A fan asked Bashiok what every Diablo fan in range of Cologne is wondering, and got a Bashiokian reply that seems… cautiously encouraging?

    Bashiok, I find it important to know for sure if a D3 demo will be playable at Gamescom.

    Maybe you think you have been clear enough… but I am not sure and would love a clarification if possible. We all know there will be one at Blizzcon, I think european fans should know if they also have the opportunity to play it. I do not really care if it will be the 2009 version even. I just think we deserve to know THAT at least.

    Please be a chap and let us know or if you guys are still deciding. Thanks!
    Bashiok: You should go to gamescom.

    Btw… any chance you will be there?

    Bashiok: I don’t know. Probably not?

    As we wondered when Blizzard first confirmed that they’d be attending this year’s show… what of Diablo 3 will be seen at it? Last year’s Gamescom was the same weekend as Blizzcon, and the same demo went to both shows (the Monk didn’t become playable until Saturday morning, after the announcement at BlizzCon.) This year BlizzCon is 2 months later, so the question is, will Blizzard reveal new D3 stuff that far before BlizzCon? They’ll certainly hold back the DiabloWikififth character reveal for BlizzCon, but if Blizzard sends along a demo like last year, EU fans would get to see a new playable area, more DiabloWikiMonk skills, new monsters, and more, in late August.

    And wouldn’t that be a nice splash of water in our year-long DiabloWikiDiablo Drought?

    Hopefully we’ll get a bit more definite word than Bashiok’s cryptic “you should go” comment, before people start booking hotel rooms and buying plane/train tickets…

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