Now that the game has an actual release date, there are lots of Diablo III articles and previews popping up on general gaming sites. Hardcore fans like you guys are unlikely to learn anything new in these pieces, but if your thirst for all things Diablo can not be slaked simply by watching the seconds count off that launch clock to the right, you might want to check them out.

    IGN posted an interesting/depressing/make-you-feel-old info graphic covering things that have happened while we were all waiting for Diablo III. Items include YouTube, the rise of World of Warcraft, iPods/iPads/iPhones, etc.

    Global Post has posted an article about people attempting to earn actual money from selling virtual goods in games, and how that will likely play out in Diablo III’s Real Money Auction House.

    Game Ranx has an article that lists Four Big Reasons Diablo III’s Auction House Might Fail. The big four? 1) There’s no option to buy items directly from Blizzard, 2) Listing an item on the auction house will cost you, 3) You can buy and sell gold, and 4) You can use items purchased from the auction house in PvP. No, it’s not the most up to date on info there, as listing fees were removed some weeks ago, along with PvP (at least for the first few months).

    Safe bet Azzure will have some thoughts on this one.

    Update: And he does! They’re not kind.

    Gamer’s Daily News has a three page Diablo III preview that’s got everything but paragraph breaks, and contains high praise for virtually every aspect of the game.

    Finally, this article on GameRanx is called Six Things You Didn’t Know about Diablo III and it lives up to its name with #4. Here’s a quote:

    There are two context sensitive action buttons, allowing you to play Diablo III with one hand should you so choose. You can map your two most used skills onto your left and right mouse buttons. These context-sensitive actions will change depending on what you’re clicking on.

    If that is a feature planned for Diablo III it’s news to me, and I don’t recall Jay Wilson or any other dev ever mentioning anything like that for the game controls. Maybe it would work for the D3 console version? Ironically, something like this *might* have been a feature had the original development of D3 at Blizzard North continued. I say that because there was an automatic, context-sensitive skill switching feature in Hellgate: London, which the Diablo creators developed at Flagship Studios after they left Blizzard North in 2003-2005.

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