Diablo 3 Console Pre-order Sighted Then Pulled

While all the speculation about a PC release date feels like ancient history and we are less than 24 hours until the game is live, console owners will be waiting for more news on their version. Today a polish retailer posted an order page for the PS3 version of the game which was given a release date of 1 July 2013. The page has since been pulled by the retailer.

Polish site ps3site.pl contacted the retailer about the page and were told there would be more information on the PS3 release soon. I doubt we’ll hear anything more about this for some time but interesting nevertheless.

Thanks to Keith for sending that over.

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    38 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console Pre-order Sighted Then Pulled

           Yeah, they just kinda made it annoying in order to include the runes and have the skills arranged by type at the same time…
           I mostly blame then rune remake at such a late date… i hope they revisit the skill UI in the expansion…

    1. Why would some random shop know there’s a console version before we do? Come on, it’s BS.

      • Black Ops 2 went on sale for online preorders before it was announced, they had to pull it.  It forced Activision to announce it ahead of when they had planned to at which point it went back online for pre-orders.  It’s unusual for a retailer to sell a game that they do not know is for sale or will be for sale.

        The point isn’t the release date, that’s standard for retailers to indicate a release date to encourage orders. The point isn’t that there’s a console version at all.  That’s already been publicly talked about by Blizzard. They’ve said they’re exploring it and employing people for it but not made any decision as yet.  It was just over a year ago that I saw the last quote on that.

        The point is that if a retailer is able to take pre-orders perhaps a decision has been made. As we’ve seen all too many times before Blizzard offices not based in the US are slightly more relaxed about letting things slip.

        But then again they could just be chancing it and made the game up and hadn’t done so two years ago when Blizzard started discussing it in public because they hadn’t thought of doing so until this very morning.

    2. Are you posting this from the future? Where is it less than 24 hours until the game is live? 24 hours from now is 8 PM eastern on 5/14.

      • Because there are no multiplayer games on consoles that have more than 4 players at a time. 🙄

      •  If that’s true Blizz are retarded…  
         Also, the real reason it’s that 4 players = less lag then 8, and since even SP is online i’ll let you do the math…   

    3. As I’ve looked for a bnet-authenticator in shops near my living place, I had an interesting situation at a shop concentrated on consoles with only 2nd-hand pcgames: They told me that they of cause will offer Diablo3 when it will be released at the end of the year … (short pause, with a look in the eyes clearly telling that there has something slipped the tongue that shouldn’t have slipped, followed by a look of searching for recognition in my behaviour) … when it comes out. Found it vulcanicly fascinating, although up to now not worth to mention, as we’re talking about “it’s done, when it’s done”(tm)-Blizzard here…

        • May sound like one, but that’s how it happened. And don’t read too much into it – I sure don’t – as this was a singular occasion and isn’t backed up by anything official or even anything on the rumor mill going around (until this article). But Blizz working on a consoleversion for quite a time now would explain much of the recent streamlining and design decisions better, than the offical explainations we’d been fed with. For example changing the runesystem from an item-base to the current state, or the skillinterface as a whole. (It’s quite easy to imagine swapping runes to be quite a tedious task with a controller, if they would be item based. Not a good example of accessibility. And Blizzards all about accessibility.)

    4. I think a lot of the console bashing is done purely for the lulz these days. 😉


        • This comment is so retarded… You do realize that if you turn 360 degres you will still walking toward the Xbox right?
          I have the feeling that the kid who invented that joke missed few days at school 🙂 (I know it was all sarcastic by the way, just commenting on that stupid 360 joke flying around the net lately).
          On the OP: I think it is BS. Some Playstation Fan working for this retailer is certainly responsible for this page 🙂 To be frank, I think it is a funny achievement but nothing real. 


            • thumbs up, punkonjunk for that classic 360 troll lol.  Can’t believe it actually worked!

    5. I’m all for console port to be honest… More people should be aware of the awesomeness of Diablo!

      The interesting thing is, if true then we might not be having traditional expansion box anymore, but instead a DLC style expansion rolled over time.

      • I liked HGL’s business model: Box copy is free to play online, no new stuff, pay monthly fee to access new content. That was sweet.

        • I would say guild wars is much better pay for just the box and get to play for free online and only pay for the expansions that you want. Hmm not sure if you need the previous expansion for the next expansion tho as I only have the base game for Guild Wars.

    6. Why would a console port be a bad thing? Both ps3 and Xbox are capable of using mouse + keyboard combo or would be with an easy update? If anything in the past computers have damaged Diablo in the long run by allowing people to use 3rd party applications for dupes and scams and that would be limited on a console. Final Fantasy 11 worked well as a cross platform game…computer games tend to be for more hardcore gamers, you trolls are just scared of those stoner skate board COD kids with a 2.0 kdr being all nonchalant and owning you in PVP after you put hours in and they just picked up their sticks. Progress with the rest of us or go back to playing Diablo 1 and 2

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