Blizzard shared some semi-specific details about how the “Loot 1.5” system works in the console, vs. how loot drops are selected in the PC/Mac version of Diablo 3.

    Tsarnis: I think a lot of the confusion about this may stem from the fact that players may not be aware of some of the changes to loot drops we have in place on the console version of Diablo III that are not present on the PC version (yet). While I won’t go into the specific nuts and bolts of how loot is handled at different difficulties, I can provide a bit of insight on how this all works to hopefully clear up some confusion.

    To start with, here are a few facts:

    1. As you go upwards in game difficulty, you have a lower chance to see low-quality items drop.
    2. As you go upwards in game difficulty, the loot that does drop will be of a higher quality overall.
    3. This has been the case in the console versions of Diablo III since the game launched.

    So, what we did for consoles was make it so that you are getting, on average, less loot, but you are getting better quality loot from the drops you do get as you level. At lower levels you are frequently upgrading gear, so there is more value in getting lower quality items in such abundance. As you move upwards towards level 60 and inferno mode however, most common, magic, and even many rare items become less desirable as upgrades and end up as vendor/salvage fodder. Rather than forcing high level heroes to constantly play the inventory game, we decided to cut out the middle man and basically convert the value of most low quality items you would see directly into extra gold drops. The thought being that with less junk to clutter up your inventory, you can spend more time smashing demons rather than standing in front of vendors.

    I hope that clears up some confusion about how loot works (and has always worked) on console.

    The whole thing was spurred by one of those, “the new patch stealth nerfed drop rates!” posts that appear after every patch when some guy gets a bad run of RNG and thinks the universe has turned against him.

    Click through for a brief follow up on the issue.

    The only point I’d like to add is on the quality. If in the higher difficulties level 60 gear is getting cut out do to being “low quality” we are losing out on crafting mats making it harder/take longer to craft.

    That’s a big if of course, suppose it depends on the definition Blizzard has on “low quality”.

    With that said, I personally like the change. Keeps the focus on killing 😀
    Tsarnis: Like I said, I don’t want to get into the nuts and bolts, but when I say low quality I mean Common (Gray/White) and Magical (Blue) items. Rare (Yellow) items have very slightly altered drop rates at higher levels, but in practice this directly translates to more high-level Legendary items.

    Additionally, this is armor, jewelry, and weapons only. Any other materials that drop such as Demonic Essences, Gems, and Tomes are unaffected.

    I can hardly wait for Loot 2.0 to hit PC version and spawn 50 versions of this post every day on the B.net forums.

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