Diablo 3 Daily Beta Gameplay Videos: #12

Today’s first movie actually shows something new in the Beta. Well, at least something you might not have seen before. It’s a semi-rare dungeon called the Den of Fallen, which seems like it should have some interesting lore in the game, since it’s entirely full of skeletons of DiabloWikiFallen Imps and DiabloWikiFallen Shaman. Not undead, or skeletal, but skeletons. They’re dead as a doornail, they’ve joined the choir invisible, they’re pushing up the daisies. They are ex-Fallen.

Besides those nifty skeletal decorations, there are more lively monsters in the dungeon. No living Fallen (which are not found as enemies until areas later in the game than the Beta contains), but swarms of Scavengers, and a damned lot of DiabloWikiPit Flyers, plus several DiabloWikiPit Flyer Spawners, a monster type never seen before outside of concept art. Check out the level in the movie below, and don’t worry about the lag, fludDAstud says it’s on his end, due to him not having his system set up normally/properly for video recording.

Click through for a couple of other gameplay movies from the DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta.

The videos below are a two part narrated tutorial/walk-through, starring a DiabloWikiMonk and a DiabloWikiWizard in the very early going of the game. The guys playing are new to the beta (and to Diablo 3) but they’re good-natured and they explain the various game features as they use them.

Part two starts off in town, and shows off the “teleport to teammate” benefits of the Banner system right at the start. The action continues into the Cathedral up through the rescue of DiabloWikiDeckard Cain.

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  1. Holy hell that person was lagging out like crazy. Yay for online only.

    • Yeah, that was so laggy that it was painful to watch.

    • He also states he was streaming Netflix at the time, and doesn’t have a fast connection.

      • To do a good stream or recording of your play, (barring a supremely powerful machie) you need to route the video through a second machine which records or streams it. That’s what he usually does, and there’s no lag on his other videos. This time he was just playing for fun and happened to hit that Fallen Den, so hit the record without changing around his setup, since it was a rare level.

        • This sums up why it was so laggy, Im hoping i can find it again when I have my system set up right for recording to get a video minus lag! this is def my favorite area I have been in so far even with the lag!

    • i love it.
      god forbid all of us [explicit] hackers that only play single player won’t be able to ruin the game…due to lag.

  2. …drums fingers, taps toes, hits refresh…drums fingers, taps toes, hits refresh…
    Very nice watching others play, yes indeed…drums fingers…taps toes…hits refresh…

  3. Flux, I love the Dead Parrot allusion 😀

  4. The first video is the lovechild of diablo 1 and 2. :p

  5. Den of the Fallen.. That’s the first time I’ve closed a video. I want to experience that one myself, completely n love with that cave.

  6. I think this is meant to be the den of evil 20 years later.

  7. Hey Flux, the Pit Flyer Spawners were actually first seen on the follower video … I think the scoundrel was shooting one

  8. I love how those zombie exploded after they died.

  9. Hi guys.  When it comes to socketing skills with runes, i was wondering…   😀 If i was to socket a skill with indigo and later decided obisidian was a better choice, can I simply unsocket once i find an obsidian and change the skill completely?

  10. First time I watched any of the beta movies. Nasty explosions!  Cave had a good feeling to it. A bit short though 😛

    • you do realize this is on a server with relatively few (beta) players on it…and it lagged like the gerbil was having a heartattack. imagine it with 100000 players online.


        Read the description please before posting nonsense.

        Or at least look at the other comments .. the lag is the guy’s fault not blizz .. SIGH

        This is the explanation by FLux taken from the guy who recorded the video.

        “To do a good stream or recording of your play, (barring a supremely powerful machie) you need to route the video through a second machine which records or streams it. That’s what he usually does, and there’s no lag on his other videos. This time he was just playing for fun and happened to hit that Fallen Den, so hit the record without changing around his setup, since it was a rare level.”

  11. Hmm the co-op playthrough, are they… high? Either way good stuff!

  12. Besides the unbearable lag, watching this has me more excited than any other video I’ve seen. It really has the dark, dungeon crawl feel of Diablo. And I love seeing the Barb’s health drop like that, it actually makes it look challenging to play.
    Challenge + dark = no complaints from me.

