Diablo 3 Daily Beta Gameplay Videos: #13

Today’s first video is a nice demo of all the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills available in the beta. Compiled by fluddastud1 who has contributed a lot of the best Beta videos and screenshots and who still finds time to answer a lot of questions in our Diablo 3 Beta forum, (he will also be a guest on the Diablo Podcast quite soon), this movie shows each skill’s tooltip, some zoom video of it being tested in a cemetery, and then game footage of it in action against monsters. Informative and entertaining!

Click through for a couple of narrated videos, one an entertaining look at a three-player Witch Doctor playthrough.

The second video today is an amusing one, with three DiabloWikiWitch Doctors partied up for a full clear of the Beta. This video is 19 minutes, it’s live stream quality (slightly grainy 720px), it’s narrated by the guys while they’re playing it, and it’s heavily edited, to only show the highlights. (Hence full beta in 19m, rather than 79m.) That said, it’s funny to watch 3 WDs, 9 Mongrels, and a few (literal) DiabloWikiPlagues of Toads hopping into action.

There are some cool moments of action, though. A fun battle with a very hyper DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted DiabloWikiCrypt Child at 6:20, and the awesome visual of a pack of DiabloWikiMolten DiabloWikiGrotesque DiabloWikiChampions all blowing up at once comes at 7:15, and absolutely decimates one of the WDs. The DiabloWikiSkeleton King battle is fun too, for the all out amphibian assault tactics employed.

Today’s last video shows some DiabloWikiWizard gameplay, in the Cathedral levels. It’s nothing special in the gameplay, but the whole thing is narrated, which you may enjoy. (Or not.) From what I saw, the narration is pretty basic, with just a play-by-play description of what’s happening as it happens. (Rather than say, DiabloWikiDiablo Podcast style deeper discussion with analysis or commentary.) But if you’re new to Diablo 3, the added narrator info will no doubt be useful.

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  1. Hey Blizz,
    While watching, I just had thought:  the sooner you invite more folks to play in the beta, the sooner the beta will end.  And the sooner the beta ends, the sooner the retail version hits the market.  And the sooner the retail version hits the market, the sooner all those dump trucks full of our money will begin to drop their sweet, sweet load in your offices.  Something for everyone, ya know?
    Just sayin’ is all,

  2. The Rogue from D1 and the Amazon from D2 could kick the female DH’s ass. Actually, they could probably kick the ass of the male DH too.
    In all seriousness, the female DH looks like a dainty female night elf/blood elf from WOW. The way she holds her crossbows looks… eh. And is she wearing high heels…? The hell?

    • yes highheels are very usefull in that situations!

      OMG,i wont play a dh for my amazons sake

      hopefully with the expansion a real range class comes into the game, not this fragile looking DH

    • Agreed, I been hating on the dh since it was introduced. I don’t like it thematically and it feels the most WoW of the characters, visually and thematically. The WD is up there too in wowtown.
      It’s a shame they apparently reused their WoW artists (or at least art direction) for this game, since they had a chance to do some amazing things with the massive budget and generous timeline they had.
      Instead, we get this watered down diablo world with semi-cheesy characters. I was looking at the skills calculators on the diablo site and I was annoyed at the little puns and jokes they put into the skills, not to mention the awful art they have as the skill icons. What happened to the soul of this franchise?

      • i miss the simplified D2 skill icons.

      • Oh god, sheer level of ignorance in these comments (I am refering purely to those comments above mine) is astounding, and highly annoying at this point in the game. First, I thought that whole “Whaaa D3 isn´t D2 with 3D graphics” was surpased long ago, I apperantly thought wrong. Yes, nothing will ever live up to your nostalgic memories of playing Amazon/Barbarian/Assassin/Druid/Necromancer/Paladin/Sorceress and that is understandable I have very fond memories of playing my Bonemancer and sure if you´re older it won´t be the same, bla, bla, how about you grow up and instead of focusing on fond memories in the past try creating fond memories in the present/future.

        Secondly, “WoW like” (and all the similiar) has become phrase so common that it has lost any meaning by this point and is being used by anybody to describe any aspect of the game that doesn´t appeal to that specific individual, per “I´m the most important person, I know the best and I have all the right to judge the game for everybody” mentality, which has become quite common online these days. You have every right to dislike something, but, please dislike game/class/whatever for reason more intelligent then “this is too WoW” or “this isn´t Diablo-esque enough”, or simply “this is different then D2, therefore, instant hate”. Also please do take into account that there are people who think/see things differently then you, so refrain using any absolute terms like “this game is absolute shit and anybody who disagrees is an idiot”.

        But, hey, those are just mine two cents.
        P.S I apologise in advance for any grammatical errors, I wrote this in a hurry.

        • lol, methinks you need to chill out.

          i think “this is too WoW” encompasses a pretty broad range of more specific elements that people dislike. Just read all the other arguments over it. Considering how long D2 has been out, i’m sure people have certain expectations on how the sequel could be. Are they right? not necessarily. we’re just voicing our opinions.

          perhaps you were rooting for the unicorns.

