There’s a short article on GameFront profiling Lily Spitfyre a cosplayer who won some prizes with her Diablo 3 Female Barbarian at a recent gaming expo in Toronto. It’s a nice costume and quite faithful to the concept art.

    For the past three years, Lily has been actively working to make a name for herself in the cosplay community, and her barbarian costume won her her first big awards: Best Novice and Best Gaming at the Fan Expo masquerade — Canada’s largest multi-genre fan convention, and one of the largest in the world, with 91,000 attendees in 2012.

    …Lily’s barbaric oeuvre took eight months to complete — from September until August, with a few months off in between when setbacks prevented her from working on the costume. Toward the end, she was working on it for four to five hours a day. “There’s a lot of last-minute stuff [that goes into costume-making],” she said.

    “The week before [Toronto’s Fan Expo] was super crunch time. The day that I was leaving to go to the convention, I woke up at 6 am, painted the last leg bracer, stuck it under a fan, went outside, painted the axe, came inside, stuck them both under a fan, packed everything else, and then wrapped them in plastic bags just in case the paint wasn’t dry, and put them in the suitcase, hopped on the bus and went to Toronto.”

    Prompted by this news item I spent some time browsing our Diablo 3 Cosplay gallery, which is largely updated by site contributor Fmulder, and was amazed at how many great costumes there are just from the last few months. Not just for Diablo 3, but going back to Diablo 2 and even Diablo 1 in the person of several sexy rogues. I grabbed a few of my favorites from recent months, and then grabbed a bunch more. There are hundreds and nundreds more in the full Diablo 3 cosplay gallery, so check that out if you’ve got some time to kill on eye candy this weekend.

    One thing I always enjoy hearing about how long these costumes take to create, and that’s just making them from styrofoam and plumbing pipe and paint and such, and they basically disintegrate after one or two uses. Yet the characters in the game have the real costumes from metal and leather and bone and such, which they seemingly effortlessly assemble and maintain and keep clean and well-fitting, etc. When do the find the time, what with all that demon slaying?

    Oh right, it’s magical armor that repairs itself and instantly shrinks to fit. Handy, that.

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