Diablo 3 Console Podcast #111: Console Second Impressions

Flux is joined by JrMint and Katniss for Diablo 3 console podcast talk. Both guests are big fans, much preferring it to the PC version. Topics include difficulty, interface pros/cons, the joys of self finding awesome legendaries, no regrets for the lack of an AH, and boss battle changes.

Contest! Win a copy of the Diablo 3 console for the PS3 or Xbox360. Rules on how to enter can be heard in the podcast. Entries must be posted in comments to this post. Three winners will be selected this Friday, so enter now and check back on Friday to see if you’ve won, so I can get your mailing address to send you your copy of the game.

  • 0:20 — Intro and show outline: JrMint returns and Katniss makes his first podcast appearance. Contest tease!
  • 1:25 — Both guests give their Diablo 3 console first impressions. Both love it; finding constant legendary upgrades. Account-wide console paragon level details. (It’s not Paragon 2.0, but all max level characters share the same Paragon level.)
  • 7:30 — Difficulty and monster density; fewer enemies and slower leveling on high MP levels (compared to the PC density)?
  • 11:00 — Amazing legendary gear quality. Immortal King Chest with over 400 to Vit and Str. JrMint’s Paragon 6 Barb: 184k DPS, 53k HPs. Katniss’ Paragon 21 Barb: 260k DPS and 95 HPs. Huge +armor rolls on most gear as well, so Katniss’ Barb had 11,000 armor at one point.
  • 14:00 — Legendary items found throughout; higher level items scaled down to early on and lower level legendaries scaled up. Many of the best Diablo 3 console end game items in use are low level legendaries scaled up to Inferno quality stats. Does this make it too hard to find any specific legendary item, with so many in the drop pool?
  • 23:30 — Difficulty levels on the console. How does it compare to the PC and how is it scaling up? Changes to boss battles: minions for Azmodan and SiegeBreaker. Inferno elites have only 3 affixes rather than 4 as on the PC — makes a big difference.
  • 33:00 — Multplayer? Neither guest has done any MP yet, online or couch mode. Both are worried about online play for hacking; tons of hacked items already in circulation thanks to the not-online non-security. The joys of playing while lying on a couch. Different forms of carpal tunnel from all the thumb-playing? Difficulties with Cheetos and Mt. Dew spills?
  • 37:45 — Console controls. Evade envy?
  • 43:00 — Console inventory and interface issues = some complaints. Unequip follower items in order to socket them. No display of specific stats on gear while salvaging. Sorting gear quality in the field or in town?
  • 52:00 — Contest details. Compose a Diablo-themed haiku to win one of 3 copies of the Diablo 3 console on PS3 or Xbox360. Listen to this part for the rules, or you will not win.
  • 53:30 — Ongoing console plans. Pushing one main char? Playing a variety of classes? Both guests are very pleased with console and no plans to return to PC version until Reaper of Souls.

The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in DiabloWiki.net provides download links to every show, plus quick summaries.

Contest Winners

Monday, 23 Sept 2013: Sorry for the delay, but contest winners have now been selected. I freely admit to no appreciation of poetry, but haikus are different. I read them all and sent my 10 faves to a couple of friends and collated their picks into the winners. Tigerpaw’s was the group’s favorite. Subtle with allusions, plus footprints!

Beauty from the past
Stole the heart of proud Kormac
Steps unseen are shown

The judges also appreciated the efforts of Haken, eddie11c, Grincho, Gyeon, wolfraam, and saroorhai. All those entrants have been sent an email and at least 2 of them will win copies of the Diablo 3 console. (If you are one of those users and didn’t get an email today from [email protected] about the contest, let me know.)

Currently the prizes are 2 PS3 and 1 Xbox360 copies of the Diablo 3 console game. This is why there’s only one certain winner. The alternate winners will be awarded by prize availability. It’s possible we’ll get more copies to give out, either in this contest or a future giveaway, so there may be more than 3 winners here.


