Diablo 3 Crafting in v1.08: Enter the Craftomatic

I got on the PTR this afternoon to test out some monster density stuff for a podcast we’re recording tonight, and while there I also tried out the new automated Diablo 3 crafting. It’s awesome, and even kind of funny.

Automated crafting interface.
Automated crafting interface.
The crafting windows now have a little added box at the bottom where you can set the number of the crafted item you wish to produce; up to as many as you have the materials and commodities for. And you don’t even need to have that stuff in your inventory, since the crafting will pull directly from your stash. (Not yet can you automate purchasing more ToS and Fierys from the GAH to keep the items rolling off the assembly line, but perhaps in v1.09.)

The funny part is that you can make as many of the item as you have the materials for. You’re not even limited by your inventory space, as I found when I thought, “why not make 114 chest armors?”

I’m asking that rhetorically, of course. The reason “why not?” is because they cost money to make, they’re BoA so I can’t sell them off great rolls, and because there’s no way one could roll with stats good enough to replace the Inna’s my monk was already wearing. But since I was on the PTR (and softcore, so all items seemed doubly unreal) I just clicked it and let it roll.

And roll.

And roll.

And you don’t even need a drinking bird.

Crafting multiple items via automation isn’t like the new Book of Cain/Identify All feature. That IDs every single rare and legendary in your inventory at once. Crafting makes each item one at a time, as if you were clicking the button yourself. Just without you clicking the button yourself.

After I started this series running, I watched until it filled the inventory, wondering if it would stop then. Nope. After your inventory is full the crafting just keeps on going, AND IT CAN NOT BE STOPPED!*

Items produced when you don’t have space to hold them are dropped to the ground, and this can go on for quite a while. I went downstairs to get a snack and even from the other room I could hear not-Griswold still at work, relentlessly producing more and more and moar of the useless chest armors, then hurling them to the ground. It made for an interesting sight when I returned.

If there’s an obvious missing feature to the system, it’s that you must leave open the crafting tab the whole time. It would be awesome if you could switch to Salvage, while the crafting continued, so you could cull the crappy items back into mats while it was still producing them, rather than waiting until they’re all done.

* Except by clicking cancel. Or by walking away from the blacksmith. Etc. But other than that!

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15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Crafting in v1.08: Enter the Craftomatic

    • Probably? Unlikely, since I was making Dex chest armor and my Monk has a really good Inna’s and my DH has a really good Nat’s. I don’t consider the chest armor real viable since there are great set options for every class, but it was just a way to play around with the crafting.

      I’d have done 100 str boots or INT amulets if I’d had the materials on hand to create them, and some of those might have been useful. Except that I was on the PTR so it’s not like good item finds had any potential value.

  1. Glad this game finally got something WoW had on launch. Really, players have known not having automake was a BAD IDEA since Ultima Online. Yes, I do have to post this every time it’s mentioned.

  2. “because there’s no way one could roll with stats good enough to replace the Inna’s my monk was already wearing” wow. Flux, how did you get from playing ironborn to an “irreplaceable” Inna’s chest ?
    On topic: auto-craft is good stuff

    • When I realized that I was missing 95% of the end game by hobbling my chars with the junky equipment I was self finding. I’ve mostly transitioned to HC over the past couple of months, so my current chars are way down the gear curve from my old softcore chars (like the Monk I used for this testing), but I’ve GAH’ed virtually everything they are wearing, for the sake of survival/efficiency.

      I still think Ironborn would be a cool option, but I think it’ll have to wait for expansion, with drop rates adjusted and tweaked (console style) since the current game it’s unrealistic for top end gear and survival. Especially in HC.

      That varies with the individual’s priorities and perspectives, of course. If someone enjoys just the challenge of surviving in Inferno, then self found would be an awesome way to go, and potentially much more fun than AH. Not so much if your playing goal is to build a powerful character capable of farming an MP#, though.

  3. Sorry to complain, but it seems to me that system has one great flaw: if i want to craft 100 of the same item, do I have to stand there and wait for all of them to be crafted? What is the point of having a different character instead of my own hero as an artisan, if i have to stand there all the time?
    I think this system would be much more enjoyable and “realistic” if I could just tell the jeweler to make 100 gems for me while I slay demons.
    I seem to remember that even the devs, before release, mentioned that crafting stuff was not a hero’s chore, and that was the reason artisans were implemented in the first place, instead of having your character forging weapons and cutting gems.

    • They did talk about crafting taking longer pre-release. Like hours or even a day+ for some items, that would go on in the background while you were playing and doing other things. But they rejected that as a not-Diablo type feature, since the game is about fast action and instant gratification.

      Should crafting take zero seconds per item? Just click and it’s done? I dunno. Worth debating, I guess. Making things take some time, even if it’s just 3 or 5 seconds, adds some more value/ceremony to the process, on a human psychological level.

  4. On the plus side, ID All doesn’t make you wait for the system to ID each item at a time (right? I haven’t tried it on the PTR yet). I believe that Flux had mentioned this previously. Crafting = time and time = money. If you could click and wait for 3 seconds and have 100 Perfect Square Gem made… would that make Gems worth a little less?

    Also, the Dev mentioned that one problem with not having ID all is when you are playing in a multi-player game and people have to wait (or otherwise annoyed by your pick-up everything habit to sell/salvage). So making ID All quick would essentially improve multi-player games. Crafting is not really related to multi-player game since you don’t usually collect enough gems/crafting material to have the need to combine them mid-game. You don’t usually say mid-game… hey I need to craft me a better Armor, etc.

    So, I think I understand where the dev are coming from on this aspect.

  5. Stupid system, like everything else in this game, more tedious than fun. It took 100s of hours of playtime to get the parts/gold to do this, and now they want 100s of hours more to make gems? Nothing’s fixed here as far as I’m concerned… I never craft before because of how slow it is. It’s still just as slow, except I don’t have to click. Keep trying Blizz people who obviously don’t play their own game.

  6. Seems like they tried to put a band-aid again to fix the poorly designed crafting, and this shows how difficult it is for these devs to get it right.

    Applaud the effort, but it sure appears as if these meetings and discussions about designing fixes aren’t going that well. Not sure if it’s terrible decisions in their “round table meetings” or just them having one hell of a difficult time working the code.

    I’m still waiting on the sidelines hoping this gets better with 1.09’s itemization. Such a shame, since the combat/mechanics/animation/controls are fantastic, I just don’t know if they can get the rest of it ironed out before it’s too late.

  7. Oh nooooo, I was really hoping the craft multiple would be instantly. Yeah all the clicking is bad, but it’s all the time it takes upgrading gems that’s the worst part of it.

  8. Well at least you can go to the bathroom while you’re “crafting.” Then you can salvage some brimstones in real life…

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