Diablo 3 Console Hotfixes

Just a couple of days ago some Diablo 3 console players discovered a bug with the +attribute bonuses from item sets sticking permanently. Blizzard acknowledged the issue then, and they’ve already fixed it, as this morning’s Diablo 3 Console Hotfixs announcement details:


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused specific set bonuses on the following four item sets to permanently modify a hero’s core stats (STR, DEX, INT, or VIT) each time they were equipped and the hero was loaded into the game:

  • Blackthorne’s Armor
  • Endless Path
  • Guardian’s Contingency
  • Zunimassa’s Whispers
  • Please note that this hotfix will only prevent new occurrences of the bug. In order to correct core stats on heroes who were affected by this bug prior to the hotfix going live, we will need to provide a separate patch (for PS3 users) and title update (for Xbox 360 users). We’re currently hoping to deploy this patch/title update by the end of the month, and will provide another update once it’s live.

    I wonder how many people are even affected by this? I recorded a podcast focused entirely on the console last night with two guests who have been playing a lot since the release, and neither of them had spent much if any time in Inferno yet, and hadn’t assembled any item sets; not even with the aid of the much increased legendary drop rates.

    On that topic, you’ll hear much more when the podcast is posted (later today), but I found their comments about loot on the console very interesting. Both guests said it’s in no way shape or form “Loot 1.5” as some have been calling it. It’s just Loot 1.0 with bigger numbers and more legendaries. The console raises the floor and ceiling for item quality, but it does nothing to change the affixes and general item value.

    This means that all the same gear issues from D3C are going to reoccur, and it seems likely that soon enough players will be complaining that the only stats worth having are DiabloWikiCC, DiabloWikiCD, DiabloWikiIAS, DiabloWikiMainstat, Res All, etc. And since the whole system is accelerated for console-style instant gratification, it won’t be long until the Diablo 3 console forums will be filled with early adapters and overachievers rehashing the same item complaints we’ve been marinating in for months. And joining their PC/Mac brethren in turning eager eyes towards the longed for salvation that is DiabloWikiLoot 2.0.

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    14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console Hotfixes

    1. The people that ran out and bought the console version don’t get to complain. With a year+ of word of mouth, they should not have bought the pile of garbage. But unfortunately, some people don’t learn without making the mistake themselves.

      • “If it wasn’t a Blizzard title, Diablo II would be dismissed as the bimboesque bit of frippery it actually is, and gain no more than a passing interest from most folk. Be warned.”
        75/100 Games Radar
        Happy hunting my friend and may loot be with you 🙂

        • gameinformer… “Diablo III: Blizzard’s Return To Consoles Is A Smashing Success”

          gameinformer… “Blizzard is finally inviting console gamers back into the fold with a retooled version of its critically acclaimed dungeon crawler, Diablo III.”

          History says the person that wrote the Games Radar review has his head up is ass as much as the person that wrote the gameinformer review.

    2. That won’t happen, b/c console players will beat the game and trade it in for something else. Like most console games.

    3. If there is no change in character and combat mechanics there will be no salvation coming from Loot 2.0, 3.0 or Loot 99.99 for that matter.

      The loot is D3 as boring as the inflation loot in wow is.
      Compare these two items: http://www.wowhead.com/item=19865 and http://www.wowhead.com/item=104585

      At least in Wow it actually makes sense to have inflation loot since you open up new areas of the game.

      It would be good to have gear in the game that takes more than the IQ of a goldfish to understand whether it is a replacement for what you are wearing.

      • Power creep

        WoW has already made see its probable *fix* ( bad imo ) either MegaDamage, or ItemLevelSquish on the horizon … more info at next blizzcon…

        I wish they went the way some games did and have zones/dungeons/raids to you when you go back in there, you would still be powerfull, but not faceroll powerfull.

        Then maybe add a reason for players to go back to those zones!!, rotating once a week only 3 zones mobs drop X item required for high level crafting, and only X dungeons drop Y item for etc…

        Keep producing new content is nice… but when it just trashes the old one, something is at a loss… expansions get only compared to each other by number of bosses and hardest encounters, and some expansions come out as clear loosers.

        Then again that would mean that they would probably go the way of:
        -same mob but since its different zone gets a new colour!! more often then not.

    4. [quote]And joining their PC/Mac brethren in turning eager eyes towards the longed for salvation that is Loot 2.0.[/quote]
      Is there any indication yet that Loot 2.0 is more than just upping the numbers, upping the droprate and some unique affixes for Legendaries? Is actually fixing the issues with itemization part of the plan? (Up to now I can only see them addressing “only being popcorn without substance” by “throwing more popcorn”… 🙁 )

      • I bought the console version for XBOX 360 because I was really curious about the absence of AH(all forms) and the loot 1.5. After playing it for about 10+ hours (single or local coop) I must say that PC version looks like a pre-alpha version with broken design (on most everything) and I don’t know if I will buy the expack on PC.

        Loot 1.5:
        Nothing game-changing, just proper main stat rolls (there is also very high chance to roll socket on everything, because weapon without socket is in most cases doomed) and you feel that the weapons are not 100% random with retarded odds to roll even a mediocre item. The Loot 2.0 will be better, I think, but nothing game-changing (just a band aid fix).

        Yes, you can actually find legendaries on all difficulty settings which is finally diablo-insh (no, not 1 crappy legendary for every 60 hours). While there are not build-changing, most of the time it is and I am fine with that. The fantastic feeling when you kill an enemy or open a chest and a legendary drops…

        Console version has some changes in skills too. Played only monk and wizzard, for now. Some useless monk skills are finally ‘fixed’ (like healing skills or some passives).

        Difficulty is wayyyy higher than D3 on PC. On PC, you can faceroll normal-nightmare-hell on MP 10 (like I did) even without use of AH (GAH or RMAH, never used it), while on console normal+MP 4 (Hard) or MP5 (Master I) you will get your ass kicked a lot (but is also more entertaining, if you forget about the 1-hit-kill frustration sometimes).

        And the best thing, no AH (the cancer of D3):
        The main reason why D3 on console is way better than crappy PC version is the absence of AH. From the start of the game you can feel that nothing is tied to it, no crappy odds on item rolls, not retarded restrictions, legendaries are dropping D2-style (I mean frequency) and are most of the time really good (in terms of upgrade). You finding your upgrades from drops or vendors or by crafting (yes, crafting is actually useful, wow!).

        So, if Blizzard wants to fix their D3 mess, the first thing they need to do is killing the AH (sorry but, if it is alive in some form, something will be tied to it, and that will ruin the gameplay experience for most players, just see D3 on PC now ). And that is just a start (main stat, weapon dmg as skill dmg, no builds, …………..).

    5. Josh said at gamescon the reason they gave all the new/RoS information is because they were too excited and couldnt wait any longer.

      The real reason was that the console was soon to be out with new loot and shared paragon and without any new information for the PC a lot of PC players would have raged.

      • I’m pretty sure these things are decided by the marketing guys rather than the developers or the C/M’s.

        But of course, about Josh being too excited, he just babbled something nice. What else should he do?

        • Could you think about the scenario of the console game coming out with all these cool features with no information about the expansion/Loot 2.0/Paragon 2.0 for the PC.

          The pc fans are already raging, just think how much rage would have gone on without the RoS excitement.

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