An enlightening exchange on the EU B.net forums. The OP is a fan who just heard that there won’t be any new DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Patches or added game content until at least November, and expresses his dismay. Another fan takes the counter argument, and gets Blue’d, which starts off the conversation:

    That’s good news. They should Take their time and come up with something really great.
    Vaneras: Whether or not this is good news is in the eye of the beholder, as some are obviously not too happy about having to wait longer than they expected to get new and improved content.

    It is important to emphasize though, that patch 1.0.8 is not the last and final update to the game! In fact we are working hard on new and improved content for Diablo III, including loot 2.0, and I can assure you that you guys will get more detailed information about these things we are working on as development continues.

    I know we have been saying this a lot lately, but the changes we are working on will greatly impact many areas of the game, including core gameplay elements, and we have to work meticulously and carefully to get things right because we want to be absolutely sure that they live up to your expectations 🙂

    Do you have an ETA (ballpark figure is fine)? 3 months, 6 months, a year…
    Vaneras: I do not I’m afraid. Providing ETAs has always been quite difficult for us due to our iterative development process… this is also one of the reason why we say DiabloWikiSoon™ so often.

    ETA of the blog then? 🙂
    Vaneras: That will not be possible I think because I am not yet entirely sure that we will be ready to share detailed information on all the things that is being worked on at the same time. Some information will most likely be available sooner than other information, so I can imagine that there will be more than just one blog. Also, the developers would like to do more Q&A sessions and talks about the game on various Diablo community sites in a similar manner to what we recently saw in Archon the Wizard’s stream.

    All I can say for now is to keep an eye on our blog pages on a regular basis 🙂

    I changed the title and added an underline for emphasis to part of the Blue quote that several people in comments noted as the most interesting. I won’t rehash my whole argument/prediction from the big Blizzard visit article, but this Blue comment is in perfect agreement with it. Major game systems are being reworked for the expansion and even if they had the man hours to produce a patch now, it would be kind of pointless to tinker with the current system, since so many things will be entirely different in the semi-near future.

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