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We’ve added another huge batch of DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Console reviews to the article in DiabloWiki.net. There are now 81 reviews listed, which is good number, though it’s still far short of the 145 we cataloged from Diablo 3’s PC/Mac release. I’m not going to paste them all in here since that would be overkill, but here are the handful of perfect scores, and handful of scores below 75, for easy comparison three by three.

  • 100: Dark Station
  • 100: Gaming Age
  • 100: US Gamer
  • 70Slant Magazine
  • 70: Metro Game Central
  • 70: Edge Magazine
  • The saga of hate bombing user reviews upon the D3 PC launch has become legendary. If you missed it, everyone who was angry about online-only and RMAH had been sharpening their knives for months, and then when Error 37 scuttled Day One play time for most everyone, the review bombing was on. You might argue that a 0 score is no more reasonable than a 100 score for a game someone hasn’t even played yet, but no one ever said the Internet was fair.

    D3’s launch day user scores were violently-bad, and so they remain. The game has a 2/5 rating on Amazon.com from 3326 reviews, and a 3.8 on Metacritic from 8484 user reviews.

    That was a very different story upon launch of the console, and why not? The AH was gone, there was no online-only requirement, there was no Error 37 first day technical difficulty, and by the console launch most of the angry folks who spent months and years waiting to slam D3 upon its release had long since gotten over it and gone on to lead productive, happy, healthy lives playing video games they enjoy, rather than lingering over Diablo 3 like a Facebook-stalking crazy ex, just waiting for another chance to lash out at their former love. *cough*

    Well, perhaps not entirely. The first week of the console the average user reviews were 8+ on Metacritic and Amazon. They’ve changed a bit, since then.

  • Amazon.com Diablo 3 Xbox360 user reviews: 4.5/5, 72 reviews.
  • Amazon.com Diablo 3 PS3 user reviews: 4/5, 101 reviews.
  • Metacritic Diablo 3 Xbox360 user reviews: 6.5, 169 reviews.
  • Metacritic Diablo 3 PS3 user reviews: 6.2, 235 reviews.
  • The Metacritic user scores display extreme polarization, with like 95% of all scores 0-2 or 8-10. Love it or hate it! As they say in Texas, there’s nothing in the middle of the road except a yellow line and dead armadillos.

    I’ve talked to 4 console players on the two podcasts thus far, and all 4 were very positive about D3 via couch. I didn’t ask any of them to give an actual review score, but I’d have been surprised to hear less than a 9 from any of them, given the general tone of their comments. I’ll ask here, though. Any of you guys playing the Diablo console? If so, hit up the comments and share unto us your review; 1-10 score and some pro/con comments as well, if you wish.

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    1. I think a zero is highly reasonable if the right conditions are met.

      If you spend 60$ on a game that was waited on for 10 years, and it doesn’t work for the first 3 days because the servers are down. That is a zero.

      Hate, and angst aside.

      • I think that there should be a “n/a” option for such scenarios. It’s really not fair to give a very negative review on a game that you didn’t get to play yet.

        To be perfectly honest – there was nothing wrong with the game itself that caused the whole launch day drama… There were no game-breaking bugs, graphic or gameplay related issues. All that hate should have been poured directly at Blizzard for not preparing the game servers properly.

        • Yea overall it is an enjoyable game.

          I think it is a matter of expectations for me. When I pay a premium price for game from a premium company, I believe there are a level of expectations that are higher.

          It isn’t a matter of giving a negative review for a game that I haven’t played yet, but giving a negative review for a game that is UNABLE to be played due to some issue outside of my control.

          If I bought a game a steam holiday sale from some indie company, and the game didn’t work for a few days due to issues that is a different matter.

      • The game was not playable the first hours. Sure, this was annoying but afterwards it was most of the time playable and server problems got less and less from day to day. Haters still around here? Thought they did us the favor and left months ago. Damn you, RoS. Now all these whiny haters are back. Maybe they should cancel the addon…

        • Calling me a hater bandyto is just throwing around personal attacks trying to take attention away from the points I’m expressing.

          I don’t hate the game. I’ve put time into it, and enjoyed that time.

