diablo 3 darwin awards

    *Insert comedic sound effect*

    The Darwin Awards are a long-standing meme and Internet site devoted to chronicling the really stupid, mostly self-inflicted ways people die, IRL. Over the weekend the topic came up in clan chat and one of the regulars in our IncHC West clan (name withheld to protect the guilty) admitted that he’d recently lost a Witch Doctor when gaming very late and night, after he FELL ASLEEP while running a Greater Rift. And woke up dead, as the saying goes.

    Spinning the straw of defeat into the gold of posterity, he suggested that I use this platform to push other players to come forward with their own Darwin Award-worthy deaths… and here we are. The official archive is this Diablo 3 Darwin Awards thread in our Hardcore forum. We’ve long had a Hardcore Graveyard forum, but those are mostly plain burials, without a lot of drama or story-telling.

    For the Darwin Awards thread, we want weird and silly and stupid stuff. It’s got quite a few tales already, with the just-added and hard-to-believe tale behind my very recent Demon Hunter death. (How did I manage to suffer an unavoidable death at the hands of the easiest Rift Guardian? Click and find out.) I bet some of you guys have suffered even more tragic fates, or maybe you know the story of a “friend” who qualifies. Add them to the forum thread, or put them in comments here. The death doesn’t have to be Hardcore, but for obvious reasons those are the types of deaths that pack a more palpable punch.

    And if all else fails, blame Jay Wilson. Or lag.

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