the most challenging and rewarding way to play.

On to items! One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received regarding items is the relative power of Legendaries. This isn’t a simple issue to address, as it involves some intentional design decisions as well as expectations built by other games. First and foremost, Legendary items are not designed to necessarily be the best items in the game. They’re just one additional type of item as you level up, and they are not meant to be the primary items you’re chasing at the end-game. They can — and should — be exciting to find, but they’re not supposed to serve as the single driving force of the item hunt. Rare items, for example, have the possibility to roll up “perfect” stats that can, if you’re lucky, outpace the predetermined stats of a Legendary. That’s by design.

One problem we’ve seen — and intend to correct quickly — is players comparing high-level Magic (blue) items to lower-level Legendary items as “proof” of an imbalance. To help correct misconceptions of the actual stat budgets allocated to items, we’ll be exposing item levels (ilvl) of 60+ items in patch 1.0.3. Comparing an ilvl 63 blue to an ilvl 60 Legendary will hopefully make a bit more sense afterward. In addition, we’re planning to just straight-out buff Legendary items in a future patch, likely the PvP patch (1.1). These buffs will not be retroactive, and so they’ll only apply to new Legendary items found after the patch. In the long term, we’re looking at simply expanding the affix diversity and unique bonuses of Legendary items, and we’ll be able to share more details after the PvP patch.
Other areas of concern have been both the gem combination system and Blacksmith leveling and crafting costs. The intent, especially with the Blacksmith, is that he’s leveling with you, you’re able to use him as an alternate source for upgrades. Our design goal is that once you get to level 60, his recipes are actually good enough to help fill a character’s potential itemization gaps. To correct these issues, we’re looking to adjust the Blacksmith costs for training (gold and pages) and crafting from levels 1-59, and reduce the cost of combining gems so that it only requires two gems instead of three (up to Flawless Square). Both of these changes are scheduled for patch 1.0.3.

Of course, these are just a few of the more prominent issues we wanted to let you know we’re working on. In addition, we’ll be addressing a number of specific game bugs and other issues through future hotfixes and patches. We’re going full steam ahead on the PvP patch, which will also include a number of game changes unrelated to PvP, and we look forward to sharing more about that as we get closer to opening up a PTR, where you’ll be able to test out our changes — and enjoy mercilessly slaughtering one another in the PvP arena.

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    167 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Design Update Arrives from the Devs

      • “We stopped focusing on D3 after release and decided to play other games released in the past 20 years.  After much research, we finally understood that making a game hard and challenging is not synonymous with making it utterly ridiculous.

        Typically, throughout the years, games whose difficulty was bound to crappy mechanics tended to be seen as bad games (see AVGN). While others were seen as beautiful well-made games, even though they could indeed be extremely hard (Ninja Gaiden, Megaman (NES)). We apologize for the inconvenience, and we’re now working on tuning Inferno so that it’s challenging and hard, without being outright silly. Thank you for your patience, and we appreciate your acquisition. Please continue to enjoy the game until the patch is released!”

        This is what I wanted to read. 

      • Wait is this the battle.net forums? What’s with the ‘recommended’ troll post? Unless you’re actually stupid enough to argue that nothing was said about the issues mentioned in the community in the above statement. I worry sometimes.

      • “The majority of Hardcore deaths (35%) occur in Act I Normal”
        That was substantive.  It shows you the kind of math that has brought you the server performance and itemization.

        • Meaning no other act+difficulty combination yielded more deaths. Something that is hardly suprising but still mathematically accurate.

        • What’s the problem with the math here?

          35% die in Act I normal
          25% die in Act II normal 
          20% die in Act III normal 
          15% die in Act IV normal
          5% die in Act I hell

          The majority dies in Act I normal, mathematically accurate.
          Were you under the assumption that a majority always has to be >50%? 

        • It’s natural that the most deaths occur in Act1 Normal. It’s about risk exposure. All characters “roll the dice” and take a chance at dying in Act1, but only those that survive get to take a chance at dying in Act2, and so on.

          It’s simple example of the care needed to make meaningful statistics. A meaningful statistic would be the per capita death rate per act.


      • “… we’re planning to just straight-out buff Legendary items in a future patch”

        Now THAT is substance!

      • actually there was a lot of substance, with actual numbers included. You don’t expect them to list every single detail before the actualy patch, do you?
        For one thing, I know gems will be easier to upgrade, Legendaries will be better after a few months and blacksmith will be more useful. Those are good enough promises for me, I am curious to see how they turn out.

      • Wow Jurik, such hate. Please go troll somewhere else and take your little troll buddies with you that recommended your post. If you don’t like the game and don’t like Blizzard then don’t let us stop you moving somewhere else. I really wish INCGAMERS would introduce hell banning so that I wouldn’t have to waste a few seconds of my life reading your post.

        Sure, there are teething problems and some frustrations but things will get better. Even as is, Diablo 3 is still a fun game.

        People like you complain when Blizzard says nothing and then complain when they say something, or in your twisted little mind I suppose Blizzard saying what their general strategy and approach to the game is, is saying nothing?

        Please don’t reply – go join your whiner friends on Battle.net forums and leave these forums for people that actually enjoy the game, alone.

      • So jurik and 21 more people just saw a lot of text and did not read the article.

    1. “80% of characters are between levels 1 and 30”
      I wish they told us more. This one could mean lots of different things.

        • 80% of players aren’t rushing through content hoping that their lives become more meaningful just because they hit 60 first.

          • Or it just means that most people are creatying 1 char of each type and only playing 1 of them  past level 30. 4/5=80%.

            • Exactly what I’ve done. One SC character who’s nearly 50, and a HC char of each class, none of which are yet over 30.

            • I have made 8 characters, 3 on EU, 1 of them on a friend’s account, and 5 on my US account. And 1 is over level 30, though my Barb is is about 29.9, IIRC.  The others are all 18-25ish, as I’ve spread my limited play time across all 5 classes.

              I’ll have to figure out a vote to delve more into this issue, as I’m curious how most people are playing. Talked to 3 guys for a podcast yesterday and all had 1 char at 55+, a 2nd char of a much lower level, and hadn’t touched a 3rd at all.

          • Note, “80% of characters…”, not players. And as poster above said, most people probably aren’t rushing to high-level. Personally, I’m playing every class through Normal before I choose my main character to level further. Which means I have 2 above 30 and the rest below thus far. I’ve also begun dabbling in Hardcore with a few characters, but none of them have reached 30 yet. 

