Diablo 3 Crusader suicides on the rise, again — BUG FIXED

Diablo 3 Crusader suicides on the rise, again — BUG FIXED

Once again Crusaders are dying by their own hand. No it’s not due to their ever slow speed, but once again Crusader skills are out to get them. This time it looks like it’s Iron Skin: DiabloWikiReflective Skin and Law of Justice: DiabloWikiProtect the Innocent that are the culprit.

A quick heads-up, Crusaders: We’ve identified a bug with Iron Skin – Reflective Skin and Laws of Justice – Protect the Innocent that can occur when these two skills are simultaneously active and may be fatal to your characters.

While we’re investigating this further, we strongly recommend you do not use these two skills together while playing in Hardcore mode.

I’ve been rather lucky to have avoided all the previous instakill glitches with the crusader but as it’s a new class and people are still experimenting I can see where some are not as lucky.Playing Hardcore this can be especially dangerous, for soft core especially annoying. For now feel free to stay alive using the skills that don’t kill you…whatever they may be.

Update: Blizzard was able to hotfix this one quickly, and the bug has been eradicated, hopefully before it eradicated too many Crusaders.

Note: Our hotfix to resolve this issue went live last night. Splash damage procc’d from Shattering Throw should no longer be reflected back on to players.


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7 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Crusader suicides on the rise, again — BUG FIXED

  1. Come on fire your entire programming / testing team. Most incompetent bunch.
    Starting with the wiz and barb invincibility bugs to AH gold bugs.

    Sometimes I think blizzard is outsourcing to some sweatshop in China.

  2. And here I thought suicide was a sin amongst the pious. Maybe the crusader is a phoney, just trying to con men away from the noble paladins.

  3. A friend of mine died this way, oh god, it was quite hilarious. xD On hardcore of course.

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