Diablo 3 Console Loot Has Bigger Numbers: Emergency?

There’s a lot of QQing today in the B.net forums over some early item finds in the Diablo 3 console. It’s not that the items are new or different or DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 — they’re the same items from the PC version with (potentially) bigger numbers, and some of the lower level legendaries look awesome when they’re scaled up to Inferno level.

A couple of sample images, with more on the click through.


I’m confused by the complaining over this. Just mindless jelly? People know it’s a different game, right? With different numbers for many things?

As Blizzard said all along, the Diablo 3 console is *not* a direct port, where you’d expect to see the same numbers on items. The devs also said many times that they wanted to make gear easier to obtain via better quality drops, NPCs selling rares, crafting tweaked to produce better results, etc. So they are. So why are people surprised that console numbers are different and bigger?

  1. It’s a console game so of course it’s built to be easier and with more instant gratification.
  2. The devs who created the console version were determined not to make the same mistakes we saw in D3C in 2012 with crappy legendaries and low drop rates.
  3. The current D3 devs have made many changes to let players find better gear more quickly, and promised that Loot 2.0 will “cut the legs out from under” the Auction House.
  4. Finding awesome gear is fun, and that’s what console players are doing.
  5. There’s no Auction House in the console so players need to find better stuff on their own.
  6. There’s no Auction House in the console so the devs didn’t need to limit top quality gear to avoid completely flooding the market.

If there’s a concern here, it’s that the players are finding such good gear so quickly that all challenge will be gone in a week. Obviously we don’t know anything about long term console balance; these might not even be very good quality items, compared to what people will find/craft in the weeks and months to come. Perhaps the devs planned it so that anyone who plays a lot and knows what they’re doing will be able to Ironborn gear up to blast through high levels of Monster Power, but that was necessary so that the majority of clueness noobs won’t find it too hard to progress? Time will tell.

Click through for a full gallery of newly found D3 Console items that will make your D3 PC characters drool with envy.

All pics courtesy of this guy’s Photobucket.

I laughed at the first screenshot, since I was talking to Azzure about Loot 2.0 just a couple of days ago and said that the Pride of Cassius would be the best belt in the game if it rolled up to Inferno quality; a trifecta belt with faster movement? It’s Barb only, naturally. And there it is!


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    I think I am going to try to buy d3 tomorrow because why not. WW barb would probably be pretty fun with the sticks.

  2. I think most of the bad vibes in the forums stem form the fact that we have been spinning our wheels in the PC version for quite some time now. It’s virtually impossible to upgrade your gear, once you’ve reached a certain status. Hell, I can’t even buy upgrades on the gold AH for my char anymore, everything available there would not be an upgrade. Would have to resort to D2JSP.

    Bigger console numbers and shiny loot are a temporary breath of fresh air and would give us PC people something to do until RoS hits the shelves.

    • The phenomenon you describe is known as power creep. Much like a ladder reset, it gives a ‘breath of fresh air’ as you described. The main difference being that power creep isn’t sustainable long-term.

    • I think the devs said that Loot 2.0 will be released with a pre-expansion patch together with a skill balance adjustments.

  3. I’m just worried that Loot 2.0 won’t deliver at all for the PC, and if the console version is any indication of what’s to come (hate to start the circle jerk), but I think this game is a stuck pig.

    Like the slated friend I feel I am, I can’t wait to see the numbers for release of this version. I want it to be an embarrassment of colossal proportions for Blizzard. I know it won’t be, but I really hope they are forced to have “an agonizing reappraisal of the whole scene”.

  4. I feel like, eventually, the devs will come around to my line of thinking. But they have to make all the mistakes first.

    The second they revealed there was going to be an AH, and that there were no soulbound items, I hit the bnet forums and screamed it was huge mistake! But, fell on deaf ears.

    Now, they are going to try to kill the AH, but by making awesome gear drop all over the place. AGAIN, this is a HUGE mistake! They are going to run into the same problem as they did with the AH, just from another angle. If gear is too easy to obtain, and everyone has awesome gear really quickly, people get bored fast and quit.

    The way they implemented the AH, and the way they are threatening to implement loot 2.0, they might as well toss in a god mode button. Press the button, get insane loots, and destroy everything. What is point to playing once people have characters that powerful? Grinding for loot becomes pointless. There no PvP system. So people just quit.

    I think the problem is they are still stuck with the notion that D2 is about loot. It isn’t. And apparently, they are going to learn the hard way.

    • Yes, there was more to D2 than just loot. The loot was important, but so was character builds, stat points, skill points, PvP, quest rewards, etc. And D3 doesn’t currently have any of it.

  5. Been trying to decide how I feel about these items all day and I just don’t know. I think, on the one hand, it makes sense for console to just be an awesome faceroll where you boot up and feel powerful from essentially day one and get a month of any enjoyment or so out of it and move on to the next console game. At the same time, I’m wary of what this might mean/put in the mind for us PC players. I kinda don’t want to see these changes come to our items, but a more intricate and re-worked retooling. I think there’s a smarter way to improve the loot than simply buffing the numbers up.