            • Between my job and and the fact that I’m trying out each of the classes, the highest level character I have is lvl 35, and I’ve put 60 hours into the game. It may be enough time for you, but please don’t presume for the rest of us.

          • Got lvl 60 monk in a2 inferno
            got lvl 54 WD in a2 hell
            got lvl 18 or so DH in A2 normal 🙂 

        • This stat is a bit misleading, considering people make chars to use for inventory space. Providing stats for lvl 2-60 would’ve been more accurate in determining progression…

          • Correct!

            One of the Devs was quoted here pre-launch saying that creating 10 characters was the easiest way of getting free stash space.

            The fact that someone in charge would look at that statistic, and conclude that most purchasers of the game are still noodling around with Lvl 1-30 characters troubles me greatly.

            •  I myself have 7 characters made, and only 4 of them are above 30.  But then 1 is a SC lv10 that I made so that I could unlock HC, 1 of them is a mule for more space (3 tabs of stash space is not enough), 1 of them is still 11.  So even though I am in A1Hell HC, with 2 other characters in nightmare and 1 almost at diablo, I still count as “just under 50% of characters are between 1 and 30”.  The statistic is pretty meaningless.

              I think a better way to gauge how many characters people are playing is to count only characters that have completed the first quest after the SK (first sword piece in the highlands).  Before that point the character is a glorified mule.

          • A good point, but you’d really need to count level 3+, since if you create a new character you have to kill the zombies to get into town and access the stash, and once you’re there another 10sec in the Inn will get you to level 2.  At one point I had 4 level 2 chars all with about 1:50 play time, which was how long it took to do the above, grab some stuff from the stash, and log out.

            • I leveled all my characters to 3…picking up Leah to open the cemetery gate is the first time there’s a checkpoint right next to the stash, which is where I wanted them parked.

        • Characters… not players. A friend of mine who rushed to 60 also made one of each class at lvl 1 at launch and filled them up with leveling gear. So while he was playing really hardcore (not mode), he still helped that statistic (80% of his characters are still level 1).

      • Well could be they are playing all classes in normal up to lvl X before deciding they are going to play Class Y.
        5 classes and pick one as main that makes 4/5=80% left in normal for later.
        Or the other chars could be mules.

      • a lot of people create lvl 1’s of each class as extra strorage. I bet that is throwing off the numbers a bit.

      • Of all the statistics I laugh at the “80% of characters are between levels 1 and 30? the most.  This is a “Duh”.  What did everyone do when they got the game?  I’ll tell you.  They created one character of each class, or at the very least, one character of each class they were going to play, and then proceeded to play only of their characters, their main.

        I fall into the 80% statistic.  I made 5 characters, and only my main is above level 30, because I haven’t been playing the other 4, other than taking them out to kick the tires and using them for extra storage.

        Like I said, “80%”, “Duh”.

        • what everyone did? i did not.  i made one character, and did not make a second one until the first one was 60.  several of my buddies also did the same.

    2. Very nice post, much love to blizzard. Hope they will keep up the good work. I rate it as 10/10.

      • Agreed. The transparency about balance considerations is nice. I’m also a stats geek, so I loved the bullet points. More please.

    3. Buff Legendaries and gief Arena, I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing this game for a while, since the game is made from pure Awsome.
      As for items, it would be best if they made ilvl 63 Legendaries that drop in A3/4+ Pony Land only, that would fix the problem, since you could roll a Legendary that’s as awsome as a rare but it would look great and have some flavour text.

      • “it would be best if they made ilvl 63 Legendaries that drop in A3/4+ Pony Land only”

        Yeah, because remember how much fun Cow Running was?

        • They were, Diablo is a grinding game, and TBH I liked Cows more then Baal/Chaos runs. Not to mention ilvl 63 items only drop in the areas I mentioned, so all you’d do was add Legendaries to the highest tier.

      • Arena will be a big bad joke. Everyone will one shot everything… 1st to hit will win. Waiting for patch1.1 to decide if the game is worth anything.

      • I think the only adjustment they need in terms of itemization is definitely on the legendary front. They keep mentioning wanting legendary items to not be the end-all item hunt, but then they make legendary items have a miniscule drop rate in the same swoop.

        I think they need to realize that as players, we like legendaries/sets being the ultimate chase. Sure, having that perfect rare replace one here and there is also sensible, but blues should never eclipse legendary items. Granted, they want to avoid the stagnation that D2X saw when runewords were the only thing players cared about, but a legendary item is something that means “special” and should have a higher value and longer use then some blue or rare that drops far more often.

        I’m glad they are buffing them, but I think they still may need to adjust their viewpoint on them and flat out realize the top end legendary items SHOULD be god tier alongside perfectly rolled rares given the difficulty in obtaining them drop wise.

        Enjoyed the update very much – and still enjoying the game a ton 🙂 

        • “I think they need to realize that as players, we like legendaries/sets being the ultimate chase. Sure, having that perfect rare replace one here and there is also sensible, but blues should never eclipse legendary items. Granted, they want to avoid the stagnation that D2X saw when runewords were the only thing players cared about, but a legendary item is something that means “special” and should have a higher value and longer use then some blue or rare that drops far more often.”
          In your opinion. The richest most sought after items in d2x were those exceptional rares and yes sometimes “magical” items that surpassed rune words. Check jsp prices and u will see.

    4. Sounds like reasonable changes to me! I’m more into getting all 5 chars to lev 40! That’s were the real fun begins for me! 

    5. “For anybody who’s ever died because they chased a Treasure Goblin too aggressively, you know what we mean”

      Amen to that. I couldn’t count the number of times I kicked the bucket while chasing that fat little turd through an elite pack only to die, and hear his smug little “Yippieee”. I love it though 🙂 

      • I made my first HC char in D3. Got killed mid act 2 on normal cuz of that. Never again 😐

      • ^ Yeah it is fun chasing the little guy, I havnt died doing that yet but one did get away. I lost the little guy in a swarm of mobs (lucky they where weak ones).

    6. The buffing legendary and adding content other than pvp is rather good news i think for now obviously this can still change 

    7. i am angry at people who cryed on forums and complained about game and inferno.if someone is true fan of diablo will support the game and have trust in blizzardif something is wrong they will fix it.as for now play the game and enjoy. 🙂

      • a “true fan of Diablo” will try making the game better, just like the people, who “complained” on the forums. 