    • it has bright red circles and nice red creatures. there’s relatively no gore.
      there’s another game you can play where a low level character can’t really kill 2-3 enemies at once too…and it had the source code for the play screen. (hint: WoW)

  13. I like all the pretty reds and blues.
    how much longer until an Orc class?
    come on folks, same minimap, same colors, same objectives-on-the-screen, same on screen spell+ Number key. It’s WOW, don’t kid yourselves. They have even completed the pay-pal support site.
    they didn’t care when we asked for extras on D2, they didn’t care about single player when 1.13 was released. Blizzard does not like you. In fact, they really don’t like you ( or I ).

    • If it looks that bad to you maybe you should just let it go and move on?

      • Indeed – getting rather boring to listen to. It’s damn hard to say anything at all without being called a fanboy, but no one in their right mind would ever claim this even resembles WoW.
        If Blizzard was so damn greedy, they’d do an EA on us and release Diablo every year, with slightly improved graphics and new names for the same monsters.

    • Freaking hilarious, you villain, you!
      “Life… Dreams… Hope… Where do they come from? And where do they go…? Such meaningless things… I’ll destroy them all!”
      Oh wait wrong game, we’re talking about WoW, right? Or is this a Diablo 3 site…I can never tell anymore.

  14. I enjoyed the duo talk-through.  It was actually good fun watching them and listening in on their experiences.

  15. A couple of times I wanted to slap the guy playing the female monk. Lets see half the time he was running around with hardly any armor on and the other half he was walking around with one a single weapon when he could of been dual wielding the wraps.

  16. I just realized that the shrine bonus timer runs counterclockwise. Why is that? Something Blizz should fix?

  17. Flux, any chance you can create a page with just beta vids? Im assuming you will  accumulate a ton of videos by the time the game comes out.  Would be nice if they were all in one place.

    • Two interesting things I noticed in that one… holy damage on weapons makes things dissolve when they die and there was a unique monster named Zarhym Dekroot which was probably named after the CM Zarhym…

  18. The second and third vids are not just of noobs. (although I would recommend them for noobs) I got a laugh from some of the things they said. Also, watching their vids kind of reminded me of the excitement I felt when I first experienced the same stuff for the first time, like the Grotesque. First time I saw them in the 2008 vid I had the same reaction the guys had.
    I also wonder if in the full game we will be able to click on the goblins portal and go somewhere.

  19. its ridiculous how retarded the AI is. monsters get at you, wait 1 second (conveniently giving noobs time to swing), only then begin to hit you. why make the game like that? the barb walks through without getting a single hit in the early portions of the dungeon

    • Early is right. I bet they’ll have you in tears of frustration and angst by inferno. Blizzard undoubtedly made a tune-able AI so things could get more difficult progressively (and difficulty can be tuned on-the-fly server-side).

      • no its not right. its retarded. a monster that gets at you and wait you hit him in the face is retarded, not good game design. i hope blizzard fix this, by reducing the damage they deal if they are so concerned with noobs in normal difficulty
        also your fanboy side comes to light when you say “undoubtedly made a tune-able AI”. did you have a look at the AI algorithms to see how they tune them? no.  😉

        • No it isn’t retarded .. your comment is .. your “fanboy side” remark doesn’t make it any better at all .. yes they will undoubtedly made a tune the AI for each difficulty differently .. and yes they showed how the AI works in one of the panels at Blizzcon 2010 called “Crafting Sanctuary” .. but guess who doesn’t know about that .. YOU.


          The intentionally added a slight delay to the attack action of monsters .. they chase the player but then pause for a sec before they actually attack player .. they also said they intentionally meant for Normal to be very easy .. and yes they pointed out over and over that they will make monsters more aggressive with each subsequent difficulty and very aggressive in Inferno .. guess who doesn’t know about that .. YOU.


          Next time look up info on the subject before posting sarcastic remarks with wrong info.