          I”m merely commenting I find it reasonable for someone to expect a product to work when they drop 60$ for it. Not until later, because it works “most of the time”. For 60$ it should work “all of the time”. There is nothing unreasonable or hateful about what I am stating here.

          Many people took off of work for the game’s launch they were so excited about playing it only to be met with such an error trying to log in.

        • Calling people haters because their opinion disagrees with yours? I may not agree with satheron’s assessment of the game (in that it is enjoyable), but his (and others’) points remain about the faults of the game, and to label them haters simply because you wish to remain blind to them is simply throwing out ad hominem attacks to distract others from listening to their views.

    2. 8.5 – Being able to play this game all the way through without even thinking of any type of auction house is great. Being able to grind out my own gear and legendaries that I can use is a blast not to mention I can give or trade with my friend directly next to me. There is now an obvious sense of progression. I’ve always loved the keyboard and mouse but I do appreciate the way the controller feels with this game. What could make this game better for me is breaking away from the monotony of the same ole scenic view. I think random weather effects, a sense of time passing with a day and night cycle, and just overall more random layouts would vastly improve the overall replayability of this game.

    3. Don’t you just love Flux when he makes it sound like the negative feedback was none of the game’s fault ? Instead, it was those hating, stalking no-lifers who lip-smackingly trashed a perfectly good game. He does mention AH and mandatory online being the only differences, glossing over minor aspects such as Monster Power, Paragon, loads of improvements and, what do you know, a different and much more satisfying loot system on console.

      Kudos on comparing like with like, Flux. When’s your next visit to Blizz HQ ?

      • Well, do you think it is reasonable to “review” D3 as a 0 game on day one (or the first week) just because it has a RMAH or does not have an offline mode? How many of these “reviewers” even played the game?

        No sane person who likes computer games can give D3 a score of 0/10 and claim that it is a “fair and objective” score. All those 0 scores just show that Blizzard games have a huge fan base and thus all their games also have a huge number of angry haters.

        • Your tone implies that I said something to that effect, which I didn’t.

          But to answer you, no, I don’t think those 0 reviews are reasonable, but neither are the week one 9-10 reviews, for a game whose strong point was end-game farming for months and even years. What’s so reasonable about giving 9s and 10s to a game clearly castrated (no dropppable runes and mystic) and incomplete (no PVP, remember ?)Should I even mention that Blizzard told players that they couldn’t socket items only 5-6 days AFTER they actually purchased the game ?

          I’d say it evens out.

      • You’re not the only one who experienced the error 37 in the first weeks of play. I have experienced that too and signed an online petition against Blizz because of that.

        But giving a abysmally bad rating when you have not even played the game is inconceivable to me. It’s one thing to be let down by Blizz’s policy and another to be let down by the game.

    4. I’ve played the game since launch day on PC and now on the PS3, never using the Auction House. So I couldn’t care less for the removal of that feature.

      After the first days with server problems, the PC version was nice. I didn’t really understand the low ratings, apart from the always online, which might be a problem for some people. Though multiplayer was less enjoyable then the Diablo 2 version (we also played from launch day on). But the most important thing: on the PC we quit playing multiplayer after only 9 months ! We’re even considering starting Diablo 2 again. The game is just to repetitive (small acts, dungeons FEEL all more of the same, etc.). In the 10 years we played Diablo 2 (and the expansion) we didn’t have this problem. Perhaps it’s still too much like Diablo 2 in some way for us. So I would be one of those yellow stripes or Armadillos (though not dead yet) in the middle.

      As for the console (PS3) version: they did a marvelous job with the controls and the tweaks to things like item drops. And I just love the multiplayer single screen stuff. You can see they have been listening to the fans and changed a some of the games mechanics for the better. But it is again the same game and I don’t think I’ll play it as much as we’ve been playing Diablo 2. But till RoS comes out, this will be the one I’ll be playing most.

      Main problem with everything: I won’t be able to stop myself from buying RoS… just to see if they at last got everything work like they should have done from the start.

      So my personal scores:
      PC: 6/10
      PS3: 8/10

      Let’s hope RoS will get the PC version to a 9/10.

    5. IIRC the score on meta-critic was a fan joke, getting it down to exactly 3.7 in mocking honor of the error keeping everyone from playing. Either way game reviews are a fucking joke and only detrimental to the industry. encouraging devs to frontload the quality of the game in the first 4 hours that the reviewer will play in order to garner that fabled high 90.