        Critics =/= no trust in blizzard 

        • Haha LOL.

          1.9% is in Inferno …

          If you read forums you would think it is 60 %

          ALL LIARS. And sorry but I don’t take advice from lying forum posters who …. Don’t even play the difficulty they talk about …

          Good job Blizzard: the armory can’t come soon enough to put all these whiners in their underpants. 

          You know what ? I am from a GW gaming club and from the dozen or so playing D3, I am the second highest with lvl 39.

          ALL the rest is between lvl 10 and 35 …

          Go figure how much the internet posters represent … ANYTHING. 

          • Your attitude says, “I’m 12”, yet, “to put all these whiners in their underpants” screams 65.  How odd.

          • Thrall: You are probably trolling but I’ll take a moment to analyze your deductive skills anyway. Your post only shows that internet posters post before thinking. Playing it safe, I’ll try to keep this simple, just for you. 

            Out of reported first week sales of 6.3 million copies,  some people maybe bought both the CE and normal version of the game. Let’s put it way over to the safe side and say there was 6 million D3 players world wide when they announced the copies sold numbers. With 3 characters average for each player makes it a total of 18 million characters. However, because it is pretty safe to assume that most of the players on inferno only have 1 character that far in the game, we can assume that out of 6 million players, there was 6 million * 0.019 = 114,000 players (or a bit less if many people really have more than one toon on Inferno) in Inferno then. This is worldwide, so includes Americas, Europe and Asia regions. Let’s again be on the safe side and say, whichever region you play on, and whichever region b.net forums you browse would be the forum for at least 30k Inferno players (estimate again, varies on different regions). You probably took your time to calculate the unique user names on b.net forums and found out that the posters whining about one-shot Inferno difficulty far exceeded this number. Most impressive!

            ➡ Off to kill some demons, on INFERNO difficulty. Thx bye. 

            • hmm, you forgot that the 1,9% is of the characters not players so it is really 0,057*6 mil ^^ (run amok)

          • I hate to correct you but since it is 3 chars per player that means around 5,7% of all players in inferno (some has a few in inferno already but not enough to make any statistic difference)

            and a very small minority posts on the forum frequently also 5,7% of 6 million is a lot, actually it is a hell of lot of people  402 000 to be exact, and only these people would be commenting on inferno… (hot-blooded)

    8. Spikey, they say? Anyways, the problem with their nerf philosophy is that they are nerfing what works instead of buffing what doesn’t. it’s an ass backwards ddesign philosophy that should have been thrown out in the 90s MMO era. 

      PS this text widget autocorrect feature is really bad, and I can’t turn it off. Site admins: please investigate. 

      • They’re doing the right thing, and I’m getting fairly tired of people ranting about “buffs not nerfs!” because they heard that being used as a patch philosophy in WoW under completely different circumstances.

        They’ve been fixing a small amount of abilities that make things way easier than intended. If they buffed everyone to that level, there would be no challenge left in Inferno, and they’d be required to buff and re-balance everything in Inferno. Not worth the effort.

        Besides, buffing the other classes would only reinforce the idea that you have to use Force Armor if you’re a Wizard, etc. etc. Nerfing the problem skills helps avoid cookie-cuttering.

        • no, a buff is absolutely what’s needed for some skills 

          zombie dogs are totally and completely useless by Act 3 of NM  

          • True some skills need buffing.
            But the ones that had been hit with the nerf bat where stupidly strong, if everything was buffed to be at the same level of power you get a zombie dog would eat Diablo without dying.

            • I get the impression that some skills are meant for levelling, and some skills are designed around being more viable in end game.  I can see what you are saying, but by the time I felt that zombie dogs were no longer useful, I was able to swap out into some other skills that unlocked later that were far more viable making zombie dogs a wasted skill slot.

            • @knifebunny: Some skills are also meant for PvP. I’m sure Zombie Dogs doesn’t really fall into that category, but it’s worth considering when looking at skills as a whole.

          • My point wasn’t that no skills need a buff; my point was that no skills should be buffed to the insane levels of pre-fix Force Armor, Smoke Screen, and Boon of Protection. This is fairly simple if you think about what I’m writing for a second or two.

      • Force Armor, Smoke Screen and that Monk thing was comparable to being permanently invulnerable, it makes all the other defensive skills useless and negates almost all defensive stats on items, of course you have to nerf them.

    9. I’m so glad they are looking into the 1-59 blacksmtih costs. As a hardcore player, this is incredibly important to me, because I was expecting to be able to leverage the blacksmith to help gear up on repeated playthroughs. However, it seems in the current state of the game, the blacksmith is only useful at level 60 (and then, not even that much).

      The costs need to be less. WAY less. You need to factor in the vendor cost of the blues you could potentially be selling into the mats, which is one reason I suggested simply not allowing the vendor to buy any items at all (thus removing that gold fountain from the game).

      I’m hoping going from three to two gems isn’t the only change they are considering for the jeweler. It’s not really the gem cost that’s the issue, it’s the gold cost of doing the combine that turns people off. Gold sinks are important, but Blizzard has priced things to the far right of the Laffer curve. The gold sinks don’t work well if people are priced away from actually using them. 

      • we are in week #2 of the game.  Gold sinks are meant to be effective long term.  What happens a year from now when you’ve gotten so much money you don’t know what to do with it?  (see D2 and gambling)   They’ve put these costs in place to keep gold meaningful over a long period of time.  I hope they don’t over react to people complaining about costs already. 
        One of the biggest worries on this site has been game longevity.  And right now, people on battle.net forums are complaining really really loud about things that directly effect longevity.  (ie, inferno is impossible, I don’t want to farm gear or this issue with gold. 

        • Well, they could introduce the inflation to the game. As soon as the gold start to build up, they rise the BS and JC cost. 😉

        • It’s hard to judge gold sinks at this point since we’re all paying expenses we’ll never pay again. Stash increasing and Artisan upgrading, chiefly. (Well, until the Mystic comes in D3X.)  Once you’ve paid those you get the benefit forever. Jewel upgrade costs will matter somewhat long term, but mostly it’ll be about crafting level 60 gear. And hardly anyone is doing that yet.

          Also the GAH prices will change a lot, I assume increasing greatly at the high end and decreasing at the low, but it remains to be seen how the RMAH will change things there.

          Safest bet is that Bliz will have to twink alot of stuff to maintain a viable economy. What things? In what way? That’s the real mystery.

