Today’s videos start off with a nice co-op DiabloWikiDemon Hunter and DiabloWikiWizard game, as they work down from Cathedral 2 through the DiabloWikiSkeleton King. They’re both Clvl 8 to start with, so this is not their first time through, but they both know how to play so there’s not a lot of standing around and misclicking. Honestly, it’s more of a multiplayer game than a co-op effort, since they don’t really use any teamwork other than both occasionally shooting at the same DiabloWikimonsters. Two ranged attackers don’t compliment each other very well, at those early levels when neither has any party buffs or minions to tank, and they’re often not even on the same screen, as they explore semi-independently. But they’re united in justice! And revenge! Or something.

    The skills used aren’t real exciting, though the DH has some fun DiabloWikiGrenades early on. The DH tries to find a use for that inaccurate and damage-deficient skill, tossing them over balconies and such, but as always, Grenades are largely a novelty, of far less use than just about every other DH skill. One hopes that Grenades truly improve with DiabloWikirunes, or perhaps at higher levels when the monsters are more numerous they’re useful to mix in for their DiabloWikiAoE damage?

    Click through for a couple of other videos.

    Our second video shows a brand new male DiabloWikiWitch Doctor running through the first 11 minutes of the game. He’s obviously played before, and is in a hurry to show that DiabloWikiPlague of Toads is actually much faster acting than DiabloWikiPoison Dart (unruned, at least). The trick of it is to send forth your amphibians from melee range, so two or three from each cast hit the monsters. Risky later in the game, but safe enough against the slow motion zombies you encounter early on.

    This last video is much lower image quality since it’s a capture of a live stream, but it’s a full hour and and half play throug by a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, taken on the second day of the F&F beta. Watch the noob struggle! Well, not that much, but with any luck this will be you this weekend as the E&S phase of the beta kicks off and tens of thousands of invites fly! (We can hope, anyway.)

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