Diablo 3 Daily Beta Gameplay Videos: #14

For today’s daily gameplay action, we’ve got six videos, parts 1-6 of the Yogscast playthrough. Yogscast is a humorous gaming podcast series, and in these six videos the two hosts do a full playthrough with a Monk and a Witch Doctor. I haven’t watched all of them, but lots of readers say it’s funny, so give it a try.

The guys are in no hurry to finish, with lots of digressions, exploration, and time spent just talking and laughing about things. Their narration is what makes it different, but the language is frequently obscene, so it might deserve an NSFW warning. Honestly though, what kind of job allows you to watch two hours of Diablo 3 movies, but objects if there’s foul language?

Here’s part one, click through for parts 2-6.

Part Two. Rescuing Cain!

Part Three.

Part Four. The Defiled Crypt.

Part Five. The Templar.

Part Six, The Skeleton King.

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18 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Daily Beta Gameplay Videos: #14

  1. I died laughing watching these videos. Always nice to have some humor every now and then while watching D3 gameplay vids.

  2. I love these videos.. even though their commentary is a bit – goofy.. its nice to get their thoughs and funny talk during the playthrough.. best videos out there by far.

  3. Yay :D. I’m a massive Yogscast fan. Already watched before the posting of them here but good to see a couple of my favourite daily resources crossing over, hehe.

  4. LOL… Gameplay Video #4 I busted up laughing about 2 mins into it. When there talking about the monk abaility to copy himself and how its exspensive to cast because hes made out of gold… Well when one of them says I wonder what happens if you rune it , will it make a chocolate version of you? then he says to himself why he went straight to chocolate. hilarious.

    • I always try to give credit to where I found news and in most posts you’ll see a link or thanks to an emailer or forum user. Sadly, I’ve been so busy with site stuff lately that my forum reading has fallen off, so I’ve been getting most of the daily videos just from related content links on YT. For this one though,  really should have thanked Holyknight, since he’s been poking me to post about these Yogscast ones since they started a week ago.

      • I unbderstand it would have been too hard to thank; instead better post arguments -__-  Ill mind my own business from now on. Ow and you might want to check out Force Strategy on youtube now. hes got a key and will be posting the best quality videos out there.  No need to thank me..again. And this is the last time I will be posting any link or info around D3net.
        Good luck  and regards.

  5. I realized something while watching these… corpse spiders don’t come out of corpses anymore… they come out of jars… they should probably change the name…

    Also, it seems like no one in beta actually know how to rez your party mates during fights… it’s sad…

  6. Good stuff! They seemed genuinely excited to play the game and new to the experience. Makes even more excited to play!

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