          • Who is going to craft level 60 gear when the monsters drop level 61, 62, and 63 gear?  I quit crafting/training my blacksmith when I saw the news regarding the run of the mill blues completely out classing the level 60 legendaries.  Level 60 gear, legendary/set/crafted/found, simply cannot compete with level 63 gear.  And with the auction house (gold, I’ll never use RMAH), not only is it cheaper than crafting, the items are better than anything you will be able to craft.

            And don’t even get me started on the Jeweler.  The Dev’s removed everything fun/exciting/useful, save for unsocketing an item.  While I realize someone has to combine gems to get the very top tiers, with the auction house, the Jeweler could almost be removed from the game without being missed.  Unsocketing could be moved to the Blacksmith.

            Hopefully D3X will restore the Jeweler to her previously seen glory. I also look forward to the return of the Mystic.

      • Remember, once you get blacksmith up it is available for ALL of your characters. The cost for leveling craft skills seems to be on par. What really needs to be adjusted is the crafting of the items. Paying 49000 for a lottery ticket that pays out for 30000 is about as useful an ice cube maker in siberia.

    10. I wish they would have addressed normal and nightmare being way too easy. So easy in fact that they are boring.

      • Actually I wanted to test a theory. I watched my girlfriend, who isn’t really a big fan of computer games, play Diablo 3 for a bit. Despite my advice she chose a wizard, based on looks alone. Despite my best attempts to guide her through the encounter she wasn’t able to kill the skeleton king. So there are definitly some people out there that find normal/nightmare modes challenging.

        • I agreE with your GF example. I am fed up with these lying posters that did’nt do anything and brag. My son is an old arena champ in Wow. He started playing a few days ago, I didn’t hear him complain one second.

          I think if you can crawl to 2300 rating with casual play in arenas, you have a pretty good feeling about difficulty levels in a game … And yes he dies now and then … Even in normal.


          • The problem is that any not stupid soft-core player would not mind dying at all, we are not playing to stay forever alive like hardcore (which even they aren’t) but death does not mean enough. Anyone truly not dying is not trying out new and fun builds or being reckless (this is very fun, seeing how reckless you can be before dying). The not dying=skills is a total misconception in soft core. (battle royal)

        • Haha, I got one girl hooked on this game too, and she started playing male wiz, because he’s cute 🙂 She got past Leoric without dying, but couldn’t bring Butcher down on her own. So I agree, normal difficulty is not too easy, it’s quite fine actually. I did beat Butcher (in HC) and got barely scratched, but how’s that surprising? I’ve been playing games like this for almost 15 years now…

      • I just finished NM and I die all the time. I thought the Diablo fight was thrilling. Maybe I am just not such a super-good player 😉

    11. also their stance on legendaries is so bizarre: have the rarest items not be the best (let alone decent at all). This is their design they say. I ask “WHY?” What the hell is this dev team smoking?

      • To be fair they are not the rarest items in the game.  A perfect rare is by far more rare.  The problem with legendaries being the best is that a few months down the road when everyone has multiple copies of almost perfect legenadaries they will feel like there is no more upgrades for them.  A perfect rare should be the best item in the game.

        • This, exactly.

          If legendaries were the best their fixed stats would mean the best items would eventually exist in large numbers, thus ruining the game’s economy.  The best items should be the perfect-roll rares which, by the way, are even rarer than legendaries.

          • ^ it should be something like this  Exceptional rare> Exceptional legendary > Legendary = a decent rare> poor legendary = good rare = Exceptional blue?  >poor Rare = decent blue >good blue >poor blue.

            • It would be better having each categorie excell in different stats above the others. But as the item system is so (over)simplified, there’s no room for that.

          • Why would people expect to have multiple copies of any legendary let alone ones with perfect stats.  Even through all the D2 farming I’ve done, I rarely encountered duplicates and many I never found at all.  The rarity of legendaries is even higher in D3 so I don’t see this is much of a concern.

          • What’s wrong with the best items in the game being within reach of all players? So just a few hardcore nerds get to use them and jerk their egos. Nerds.

            • they ARE in reach of EVERYONE.
              It is a RANDOM drop, remember.

              What’s your point again? 

        • The problem, in my mind, is that Legendaries are just BORING. Most of them don’t get ANY ‘unique’ stats, which is part of what made uniques fun in D2 (Expo at least, I know classic wasn’t the same, but using that excuse is stupid considering you’re supposed to be learning from your ‘mistakes’, not REPEATING them). Right now I find a legendary, and if its a weapon I already know its going to be near-worthless. If its a piece of armor I hope beyond hope its a lvl 60, and its usually not.
          It takes the fun out of finding legendaries, which makes the whole ‘carrot on a stick’ gameplay also feel bland.

      • I understand their stance.  Before D3 was released I even agreed with it.  I played D2 on and off for 10 years.  When LOD came out, at first I loved all the new Uniques and Set Items.  But after a while, I hated that the Uniques were the best items in the game.  There were just a handful of items that everyone wanted and that were best regardless of class.  And, once you acquired these the game was over.  You were never going to find anything better.  Granted, runewords came along later but the end result was the same.  There were certain items that everyone wanted and once you had them the game was over.  You were never going to find anything better.  My point here is, I was of the opinion these static items should not be the best items in the game.  Rares should be best so that you would always have some way to keep improving your gear and not have the same exact equipment as everyone else.

        Well, now that D3 is out, while I still have thoughts that rares should be best, I can certainly say Legendaries and Sets need to be some of the best items in the game, regardless of my dislike of everyone striving for the same equipment.  With the rarity of these items, they need to be “best”, or at the very least useful, for a long while.  Looking back at D2, it was very fun seeing these items drop and knowing you found something godly.  And quite honestly, now that I have seen what a Diablo game is like when Legendaries/Sets are not “best” and easily replaceable by almost any random blue, I can say everyone striving for and running around with the same equipment is not much of a concern for me any more.  I miss the fun of finding the godly Legendaries/Sets.

