AusGamers has posted a new interview about the Diablo 3 Console: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition. The Q&A took place during a PS4 play session and features console producers Julia Humphreys and Matthew Berger. There’s some interesting stuff about new features and adaptions they made to improve the console playing experience.

    “One of the first things we added is apprentice mode,” Julia reveals. “So you might be playing with your friends and you start new characters together and your character might be a lower-level to the others. So instead of dying all the time, running behind the other player and picking up loot and not killing… with apprentice mode what we do is take [that] lower-level character and we boost them up for the duration of that play session. So they stay the same level with the same skills, but their stats are boosted so they’ll have more toughness, they’ll do more damage — they’ll be able to stand toe-to-toe with most monsters and contribute meaningfully to most fights. And of course the loot that they get; the experience they get is still going to be appropriate to their level”

    “On console there are very few restrictions on what you can give other players, very few things are account bound,” Matthew reveals.

    There are also mailboxes in the game that remind you to interact with your friends and allow you to share items, but like with everything else already mentioned, this just wasn’t enough, and so mail is also a renewed system.

    These are built to send items to your friends by way of gifts and Julia explains that when a Legendary item drops, there’s a chance another item will drop that is tagged for your friend. It’ll actually have his or her name on it and you can then go ahead and mail that to your friend and whichever character they open that gift with, it’ll either roll a Legendary or Rare item for that class.

    Full interview is here. There’s some cool info about improvements to the Kill Streak and environmental destruction systems; they’re integrated into yellow orb bonuses, so you’ll get on-screen kill counter that increase as your kills do, streaks of movement speed coming from smashing barrels, etc. Both sound fun.

    I’m also a fan of the “Nemesis” system we heard teased months ago as “Avenger Kills”, where a monster that kills one character will appear in a friend’s game with even more powered up stats. If it kills them it can continue onto another friend’s game, and this can go on up to five times (but not in Hardcore).

    It sounds like the devs are really customizing the DiabloWikiUltimate Evil Edition console experience to the platform; much more so than the original DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console, which was basically just D3 PC with new UI for the controls and Loot 1.5. We eventually got some of the D3 console improvements on the PC, via Nephalem Orbs and such, so I wonder if the PC will ever see some of those UEE changes; friend list item trading and Nemesis monsters, for instance?

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