Diablo 3 Demo Being Looked At

It may be a long way off yet and many of you won’t be interested in a demo, because let’s face it, you’ll be buying the full game. However according to Blizzard they are looking at a ‘trial’ version or demo at some point.

We’re definitely looking into having a trial version available at some point, as we do for World of Warcraft and StarCraft II.

Good news for those who may be sitting on the fence or gamers who may be completely new to the Diablo series. It’s worth noting though that StarCraft 2 was released in July and the demo didn’t appear until December so a Diablo 3 trial version could come some months after the game’s release. It’s always a good way to pull in new gamers once the initial sales rush is over.

Source: Blues: IncGamers

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8 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Demo Being Looked At

    • Couldn’t agree more, demos are ment to pull in players before release, Any smart dev would do it, especially when hemmoraging subscriptions… EA’s doing it, I had no intension of playing let alone owning Battlefield 3. After their free open beta I pre-ordered the damn game!

  1. The “trial” version of WoW right now is toons with a level cap of 20, with some features removed, and an infinante expiration date.
    It occurs to me that if they do a system like this for D3, that might fix SOME of the issues with the 10 char limit.

  2. I remember a time when game would get demos a few weeks before the release, so gamers could decide if they want to buy it or not. Kind of like Anno 2070 did a week ago. I played it and preordered the game.
    Naturally I’m going to buy D3 but I’d still like a little sneak peak a week or two before the release.

  3. if you think the wait for the SC2 demo was bad, the World of Warcraft “Starter Edition” came out in June 2011 (the game launched Nov 2004)!

    I know… they had the 7 and 14 day trials, but once your time was up, the “demo” was over.

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