    12. for me, the legendary weapons are just the biggest issue. 
      legendaries should be 9 out for 10 at the top i think. i like them being rare, but if u find one and cant really be happy because there are 46 pages of better magics in the AH that deal 400 more damage. wtf.
      ich mean, if damage max was 1000, legendaries should make 900 with nice stats. or 850 with awesome stats.

      second, inferno is difficult, and it is good that it is. BUT I think difficult doesnt mean to be one shotted by anything as DH. if there is a rare boss pack with invulnerable, wall, arcane and whatever, i get stuck in the wall with no chance, since SS got nerfed and the walls are there just really long.

      i mean. hard is good, but atm i feel it is a little bit too much. if it takes long to kill the boss pack, no problem, but i should at least be able to take 2-3 hits from a regular monster. and that not just with perfect 200 mio gear from the AH.

      still love the game, but yeah. little bit annoying

      AND: i just dont like public games. most people in inferno just join, leave join leave, join leave.
      3 deaths, leave. new guy joins, ah no monks? leave. 

    13. I’m just wondering why they thought everything would be good as shipped?  I mean seriously, we figured this stuff out in days and they’ve been developing it for how long?  Most of these changes just seem common sense to me.
      Example:  “Let’s make a rare impossible to find and not really worth using.”  “Great idea!!”  “Yeah, perfect!”

      • Because the only way to balance a game is to have people playing it, observe how they play and collect data about it. And a team of QA testers is not enough, no matter how long in development the game has been.

        • That’s fair.  But what do the dev team have to be smoking to think that Uniques are impossible to find and worse than blues?  That’s just weak.

          • They probably theory crafted and and it came out that they aren’t really worse, but people’s perception is often very different from statistical facts.

          • I think the problem here is that they’re not showing us item levels which may be misleading the comparisons. At least that’s what I understand from the text.

            • Though the text kind of had a bet each way.

               – Player’s are misunderstanding legendaries; they are really quite strong
               – We are going to buff legendaries because they are too weak 

            • @jarpy
              I read it as:
               – Players are misunderstanding legendaries; they are really quite strong
               – To answer complaints arising from a perception that legendaries need to be the absolute best, we are going to buff legendaries.

    14. why would the legendary changes NOT be retroactive? Kinda kills the hype of finding or even buying them. would not identifying them until patch make it a buffed version? 

      • Why would the legendary changes be retroactive? Legendary items are often quite useful now (the “blues are better” thing is being blown out of proportion), even if some of them may be buffed later on.

        Retroactive changes would really mess up the economy. Changes to what drops allow people to sell things now for what they’re worth, and sell things later for what they’re worth.

        Pretty sure items are determined when the drop, not when they’re ID’d.  

      • Yeah, I found one in 100 hours. Useless of course.
        I miss the low level uniques from Diablo2 even if they weren’t that good, it was fun to find them.

        • Agreed.  Everyone knew they were useless but it was still fun to occassionally see that gold or green every once in a while, even if it ended in “Aw jeez, another Cathan’s seal?”

        • My legendary was quite useful. It sold for quite a lot — well over what any rare with equivalent stats would have sold for.

    15. tl;dr

      a. Some game issues (gems, blacksmith, balance) get fixed in patch 1.03, and some (Legendaries – maybe, PvP) get fixed in patch 1.1

      b. Meanwhile, patch 1.02 is devoted to fixing connectivity, so that you can actually play the game!

      Sidebar: After devoting nearly two paras to justifying the status-quo, they finally 🙄 agree that that Legendaries suck as of now and they are going to ‘straight-out buff’ them – hopefully in p1.1. 

    16. I think everyone can agree that rares should have the potential to be the best items in the game. Blizzard keeps stressing this in response to the legendaries issue, but I don’t think anyone disagrees with them. If a controlled item (predefined affixes) is THE best, then there’s no point to keep looking after you find it. The hunt for that elusive perfect random drop is at the core of the Diablo series.

      However, legendaries need to be in the 90-95th percentile for their respective item class/level. Keep them incredibly rare, but make them so damn good that it actually IS exciting to find them, because you know they’re going to be useful. Every legendary should be replaceable when you find that amazing rare, but they should be useful until that point. Also, legendaries should have those unique cool affixes that make you think twice about replacing them. “This new rare has better damage, but this legendary allows me to walk through the walls created by bosses…hmmm.”

      Crafted items should be comparable with legendaries, maybe the potential to be a little better. Because they are somewhat controlled (you control what item type is created, and you know how many affixes it will have), they should not be able to be quite as good as rares. If you can just farm money/mats then sit and pump out the same item over and over until it’s the game’s best item, that’s cheesy.

      This hierarchy is so common sense to me, I can’t believe in 6 years that Blizz didn’t work this out. 

      • Yes.  This is exactly what I was thinking.  +1 to you for writing it out.
        Not only does this make more sense, but it would give a better sense of gear progression.  Right now it’s just white to magic to rare and that’s basically it.  With your suggestion it would be white to magic to rare to legendary to near perfect or perfect rare.

      • yeah, this D3 team totally threw everything good about the items in D2, out the window.  They wanted to start over just to call this game their own but they totally broke the excitement of the item hunt.

    17. 80% of characters between  lvl 1 and 30 ?

      so, I wonder how many of those 6.8 million sales are still playing 😆  

      and buff zombie dogs !
      make them useful past Act 3 NM
      or at least cut their cooldown to 20 seconds
      they’re getting one shot now and waiting 60 seconds to resummon them makes them useless

      • All of them : out of a dozen club members I am now lvl 39. I am the second highest.

        I played 43 hours total on all characters, made 150 AH transactions.

        And so … Only 1.9 % is in Inferno… Go figure how much lying is going on in the official and other forums.

        Btw I am even considering myself a hardcore because I played more than 3 hours per day.

        Go figure how “trustworthy” the forums are…

        I bet a 1000 dollars that a huge % of the qq ers didn’t even buy the retail version of this game. 

          • Well, considering that of the 6 million sales, 3 million probably quit after finishing normal…

            And another 1 to 2 million probably never intend to hit Inferno to begin with, ever.

            120,000 out of 1 million. Suddenly proportionally bigger, no? 🙄  

      • It says 80% out of all “characters” are between 1 and 30. Not that 80% of all players are between 1 and 30.
        I have 10 characters.
        I have:
        52 Softcore WD, 18 HC Wiz, 31 HC monk, 40 HC DH, 8 HC WD, 15 HC barb and then a bunch of mules to store my extra HC leveling items.
        Out of all my 10 characters only 3 of them are higher level than 30.

        • I am playing several characters too… But it is very clear only a very small part even HAS a character in inferno.

          Like they said… An average of 3 characters… Per player.

