Diablo 3 Console Guide and Reviews

nepahlem globeAlthough the console version of Diablo 3 is very similar, having the same zones, monsters, classes, skills and systems such as Paragon, Infernal Machine etc there are some pretty fundamental differences.

Whether you’re completely new to Diablo 3 and thinking of getting the console version or an old hand but thinking maybe you’d like to take your D3 to the lounge the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Console page on Diablo Wiki provides a good overview of the differences between the two versions.

There are details on the reworked Monster Power, different game modes, differences in functionality, items and even a nice like breakdown of the history of Blizzard’s teasing and eventual announcement that a console version was coming.

  • If you’re just getting your hands on the console, we’ve got a Diablo 3 console first impressions thread in our D3 Console forum. Compare/contrast to D3 PC, or whatever else you first notice.
  • Remember to enable the DiabloWikiElective Mode so you can use whichever skills you like.
  • We’ve added several more reviews to our DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Console reviews article in the wiki. The professional reviewer scores are running a little below the ratings for the D3 PC/Mac, but the user scores are vastly higher; all green so far on Metacritic for PS3 and Xbox. Very different story from the “hate the RMAH and online-only” ragegasm we saw back in May 2012.
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    1. The Nephalem Globe gives random buffs (It has a chance to replace health globes).
      I’m just wondering if this is INSTEAD of the buff totems, or if it is as well as….

      Either way, I don’t plan on playing console, so it doesn’t effect me 🙂

    2. I’ll play it if there´s a Wii version. WW all across the living room…

      Wiiablo ftw :p

    3. I’m one who is getting the console version even tho I’ve had 2 copies of PC version. My biggest reason is comfort factor in playing D3 with my wife. My office is really only setup comfortably for one person. I use 2 computers for work so while we can play, it involves bringing in a not so comfortable chair and sitting really close. (my desk is in an L shape)

      I’m really looking forward to playing on the couch and on the 40 inch screen. I ordered from Amazon as I wasn’t in a huge hurry. My copy will get here Thursday.

    4. anyone notice the highest scores are all from well known websites who get paid advertizing?

      what a joke.

      the game should get a solid 7-7.5.

      yet a lot of sites gave it over 80……..and those 90+ are a total joke

      • All websites fund by advertising entirely or in part, like most publications and commercial tv/radio. That is not to say scores aren’t ever skewed for reasons not entirely transparent to the reader.

        Also a lot of sites aren’t “complete-game review” sites. This I find most frustrating. As I plan on playing the entire game I’d like a review of the entire game, including end game if necessary.

      • Maybe your the joke…..( have u played this game????) This game got what it got cus its that good. For a redesighed game for Pc to Console this game is great in all aspects with flow and offline to online and even splitscreen with online. Massive amount of hours. just a well made game all around with lil complaint( not the best story but it has one) Great cinimatics and there a dlc comming out with new act and higher level cap makes it even better and more hours of gameplay. one of the best coop RPG of our time for console by far. so a 9.25 by informer and 90 here and a low 85 there is low balling in my eyes this game is a solid 95 9.5 how ever you look at it

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