We’ve added another huge batch of DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Console reviews to the article in DiabloWiki.net. There are now 81 reviews listed, which is good number, though it’s still far short of the 145 we cataloged from Diablo 3’s PC/Mac release. I’m not going to paste them all in here since that would be overkill, but here are the handful of perfect scores, and handful of scores below 75, for easy comparison three by three.

  • 100: Dark Station
  • 100: Gaming Age
  • 100: US Gamer
  • 70Slant Magazine
  • 70: Metro Game Central
  • 70: Edge Magazine
  • The saga of hate bombing user reviews upon the D3 PC launch has become legendary. If you missed it, everyone who was angry about online-only and RMAH had been sharpening their knives for months, and then when Error 37 scuttled Day One play time for most everyone, the review bombing was on. You might argue that a 0 score is no more reasonable than a 100 score for a game someone hasn’t even played yet, but no one ever said the Internet was fair.

    D3’s launch day user scores were violently-bad, and so they remain. The game has a 2/5 rating on Amazon.com from 3326 reviews, and a 3.8 on Metacritic from 8484 user reviews.

    That was a very different story upon launch of the console, and why not? The AH was gone, there was no online-only requirement, there was no Error 37 first day technical difficulty, and by the console launch most of the angry folks who spent months and years waiting to slam D3 upon its release had long since gotten over it and gone on to lead productive, happy, healthy lives playing video games they enjoy, rather than lingering over Diablo 3 like a Facebook-stalking crazy ex, just waiting for another chance to lash out at their former love. *cough*

    Well, perhaps not entirely. The first week of the console the average user reviews were 8+ on Metacritic and Amazon. They’ve changed a bit, since then.

  • Amazon.com Diablo 3 Xbox360 user reviews: 4.5/5, 72 reviews.
  • Amazon.com Diablo 3 PS3 user reviews: 4/5, 101 reviews.
  • Metacritic Diablo 3 Xbox360 user reviews: 6.5, 169 reviews.
  • Metacritic Diablo 3 PS3 user reviews: 6.2, 235 reviews.
  • The Metacritic user scores display extreme polarization, with like 95% of all scores 0-2 or 8-10. Love it or hate it! As they say in Texas, there’s nothing in the middle of the road except a yellow line and dead armadillos.

    I’ve talked to 4 console players on the two podcasts thus far, and all 4 were very positive about D3 via couch. I didn’t ask any of them to give an actual review score, but I’d have been surprised to hear less than a 9 from any of them, given the general tone of their comments. I’ll ask here, though. Any of you guys playing the Diablo console? If so, hit up the comments and share unto us your review; 1-10 score and some pro/con comments as well, if you wish.

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