There’s a lot of QQing today in the B.net forums over some early item finds in the Diablo 3 console. It’s not that the items are new or different or DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 — they’re the same items from the PC version with (potentially) bigger numbers, and some of the lower level legendaries look awesome when they’re scaled up to Inferno level.

    A couple of sample images, with more on the click through.


    I’m confused by the complaining over this. Just mindless jelly? People know it’s a different game, right? With different numbers for many things?

    As Blizzard said all along, the Diablo 3 console is *not* a direct port, where you’d expect to see the same numbers on items. The devs also said many times that they wanted to make gear easier to obtain via better quality drops, NPCs selling rares, crafting tweaked to produce better results, etc. So they are. So why are people surprised that console numbers are different and bigger?

    1. It’s a console game so of course it’s built to be easier and with more instant gratification.
    2. The devs who created the console version were determined not to make the same mistakes we saw in D3C in 2012 with crappy legendaries and low drop rates.
    3. The current D3 devs have made many changes to let players find better gear more quickly, and promised that Loot 2.0 will “cut the legs out from under” the Auction House.
    4. Finding awesome gear is fun, and that’s what console players are doing.
    5. There’s no Auction House in the console so players need to find better stuff on their own.
    6. There’s no Auction House in the console so the devs didn’t need to limit top quality gear to avoid completely flooding the market.

    If there’s a concern here, it’s that the players are finding such good gear so quickly that all challenge will be gone in a week. Obviously we don’t know anything about long term console balance; these might not even be very good quality items, compared to what people will find/craft in the weeks and months to come. Perhaps the devs planned it so that anyone who plays a lot and knows what they’re doing will be able to Ironborn gear up to blast through high levels of Monster Power, but that was necessary so that the majority of clueness noobs won’t find it too hard to progress? Time will tell.

    Click through for a full gallery of newly found D3 Console items that will make your D3 PC characters drool with envy.

    All pics courtesy of this guy’s Photobucket.

    I laughed at the first screenshot, since I was talking to Azzure about Loot 2.0 just a couple of days ago and said that the Pride of Cassius would be the best belt in the game if it rolled up to Inferno quality; a trifecta belt with faster movement? It’s Barb only, naturally. And there it is!

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