          1.9 % … while 90% in the forums discuss things they didn’t even enter. 🙂


        • I know what is says 

          and if 80% of all characters are below lvl 31, then that’s a fail
          people tried out a char, got bored and tried something else 
          or quit the game entirely  

          please remember your post, then when the PvP patch comes out, make tweet to Bask and ask him to update that statistic,
          let’s see if it drops noticeably  

          if, 3 months from now, 40% of all chars are between lv l1 and 30, that would be a big improvement, it would show that people continued playing and levled up their chars, but if its around 60%, that would be pretty bad  

          • You OVERESTIMATE how fast people level with their  characters…

            Most people don’t play more than 2 hours a day and play far less efficient than you think.

            And it is not that 80% of these characters are under 30 tgat they no longer are played. It simply means that 20% of the characters are between 30 and 60… And only 1.9% made it to the end of Hell … After 12 days …
            Nothing more nothing less…


          • It is not a fail.   first off, having people who simply don’t like the game as much as the next person is inevitable with any game.  Even the greatest games of all time have people who didn’t like them.   Some people just don’t have as much free time as others yet still love the game.   Others like myself just haven’t steamrolled thru the content despite plenty of play time. 

            I’ve played 69 hours so far.   While I didn’t intend on doing so, I’ve rolled 9 characters spending a decent time on each.  Their lvl’s are 25,25,20,19,16,12,9,9,5.  I also had a HC lvl 9 that died when my connection crapped out.   I’m just not as in much a hurry as the folks who already beat NM or Hell.   I haven’t even finished Act 2.  I’m trying to hold off going too far so that I can experience much of the game with my wife, who doesn’t have near as much free time as I do.

            You are right that it would be interesting to see the stats in 3 months.   Just judging by steam achievement stats on games, a great number of people simply don’t finish games.   Like I never did finish Skyrim.  I took a day off that game due to work and never went back.  Maybe I will at some point with the goal of simply finishing the main story line and not worrying about all the side quests.  The loot in that game bores me to tears tho. 

      • I’d imagine a lot of people are still playing. Everytime I finish normal I make a new character and play normal again. I’ll do the same with Nightmare, and so on. I’m in no hurry to get to Inferno, that difficulty mode is apparently trash at the moment anyway, and apparently may always remain that way.

    18. Dude. How many acts are there?

      Four. Right. 100 / 4 = 25%…Right? Right.

      Sooooooo. 35% would in fact be majority. No? 

      • I assume you are referring to:

        The majority of Hardcore deaths (35%) occur in Act I Normal 

        Because this is the only place where the number 35 is referenced.
        There are actually 16 acts to consider (4 for each of the 4 difficulties) and your calculation is assuming that there is an equal amount of players in each of the 16 acts which I have no idea why you did. I actually can’t understand what you’re calculating at all.

      • No its a majority because more of them occur in act 1 normal then in any other act/difficulty combo.
        65% of hardcore death happen post act 1 normal but these are spread out over all the acts and difficulties.
        I guess the next biggest pool of death is act 2 normal etc.

    19. The thing I like about this news is that unlike other companies (trendynet), Blizzard aren’t making extreme changes. Subtle measurable changes is definitely the way to go and grats to them for showing some intelligent judgement. At course they need to know what we dislike about the game and that the negative feedback is essential for better content creation. It will ALSO be very very important if they want to sell as many x-paks as D3 cases. Cause if they don’t sell anywhere near that, L-M-F-A-O!!!

      • Yeah the only major changes is to a handful of brokenly overpowered skill+rune combos that are messing up there data IE skills so powerful that any data gained with them in the old version would be messed up. That is the game would end up being either being balanced around them IE these skills are required, or the game would be a snooze fest for those builds.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some skills like zombie dogs getting a buff later given how weak we are being told they are.

    20. I’m too lazy to research definitions, but I always understood a majority to mean “more than 50%,” whereas a plurality meant “largest portion when no portion exceeds 50%.”

      • Seeing as I’ve never encountered this terminology before it is safe to assume the vast majority of readers haven’t either (or even the author himself) and it would not make sense to use the terminology when the current wording gets the point across.

        • Like the rest of the gaming industry, Blizzard isn’t exactly overflowing with English majors.  As a scan of the tool tips and other technical information makes abundantly clear.

        • There is no reason to believe that you are any more representative for not knowing the term than those of us are representative for knowing the term.

          ‘Majority’ is the incorrect word to use, here, as Sully defined it correctly.

          To take one example, any American who has followed our politics (and any non-American whose governmental form is parliamentary; e.g., most of Europe) who doesn’t know the distinction between majority and plurality must have a hard time fully grasping their political system. 

          • You are assuming that such distinctions exist in different European languages as well, which is not always the case.

    21. The only thing I cared about was not mentioned there. And that is if they fix the goddamn loot tables, so atrocities like item level  44 dropping on Inferno could not happen. The whole statement did not even touch on that subject, like this issue was non-existent.

        • This is not random drop problem, this is design flaw. In Diablo 2, you could even drop items that were several levels above you and quite frequently. In D3 I have to yet to see item level being greater than my character level. It is kinda more of an achievement if the item that drops for you is actually your current level. And I am not even talking about the probability of it being useful, even if it is your level.

          • I tend to agree with you here, as it seems after a certain level you need to rely on the auction house for items .. which so far as I recall, I started doing somewhere between level 10 – 15

            The only thing particularly exciting about shelling out on great items on the AH is the damage burst and survivability that allowed me to continue to play the game 

            • On items & drops:

              I have not wanted to touch the AH (neither gold nor RM), and I have not.
              I play a wizard, currently in inferno act 1, grinding it out with neph buff to gear up for act 2. Useful drops are scarce. Taking off my Pink glasses, I remember that hey were scarce too in D1+2, if you take away trading. I trade with 4 buddies that I play with, who also don’t use AH.
              WD, DH and Barb (the fourth is the Barb’s gf. doesn’t really count, since she barely plays). All in Inferno Act1 with me, currently.

              We haven’t had a single time to go to the AH to be able to progress. we had a few spikes in difficulty because we still hadn’t found that “optimal weapon”, but we were never stuck, with the exception of the barb for whom we ran Hell act2-4 twice.

              I LIKE drops to be scarce. I do NOt want to feel I have peaked the game after 2-4 weeks and have nothing else to do. I see Inferno as some sort of “endgame”. When was endgame supposed to be a “linear progression”? Even in MMOs like WoW, I had to farm BWL for MONTHS until I was ready to move on to AQ and Then NAXX.
              Honestly, I’d love to stick all the whiners into a forced one year cycle of playing Lineage 2, to know what SLOW progression and “pain” means. A whole new meaning to these words.

