For today’s daily gameplay action, we’ve got six videos, parts 1-6 of the Yogscast playthrough. Yogscast is a humorous gaming podcast series, and in these six videos the two hosts do a full playthrough with a Monk and a Witch Doctor. I haven’t watched all of them, but lots of readers say it’s funny, so give it a try.

    The guys are in no hurry to finish, with lots of digressions, exploration, and time spent just talking and laughing about things. Their narration is what makes it different, but the language is frequently obscene, so it might deserve an NSFW warning. Honestly though, what kind of job allows you to watch two hours of Diablo 3 movies, but objects if there’s foul language?

    Here’s part one, click through for parts 2-6.

    Part Two. Rescuing Cain!

    Part Three.

    Part Four. The Defiled Crypt.

    Part Five. The Templar.

    Part Six, The Skeleton King.

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