Diablo 3 Console Shots for 360 and PS3

Hot off the E3 presses comes new screenshots for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo 3.  These shots show s four player co-op game on a single screen. As you can see the skills and health orbs take up quite a large portion of the viewing area, a little different to what you guys are used to.

Xbox 360 Screenshots

Playstation 3 Screenshots

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    11 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console Shots for 360 and PS3

    1. Hmm…looks like they have done some work tweaking Legendary item levels, as Calamity is currently level 63 (assuming the screen reflects actual item drops and isn’t rigged).

    2. Maybe already doing the legendary ilvl thing in these demo releases with them rolling according to what the monster level is? One can be cautiously optimistic right?

    3. @Tigerpaw & Genocides: I’m hoping so, by the look of the screenshots. Otherwise, Calamity is now a god awful weapon. It’s got to be the ilvl scaling.

      Anyone notice the character select screen? What the hell is “(Master +5)”? That one has got me a little nervous. It looks a little too much like some brand new MP-type system.

      • Oh yeah, forgot to mention that those bastards on the PS3 version stole my Barb’s name! OK, it’s not exactly an original name, but still… At least I spelled mine right (In fairness, I’m sure they may have been concerned about copyright infringement).

        Also, the PS3 version looks decidedly cleaner IMO.

    4. Bummed that this is probably gonna be the bulk of D3 news for the remainder of 2013. Throw in an occasional pointless Dev Q&A, and a dev comment about how important itemization is and how they want to fix it (without any specifics) and a then one big huge announcement about they are doing expansion with no ETA yet.

      Keep hoping for itemization overhaul dev blog or pvp or end game improvements but sadly I think it’s console hype for the rest of this year.

    5. What a coincidence… the UI has exactly 5 slots for buffs. It’s a good thing the console development didn’t influence PC dev at all.

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