A fan made a long post about how Diablo 3 is more of a cooperative game than a competitive game, and got a philosophical blue reply from Nethaera.

    I read a survey somewhere recently that said that most gamers have a preference for co-op play styles. Unfortunately, I can’t cite the source for you since it’s been awhile since I read it, but I can say that I know of some people that truly will only play co-op even when there is an option for them to compete against other people. In some cases, those same people MAY engage in competing against other people if they can co-op against those people. I thought it was an interesting insight. I personally like competing and co-op.

    I’ve always found Diablo’s style to be more fun when playing with other people and I’m hoping that many more people enjoy this style as well. We’ve tried to make the way you can group up, meet up, and head out as easy as possible too.

    There will always be a differing of opinion when it comes to some aspects and we accept that. We just hope that what we’re putting out there is going to make some solid sense for as many people as possible.

    I know I’m already planning to get copies for people who have never played before with the hope that I can get them in and running and enjoying a game franchise I’ve loved for a long long time. They’re not the competitive sort, but I think they could appreciate the act of slaughtering scores of demons alongside friends. (And of course, I’ll bribe them with shiny loot.)

    It can be both co-op and competitive, too. In my busy D2 playing days, I’d often try a new build or class when I saw someone else playing it in an MP game, and thought, “That build looks fun… I bet I can do it better than they are!” Or when a friend reported big item finds and that spurred me to want to find more/better items for myself. You can even compete in a co-op game; trying to be the player who does the most killing, who leads the party, who is the quickest to heal or help the others in the game, etc.

    How about it? Do you guys find yourselves “competing” in that way; not directly in PvP style, but driven to do more or better or different things by other players doing it? It’s just human nature, I guess.

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