Diablo 3: Cooperative or Competitive?

A fan made a long post about how Diablo 3 is more of a cooperative game than a competitive game, and got a philosophical blue reply from Nethaera.

I read a survey somewhere recently that said that most gamers have a preference for co-op play styles. Unfortunately, I can’t cite the source for you since it’s been awhile since I read it, but I can say that I know of some people that truly will only play co-op even when there is an option for them to compete against other people. In some cases, those same people MAY engage in competing against other people if they can co-op against those people. I thought it was an interesting insight. I personally like competing and co-op.

I’ve always found Diablo’s style to be more fun when playing with other people and I’m hoping that many more people enjoy this style as well. We’ve tried to make the way you can group up, meet up, and head out as easy as possible too.

There will always be a differing of opinion when it comes to some aspects and we accept that. We just hope that what we’re putting out there is going to make some solid sense for as many people as possible.

I know I’m already planning to get copies for people who have never played before with the hope that I can get them in and running and enjoying a game franchise I’ve loved for a long long time. They’re not the competitive sort, but I think they could appreciate the act of slaughtering scores of demons alongside friends. (And of course, I’ll bribe them with shiny loot.)

It can be both co-op and competitive, too. In my busy D2 playing days, I’d often try a new build or class when I saw someone else playing it in an MP game, and thought, “That build looks fun… I bet I can do it better than they are!” Or when a friend reported big item finds and that spurred me to want to find more/better items for myself. You can even compete in a co-op game; trying to be the player who does the most killing, who leads the party, who is the quickest to heal or help the others in the game, etc.

How about it? Do you guys find yourselves “competing” in that way; not directly in PvP style, but driven to do more or better or different things by other players doing it? It’s just human nature, I guess.

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20 thoughts on “Diablo 3: Cooperative or Competitive?

    • That’s 90% of the blue posts, though. They’re generally just to reassure people, or restate conventional wisdom, as they reanswer the same questions for the 500th time.

      • then dont post it ^^
        but maybe some people found it intresing with our points and question. i didnt
        btw ty for everything

        • Which is why he posted it. Honestly, first you say the news is obvious to everyone then when Flux explains why it was posted (in spite of that) you suggest, well, some people might find it (and others’ comments) interesting.  Again, ’tis why he posted it. 😕

  1. My wife is only tangentially interested in video games.  She likes playing Batman: Arkham Asylum because she likes swooping down on dudes, and taking them out.  She liked Psychonauts because of its utter weirdness, and its stellar story.

    The only other game I’ve ever gotten her to play are the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance games, simply because of the co-op game play.  She enjoys playing in that tag-team style, where one player can back up another.

    When I mentioned Diablo III to her, she got excited for exactly that reason.  It becomes a social event, rather than a single-person gratification.   I’m looking forward to having friends over for Diablo parties or the like, with us doing assorted item runs, as well as beating one another up in the arena. 

    For us, at least, co-op is much more excited than PvP.

    • For me and my girl too. But I have already prepared for barb pve and pvp builds =) mmm pls take a look at my party-tank version calculator/barbarian#fRbXgU!Weg!ZcaYZc
      Also it would be quite good to look your variants of pure co-op or pvp builds

  2. I personally don’t like to compete with other friends when it comes to gear/skills because some of my friends are not that good and I feel that if I flaunted anything I had over them that it might deter them from playing with me as much. No one likes a show off and no one likes to constantly loose. I usually like doing versus with them against others rather than against them though there are select times were we will goof off and kill one another. With my girlfriend she prefers to play with me and just have fun talking about the game and hiding behind me while I kill things for her though she will help me out when things become overwhelming. Honestly, there are many types of people and many different ways to play a game and I find it comforting to know that Diablo 3 will be a game for casual players and for hardcore players. Diablo 3’s flexibility means I can not only spend time with more of my friends trying out their styles of play but I will also be able to play the way I want to when I feel the need to. 🙂

  3. I always thought it was an odd arguement Blizzard made when justifying the RMAH being used in Diablo 3 that the game was mostly about the co-op so it doesn’t matter how people got their gear, but when someone brought up using something like that in WoW they said it would never happen due to the competitive nature of even the PvE part of the game… I know that Diablo 3 doesn’t really have big raid encounters, but I think the non-PvP aspects of any RPG can be just as competitive as the PvP, especially when players organize themselves into clans/guilds…

  4. Personally, I love co-op.  I’ll be playing Diablo 3, don’t get me wrong.

    However, the one thing that I hope doesn’t get in the way of co-op is the RMAH.  It’s been said a million times, but if an awesome sword drops for you and you can’t use it, and you know it’s worth $5-10 or so, do you just give it to your friend (like you might in D2) or do you sell it?

    I’m guessing that “decision” will come up many times, and for many will be difficult. I know I know, in D2 you might trade that awesome sword for something you yourself needs, which is similar, yes, but the monetary value will cloud many peoples’ decision..

  5. i have always had more fun playing co-op but i do like to venture off and do a little PVP also. in my experience people who like co-op will do pvp now and then and be happy, use it as a nice break before going back to the groups. the pvp players though usually hate everything outside of pvp. leveling, grouping, gearing all seem to piss a pvper off lol.

    imo a game as big as diablo needs to cater to both, leave the pvp or co-op only to the smaller games

  6. Now that there’s structured team deathmatch, we’ve got co-op PvP! Peanut butter and chocolate!

  7. When me and my friends are killing Diablo, I wanna dish out the most damage. That, by definition, is competition.  Anyone who says the Diablo franchise is not competitive is simply wrong.  It doesn’t need to be an E-sport for a game to be competitive.

  8. Honestly, this is a very unfair question as the game is yet to be released.  From my personal experience, PvP requires a much firmer grasp of the game and its concepts than co-op PvM (due to the competitive nature of PvP).  Therefore, it seems obvious (to me, at least) that years after it is released, co-op PvM style players will be seen with lessening frequency as they have already experienced the game to the fullest.  I doubt there are very many people playing D2 that have been playing since release and play co-op exclusively, as most of the players today seem to be driven by the PvP aspect of the game. So, I am predicting that upon release, those statistics that blue alluded to will hold true and will slowly become increasingly skewed to the point that they are untrue and unrecognizable.

  9. I for one don’t have ANY interest in PVP games (except for TF2). Singleplayer or Co-op is my preference. Bought Starcraft 2 for custom games (such as TD, no unranked games) and co-op vs AI. I believe its my fear of losing. for example, in Starcraft 2 you have a 50% win/loss ratio more or less and that number is too high for a loss for me. i dont like the idea of having a good chance to lose, even though i have a similar chance to win.  I can remember my very first duel on WoW, my heart was pounding and my hands got cold. later on i got used to the pvp settings but i still didnt like it, in almost any game. That’s what I love about Diablo 3 – focusing first on PVE (am I correct?) and the way it’s meant to be played is PVE co-op.

  10. I guess what the article mentions is that competing for bragging rights counts as playing competitively. That’s certainly how I see it, the whole point of a loot-collecting game such as this is to be able to brag to friends, fellow players etc that you just found this or that godly item that’s waaaay cooler than what they have. Which is why there needs to be items that are near impossible to find, like Zod’s etc. No matter what your friend just found, you still have the dream of finding something even better on your next run. If that’s not competitive, I don’t know what is.

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