The Diablo 3 console reviews continue to roll in. We’re up to 39 now listed on the Diablo 3 Console reviews article in the DiabloWiki.net — that’s a long way from the 145 Diablo 3 PC/Mac reviews we archived elsewhere in the wiki, but it’s only been a few days since the console’s release and there was obviously a lot more build up to D3C back in 2012. Console review scores are generally high, and although there are fewer 100s or 95s than D3 got back in 2012, there’s almost an almost total lack of ranting or controversy, since there’s no RMAH or online-only requirement to set people off.

    Various articles about the console have appeared along with the reviews, but to be honest they’re all pretty generic and of minimal value to any of you guys. Not even worth a link. What is worth a link is the Diablo 3 First Impressions thread in our Diablo 3 console forum. Many of them are both informative and interesting, and while I like hearing the tidbits about end game stuff, I most enjoy the posts by long time D2 players who had never previously played D3, or only played it briefly after launch. Such people really exist and a few of them are decloaking to share their thoughts in the forum thread.

    Ematanis: Drop Rates: The main attraction for me was the new loot 1.5 , Legendaries are amazing , drop rate is very good for self found , I actually get excited about finding new items and when I do hear the sound of a legendary drop I feel so excited knowing that 90% of the time I am getting a new upgrade. Rares feel better with more MUST HAVE stats appearing on their slots, for example so far almost 80% of the legendary weapons have sockets, they almost all got some form of Crit Dmg and useful stats.

    …Act bosses seem to drop tons of items for first kills and so far Diablo in Normal dropped 2 legendaries for me and in Nightmare also 1 legendary , not sure if they increased drop chance of Diablo or just because it was first kill.

    Nephalem Glory: I simply LOVE this orb, it just feels great when you do get a streak of these. They increase run speed, they start shocking packs like chain lightning, they start proccing each time you get hit and they also act like shocking aspect from the Wizard shocking things in distance. You just feel that your character is on Adrenaline Rush and you just keep pushing and hoping for more to stack up. I am waiting for the arrival of this orb to the PC. In groups it is just amazing when you get these.

    Rankil: Already 58 Witch Doctor in hardcore. Sitting right now at 36.8k damage and 68k life… it’s a bit silly to be honest. It’s like I’m shooting fish in a barrel with a mini gun.

    Denormative: I’ve never played the PC version. Hate online-only; hate action houses. I don’t play MMO’s, I’m not going to play a wanna-be MMO.

  • ‘Hard’ difficulty is easy. Obscenely easy. Only three deaths on softcore despite the fact that neither of us were really paying full attention to it, and neither of us are console gamers (I have it to play JRPGs).
  • Blacksmith is unexpectedly useful. Disassembled a few blues, invested 5000 gold, and built two solid upgrades (probably 50% better at least) of items for each of our characters.
  • I miss the inventory-tetris. The current inventory has a 60 item limit, and I don’t think I even got close to it before being forced to return to town for worthless update to poxy story. Other then that the inventory is pretty well designed.
  • Speaking of the story, I never really believed the story was as bad as it was made out to be; I thought it was just standard “exaggerating for effect”! But good grief… terrible story and every 20-30 minutes they drag you out of the game to slap you in the face with it.

  • Read more of these and submit your own in the Diablo 3 console first impressions thread.

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