Diablo 3 Console Television Commercial

Blizzard has released a thirty-second Diablo 3 Console Television Commercial for the Diablo 3 console. It’s laden with sexual innuendo and cosplay, so what are you waiting for?

I don’t pay much attention to console game marketing (or watch much TV) so I have no idea how common this is… but can anyone speak on the marketing approach here, as compared to other games? For DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console commercials I’d have expected more visuals and a big-voiced narrator saying something like, “The fastest selling computer game of all time! The game of the year! The biggest sequel ever from legendary developers Blizzard Entertainment… is now on the console! Play with up to four friends on the same machine, enjoy countless new console-exclusive features, blah blah blah…”

Of course you can debate the veracity of those claims, but that’s true of every commercial. My point is that I’d have expected more dignity and majesty and presentation — playing Diablo 3’s success and long history, the pedigree of Blizzard as a computer game designer that doesn’t usually stoop to producing console titles, etc. This Diablo 3 ad and the other viral ones we saw previously could be a commercial for any low budget indy game you’ve never heard of, and they don’t seem to make any effort to leverage the power and fame and renown of the developer of the game series in question.

Update: Since many people references the old D2 TV commercial in comments, click through to see two from D2 and several from last year before D3’s launch, for the sake of comparison.

Diablo 2 Pre-Launch Commercials

Diablo II: It’s Everywhere

Diablo II: Cinematic Excitement

Diablo 3 Classic Pre-Launch Commercials

Diablo III: It’s Not Safe

Diablo III: Evil is Back

Diablo III: End of Days

Comparing these older ones to the new D3 console, it’s pretty clear that whether or not the current console market is a bunch of horny couch-dwelling Bros, the ad agency Blizzard hired to market the console certainly thinks so. One point to note; actual gameplay footage for the console! None was seen in any previous D2 or D3 TV spots (just lots of cinematic clips).

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  1. Erhm… You say you never care or pay attention to console marketing, but wonder why console marketing doesn’t appeal to PC gaming company’s renown? They don’t care about PC’s any more than you care about consoles. Also… long history doesn’t mean much if you’ve never played the older games and let’s face it, D2 is 13-ish years old at this point.

  2. Everything makes sense now. If you look at the people in the spot, you see what Blizzard obviously had in mind what their target audience would be and accordingly designed the game: dumb, shallow and casual.

  3. The ad was too colorful. Definitely should have hired KISS to play it during the ad, instead.

    • That was a great comment because honestly I don’t know where to start. It’s funny what people consider in terms of advertising. I think we would all love to have KISS in a commercial, but one does not just simply call up someone famous to endores an ad. Also, depending on what kind of budget you have vs. what the actor/spokesperson wants is another factor.
      As for the color, I will touch on that in another comment in this post.

  4. This looked like a Doritos/Bud Light commercial. The douche chills were strong watching this one. I really just fucking hate Blizzard these days.

  5. It reminds me of an ad with Seth Green just talking about Dragon Quest IX for the DS. It’s like…wha? But I guess it works. In other words: Console gamers are this guy. Or at least someone thinks so. I would have loved to be in on that meeting between Blizz and the ad agency.

    • Is it really that much different than the D2 ad? The D2 ad showed us almost nothing of gameplay. It was a funny ad with people dressed up in cosplay running around suburbia. Guy wakes up in bed to see the amazon.

      That ad was considered a classic by some. This ad feels like it was made to echo that one, with cosplay again.

      Maybe the diablo fanbase changed.

      • That one had the message of:
        You and everyone you know are gonna lose your lives from addiction to this.

        This one more of a:
        Father is playing with daughter and her friends have fun playing this family game!

        With the joke of “rated R for mature” added at the end.

      • Can’t really compare video game TV ads from 13 years ago to today. Vastly different market and audience and degree of media and tech savvy consumers.

        I have no idea if the old D2 ads sold any games; they seemed almost like concept pieces, like someone’s weird idea of viral marketing before there was viral marketing. This D3 one is just lowest common denominator mindpuke. Like someone said, it could be an ad for Doritos or Budweiser and it reminds me why I don’t watch TV.

