gamescom-2015We may be proven wrong, but today’s live stream with environmental artist Joshua Manning isn’t expected to offer up any new infos or juicy preview facts about imminent patches or D3Y reveals.

    Such is not the purpose of the live stream and no promises of news have ben made, but obviously fans can still hope, especially since we’re in quite a fallow period for news. Some comments to that nature showed up in the Blue post about the live stream, and got replies from Nevalistis. Diablo 3: Cool New Stuff Coming… “Soon?”

    So basically no dev which means no information about the ‘near’ future of this game? 🙁
    @WalkinTall: It’s important to remember that design isn’t the only aspect of game development. Lots of talented people work on Diablo III in different capacities. Josh happens to work on the visuals of the areas your hero explores. 🙂

    It’s also worth reiterating that these livestreams aren’t intended as Q&A’s about upcoming content; they’re an opportunity to meet our development team in a more casual setting. The more question-answer type stuff is better served by our Tavern Talk series. When we have another of those on the way, we’ll be sure to let you all know!

    I totally agree. Maybe he will talk about the Ruins of Scherons or how its called.

    Well, this wasn’t meant in a negative way! You have to understand us: We love this game. We really love to hear about the future and updates of this game. That’s why we keep asking :P. Some of the changes that will come are really really cool thats why I cannot wait for them 🙂

    Of course! Passion is what drives this community, just as it’s what drives our development team. We can relate!

    Moments of quiet can happen, though, and that pretty much means we’re busy at work on what’s next. Patience; I promise there’s some really cool things on the way!

    They are 100% busy with that other game i dont remember name Storm Hero
    The Diablo III development team works exclusively on Diablo III. The activity in our other games is not related to Diablo III’s development schedule.

    There’s always the issue with fans of any online game wanting more more MOAR, but we’re clearly in a fallow period. Season Three is more than two months in, and by this time in S1 and S2, the PTR was running with the next season’s patch. Admittedly, most of us felt that the S3 PTR went up too early into S2 (like two weeks) and it made playing S2 feel sort of pointless, with so much cooler content looming on the PTR. But now in S3 we’ve got no hints of anything new coming up DiabloWikisoon, and with Wyatt’s statement that S3 will run for at least 4 months (into early August+), there’s no end in sight.

    In fact, based on the past time tables, it seems like it’ll be four months+, since the last 3 content patches (before S1, S2, and S3) spent around 2 months testing on the PTR, and at this point we’re only six weeks from early August and that four month time frame.

    So why hasn’t the PTR started up with the next content patch (promised to include new sets for the Monk, Crusader, and WD) already? Well, the most cheerful interpretation is that the devs don’t have time to work on the next content patch since they’re all crunching to get the the second expansion pack ready to debut at Gamescom (in early August) or else Blizzcon (in early November).

    The less cheerful interpretation is they’re all on summer vacation, busy play testing the Diablo content in HotS, and playing Heartstone on their phones during long bathroom breaks.

    What do you guys think is most likely?

    Update: Click through for the live stream video. As expected, the dev didn’t spill any news, but the CMs were answering some questions in chat during the stream. According to them, Ruins of Sescheron is likely to be in the next patch, that Realm of Trials is gone net patch, and that they’re still aiming to end S3 in August, with the patch and S4 starting shortly afterwards.

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