              Stop expecting to go linear in diablo. Even before Inferno.

              PS: I haven’t dropped a single legendary after 100 hours of gameplay on my main. I think that should be spot on. My friend has dropped TWO within that time, and the other buddy FOUR (counting two legendary recipes for blacksmith).
              Either we have to be an incredibly lucky statistical wonder that is able to win the lottery twice in a row, or these items DO drop rather acceptably often. 

      • Seems it’s deliberate design decision to draw you more to the AH and increase the gear grind if you decide to stay away from it.

    22. To me it seems Blizzard just doesn’t get it at all.

      They sort of acknowlegde that there is no problem with cookiecutters if there are many different viable build that are fun to push to the extreme, too bad they have been designing the game with the exact opposite ideology based on the wrong premise that D2 only offered an illusion in variety, and now we’re stuck with D3 where not picking very specific skills and incredibly good gear means you can’t progress past a single enemy in Act 2 Inferno.

      They say that they want to keep making champion/elite farming the best and most fun way to acquire the items needed to make all classes viable in Inferno. Problem is that champion/elites have so many utterly broken and unfair abilities that they can only be overcome by nuking them with certain skills and hoping you don’t die before they die, and if you do die then kamikaze before they fully regenerate their health. And there’s nothing more aggrevating/frustrating/rage inducing then having to wait 25 seconds to resurrect after repeatedly throwing yourself at such a BS champion/elite because you don’t want to loose your NV pack or you want to progress past them.

      And then you realise that as a Barbarian you have to kite nearly asmuch as a ranged class to stay alive.

      Fighting champions elites is doubly unfun because drops are crap.
      Not only does this game severely lack in different magic types half of which virtually never drop, it also severely lacks in useful item types since it’s just a linear growth in power from one tier to the next, and lastly the few useful mods you want items to spawn with are abysmal and completely unimaginative.

      There’s a problem with Treasure Goblins in that they still escape throught their portal even while repeatedly wacking on them, as if they’re completely unaware of what’s going on. This is a million times more frustrating then dying because of getting greedy.
      Please fix AI.

      The problem with Legendaries is that the random attributes will for a big part determine whether the item in question is desirable or not.
      The problem is that most Legendaries are far too rare.
      The problem is that even if you’d find a Legendary then there’s a extremely small chance it’s useful for your character, much less your build, thus basically forcing you to buy Legendaries on the Auction House.

      The problem is that virtually all lower level Legendaries are utterly useless because of a variety of reasons.
      One being that there hardly is a reason to replay the game.
      Other reason being that Legendaries hardly have mentionable unique affixes unlike many items in D2 which were useful in many high level builds (like for example Frostburn gloves).

      The problem with Set items is that their Set bonuses are so pathetic and unimaginative that hardly anyone would choose to wear that Set solely for those bonuses.
      So to imply that there’s no problem because it’s “by design” is hilariously stupid seeing that the design IS the problem.

      The problem with the Blacksmith is that most of his recipes are utterly useless because of a variety of reasons.
      One being that they’re far too costly compared to buying an item on the AH.
      The other reason is that most (all) of his lower level recipes are useless since there’s hardly a reason to replay the game or creeate a powerful low level character.
      I found a exalted boneshield recipe and my character needs a good shield to function, yet i don’t want to make use of the recipe since there’s hardly a chance it’ll be an upgrade on my 20k gold cost level 45 shield i bought on the AH. Good balance there Blizzard.
      Lastly, you level the Blacksmith once, likely with your first character, and then never again.

      The problem with the Jeweler isn’t the supposed rarity of gems, but the insane gold cost associated with upgrading them. You don’t farm rare gems to upgrade in rarer games in this game, you farm gold and then buy gems on the AH. This design is utterly retarded.

      All of those statistics are completely meaningless without the right context, stop staring yourself silly at them looking for a probably wrong conclusion and instead fix the broken design of your game Blizzard.

        • Aww, look at whose a emotionally butthurt Blizzard fanboi, i think you’re the one QQing over the big bad truth D3 is far from perfect. 😥  But whipe your tears son, it isn’t the end of the world.

    23. I have found nightmare to be a decent challenge, I guess I just suck. It took me a few times to beat Belial on NM, but I have ran into some champion packs that were just crazy hard. Running around walls and getting frozen, jailed, and scared away is quite fun to me, but again, I suck. 

      I have to agree that the gold cost to upgrade gems is crazy, I think they can make it a little cheaper and still keep it a certain gold sink. I also agree the Legendary items dont live up to my expectations. I have played over 75 hours and have only found 1. I have yet to find even a decent DPS weapon, rare or magic. I had to buy one off the auction house, else I know I would have gotten stuck and would not have been able to progress. I know the D2 comparisons are getting old, but I know I wasnt the only one that used Bloodfist gloves late into the game, and they could be found in normal. All in all though, I am having a blast with the game. I am sure that most people would be further along in the game than I am with the same amount of time played. I want to enjoy this, and clearing every board makes my first go last just a little longer.

    24. By the time I reach inferno, choosing to search every corner of the map and with the limited time i dedicate to play, all the patches will be applied and my experience with Inferno will be fabulous ! :))))

    25. Bottom line:

      2012: Players want it ALL and NOW instead of within 2 months.

      I think finding ONE legendary every month or so and after playing 100+  hours is justified.

      Also it is clear that a Legendary will have a lvl tag displayed, so there is no longer a confusion where it dropped (Act 1, 2, 3 etc…). You can’t compare a legendary lvl 60 with a Blue lvl 63. Period.

      I think the whining on the official forums after … 1.5 weeks of playing is symptomatic of this age of spoiled kids.

      —- > They want it NOW all … and then they’ll complain and be bored within 2 weeks.

      More “content”. Well Diablo 3 is more than a quest or a new dungeon (as was WOW to me already)  but I know the kids mentality these days, SAD really … 



      • Yes, and no. Obviously there are a lot of entitled players who just want a 10% chance of find the Ultra Uber Sword of Diablo Slaying every fallen they hit, and want that to be the best weapon in the game. Those are idiots – if you actually did have a good chance of finding the perfect item fairly quickly, there’s no reason to continue playing or use the AH.