        Which isn’t to say it doesn’t work, but it seems very lazy and paint by numbers, instead of trying to do something more arresting and vital.

        • I’m not sure what other angle they could take. Maybe a 30 second spot of Laurence Juber strumming some D3 music on a 12 string on stage, with some D3 footage projected behind him on a huge screen, and a large crowd cheering him as he plays.

  6. Blizzard has lost their epic rep, makes sense they’re not still trying to play it up or anything.

  7. As someone who works in the advertising industry, it’s not hard to understand this type of marketing.

    The console versions defining feature (local co-op) + the best form of marketing ever, sex.

    That’s right guys, the age-old saying of “sex sells” is actually based largely in fact.

  8. Idk, it seems a wee bit desperate.

  9. Really funny ad, you can never have too much cosplay 😉

  10. Not to be cliche but, Blizzard Sold Out Diablo 3 bro.. It’s over. Pack your shit and go home guys, there’s another cold long winter ahead.

  11. Blizz4rd wants to reach a much larger audience and this ad seems to point in that direction. More people buying the game (even the more or less rehashed console version), more money for Blizz.
    Casual audience, big numbers, big income, no need of maintenance or balance whatsoever…

    Captcha: road rage

  12. This is just how things are advertised nowadays.

    The advertisements I actually like are few and far between, regardless of whether they’re for merchandise or services I use or want.

    Which is one reason I don’t watch TV anymore. If I want a TV show, I watch it on Hulu, which although it has ads, has far fewer of them.

  13. Hope for a good expansion -10000 CRITICAL HIT !!!!!!

  14. I agree with most, Blizzard just wants a bigger audience. This is the future…

  15. Maybe I’m the odd one out, but I thought the commercial did a good job at illustrating what Diablo on the console is for. It’s a fun romp through Sanctuary with your friends. I dunno, the commercial was well done.

  16. Alot of people punishing Blizz for this one. They asked an Agency to make this, which is filled with people who do not play video games (trust me, few gamers make ads). And when you get a concept or commercial you don’t like, chances are you are already millions deep with the agency (So it’s hard to back out). If you want to blame blizzard, blame them for the approval of this piece, and the agency they chose, and that is it. Keep in mind they had to pick between this and probably 2 or 3 other ideas that were far worse. So I can only image how much WORSE this could of been. But beyond that, an Ad Agency created this. Not Blizzard. Blizz met with Creative Directors and partners for whatever agency did this (I am assuming one of the “big 4”). Blizzard requested how many quantities of units they wanted to move. A team of Strategists then worked with the Media Buy team to determine who the market was, and what they liked. This was then handed to copywriters who take statistical information to write a script. Then handed off to Art Directors who concept the piece and cast the actors. Who then hand off to a production company to do the filming.

    All Blizzard said was, “we want to sell X* units of this product.” And the Ad agency told them that in order to do it, we need to sell to *these* people if you want to turn a profit.”

    I think some people are being overly critical but to that I say, if you don’t like it, don’t acknowledge it. That is the best way to kill a bad commercial.

  17. Yeah, those people were so dumb and shallow…. or were they just attractive?

  18. wow, disappointing. Really Blizz? You have to turn to sex to sell the game? At least it’s just the console version, I hope we don’t get something liek that for PC’s expacks or future games.

  19. Yep. Remember when people criticized the 4 player limit and argued that it was probably because Blizzard was trying to port d3 to console? At the time we had no word on whether d3 would be for console or not and Bashiok ran around on the forums making sarcastic comments like \when was the last time Blizz made a console game?\ etc. Then months later blizzard devs made comments about looking into the console and seeing if it worked.

    The game, without a doubt, had design decisions sacrificed for the PC version in favor of compatibility and ease. Rune rank drops for one is another obvious design decision and it’s sad that complexity and depth in d3 at release was cut for cross platform design. Hopefully in the future the devs won’t make the same stupid decisions, but considering that Josh was not only the lead console dev, but also Jay Wilsons own choice for his replacement I doubt the over arching design decisions are going to change.

  20. Foursome is the stupidest and emptiest commercial ever. Is this really the image of Diablo that you want to communicate. Fire the idiot marketing puke that sold you this commercial!

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