A few useful Blue posts on various topics. First up, let’s talk about the controls.

    Sometimes I want to move my character to a location where there are a lot of mobs, but if I click there, I just cast the ranged attack. Is there some method of moving into the middle of a crowd?
    Grimiku: Good question, and there’s definitely a way of doing this. Personally, I found setting up a Force Move key very helpful, and highly recommend doing so. All you need to do is hit the Esc key while in game, and go to Options > Key Binding. Then find the Force Move function under the Gameplay section, and assign it to whatever key you’d like that isn’t being used for anything else.

    That’s a valid option, but here’s a better fix. Make it possible to bind “force move” to the left click full time, with that LMB skill free to map to the RMB, or to a fifth keyboard hotkey. I would love that control scheme and have been advocating it since well before the game’s release, and more recently in dev interviews and in a detailed article from 2013. You can even hear it verbally ranted, as I brought it up on the new since the limited LMB skills issue was at least partially to blame for the death of my last HSea Monk.

    Having to use a skill on the left mouse button, instead of just having a default attack/movement key there, means endless Diablo 1 style clicking, which means missing moving targets in explosion-filled battles, accidentally picking up junk on the ground, and a great deal of inefficiency. All melee skills in Diablo 3 work much better on the right click than on the left click, since you can just hold the RMB down and move around that way, auto-targeting anything you hover on. That doesn’t work with the left click, which requires you to actually click on each target, and since the game doesn’t allow proper keyboard customization, players are forced to use a skill on the left click.

    Console control UI.

    The Console’s superior control UI.

    This was annoying in D3v and it’s even dumber now, since with so much more gear variety now, lots of builds no longer employ a simple Primary resource generator for the left click. But since many skills can not be mapped to the LMB, or don’t work very well when mapped there, players are gimped by the game’s inflexible controls at just the time the improvements to skills and gear are trying to set them free.

    And it’s ironic that the console and UUE have *better* controls in this way than the PC, since there the thumbpad is used to move freely, much like the Force Move, with the actual skills mapped to six different buttons.


    Click through for a couple of other good Blue posts about PC game joining bugs and an Ultimate Evil Console issue.

    Diablo 3 Controls Problems and Console Issues:

    Joining public games and game tags

    I’m not really sure how high on the priority list this should be or how much work it is compared to other things, but right now joining a public game to do things isn’t working very well. I’m not sure if its partly because its bugged or not. Someone said in general that the tags are bugged, but I haven’t verified with any sources.

    Anyway when I select tag Greater Rift wanting to do Greater Rifts all the people immediately leave or anyone who stays starts doing a normal rift. If I want to do bounties in anything other than Act I there isn’t something I can do in public joining.

    That may not change even if there were a tag as most people are gravitating to Rorg…but anyway on the whole there are some changes that would be nice to see in finding people to play with without asking people in general chat.

    I want to actually play now..not really sure of the possible solutions interface changes, but if anyone has any input maybe we could get this interface fixed at some point.
    Grimiku: As HeMan noted, there’s currently a bug affecting Public Game tag selection, resulting in players being placed into games under a tag they didn’t actually select. This bug sometimes occurs whenever a player selects a tag from the drop-down menu, but instead of locking in the player’s intended tag, the bug will cause the game to select another tag (often the one right below it). We’re aware of this issue and are working on a resolution for a future patch.

    I’d also like to point out that we’re looking at making some additional quality of life improvements to the Public Game tag system in future patches. Ultimately, tags are there to help players find games easier, and we recognize that there are small changes we could make to help the system as a whole function a little better. We’re open to your feedback in the meantime!

    And a question about linking up UEE accounts on the PS4.

    1.Do I need to wait for that to be solved in order to play?
    You do not need to wait for the linking bug to be resolved before you start playing in your case. Players that bug primarily impacts are those changing from one brand to another, or those redeeming their signet ring.

    2.What are the benefits in linking this account to my PSN account?
    The main reason for doing this is to allow for cross-brand save data transfers, but you also get a cool ring for your low level characters, too.

    3.Are there benefits for having a PS+ account?
    The biggest benefit for having a PS+ account as far as UEE is concerned is the ability to play multiplayer games online, and saving your character’s progress when playing away from home. You don’t need that service in order to play local coop, though.

    Free the LMB!

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