Diablo 3 Contest Winners

Just before Christmas we launched a contest to create the best festive tree bauble character. Mix and match and (non) colour coordination were the order of the day if you were to stand out on the tree. We had some good submissions, even though many of you couldn’t resist looking more stylish than garish and from those we’ve selected three winners now.

Each of the winners will win a copy of Reaper of Souls when it’s released on 25th March 2014 with the best in show winner, Shoko, also bagging a Blizzard Authenticator and a Diablo III mouse.  A good way to start the new year.   Well done to those three and to all who took part.

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  1. awesomeness. I’ve been away from the internet for a few. Sweet Christmas surprise to come back to! and yeah I admit the garish concept was tough to go by. Thanks a ton Diablo.incgamers longtime follower.

  2. And thanks to transmog and dyes, they can look like that forever!

    Dear god…

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