  3. 2nd video, at around the 13:00 mark, the guy says just what I’ve been thinking for some time. “This is a lot of fun…especially in terms of how silly this class is.” (referring to the three WDs)

    With all due respect, don’t the Witch Doctor, with his pet sematary, and the female DH in her high heels and unending arrows, feel…a bit silly?

    I suppose the Amazon in D2 felt a bit of the same? I never played Amazon so I don’t really know…

    • i didnt play the DH yet but i suppose he/she is nothing like the amazon in d2 (which was my fav char)

    • I don’t think Zon was silly at all. Zon was all about bows/xbows/javs. I liked that with Zon you could at least see the actual arrow/bolt/jav when you threw it. it really captured the feel of a medieval ranged class. like when you watch a rain of arrows in Braveheart or 300, when you just see a literal cloud of arrows.

      I lose that with DH. all i see is magical effect after magical effect. granted she’s not strictly bow/arrow class, but she jsut feels too.. arcady.

      i think it’d be neat if when she fired bola shot, you could see an actual realistic bola come out, instead of fiery circle with firey fumes coming off of it. with fan of knives, i wish there was no red tails. impale looks cool, but all you see is the “muzzle flash” and no projectile; it looks like a gun. everything is just too “effect-y”. IMO.

      (yes i know d3 is not d2)
      (yes i know DH is not zon)

      • Couldn’t agree with you more on the ”effect-y” bit.  That’s so far my biggest concern for D3. I will reserve judgement until I play it of course, but, it has me worried.  There’s a reason I played and loved Diablo and not, WoW, or, Gauntlet Legends, or, Torchlight, and it is this very reason.  I loved the feel.  I felt really immersed into the world.  The more effects and crazy colors and unrealistic shiz they throw in, the less immersed I am in the world, the more I’m reminded that this is just a game.  Of course, it -is- just a game, but I think you know what I mean.  It’s just like a movie or a good book.  The best ones make you forget , if only for just a moment, that it’s not real.  The red trails on the fan of knives, the poison toads, the giant Monk Bell… kinda takes you out of the moment, IMO.
        I’m all for D3 not being an upgraded D2, and instead being its own game.  Doesn’t mean I”m all for Diablo ditching what makes Diablo good.

  4. While many people do not like D3 due to their comparisons of it to D2, my guess is that a whole new generation will buy the game and enjoy it for what it is… many of whom never played D2. The truth is Blizzard probably should have stopped supporting D2 five or so years ago, then you wouldn’t hear quite as much whining. D3 is its own game, and I personally think that there has been some major improvements to the game (and I have played D1 and D2)

  5. Frogs, frogs, more frogs.

  6. eh d3 is good really good but just some of the characters and spells come of really cheesey or completely not really feeling right… like the DH does look like an elf from wow and some of the witch doctor spells I just feel don’t fit into diablo and look really bad… plague of toads….among other spells of his barb, wizard, and monk are spot on though imo

  7. clicker noob (and monsters actually stop at your face to give you time to hit them)
    fuccking lol

    • I guess I do not really understand this compulsion to let everyone know their nonconstructive, hate mongering feedback.  If you feel this strongly about the game you should be directing your anger(?) towards the developers and not trolling on a fan site.  I am here because I am looking forward to D3 and comments like yours are really just a waste of time and space on these forums.  I’m not saying your opinion does not count, all I’m saying is constructive criticism is always welcome.  Trolls are not.

  8. Demon Hunter is the worst class. (Actually she is the only bad class) Her skills look sooo boring.

    • The funny thing about your comment is that I know of at least two people who feel the exact opposite. For those so inclined, the DH seems to fit exactly what they want. I probably will play one, but I feel the exact way you do about the Barbarian… I like the Paladin in D2, but I have no armored melee character that I care for in D3… so I will be playing a Wizard instead. No doubt when the expansion comes out, there will be a new class we have not considered that is awesome in their own way… then I may play them.

      • “I like the Paladin in D2, but I have no armored melee character that I care for in D3… so I will be playing a Wizard instead.”

        Barbarian is as close as you are going to get. Monk can also use heavy armors far as I am aware so that could be a viable choice as well.

        There are no ‘hammerdins’ in this game and I am surely glad of it — and I hope he doesn’t come back in later D3 either.

  9. i don’t see how the chakram fits into DH lore.. they are throwing weapons from India. it makes sense for a ranged class, but not for a DH with no apparent cultural background. Maybe in her travels she picked up a multitude of ranged weaponry from different cultures, OK i can go with that. but it’s glowing red and does a silly swirl, i can’t help but roll my eyes when i see it.

    • No apparent cultural background? Is it me, or isnt the DH clearly a van helsing/Romanian themed character?