        However, compare to DII. You’ll find uniques much earlier – I remember occasionally finding a Unique in Act 1 Normal. Were those Uniques you’d use into Hell? Heck no. Were they clearly “better” than rares/sets/blues of the same level? Usually, but that depended on class, spec, other gear,…

        We don’t need more comparison tables for items only used by a small minority of power players. We need more fun in the lower levels. You tell me why 1% or so of all Rares you found in Act 1 couldn’t be a Unique. What’s wrong with it? Those Uniques don’t even need to be linearly better than a good blue/rare of the same level, just different. Have affixes the others can’t have. Have a story attached to them. Have a theme! Boots with 50% poison resist, +20% poison damage, coloured green; is that an ubersuper item you’d never drop? No it isn’t – but it’s more interesting – and perhaps a harder choice – than finding boots with 3 vit, 2% MF and +3 primary stat, when comparing to your currently-equipped 2 vit, 3% MF and +3 primary stat. It’s the difference between the players who want to be “the very best” and those who want to have fun.
        Just consider that, I assure you, most players will NEVER see Inferno. Nightmare, perhaps, Inferno, no way. So, by far, most people will NEVER see a unique. Isn’t that just a crying shame?

    26. To everyone complaining about inferno mode and gear drops, it is the second week of Diablo III get a life. If you don’t have a lvl 60 and are not currently attempting act I of inferno don’t complain about it. Furthermore, if you can’t breeze through act I on inferno mode don’t even attempt act II you are not geared enough(or you are spec’d wrong). As far as drops go it is very frustrating to get drops that have dexterity, intellect, and strength on them, but remember if you get an item with matching stats for any class sell it on the ah. It sucks that ah is the main way to gear your character, but it will make that legendary drop for your character feel that much better. The last thing to remember is you are meant to grind for your gear through inferno, if you don’t like the idea of that then don’t do it. Inferno is meant to be hard this isn’t WoW or the old diablos after all.   
      On a closing note, if you are getting one shot and your not in inferno, look at your gear/spec/play-style. You probably have yourself to blame.

    27. Honestly, it sounds like it’s going to be too little too late.  We’ll be waiting at least several months in order to get a buff on legendaries… rendering all the legendaries found until then worthless.  But this won’t even address the real problem, which is boring affixes.  So then *after* the PVP patch in several months they will start to actually tell us about their \future\ plans to actually add new affixes to legendaries.  So who knows how long until we actually get them.  Plus, legendaries arent the only problem.. the affixes on normal items are terribly boring too, and there is no statement here that they even see that as an issue.  It’s really hard to get back to playing this game  🙁

      • This is my main problem so far.  I just can’t find the motivation to play when the only thing I have to look forward to is gear with slightly larger numbers of vitality, main stat, and resists.

    28. Yes keep spending all your developers time on balance, so that the 1% who have finished the game already and are now bored on Inferno can be happy for one week, maybe.
      The real reason a significant majority of players are not all that impressed after a couple hours is because of some weak Mechanics, not because inferno (which most people will NEVER see) is not perfectly balanced.
      The community at large is always going to provide a select few who can completely own any challenge  – Any challenge. Why spend two months redesigning to keep this relative few happy for two days?
      The biggest problem for a casual player and moderate fans of the series alike is that many of the skills for all classes except barbarian simply do not feel fun to use, or do not create a very exciting reaction in the environment when used.
      Blizzards philosophy, by their own words, is supposed to be getting the core mechanics Just Right so they can be repeated over and over – every swing, every hit, every spell.
      In this case, the core mechanics are Not right. Many of the skills look and/or feel completely awkward and do not create a feeling of satisfaction when used.

      • I think many people I know disagree with you on your opinion. They liked the mechanics in norm and NM very much, thank you. I can tell you that after playing D3, I can never look at D2 melee characters the same way again, ever.

        • I know right ? 
          D3 makes the D2 melee chars look so much better than they used to

          • D2 melee character is a mess. In fact, my opinion for years is that D2 melee character is down right bad for PvE, except ubers. Ever tried playing untwinked?

      • What on earth are you on about? Did you accidentally buy a copy of D2 instead of D3, or something? At least in D3 every skill looks different. The artists didn’t exactly earn their wage when designing the D2 barb’s skills…

      • What is so wrong with the mechanics? I like the skills. I keep experiementing with different builds. I play a monk and a witch doctor and I am having more fun than I ever did in D2. I guess I can agree that they can improve the itemization where it is probably the weakest part of the game.

        But because of that people think Blizzard is “greedy”, “suxor”, “deserve to die”, “f*cked up”, “don’t care about the fans”, “don’t know how to make games”, etc. etc.

        How you can reach those conclusions just because a game has a weakness is beyond me. I wish them the best of luck to find their perfect game. Go back to D2 for all I care.    

    29. Not one mention of lowering the atrociously long respawn time? You just have to play the map realm of shadow on inferno act 2 to make you absolutely hate the long respawn time.  They talk about making a fast paced game and then give you a stupidly long respawn time.

      I am so angry over lack of any mention about lowering the max respawn time.

        • Still too long and lowers the fun factor and pace of the game
          Bad design

          • …or it actually makes you gear up and play appropriately?  If you could respawn over and over very quickly without the time going up, you could effectively just cheese the enemies down before they’re at full health again.  As it is now, yeah you can respawn and run back, but this at least places some slight penalty on you for dying, other than the loss of gold.

            Of all the things wrong with the state of the game right now, this one really seems like a non-issue to me.

          • I’m with bloat. Yeah, it’s really annoying when it takes a long time. It’s my own fault for dying, though – my tactics/build/items weren’t good enough. The game does give you a chance – you get a few goes with only a 3 second respawn, but it really does stop you just throwing your body at an enemy in the hope it’ll die if you do it enough times.

    30. Of course Blizzard have to balance it and there will be more problems in the future.  You can’t really expect the game to come out and perfect.  Atleast I know that problem will be looked at not left it broken like in D2.

    31. Stopped playing the game, blizzard is going downhill ever since the last expansion of WOW come out. D3 just confirmed Blizzard weakness

      • I for one feel that blizz is finally going away from the “sepcial olympics” that WoW became where “everybody gets a medal” and is uber after 24 hours of casual gaming.

        I am happy with the fresh air that D3 brought and the devs not bending over 100% to the “nerf inferno” QQ yet.

        I hope it’ll stay that way.

        People should HTFU. 

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