Diablo 3 Demonic Vessels Nerfed… But Why?

Diablo 3 Demonic Vessels Nerfed… But Why?

Another day, another impactful buff or nerf to Reaper of Souls. This one results in Demonic Vessels nerfed, and while I have no problem with adjustments and even nerfs when needed, this one seems dumb. From now on, Demonic Vessels will drop like a breakable vase/urn/barrel/etc rather than a clickable chest… despite the fact that they are not destructibles, and require a click to open. Blue’d!

Don’t tell me, you don’t consider Demonic Vessels as chests, do you.

Wave buh-bye!
Wave buh-bye!

Lylirra: Yup, you actually nailed it. Demonic Vessels are (from an actual design perspective) considered on par with vases and not actually chests.

Given responses to my previous post, I actually went over to talk with our system design team to see what was up. There was a separate hotfix made, which I’ve now added to the main hotfix thread, to Demonic Vessels to correct their loot tables. They were previously pulling from chest loot tables rather than from vase loot tables. That hotfix is live, which could account for your personal experiences. (Apologies for the confusion there!)

That said, chests (objects with a lid that flip up) have not had their loot adjusted in any way with these recent fixes. The only changes made to chests are those noted here:

The number of chests that spawn in the following zones has been reduced:*

  • Core of Arreat
  • Briarthorn Cemetary
  • Battlefields of Eternity
  • Crag of Eternity
  • heres my question for you Lylirra. You can Hot fix BAM nerf out the gate faster then superman could catch a bullet but it will require a whole patch to increase the drop rate of Resplendent chest? Please explain.
    Lylirra: It’s due to the actual change (i.e. the kind of change) we need to make to Resplendent Chests, not the fact that we want to improve them. As Nevalistis noted:

    There was a bug associated with Resplendent Chests that was causing them to drop the incorrect loot for their type. This was basically a holdover from prior to 2.0.1 where stacks of Nephalem Valor affected the loot that would drop from these chests, and unfortunately it was missed in the original 2.0.1 patch. Because it involves code that’s a little deeper than the surface, it’s not something we’re able to hotfix and will require a patch to address.

    For reference, hotfixes are changes we make to data that’s stored server-side (on our end) and patches are required in order to make changes to data that’s stored client-side (on your end). In order to properly address the issues with Resplendent Chests, we’re going to need to make some changes that affect client-side data, so a patch is needed.

    I know it’s not ideal (if this was something we could hotfix, we absolutely would), but we’re already working on a small bug fix/balance patch that we hope to have out very soon here.

    Ok then, if Demonic Vessels are on par with vases, can you please make them break on their own without having to be clicked on? Area damage will bust most breakables, but you have to actively click on the vessels. I think that’s why many of us (myself included) thought they were chests.
    Lylirra: Totally fair feedback (in that, “opening” vessels and vases is mechanically different, so it can feel weird to have vessels sometimes be empty, even though it feels normal for vases to sometimes be empty). Already passed it along. 🙂

This change will affect my play not at all; I do bounties in Act Three all the time, and did a few thousand DiabloWikiAlkaizer Runs back in the day, but I still didn’t remember quite sure what a “Demonic Vessel” was, and had to fire up RoS and go poke around Act Three to remember (and get the screenshot in this post). Even Google Images was no help, with nothing but screenshots of those Cultists who transform into demons (Dark Vessels), and if we didn’t have a page on this object in the DiabloWikiDiabloWiki.net (we will soon, since I’ll make one).

Obscure object or just obscure name, there aren’t that many of them in Act Three, and if players really want to spend that much time running through Arreat Core clicking on chests and chest-like boxes… so what? Blizzard already hotfixed down the number of chests there, almost anyone can gain far more exp and items (and have infinitely more fun) running bounties or Rifts, and if there’s some slight cheese possible by racing through and clicking chests in one area of Act Three… earning zero exp for the play time… I think the rest of us can overlook that minor detail.

Or perhaps not?

To me, this seems like a silly thing to worry about. Especially as it’s not some new RoS bug, but something that’s been bugged in Diablo 3 since launch. If it walks and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. If it looks like a chest and requires a click to open, it’s a chest. Besides, it’s not like there are vast fields of Demonic Vessels, just waiting to be exploited. There are 2 or 3 per area, at most, and the devs already nerfed the number of chests in the Core of Arreat.

True, Diablo 2 held lots of “click required” objects that dropped less loot than “chests” did, and I liked those stone pillars in the Act Three jungle that had cool animations before they opened to drop nothing. But I did make less effort to click them than to click chests. I guess Demonic Essences are following that path from now on in Diablo 3? Related to this article

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21 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Demonic Vessels Nerfed… But Why?

  1. I actually went out of my way to open these, having gotten a few legendaries from them since 2.0 came out. I wouldn’t exactly call the drop rates out of control, though.

    I really hope we’re not seeing some kind of trend here where chests and other clickables are slowly being nerfed back to pre-2.0 levels, i.e. a waste of time.

