Fmulder has continued his yeoman’s work adding to our vast Diablo 3 Cosplay gallery, and here are some of the better recent additions.

    I wouldn’t have predicted it, but Leah cosplay is surprisingly effective, showing up as often as any of the characters and far more than the monsters. Why? 1) The costume is fun to make with a lot of layers and tailoring, but there’s nothing too huge or exotic. 2) She doesn’t require any huge props or heavy swords. 3) Doesn’t require uncomfortable makeup or anything glued to the face. 4) She’s attractive but doesn’t require the model to stand around all day in a glorified swimsuit. Leah costumes even work well when done by Azn grlz, which is unusual since cross-racial cosplay often looks weird, to my untrained eye.

    While we’re on the cosplay topic, check out this article and nicely-done video of a well-known cosplayer, Ger Tysk. A few Diablo cosplayers are shown, but it’s more about the subculture in general. Click through for the short movie.

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