Diablo 3 Console Rumors: Release Date and Xbox Screenshots?

A couple of Diablo 3 Console rumors to go with all the facts and reality.

Site reader Shadow Hado mailed in to say that his local GameStop in Wisconsin had box art for the PS3 version of Diablo 3 with a posted release date of 19 November, 2013. As he points out, that is in fact a Tuesday, and the preorder display was just like all the other games on preorder with actual dates. Of course we saw fake/wrong release dates hundreds of times pre-D3’s release, all of which were wrong, so take it with as many grains of salt as you require.

Image files on the PAX East 2013 Diablo 3 press CD.
Image files on the PAX East 2013 Diablo 3 press CD.
Elsewhere, something called sm1ttysm1t.com took a look at the file names of the screenshots on the Diablo 3 press CD from PAX East, and noticed something interesting. Half of the screens have PS3 in the image name, and the other half have Xbox in the image title. Furthermore, all of the Xbox shots do *not* have the UI interface showing, while all of the PS3 shots do.

Is this an inadvertent leak that confirms an Xbox version is coming? Blizzard has strongly hinted at that, but it’s not yet confirmed. The author of the site mailed Blizzard to ask, and got a not-entirely-convincing explanation:

Thanks for reaching out. That was actually just an innocent naming mistake that I didn’t catch when they were delivered. Those screens are just PS3 screens without the HUD/UI. Not Xbox. It happened with a few press kits and we explained that to all the sites that contacted us about it. So I’m sorry there isn’t a scoop, just a mistake on my part that was really dumb.”

I saw a few typos and mislabeled skills/locations in Diablo 3 screenshot names of past press CDs, but those were obviously just human error. This, though? I guess anything’s possible, but it’s hard to see why they’d label shots without the UI as “Xbox.” It’s also hard to believe they’d leak word of the Xbox in this fashion, though. Mysterious!

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12 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console Rumors: Release Date and Xbox Screenshots?

  1. We all know that D3 will be also on X360. In this case, someone fucked up and it’s typical PR bullshit response to spin it appropriately, because obviously, there is no X360 version until the official announcement.

  2. They should cover it up by releasing more images with words like “Colecovision” and “Trash-80”

  3. Why does Blizzard continue to think we are all stupid morons? Because they do stupid moronic crap like forget to remove the XBox files from their press kits when they don’t want us to know they are working on an XBox version?

    • The most popular and common reply to a “First!” comment on YouTube videos. It reveals that the user cares enough to post a reply informing other of how much they supposedly don’t care.

      Despite how it might sound as though I’m talking down to this fine gentlemen, I agree with his statement. There isn’t very much significance here. An Xbox version isn’t that much of a leap. It makes financial sense and would be an obvious move. I have no interest in picking up a console version of D3 and therefore also don’t find this news particularly exciting.

  4. Honestly, who cares? Does anybody actually care about a console version of this horrible game?

  5. The 5 “XBox” screenshots have been renamed in the EU presskit btw. The numbers are still identical, though.

  6. It was probably a mistake because they were involved with the xbox stuff and then accidentally named it after what was on their brain instead of the actual thing it was supposed to be.

  7. lol, bad Easter weekend for him I guess, must be tough to find a new job after such a stupid mistake and lame attempt to spin it.

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