  6. I like that the %dmg affix isn’t that high anymore, so its no more prerequisite.

  7. Beeing paid for those posts much Flux?

    “Finding awesome gear is fun, and that’s what console players are doing.”

    So you make broken product, sell almost 13M copies of it but shift your companies attention to making console version of the game?

    Where is our legendary(thirdor fourth?!) patch?Where is it? Like its hard to make update that scales the legendaries according to ilvl. Its just fuxking X forChrists sake . Cassius pride ilvl63=ilvl 1 * xilv63. You just do that with all. You just need to figure out the constant. Omg that could take how long? few hours, day, or mabe even week???

    The incgamers diconnection with reality is starting beeing too much for me. Hey atleast Elly told me to go somewhere else when I reasoned my concerns in different comment towards ROS and your site.

    Nah you are not being paid anything by blizzard except you are given their favor. Magicall they communicate with you know and acknowledge you because you are not spitting the shit on them anymore. Which is a fucking sad, you were the only ones with balls to do so.

    • How did you fill out the security question while being so high?

    • So when Flux posts positive stuff on a fan site, he’s being paid to do so, but when you post negative stuff on a fan site, you’re doing it for free? 🙂

      • If LOot 2.0 comes and the items suck and the legendaries aren’t improvements I will be first in line to critique them. I didn’t have any real expectations for console loot quality, so I’m not surprised by the numbers. I would have been surprised if top quality 1h weapons were like 800 dps, but I’d just have assumed the overall monster hps/dmg was turned down so that 800 on console was like 1100 on PC. They’re just numbrs; it’s entirely relatively to the other stats in the game, and we don’t know the other stats in the game.

        Thus the console figures are basically a Rorschach test for your overall feeling about d3. If you hate it, the console proves the PC version sucks. I’m currently satisfied with the PC version and looking forward to D3X and Lout 2.0, so console numbers are irrelevant to me. Others are free to disagree, but I don’t really see how console numbers correlate to PC numbers in a totally different game.

        • “I’m currently satisfied with the PC version and looking forward to D3X and Lout 2.0…..”

          Finally i thought i was the only one.

        • “I’m currently satisfied with the PC version and looking forward to D3X and Lout 2.0”

          What happened to you man? How can you be satisfied with this sacrelige? The game is all about killing monsters and getting great loot (aka fun). While killing monsters is fun, we are getting shit loot . 50% of the game is terrible. How can you be content with that? Please explain this to me.

          How can you be also satisfied with the shitty game engine they made? The game stutters on 7200 hardrives only to be played good on stupid flash drives (with ocasionall complete stop) or ssd discs. The game shows 5 buffs. Not possible to show more..LOL? and While farming you have to see the same cinematic over and over again.

          Where is your critical thinking? Why are there no posts like when will blizzard properly balance skills? Why cant you write about how there are only 1-2 viable builds perr class? Or maybe dont write about it, we all know it. But how can ou say you are satisfied with that monstrosity of a game.

          I still have lot of respect left for this site. You bashed blizzard so good, I am sure they felt lot of pressure thanks to you guys. But this “I am satisfied now” approach when we are not getting any patches while itemization and 90% of skills are still crap?

          Nah…Lemmejust eat my horadric hamburger and transform into fanboy…

          • “The game stutters on 7200 hardrives”
            I played on 7200rpm and Core 2 Duo E5200 a lot and stut never occured for me or my bro.

            “Why are there no posts like when will blizzard properly balance skills?”
            It will be better when you start looking at home page.

          • “Where is your critical thinking?”

            The irony…it’s….too…much!

          • “The game shows 5 buffs”

            Maybe you should try to play the game and see what’s new before you criticize it.

    • Hello Mr. Bill Gates. I see this billions hours coding didn’t wasted your time. But seriouslly, why you’re not working for blizz if you can solve every problem with ilvl 1 * xilvl 63? It took me some time to realize that you’re just goofing around, making fun of the haters 😀

  8. Anybody check to see if the monsters possibly have higher numbers too?

  9. http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/console/
    **Evil Reborn on Console, 03/09/2013.** aka Tomorrow!!

    Game isn’t out yet. oO
    That guy playing with preorder or some ripped version from torrents?!?

    • There are advance press/review copies out all weekend. I know several people who have them already. And all those reviews we’ve been posting have been playing already, etc.

  10. Can someone explain why everyone automatically assumes this is legit? I mean, most of the early users are in early/mid NM. And it’s console, aka easily modded. Kinda hard to believe people are mass farming Inferno already. Legitly that is.

    Is D2 loot broken if I show you an Ith blade? How about a reasonable hack?

  11. The bigger numbers have always been a concern for me in D3 – I assume they will only be crazier in the expansion.

    The one thing that popped out at me was the + to Resist All stat – They really need to remove that property from the game, or limit the spawn values to a lower number, like 10-20 :P. Individual resists on items needs to be important.

