Diablo 3 Console Issues: Patching and Shared Drops

A couple of Blue replies on Diablo 3 Console issues. First up, patching plans.

Which version will get most support longterm? PC or Console?

imagesDo you think all future patches/expansions/updates/etc. will come out on console just as they do on PC? Obviously months and months later, but will they get them?
Grimiku: We plan on supporting Diablo III to the best of our ability no matter what platform it’s on, but something to keep in mind is that there are a lot of inherent differences between the console and PC versions of the game. A patch for one may not translate as well to the other, but that will have to be determined on a case by case basis.

I predict that this common sense answer will get quoted and twisted into “Bliz sez only console patches frist!” within a week. Because INTERNET!

In other news, a fan asked about a non-ninja loot option for local play on the Console.

After looking at the recent demo it is clear that local loot needs to be auto assigned and not left to a first to grab model. The fact that loot can be grabbed by anyone leads to unnecessary tension and uncertainty when playing. You can see in the demo how it became an issue even to the point where people overcorrected and were afraid to pick up loot. This is going to be an even bigger problem because ranged characters will have a harder time getting to the loot.

…The simple fact of life is that there are people that you could have a blast playing local coop with but are jerks or selfish. It is one thing to play competitively against them within the confines of a game. It is another when a game encourages that competitiveness out in the real world.
Grimiku: You’ve got a valid concern, and the console team spent a lot of time looking at the best solution that would minimize the amount of time local coop games need to spend in the inventory screen. Pressing up on the directional pad will allow players to quickly go through the last 10 items they picked up, so they can compare items, equip, or drop them for other members of the group without opening up the inventory menu. This means that there is no need to leave loot behind on the ground, since you can quickly drop anything that would be an upgrade for your party members without slowing down the action.

Remember that you only share loot when playing on the same machine, in the same room. Console play via online services works just like D3 on the PC today, with individual drops for everyone. Given that fact, I think the OP is being silly. Maybe I’m jaded after growing up an only child, but I figure if you’re sharing a room, much less a piece of furniture, you can figure out how to share loot more or less amicably. Furthermore, I think that real life negotiation and interaction actually adds some fun and spice to the playing experience. In fact it could be even worse with individual drops, since you’d see what items other people got and then have to ask them to drop it so you could have it, and they’d feel it was “theirs,” rather than a group item they just happened to grab first.

Just a thought exercise, but what if you could enable shared drops, D2 style ninja looting, in a D3 game now? Say it came with oh… +100% MF to all drops. So it’s kind of like the console with the “fewer but better drops” where you don’t see as many total items, but the ones you do see are better. I don’t imagine that would be a real popular feature in public games, but how about with friends? Would that add an interesting wrinkle and potential for profit? Or would that suck for ranged attackers and ruin friendships in a game with a built in Auction House that puts an instant gold value on all item finds?

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15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console Issues: Patching and Shared Drops

  1. Well, I’m not so sure about the OP silliness. Of course in the case of penny arcade, when everybody levels up together, they could arrange for the best interest of the group.
    But imagine 2 high level characters like how most people play now on the PC. A perfect roll of one of the best legendaries drops, the thing which costs billions and happens once in a life time : couldn’t it create frustration and anger between the players ?
    If at least one is smart he will let it go, but between stubborn fans it could be the end of their relation (even a divorce ? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. If you can’t play nicely…

    If I was to get it for PS3..I’d get out a pair of dice. Problem solved.

  3. Do PC and console have same patch cycle?
    No, cause if so pc version would already have scaled down/up items, and many other things.

    After D3 gamers everywhere have learned one thing.
    If you ask the developers “will the game be available across multiple platforms?” and the answer is even a slight maybe… then you should steer away from that game.

  4. Flux, two years ago, you would have LAUGHED at the idea that console versions of the upcoming Diablo III game would not only have a – temporary or not – solution to some of the problems that are currently broken in the pc version..

    You would have shaken your head at the idea that Blizzard developers will tiptoe around a single question instead of saying “of course the PC version is the most important. it is our core, it is our heart, it is our legacy”.

