Still say you don't like female WDs?

    Still say you don’t like female WDs?

    Fmulder has been carrying on his usual yeoman’s work scouring the Interwebs for interesting Diablo 3 images and news, and has found plenty of great new Diablo 3 cosplay offerings for our Diablo 3 cosplay gallery. There are upwards of 1000 images there now, and here’s a selection of the some of the best pics added over the last couple of months.

    The costumes seem to be getting better all the time, and lots of cosplayers are now doing professional photo shoots out in nature or posed in front of appropriately gothic architecture, and even doing some toughup with photoshop on the background and lighting and such, and they look amazing. Those shots are so much more atmospheric than the usual pics of great costumes standing in some convention center hallway under fluorescent lighting while random people wander past wearing shorts and sandals.

    Speaking of, check out the photo essay of the Spiral Cats vistiing Blizzard Irvine. It’s weird to see the perfect female Wizard and female Crusader cosplayers posing with random Blizzard employees (JW trigger alert) in normal SoCal casual wear. Though they do match the various statues and game art assets that decorate Blizzard’s HQ quite well.

    Our full Diablo 3 cosplay gallery can be seen here.

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