Just a couple of days ago some Diablo 3 console players discovered a bug with the +attribute bonuses from item sets sticking permanently. Blizzard acknowledged the issue then, and they’ve already fixed it, as this morning’s Diablo 3 Console Hotfixs announcement details:


    Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue that caused specific set bonuses on the following four item sets to permanently modify a hero’s core stats (STR, DEX, INT, or VIT) each time they were equipped and the hero was loaded into the game:

  • Blackthorne’s Armor
  • Endless Path
  • Guardian’s Contingency
  • Zunimassa’s Whispers
  • Please note that this hotfix will only prevent new occurrences of the bug. In order to correct core stats on heroes who were affected by this bug prior to the hotfix going live, we will need to provide a separate patch (for PS3 users) and title update (for Xbox 360 users). We’re currently hoping to deploy this patch/title update by the end of the month, and will provide another update once it’s live.

    I wonder how many people are even affected by this? I recorded a podcast focused entirely on the console last night with two guests who have been playing a lot since the release, and neither of them had spent much if any time in Inferno yet, and hadn’t assembled any item sets; not even with the aid of the much increased legendary drop rates.

    On that topic, you’ll hear much more when the podcast is posted (later today), but I found their comments about loot on the console very interesting. Both guests said it’s in no way shape or form “Loot 1.5” as some have been calling it. It’s just Loot 1.0 with bigger numbers and more legendaries. The console raises the floor and ceiling for item quality, but it does nothing to change the affixes and general item value.

    This means that all the same gear issues from D3C are going to reoccur, and it seems likely that soon enough players will be complaining that the only stats worth having are DiabloWikiCC, DiabloWikiCD, DiabloWikiIAS, DiabloWikiMainstat, Res All, etc. And since the whole system is accelerated for console-style instant gratification, it won’t be long until the Diablo 3 console forums will be filled with early adapters and overachievers rehashing the same item complaints we’ve been marinating in for months. And joining their PC/Mac brethren in turning eager eyes towards the longed for salvation that is DiabloWikiLoot 2.0.

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