    Is not it absolutely absurd? I get it, though: POLITICS! You need to sound supportive towards console versions….but not like this. 12 million PC Diablo III Sold. Not a few millions, not less than D2. 12 million. You do not say stuff like “eh, we shall see”. Politics. They do not want to discourage console players. But from what? The superior pc version? And if the pc version is not superior, then it is a travesty. Bad place to be in, for us and for them as well. But yaay, a few more million sales awaits them, I guess.

    • Not sure what your first sentence means. Bliz PR (as quoted in this post) is handling the console exactly as I’d have expected. As you said, it’s politics. Even if it was true, they’re not going to say, “Yeah, we only really care about the PC version and the console is just a port cash cow so it’ll be a lower priority to patch.”

      They have different tech, different user bases, PC gamers are more demanding and expect faster patching and more updates, etc. The console seems pretty handy to me, as a PC-only gamer. It lets the devs test out possible fixes and changes for future PC stuff, like improved rares, no-AH, etc. I asked Wyatt and Josh several questions on that topic during our recent interview.

      • I think he was talking about you with his “politics” stuff…
        He seems to be implying that because you’re not bashing Blizzard for their console work, that you completely sold out in order to get back into their good graces.
        As this is the internet, he’s obviously correct ๐Ÿ™‚ You can either completely hate something or be a sell out. No other options whatsoever!

        • No, I was not accusing him of anything like that.
          It is simply frustrating to see that in a content-drought period, Blizzard seemingly cares more about the console version than the pc counterpart. Extremely unsettling, and weird, although (as I clearly expressed), it can be understood…if the pc versions did not clock in 12 million sales. But it did.

  5. “I predict that this common sense answer will get quoted and twisted into โ€œBliz sez only console patches frist!โ€ within a week. Because INTERNET!”
    Why such pessimism? A week is way too long! The third comment already nailed that one ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Actually, the internet answer will turn out to be: I have to wait xx amount of time for them to finish the console patch!!

  6. It’d be terrible in D3 even more so than it would otherwise be in an ARPG. Remember kids, there’s only a few items anyone wants, and all the other items no one wants. There’s been absolutely no indication that console will change this, in fact it seems console is based on an earlier version of the game (they said 1.07 at one point… what the hell).

    Given the sort of *****fests we’ve seen already, where people spend as much time fighting over the amazing blues on the way to the Skeleton King as it would have taken to get there and kill him you know it’s gonna be a cluster**** when people hit the real game in Inferno and something actually good drops. Especially since there’s been no indication they intend on altering build viability to make more builds useful, and if they do make a build viable they make another one not viable keeping that pool small. Point is, everyone’s gonna be Barbs, and I’m gonna be laughing my *** off when a Str Mempo drops for them.

    Especially with how the devs constantly obsess over how local multiplayer is the game’s best feature.

    Seriously guys, instanced loot was D3’s best feature. Taking that away is the surest way to not sell any games.

  7. Playing with friends, I would enable a D2 loot mode. Particularly with some friends who often ask me what to keep and what to sell…

    Now, now Draco. Play nicely

  8. Path of Exile fixes this beautifully by reserving drops for a small period of time.

    Are blizzard devs so untalented/lazy that they can’t figure out something similar?

    • Thats what I’ve been thinking Aurelianz. POE has absolutely nailed itemization and currency issues, absolute best part of the game. I really wish Blizzard would just steal some of those ideas and mix it in with their awesome gameplay. But I have just lost faith that Blizzard is able to do it. Still hoping to be stunned!

      • Ironic since PoE is essentially Diablo 2.5, in terms of itemization. D2 was their prime motivation to make a video game at least, and they certainly learned wise lessons from it. Unlike the D3 team at Bliz Irvine who were determined to reinvent the wheel, often to their detriment.

  9. Greetings. When it came to that loot thread, I feel like no one in it had actually ever played a auto assigned loot game on same screen co-op, because in reality it causes nothing but more problems. If a bow drops for a melee character and I’m ranged, or vice versa, we will have to keep on exchanging items through a menu instead of just merely agreeing to who can pick up what. Perhaps they could have found some system that assigned class specific weapons be assigned to their appropriate users, well then people will still have to do the same thing with armor, trinkets and whatnot, and it would cause a lot of unnecessary menu usage. A lot of people who would agree with TC don’t even know that there is a quick item select on the Dpad, so I’d urge them to research what they’re talking about before jumping a bandwagon.

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