The issue of a “force movement” key came up months ago, as fans noted the difficulty of moving around on crowded screens without accidentally clicking an enemy and stopping to shoot, rather than running to a location. At the time Bashiok said the devs liked the idea enough to implement it, and now he’s confirmed that such a feature is in the game.

    Shift” button is priceless in #D3, but r there any plans to add a bind with the opposite effect? to run instead of attacking? –jagga_liar
    There is already a ‘force move’ key binding option. Tah dah! –Bashiok

    Instead, or in addition to this, I think they need an alternative to putting a skill on the LMB. (Easiest fix would be to add an optional hotkey instead of LMB.) I saw numerous complaints about the current UI in beta first reactions threads, and many fans singled out the way D3 forces you to stick a skill on the left click as a major flaw in the controls. Left click skills are generally fine for melee attackers, but for the WD, Wiz, and DH, who almost always have a ranged skill on their LMB, it’s a terrible control system.

    1. It requires you to use a force movement key to run towards enemies which you might accidentally click on.
    2. It forces you to use the shift key constantly to fire at a space or in a direction, if you aren’t actually targeting an enemy.
    3. It causes you to accidentally run towards the enemy if you’re not holding shift and you miss the click.
    4. Using a ranged spell with limited range will cause your character to stand still and cast indefinitely and ineffectively, instead of moving into range.

    In other control news, players have long-noted that clicking repeatedly will give you faster attacks than holding down the mouse button. This has been widely-assumed to be a bug, though it’s been fun to make jokes that a Diablo title should always reward the player for excessive clicking. Bashiok replied to a tweet about it, confirming that it’s a bug on the fix it list.

    any update on the clicking vs. non-clicking attackspeed? –JimmyTrowbridge
    It’s a bug. We’ll fix it. –Bashiok

    Click through to see a short video demonstrating this with a nice side-by-side comparison of holding vs. clicking, plus one more Bashiok forum post arguing against modernized movement and controls in D3.

    A fan posted a big list of control improvements needed in D3, some of which I fully agree with.

    Movement in this game does not do justice to a Blizzard game. Blizzard, you improved movement in sequels to games like WC2 (WC3) and SC (SC2) a LOT, so why not the sequel to D2 (D3)?

    Right now, it feels like something out of the late 90s, which is odd, since the game itself feels quite modern and fluid.

    Add the following things for movement (make them optional), and I feel that the game would become much more fun in terms of manoeuvring. I can only imagine how hard it is to kite and do tactical acrobatics as a Demon Hunter right now.

    The List:
    – Add WASD movement that works with strafing (like in WoW.) To the people who say this would not work: WoW has WASD. You can move in 360 (or 2 pi) degrees. What I want is so holding “D” makes your character rotate right, “A” rotate left, “W” forward, and “S” backwards. Cross this with strafing and you can move in a fluid motion with the help of your mouse (I’m not a keyboard turner in WoW lol.)
    – Add a stop key (and allow us to bind it to anything.)
    – Allow us to unbind left-click to move.
    – Allow us to bind click-to-move to right-click.
    – Allow us to bind force move. Nothing is a greater nuisance than trying to move to a crowded area of enemies for an up-front AoE attack (Fiery Bats, for example, for the Witchdoctor), but being stuck in ranged because the game thinks you want to shoot poison darts instead.
    – Allow left-click to be bound as a stationary attack without having to use the shift modifier. This would allow people like myself to bind movement to right click and just use left-click as the ranged attack. This would make kiting fun!

    Allowing WASD would provide an unfair advantage over click to move in some situations. We could of course make WASD the default control scheme, but we feel click to move is integral to the Diablo legacy and gameplay. We have no plans to add WASD or allow it.

    As for your other points we don’t disagree with freeing up the left and right mouse button bindings, and appreciate those and the other suggestions. We’ll likely continue to make additional changes to control options after the game’s release.

    Allow us to bind force move
    We do! It’s labeled “Move” in the key bindings.

    . I only agree with about half of them, but I can’t really say “put in those but not the others” just because I don’t want to use WASD. If it’s optional, why not? It would be a much less useful method than mouse clicking, but if people want to use sub-optimal controls, shouldn’t that be their choice? Besides, it’s essentially how the D3 console version controls will work.

    Good news that Bliz is considering the LMB and RMB options though. Obviously the LMB gives me a pet peeve, as demonstrated above.

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