      User reviews are more honest but only if it’s a relatively obscure title, anything with a lot of baggage behind it will have wildly skewed entries that are unlikely to balance out. Ultimately people only really feel like commenting on a product when they loath or worship it.

    6. I would give the D3 console version a 7 or 8 because it’s a re-release of a game so the story and everything was the exact same so playing the console version was kinda boring in that respect. Sure there are improvements that make the console version great but the fact is the game is a mere shadow of what was.

      If the D3 PC version came out like the D3 console version then it would surely have deserved a 10. Console version however? Doesn’t deserve a 10. If anything a 7-9 because it’s a mere rehash of another game.

      And the reviews on the main release of the pc version getting 0 is rather foolish as well. I would say D3 PC version probably should have had a 5 or 6 maybe due to plenty of issues, maybe even a 4.

    7. I would give console D3 a 9, but only because D3 on PC was a total disaster (a huge clusterf***). Console version did not fix horrible itemization or the terrible story, but removed online-only and AH(therefore quality and quantity of items is much higher). Many of those PC user-reviewers were complaining about connection issues but don’t forget about the childish story, “itemization”, AH-tied drops (quality and quantity), no builds or build diversity, insta-respec, useless skills (even on normal), bad-by-design legendaries (and so on…). I don’t why some people think that most of the bad scores were because of offline servers. That’s why console scores are not that great (only 8-10).

    8. Pc launch: 7/10
      Pc today: 8.5/10
      Ps3: 8.5 – it’s just a different experience focused differently, it doesn’t make it better for me, the increased drop rates just make the game “shorter” but in the end it’s the same.

    9. Frankly, I don’t think it’s really realistic to give scores of 0-2 for any game, unless that game is so bad that it is offensive. Examples of games I would rate in that category are the Nintendo Bible Games (the games themselves were bad, full of bugs, and pretentious as hell) and the infamous Custer’s Revenge (porn game coupled with racism). A 3 for me is a game that works, but is easy to push into Unwinnable territory, especially if it is easy to do because the correct path through the game goes against logical conventions. I’ve never played any of the old Sierra games, but from reviews and horror-stories from gaming sites, the worse ones would probably end up in the 3 range. Generally, anything above that level (game plays properly, if not enjoyably) is a 4 at worst; the game is bad, but not so bad as to be offensive.

      To compare the game scores to film scores, a bad movie (such as Wrath of the Titans or any Michael Bay film) usually gets as aggregate score of 2-2.5 stars; i.e. 4-5/10. Only truly terrible and/or offensive films get lower scores.

      In terms of D3 PC, in the first month or two I would have given it probably a 5/10, as the game was very disappointing. Now that many things have changed, I would probably rate it a 7.3-7.5, as the game is actually fun to play, but still is not really fun enough to entice continuous play (i.e. I play every now and then, rather than all the time). If Loot 2.0 and the other changes in/before RoS can fix a lot of these problems, I will probably revise my score once again to an 8.5-9/10. One way or another, though, D3 will never be a 10/10 game for me, because I value characters and story first in a game (think Final Fantasy and other RPGs) and none of the Diablo games have ever had that style of characters and story.

    10. 8 years or development, and oh no you needed to wait 3 more days before you could play it? Babies rated it 0.

      Console is an 8 I’d say… PC is a 9. Loot 2.0 might push it to a 9.2… But I’m most excited about Sharagon!!! Boost that movement speed on my level 3 mule!!!!

    11. 8/10 is fair for the console version, in my opinion. I have played through to level 50 and finished up Nightmare. It’s been all same couch co-op with a buddy who is the king of manufacturing fun in video games, so my score might be skewed because of that.

    12. Overall, I actually enjoyed D3. Does it suck that the game can only be played while connected to the Internet? Hell yes it does. Does the RMAH detract from the game in a lot of ways? Hell yes it does. But for me personally, I have definitely gotten my 100 bucks worth (have the collectors edition) of enjoyment out of the game.

      My ratings:
      D3 (PC) – 8 out of 10
      D3 (PS3) – 9 out of 10

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