      • i guess van helsing because of crossbows and the accent? from the DH page on Blizzard it doesn’t mention any specific area of origin. Certainly not of Indian descent. As someone else posted, DH is probably the most different in terms of style (i mean, they considered making the DH an actual demon at one point). not hating on the DH, just the silly Chakram skill.

  10. @Wide Format , you just nailed two things that do bother me on the DH:
    Lack of cultural background. She is from no relatable country/religion or whatever
    The path that the chakram takes? Urgh! If it went straight forward and just spinned there it would be much better

    • Read the rune effects for Chakram. Several of them change the path it takes.  And if it just went straight forward it would be the same as a bunch of arrow skills, so what would be the point in that? Plus they’d have to turn down the damage since it would be too easy to use.

  11. @Humongous

    Amazons used ammo in the off hand, so you could run out of arrows/bolts.
    It would be weird if the DH didnt use any ammo.

    I’d like her to go ‘Oops, I’m outta grenades. Lemme rather put on some lipstick’.

  12. The vids are great, I am super excited about the game, can´t sleep thinking about the beta, Wizard is awesome, and so on. But the real problem are those bleedin \who do you become in forest ads\. I am generally not against ads on site, but those ads on D3 site kill immersion to far greater degree (for me) then bright colors or open enviorments.

  13. Romanian theme? On the DH? Can’t see it.

    • DH is based on Vampire hunters like Van Hellsing .. which is a Gothic/Victorian themed .. and since most vampire stories along with Van Hellsing persona stem from Dracula’s story and his home Transylvania (which is obviously in Romania) hence the Romanian theme .. it is pretty obvious and the Blizz devs already pointed out that the design of the DH is influenced by Vampire Hunters (with D3 being set in late medieval times if you compare it with out world in terms of tech) guess the DH is ahead of her time .. time periods really matter little in fantasy anyway  XD

      And i have to say i’m sick of all the mindless DH hate … from her skills she seems the most tactical character and i’m really looking forward to playing the BETA to try her skills out (hmmm .. this unintentionally sounds bad XD) … ahm …ahmmm … and for every crybaby who want their big chested amazon back … go play D2 .. it isn’t going anywhere.

  14. Does anyone happen to know how stat points are allocated for each class upon level up? the numbers appear in some beta videos. I checked the the wiki, and that information doesn’t seem to be there.

  15. @BlackenedRoseThorn Yeah, the Paladin was my favorite too.  There’s no… Warrior/Paladin character now.  There’s a Barb (which was in D2) and a Monk (which is almost more of an Assassin), but what about the straight up knight in shining armor?  Just like you, I will settle for the Wizard since there’s no paly/warrior-like class that I really want to play.  My main concern for D3 is that they’ve ditched a lot of the dark, gritty realism of the earlier games, in favor of \more fun game play.\  Personally, I think they’re ditching what made Diablo so successful, and turning it into, well, every other game out there.  Sure, it’ll be a good game, but it won’t be as unique as it used to be.

    • Ive been laying bets with my Diablo buddies about the inevitable expansion characters, one of the top running bets is a defensive fighter / man-at-arms who will concentrate on shields and armour , exactly what his “spin” will be is a matter of drunken speculation as the holy angle is pretty much monk territory now.
      as for the loss of the grittyness, well yeah its gory but not gritty overtly colourful scenery, effects and stylised creature designs have pulled it more inline with Gauntlet legends rather than its previous incarnations. . . ah well no use bitching about it now.

      • Well, I can see why the Paladin wasn’t brought back, but in a way, the same reasoning applies for not bringing the Barbarian back as well… on one hand the Paladins holy order was wiped out… but then again, so was the Barbarians homeland!  Regardless, I just want the heavily armored melee class back, even if it isn’t a Paladin.

  16. I dont want to bash the DH, or any other char actually, since I like most of what I`ve seen so far. Thruth be told, I never played the amazon further then level 20 or so in D2… only char I was not a fan of, but could see the appeal she had to my friends.
    But if you think about it, the amazons are from the skovos island, they have this mediterranean/nordic feel preety clear on them, they are polytheist, and so on. The DH is the only one so far we have not heard of place of origin, or other cultural background, so that was what made me wonder.
    But now I think of it and i am sure this will be fleshed out more in the individual char videos (the “painting one like”) and through npc chats, books and such.
    So yeah, just put me in Beta Blizz… 😆

    • The DH is the prototypical Blizzard style char. Dark, moody, gothic, black clothing, spikes, silent, enigmatic, driven by generic rage, etc. It’s just kind of what a 14 y/o boy’s id thinks is cool.

  17. People complaining endlessly about how she has infinite ammo, but in Diablo 1, All bows had infinite ammo, durability was the only real “Measure” of ammo in that game. But if Diablo 3 does it, it’s not diablo because D2 didn’t do it.

  18. if i wasnt familiar with the characters i would have assumed shes using flintlock pistols judging by the FX

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