    • “I really hope we’re not seeing some kind of trend here where chests and other clickables are slowly being nerfed back to pre-2.0 levels, i.e. a waste of time.”

      I don’t think so. Despite what Flux said I’d swear that Demonic Vessels got better in 2.0. In fact one of the first things I’ve noticed when starting to play on the PTR was that they were dropping items like chests, even though in the past they mostly dropped gold. I thought they were considered chests now, but alas that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      I think if they remain clickable objects their drop should match other similar objects, like corpses and not barrels or other breakables.

  2. “To me, this seems like a silly thing to worry about.”

    Not! Why would you be against an obvious improvement to the game? I hate little details like this that just keeping lingering on and on and never get dealt with.

    Plus, it not like its going to require an awful lot of anyone’s time to fix. It’s just a loot table glitch. It really goes a long way to show that they’re doing what they can. No, I really can see why you would say something like that, makes absolutely no sense.

  3. I agree with the last part, clickable loot is not breakable loot. They felt ‘right’ being chests, although there’s actually a ton of them all over the place in act 3 (and in the hell rifts of act 4.) They’re also pretty much guaranteed to be there every time and you always get a magic item and sometimes higher out of them (like most chests.)

    I would rather they nerf the amount of them than the drop table. The drop table felt right, the amount of them felt high.

    I also agree that ‘unimportant’ issues are still issues. As a programmer myself, my philosophy has always been fix ALL the issues, big AND small. Just because most people won’t care doesn’t mean that nobody will.

  4. Considering Vessel spawn rate versus Vases, it is really silly nerf. But not game changing one.

  5. The change is dumb, in my opinion. Just considering the time it needs to open one justifies a better (=normal) drop.

    @Flux: Little typo at the end with “demonic essences” there. Btw, I didn’t know what a demonic vessel was either until now. 🙂

  6. Don’t forget , they just gave us something , so ofc something had to be taken away …

  7. I was averaging 5 legs per hour on this run. While I enjoyed the benefits and even found the actual process of speccing and executing the run a good deal more skillful than your standard monster mash, it’s existence makes any other kind of leg farming feel subpar. There’s no way that was the intended drop rate for legs and it should have been nerfed.

    Also, the fact that the jars are clickable isn’t anywhere near as relevant as how plentiful they are on the core run. In no other place, (that I know of- if you do, please enlighten) can you get so many reliable chests.

  8. It needed nerfing, they gave way too many legendaries for how common they are. But I don’t think it needed nerfing this hard. Old D3 gave almost guarenteed gold on most clickables, so that at least should return IMO.

  9. In 1.08 and before, these were a great gold source on Act 3 runs. There were always some weird clickable/destructable doo dad that seemed to give out way more gold than any other similar object per act/level. Buckets of heads in the Halls of Agony, petrified worm carcasses in the insect tunnels of act 2, demonic boxes in the Core, and chained up blue angels in the Silver Spire. They seemed to have “normalized” this in 2.0 plus; now almost anything that you can click or blow up has a small chance to erupt in a fountain of gold, and you can even grab a legendary stuck under a loose cobble stone. I agree w/ others that said the contents shouldn’t have been nerfed, just the frequency you’d stumble across them.

  10. Well, when you open up a twitch stream of a popular streamer and all he is doing is repeatedly running core of arreat, not killing anything, just opening chests and vessels, they are bound to nerf it, so no surprise.

    • Makes me glad I never watch streamers. There’s a pretty good argument to be made for devs paying them no attention either, as a person whose (semi) job is to play a video game 6-10 hours a day is going to do weird stuff no real player would ever settle for. e.g. running through levels for hours, just opening chests.

      Perfect example of the “this is why we can’t have nice things” issue. The .0001% of “play all day every day” players find something to exploit, and then the devs overreact and nerf it for everyone, even though vast majority of players didn’t know it existed and wouldn’t have wasted their precious/limited play time exploiting it even if they had.

  11. Demonic Vessels make me so happy! I loved going out of my way for them. Something about them. Like you blow on it, a baby goblin gets scared and farts out our precious loot.

  12. i had belt, that gives 100% damage increase for 10 seconds after opening chest. demonic vesel opening trigers same spell, so i call “its not a chest” just blizzard lies.

    • Lylirra didn’t lie at all. What she said was that Demonic Vessels never *intended* to act like chests in any way. Right now, they *are* considered chests by he game and that’s exactly the bug.

  13. QUOTE

    i had belt, that gives 100% damage increase for 10 seconds after opening chest. demonic vesel opening trigers same spell, so i call "its not a chest"  just blizzard lies.

    Following this logic corpses should give chest loot too, since they also trigger the belt 😛

  14. As a person that doesn’t farm chests, this really sucks. Nothing like nerfing a possible drop for me while doing bounties/rifts.

  15. I wondered why I hardly ever get anything. I don’t remember getting anything but I’ve cracked open lots so I must have at some point.

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