  12. it’s like flux said. there are press release copies. apparently, some people on neogaf (a mb with many press and industry accounts who would have access to copies) have been playing it and posting pics and thoughts.
    obviously, the poster is lvl 60(P4?). he says he’s playing on master I (Monster Power 6). he also says he’s getting two shotted at that level. obviously, these players haven;t been playing a long time. i wonder how many ironborn or no credit card hours this would take on the pc version?

  13. more choices for loot on console, and honestly console SHOULD have more items rolling really good affixes because console players are really casual as opposed to pc players.

    Even though the loot is altogether much better than pc, and there are a few more options for sure than what we have for PC BiS… the itemization is still so awful. Not regretting the decision to not play console at all.

    • People can play causally on PC too, as console players do on their platform. That’s not really an argument, it’s rather some kind of twisted justification for the PC version’s poor itemization.

    • lulz..console players are really casual? pc players asked for an inferno nerf, barb and wiz nerfs, better drops and now hc players are keeping pEXP/pPoints/pLvls on death and this is on top of the noobification jay designed into the game.

  14. Wouldn’t mind they patch these changes in tomorrow if only for a quick bit of fun. It doesn’t fix a whole lot, but hell, those big numbers sure are purty.

  15. Imho there are only 2 ways to keep this game fresh once your reach “the end game”, yep, when it takes you 4 weeks to find any upgrade if you are lucky.
    1-Infinite/Scaling monsters and items. Simple, boring, with no goal…
    2-“Trimestral/4/5/6 months” addons to the game consisting of a new level cap, new randomization of dungeons and events, scaled items, etc…easy work for a big game as Blizzard.

  16. @blizz team, can you please, please sink some hours into diablo 2? i mean you had it right there. the best item system to date in any game ever.
    ..and its like you just refuse to use anything from it, why is that?
    why do you stick with the wow bullsh*t?

  17. I don’t see how console gamers deserve better because they are considered to be the “lesser sophisticated” among us.

  18. I dont think people are upset because they get bigger numbers , the reason is Blizzard said console would be 1.07 with some 1.08 features in reality the console is 1.08 with 1.09 features ( for example it has shared paragon levels and loot 1.5 )

    So basically the console is ahead in patches and Blizzard lied! so yeah blame console rabble rabble.

  19. I made this point in another part of the forums,

    All the comments that are “upset” about this, are like those people who are “upset” that their iPhone isn’t as great as whatever phone comes out 6 months later, as if Apple has a magical way of upgrading the hardware inside their phone after they’ve bought it.

    The console version might be “V1.85”, but it’ll remain that way, and the PC version will be much ahead of it.

    Can’t anyone be thankful for having been able to PLAY the game for the last year?

    And you invested your time knowing what the loot drops were like, so you can’t complain that the console loot drops are “better”, because you would’ve invested that time regardless. You’re just not happy that someone else has a shinier toy.


  20. QUOTE

    I made this point in another part of the forums,
    All the comments that are "upset" about this, are like those people who are "upset" that their iPhone isn't as great as whatever phone comes out 6 months later, as if Apple has a magical way of upgrading the hardware inside their phone after they've bought it.
    The console version might be "V1.85", but it'll remain that way, and the PC version will be much ahead of it.

    Can’t anyone be thankful for having been able to PLAY the game for the last year?

    And you invested your time knowing what the loot drops were like, so you can’t complain that the console loot drops are “better”, because you would’ve invested that time regardless. You’re just not happy that someone else has a shinier toy.

    UNICRON!“Aren’t you thankful?!” … Is your name Bashiok by any chance? If I was promised a Ferrari, then no a Volvo won’t make me satisfied no matter how fine it is. I played D3 for 300 hours because I *wanted* to like it and *tried* to like it to the point of desperation… It took a long time to swallow the bitter pill of disappointment and confess that those hours were a waste of my time and would’ve been better spent playing D2 instead.

    I couldn’t care less about the numbers on the console gear. Numbers mean nothing in and of themselves; it’s all about the mechanics and how they interact with stats and skills. D3 has no items that ‘make a build’, neither on the pc nor on the console (that we know of). That is the problem and so far I’ve seen no progress in this regard from the very beginning. (To be fair there were fewer such items in D2 than we remember; but the interplay of items (‘gear puzzle’) was an intergral part of making builds work in D2. If you used item a in slot b, you then needed to use item c in slot d to compensate for loss of stat e… Etc… None of this in D3, just stack crit and cc, mainstat and attackspeed ad infinitum.)

    • guys don’t let this topic hold you down… pc console.. who cares. blizzard got greedy and fucked diablo up. us the consumers have had the carrot dangled too long… fix d3 with ros or gtfo, no more chances.

  21. you are all fools… this game was made with the intent of the auction house making REAL money…. when bliz starts prioritizing quality / money then this can be fixed. d2- d3 occam’s razor google it

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  24. And if the changes weren’t made there would be people wetting themselves saying …. “Why are they still putting out crappy items? Have Blizzard learned nothing from the community? Do they even listen to us?”

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