Diablo 3 Console News and Issues

The DiabloWikiDiablo III Console Patch 1.0.2 went live for the PS3 a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s available for the Xbox as well. It’s not a content patch and mostly contains bug fixes, and you can read the full details in the wiki article.

A console player noticed a video of a PC player starting off a new character on MP10, and was surprised how easy it looked. A Blue attempted to soothe his pique:

You’re certainly not the first person to notice a difference in difficulty when comparing PC to console. We wanted combat on the to feel very engaging, and that meant we had to tune the monsters specifically for console. The result is that higher difficulties can feel a little unforgiving under some circumstances.

The DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console is an interesting contrast in difficulty, since it’s harder (in terms of monster hps and damage) on the high DiabloWikiMonster Power levels, especially on Normal and Nightmare, but it might not actually *play* harder since characters can find such good gear. The difficulty pendulum really swings in Inferno on the console, where Elite packs only get 3 Boss Modifiers, and a decently-equipped Ironborn char is equivalent to a billion-per-item char on the PC version. It’s further complicated by less monster density on the console, which actually makes the game harder for some builds

Finally, a fan asks a general question, but one that can be well-answered from Console knowledge.

With smart drops, will I be able to MF for my wizard on my monk? Or, would I have to just play my wizard to get wizard gear?
Grimiku: This is a good question, and I’ve seen it brought up before. Not every item that drops for you in Loot 2.0 will be a smart drop, so it’ll have a chance to be something one of your alternate characters (or followers) wants to use.

The console doesn’t have “smart drops” as the devs described them at Gamescom. What you get on the console is more like targeted loot, where virtually everything that drops with an attribute roll in a random affix comes up for the class you are playing, and you don’t often see drops of item types for other classes. So if you’re a Monk you’ll find +DEX on almost everything, and very seldom see anything with +INT or +STR, nor will you find many class-specific items for other classes.

However, and helpfully for potential twinking, you will still find legendaries and set items that are best-suited for other classes, and since those are mostly inherent mods, they’ll roll appropriately. Your Monk wouldn’t find legendary Might belts or Mojos with Dex, for instance, and if your Barbarian found a Fist weapon it would probably have Dex. If you found osmething like a Lacuni’s though, it’s almost certainly going to have the big +attribute for the class you’re playing.

This has an interesting side effect when playing on the same machine with “couch rules” (which means drops are first-come-first-served) in that the character who lands the killing shot seems to (almost always) determine the mainstat Attribute on the item. This means that you can’t really circumvent it by self-rushing and putting two characters in the game at once. Since while you can drag along another character who isn’t moving, if one character is getting all the kills, they’re getting most of the drops tailored to them.

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6 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console News and Issues

  1. Flux, one quick comment – when playing on Xbox Live Coop (not on the couch multiplayer), individual drops occur. Only on the shared screen multiplayer is ninja drops an issue. But then, you can just slugbug the ninja so justice will be served.

    • I was about to say this. I haven’t played the console version but it made sense; I mean, you can’t NOT have ninja drops on same-screen multiplayer.

      Either way, you can just ask your online buddy to drop any loot he finds that has your stats on just like on PC.

      • No, the online loot is instanced, no ninjas there.But asking people to drop their loot wouldn’t work on console because from my experience people are slightly more dickish on the console than on the PC.This is why the console port of Diablo III is such a big step for a lot of people who like Arpgs on the console.It’s the only one that has instanced loot while playing online since the idiots at Gearbox have completely backwards thinking and seem to think that people fighting over loot causes people to co-operate.Which it doesn’t btw, just means you can almost never play pugs, unless you somehow get really lucky and managed to get a group of people in BL2 who aren’t all arseholes.Not likely, but sometimes possible.I guess you could organize a group of people who won’t ninja loot on that game, but that takes way too much effort to get together and anyways, part of the fun of these types of games for me is playing with different people.Sorry for the text wall, got carried away.

  2. I hope class specific items with class specific stats comes sooner than later.

    OR. The attribute system is changed and you actually want, say dex, on a mojo. (Unlikely.)

  3. I’ve never understood why class specific items rolls everything (or follower items). It’s garbage system. Seeing for example crosbows with INT and STR THAT BOTH BARB AND WIZ CAN’T EVEN USE is retarded beyond thinking. All it adds to the game is just a lower probability to find something usefull. And don’t even get me started thinking about what role AH plays in here…

  4. Also on the console, when your inventory is full and you pick something up but it drops and you get that message about not being able to carry anymore the item that you tried to collect won’t be able to be picked up by the other player.

    Demon Essences are auto tagged to a specific player as well so you can’t ninja them. I believe keys are the same and organs. They might be based on who ever got the last hit too.

    So I guess its safe to say that the xbox 360 will get RoS last 🙁 I’d like to know the difference between RoS on the PS4 and the older consoles. Will there be larger monster density in inferno? And will they allow us to have more than one control setup? I can’t believe they didn’t have direction with one joystick and movement with the other. It just makes projectile characters so much more fun.

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