Today’s first movie actually shows something new in the Beta. Well, at least something you might not have seen before. It’s a semi-rare dungeon called the Den of Fallen, which seems like it should have some interesting lore in the game, since it’s entirely full of skeletons of DiabloWikiFallen Imps and DiabloWikiFallen Shaman. Not undead, or skeletal, but skeletons. They’re dead as a doornail, they’ve joined the choir invisible, they’re pushing up the daisies. They are ex-Fallen.

    Besides those nifty skeletal decorations, there are more lively monsters in the dungeon. No living Fallen (which are not found as enemies until areas later in the game than the Beta contains), but swarms of Scavengers, and a damned lot of DiabloWikiPit Flyers, plus several DiabloWikiPit Flyer Spawners, a monster type never seen before outside of concept art. Check out the level in the movie below, and don’t worry about the lag, fludDAstud says it’s on his end, due to him not having his system set up normally/properly for video recording.

    Click through for a couple of other gameplay movies from the DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta.

    The videos below are a two part narrated tutorial/walk-through, starring a DiabloWikiMonk and a DiabloWikiWizard in the very early going of the game. The guys playing are new to the beta (and to Diablo 3) but they’re good-natured and they explain the various game features as they use them.

    Part two starts off in town, and shows off the “teleport to teammate” benefits of the Banner system right at the start. The action continues into the Cathedral up through the rescue of DiabloWikiDeckard Cain.

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