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  1. The Crusader’s wrath
    shall bring down Malthael for planned
    weekly maintenance

  2. Adria wants revenge
    but sadly cannot because
    error three seven

  3. A barbarian
    Never goes to war alone
    Sword, Axe, and whirlwind.

  4. Game over man, game over.

  5. Odgen says to go
    Cain requests stay a while now
    Tristram needs you now.

  6. Tyrael fell hard
    Was the Aspect of Justice
    Now stands as Wisdom

  7. My level ninety monk,
    Bravely sprinted into hell
    Boy, how did he fail.

  8. Wizards stubborn to learn elemental stuff
    learning the arcane magic to be tough
    using again frozen orb and the elemental exposure buff

  9. Barbarians smash
    Diablo is vanquished
    Malthael is next

  10. The Immortal King
    Needs some new pantaloons fast
    For his nude hiney

  11. Barbarians Smash,
    Diablo is Vanquished,
    Malthael is Next

  12. Frozen molten boss
    killed amazon in skovos
    in a morning breeze.

  13. The blade of justice:
    the minions of hell destroyed
    Nephalem rejoice.

  14. Together, the Prime
    Three will consume all, they are
    The Leg, Tome, and Cube

  15. Beauty from the past
    Stole the heart of proud Kormac
    Steps unseen are shown

  16. Battle ended fast
    The wait is over at last
    Karyna got past

  17. Old necromancer,
    Ex-Gambler and key droppper,
    Nihlathak chancer.

  18. Death angel Maltheal
    In six months will reap a soul
    The Auction House soul

  19. Reaper of Souls
    Witch Doctor’s toads
    Playstation I own

  20. Wizards rock the house
    Barbarians destroy stuff
    Crusaders pray tons

  21. My jars are empty.
    A crazed hermit bursts open.
    More ammo for me.

  22. Look on the ground
    No improvement in hero’s gear
    So I drink with Farnham

  23. RoS will be cool
    Barbarian as my toon
    Fuck they nerfed Whirlwind

  24. Prime Evils are dead
    But now we have Malthael
    Here we go again

  25. Demon Hunters weak?
    I’ve only played the trial..
    I will prove you wrong.

  26. Jay wilson is dead
    Josh made this game what is
    will the DH live?

  27. Adria is a whore

    She left her daughter at an old mans door

    The girl stayed a while and decided listened

    but soon the soul shard begun to glisten

    she carried it far and wide

    only for it to be her true demise.

  28. diablo, lord of
    taking complete control of
    Leah’s supple breasts

  29. Marius he be
    Scarred over visions he saw
    Relinquished his life

  30. Swarm of butterflies
    Beautiful and yet deadly
    Maghda, I hate you

  31. I’m a Witchdoctor
    With a Jamacian Accent.
    Zombies are my Thing.

  32. Why, Demon Hunter!
    You cannot survive hardcore
    You’re not real, Amazon

  33. Wizard in Darkness
    Opens eyes and sees again
    Sears shadows with fire

  34. The Mad Monk’s special spell
    Old Raspustin taught me well
    Czars and demons felled

  35. Caine held all knowledge,
    he was killed by the demon Magda,
    Al-Hazir will also do.

  36. Deckard Cain lies dead
    Azmodan; the hologram
    Mocks us many times

  37. Hardcore self found proud.
    Ugh, Belial I loathe thee.
    Eff it, Auction House.

  38. Actually you can edit if you go via forum post (I think the comments interface doesn’t have the edit button) but all news posts are linked to a forum thread and you can comment it and edit comments there as well.

  39. I think they’ve forgotten about us! Flux stated on Friday that we’d see a new post with the winners, and that it was First Come First Serve for those winners whoever emailed in first which copy they wanted because they only had 1 xbox 360 and 2 ps3, so if they have 3 winners wanting xbox 360, only one gets it, the other two get a commemorative plaque that is virtual and imaginary.

  40. QUOTE

    I think they've forgotten about us! Flux stated on Friday that we'd see a new post with the winners, and that it was First Come First Serve for those winners whoever emailed in first which copy they wanted because they only had 1 xbox 360 and 2 ps3, so if they have 3 winners wanting xbox 360, only one gets it, the other two get a commemorative plaque that is virtual and imaginary.

    What’s wrong with a virtual imaginary comemorative plaque? 😐

  41. I just picked potential winners. Last week was busy and I forgot over the weekend. But now it’s Monday!

    Check the original news post and if you are one of the names, follow directions there.

  42. I’m confused… where is the original news post? I though it would be in the article above the comments… i only know of one other place where this appears, which is in the forum.

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