          • Thank you Knight_Wolf, I immediately thought of that panel when I read his comment… Without the slight delay to monsters attacks they would constantly be dogging players without giving any breaks to get away and ranged classes would be screwed without heavy use of slowing abilities and people won’t have a lot of those in the early game and making them mandatory at any part of the game except for maybe inferno is dumb…

          • your comment reeks of fanboyism and is pathetic by itself, sorry  😉
            there is no wrong info in my comments, learn to read. are you underaged?  😐 . the point that i didnt watched the crafting sanctuary (which i did in fact) , has nothing to do with my statement that AI is retarded in normal. please review your reading abilities
            first, my argument stands, monster that get at you and wait are retards…which makes the AI retarded. they could certainly hit you causing minimum damage, this way normal would still be very easy and the mosnters not retarded
            but seems like fanboys always take what blizzard says and shows like the word of jesus christ  🙄
            also no need to be upset with the capslock  😆

        • It isn’t Blizz fault you don’t know a thing about game design .. you just keep repeating “retarded” mindlessly and have ZERO logic to back it up with .. it is done like that for a a clear and a very specific reason … what looks stupid and retarded is a group of monsters rushing/zerging the player like mindless cockroaches .. lowering the damage will not change how stupid it looks and might as well impact many other aspect of the game balance .. and even animals in real life don’t act like that .. monsters study their pray .. test their reactions .. make a move then back off to intimidate their prey (like how the fallen stop to wave their weapons and make silly warcrys).. not all animals act like freaking mindless zerglings.

          And as said .. it is intentional and will change with difficulty (which is something you claimed won’t happen .. and when starrise said undoubtedly made a tune-able AI so things could get more difficult progressively and difficulty can be tuned on-the-fly server-side.. you simply called him fanboy which clearly shows you didn’t watch the crafting sanctuary panel nor the inferno announcement like you claimed becasue they both show monster AI WILL CHANGE WITH DIFFCULTY .. so stop the silly “if you disagree with me you are automatically a blizz fanboy” crap .. it only make your argument more pathetic that it is already .. you used that crappy accusation twice already with two different people “also your fanboy side comes to light when you say” and “your comment reeks of fanboyism”.. so cut it out already.

  20. Ai is trully dumb so far… let`s hope it is just cuz its the beggining, and then things will ramp up

    • Individual monsters are not meant to be the real threat. The threat is the group composition that they throw at you as a player. This is something you’re not going to see early in the game, just like in D2.

  21. wow this reminds of me of playing diablo 1 and 2 on dial up.

    • It isn’t due to the servers .. the guy who uploaded the video was kinda of recording and streaming at the same time which slowed down his comp to a crawl and made the connection speed horrible … see the article and comments here and on the vid.

  22. The co-op play through was a great watch. Refreshing to hear the commentary of a couple of good-natured guys who focus on the cool aspects of the game rather than griping about the minutia. They actually taught me something too, about your banner showing up in town and clicking on your partner’s to teleport to them. Cool!

  23. Well I understand that monster have AI to allow room for maneuver for the players. But the fact that all of them die in one hit this soon in the game is a concern, and all this “normal is meant to be very easy” does not look good to me. They should at least give us a choice. Dont make the “completionist” fans obliterate a extremely easy difficulty and still play the same thing other three times to finally beat the inferno difficulty.

    • How is Nightmare and Hell the same thing … who told you that … each difficulty will have its own unique gear, and access to higher level gems and runes .. not to mention randomized dungeons and random quests/adventures .. it isn’t the same at all.

      And yes .. Normal is intentionally very easy .. for two obvious reasons .. first .. people who like to enjoy the story on their first playthroguh without worrying too much about dying (that said .. people still did die in the BETA specially from arcane enchanted and thunder enchanted monster packs) .. and newcomers who never played Diablo or even a top-down action-RPG before  .. the need something to ease them into the experience.

      I don’t see any valid reason to complain about how easy Normal is .. if you are a Diablo Veteran you will burn through it in few hours and reach Nightmare, Hell then Inferno .. and of course there is always HC.

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