Diablo 3 Daily Beta Gameplay Videos: #10

Another day, another batch of various Beta gameplay footage.

Today’s first movie is a full playthrough, 90 minutes in length, by a female DiabloWikiMonk piloted by CorneliusJD on what was probably his first day in the beta, since he’s clearly just learning the ropes. It’s a nice change from the Clvl 13 DiabloWikimassacre bonus highlight reels we’ve seen lately, as this poor Monk uses the same crappy staff the entire time, dies several times thanks to bad luck with DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted bosses, and racks up numerous DiabloWikisurvival bonuses for killing enemies with less than 10% of her hps left.

The Monk also explores more of the levels than players are doing now that know where they’re going, and listens to all of the monster lore segments, so it’s informative. The Leoric segment is a fun one also, as the Monk comes within one more hit of dying several times. I’ve never actually seen anyone die to Leoric in a Beta video, but this one definitely had the most close calls.

Click through for a couple more movies.

For a much shorter video, here’s some co-op play with a DiabloWikiWizard and a DiabloWikiDemon Hunter taking on the Skeleton King. It’s an interesting fight, in part for the wizard showing why you don’t pair three high resource cost skills; he’s using DiabloWikiElectrocute, DiabloWikiArcane Orb, and DiabloWikiWave of Force, and is therefore perpetually out of DiabloWikiArcane Energy, leaving it largely to the Demon Hunter to deal with the DiabloWikiskeletons Leoric keeps raising.

This video makes clear that Leoric’s teleporting attack might need an upgrade against ranged attackers, since he never really endangers either of the characters, despite their unspectacular gear and tactics. They just keep their distance, shooting with some accuracy while Leoric laughs a lot, summons skeletons, then dies. Compare to the similarly-poorly-equipped female Monk on the full play through video above this, who nearly dies about 5x during the DiabloWikiLeoric battle, despite the aid of her DiabloWikiTemplar.

Today’s last video is a quickie that shows something unusual. A DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin, which isn’t that odd, but in the DiabloWikiDark Cellar? That’s a tiny, one-room mini-dungeon below the DiabloWikiOld Ruins level. The poor thing has nowhere to run as it chuckles, and after scurrying around one end of the cellar for a few seconds, entirely covering the floor with gold, it gets stuck in a corner and stands there helplessly while the Demon Hunter pings it to death. You almost feel sorry for the creature. Almost.

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14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Daily Beta Gameplay Videos: #10

  1. Hehe, I wanted to use that staff the whole time because of the spirit-spent = life-gained bonus attribute, which looking back… I didn’t take advantage of all that much, but hey. I had a fun playthrough 😀

    • Did you even swing that staff once? I skipped through and it seemed the monk is all martial arts and no weapon use at all..

  2. Cornelious, your videos are excellent.  I appreciate you capturing the videos and uploading them.  What program are you using for capture?  You gave me your vid card specs but now I am curious about your CPU for video capture at 1080p with minimal slowdown.
    I’ll watch these after work *loads Diablo 2 soundtrack in iTunes. Random. Repeat for next 7 hours*

    • RyTEK, I’m using FRAPS (http://fraps.com/) to do my capturing.
      I have it set to capture full resolution, which for my system is 1920×1080 (1080p), and I set it to capture at 60FPS.
      My system specs are:
      Intel Core i7 920 Processor
      EVGA X58 Motherboard
      EVGA GTX 460 SE 1GB Graphics Card
      12GB Triple Channel G.Skill RAM
      After capturing I used VirtualDub and XVID 1080 to compress the video from just over 200GB of raw footage to 6.66GB of compressed 1080p footage. (swear it was 6.66 haha!)
      After that I uploaded to YouTube, which took four days. 🙁 My DSL connection is terrible haha.

    What was that about being always online not affecting your gameplay experience Blizzard?
    Heh, the captcha says GOOD LUCK… appropriate.

  4. As always, cool vids. However, I don´t think that Leoric needs any sort of upgrade, in damage, health or teleportation. This is first third of the first act of the first difficulty, it simply NEEDS to be easy. I´m positive that Leoric, Jondar (or whats his name), Captain Rumford and all the other super-uniques will be quite difficult in Nightmare and Hell (we still don´t know will there be any static monster spawns in Inferno). 

    • I think what Flux meant to say was that ranged characters had an easier time then the melee ones with Leoric, not that he’s too easy…

  5. So, anyone else noticed what Cain says at the end about who banished the Skeleton King in D1? That explains why the Dark Wanderer isn’t the Warrior any more… 2 sons.

  6. Hey, that’s the voice of Pepin the Healer at the 5 min mark from the first video. It’s nice to hear a voice from the original Diablo (apart from Cain ofcourse)

    • I thought the same thing, I was shocked at first, and then I went back to play D1 after this and compare… if it’s not him, I’m VERY impressed with someones impersonation 😉

  7. Meh,
    This healing spell, Breath of Heaven, is also a spell that heals the whole party. This does not have its place in Diablo III!
    Why healing?!?!

    • Because it’s better then potion spam…
      Although in that video it does seem to work a bit too well… maybe it would be better if it worked like health pots did in D2.

    • What’s so weird about Healing?

      There was a Healing spell in D1.  The Paladin had 2 auras (Prayer and Redemption) that granted healing in D2, as well as Holy Bolt, which heals party members.  Life leech abilities, as well, are a mainstay.

      It’s a misnomer to say that Healing has “no place” in Diablo, when it’s been in every iteration of the game so far.  While it’s not been a “tactically viable” option before doesn’t mean that it can’t be in D3. 

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