Today’s first video is a nice demo of all the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills available in the beta. Compiled by fluddastud1 who has contributed a lot of the best Beta videos and screenshots and who still finds time to answer a lot of questions in our Diablo 3 Beta forum, (he will also be a guest on the Diablo Podcast quite soon), this movie shows each skill’s tooltip, some zoom video of it being tested in a cemetery, and then game footage of it in action against monsters. Informative and entertaining!

    Click through for a couple of narrated videos, one an entertaining look at a three-player Witch Doctor playthrough.

    The second video today is an amusing one, with three DiabloWikiWitch Doctors partied up for a full clear of the Beta. This video is 19 minutes, it’s live stream quality (slightly grainy 720px), it’s narrated by the guys while they’re playing it, and it’s heavily edited, to only show the highlights. (Hence full beta in 19m, rather than 79m.) That said, it’s funny to watch 3 WDs, 9 Mongrels, and a few (literal) DiabloWikiPlagues of Toads hopping into action.

    There are some cool moments of action, though. A fun battle with a very hyper DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted DiabloWikiCrypt Child at 6:20, and the awesome visual of a pack of DiabloWikiMolten DiabloWikiGrotesque DiabloWikiChampions all blowing up at once comes at 7:15, and absolutely decimates one of the WDs. The DiabloWikiSkeleton King battle is fun too, for the all out amphibian assault tactics employed.

    Today’s last video shows some DiabloWikiWizard gameplay, in the Cathedral levels. It’s nothing special in the gameplay, but the whole thing is narrated, which you may enjoy. (Or not.) From what I saw, the narration is pretty basic, with just a play-by-play description of what’s happening as it happens. (Rather than say, DiabloWikiDiablo Podcast style deeper discussion with analysis or commentary.) But if you’re new to Diablo 3, the added narrator info will no doubt be useful.

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