Vote: Diablo 3 Console First Impressions

We set up a forum thread for Diablo 3 console first impressions and some players have helpfully submitted them. Good info about how the console differs from the PC version, and not just in terms of bigger numbers on end game gear.

Here are some interesting excerpts from posts in the thread; click to Diablo 3 console forum to read much more.

Darksilanus:-Playing on medium (equivalent of MP 2) seems to give a density increase, even on normal. I feel like I’m running into bigger packs than I do on the PC version…though not quite the bedlam of MP1+ in Inferno on PC. I’ve thought that this might be because of the view being pulled in closer to your character so everything seems bigger, closer, etc, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to test on Easy (MP 0).

-Character seems to run faster out in dungeons than in town. Run speed in general feels faster. This is most certainly because of the closer view I mentioned above.

-Random tidbits…You don’t have to click on bodies, cracked floor panels, etc to have them release their goodies. Automatic. Vendors do indeed sell better quality yellow items. The inventory is functional and probably as good as it can be for the type of game, but my personal preference is still the Tetris game of the PC version. That being said, being able to mark things as junk to facilitate salvaging and vendor selling is pretty darn convenient.

Toxe: My first impression is that it just feels right. Even after having played huge amounts of Diablo 1, 2 and 3 it might turn out that I could like the console controls better than mouse and keyboard. But we will have to see about that once I am higher level. Anyways, playing with the controller works remarkably well.

I can’t say much about loot yet, but I found some OK’ish rares. And there are a lot less white and grey rubbish drops.

Almost all the feedback so far is positive, and it’s not like we’re deleting negative comments or anything. It just seems like players are quite happy with the console version of Diablo 3. I don’t think enough of you guys have it yet (or at all) to vote on the reaction, so let’s just do a survey on WANT, shall we?

Will you obtain the Diablo 3 Console version?

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10 thoughts on “Vote: Diablo 3 Console First Impressions

  1. I watched alot of streams and i gotta say the game looks and feels great (by watching), the players were happy and having fun (just like we all were in the 1st month of the game), the drop system seems nice and the game feels like ‘play to win’.

    I would def buy the game IF i had a console to play, saddly im a PC player, my last console was a PS2, but yes, if i had a PS3 i would pick it up, even if its to play when maintence on PC is on.

  2. Having no AH on the console is a pretty big selling point but the item system is still flawed and boring so I’m not rushing out to buy the console version. What I would want is fix the itemization as far as improving “build changing items” and implement a non-AH mode for PC players.

  3. *if this is a 2nd post, please delete!*

    As some of you know, I am very critical about D3 on PC and how big of a let down it was for me, being an old time fan of the series since the golden years in the 90’s. D3 for PC was a disgrace to die hard fans of the series. I really believe that the only ones who appreciate D3 on PC are ex-WoW players, since it was basically tailored to those players.

    Being my birthday yesterday, (same day as release of D3 console) my wife had pre-ordered the PS3 console version back in June which we picked up yesterday.

    I will say.. Very pleased with the console version. IMHO.. Its 1000% better than PC with the freedom I now have to play when I want, offline or with my wife/friends on one Tv screen. I also like the fact that I am not forced into using AH to play the game.. Lag is no longer an issue for HardCore finally! The controller is much simpler to use than the PC mouse/keyboard. No more tideous picking at dead bodies and cracked floors for loot, all I do is walk by and poof it pops up. No more ID’ing yellow items really makes life easier. The graphics on my Tv are much better than when I used the computer through the Tv, very crisp and looks lovely. I enjoy Quest rewards more now too, since they have yielded my wife and I very nice items that we could use. Vendors also sell good items. I actually use potions and have to move around when I fight, verse D3’s stand like an idiot and fire methods.

    D3 console brought back some of the strategy I missed from Diablo 1 and Diablo 2. It also brought back the feeling of “self found” again that I craved for D3. Monster density is incredibly higher even in Normal mode. For the kind of density I have just starting the game, I would have to work my way all the way to Inferno to get the same effect on PC. Console is way more fun for me since I socialize with friends/family in my real life and we can now sit back, crack open some sodas or beer and play together. Sharing items brings us closer together in our game as well, so I love that aspect.

    Strange to hear ZeroAffex say positive things about D3 Flux isn’t it Flux? Haha.. The console version is just what I needed to enjoy D3 once more. Though, don’t get me wrong. Diablo 2 is still my game of choice and I will be playing it way more than the console D3, but when I do play D3 on console, I will be having a lot of fun. That is for sure.


    PS: To those who say you can get 1300 DPS in 1 day are liars.. My wife and I played 6 hours yesterday and I spent another 4 today. No Legendaries.. Only found 2 yellows outside town as well. We play on “Hard”, this morning I went to “Master 1” and have yet to get anything good. Leveling is really slow since I can shop good XP gear on AH, so 10 or so hours in I am only level 18 where if I spent that time on PC, I’d probably be level 50 or 60.

    The people who are already paragon leveling probably got their copy of D3 way before the release date and are now pissing PC players off by showing off their awesome gear/levels, making it seem like it was only 1 day of playing.. Don’t buy into it.

    Do yourselves a favor, if you appreciated Diablo 1 or 2.. and TRY THIS GAME.

    • Just talked to a friend who got it on Monday and he’s found 4 legendaries so far, and his highest char is only through Magda. He’s played 4 classes so far up to skeleton king though, and said he found 3 of the legs from barrels or chests. Obviously RNG, but that’s 4 more legs than you’d expect on PC from that much play time.

      There aren’t any guaranteed leg drops from bosses, though. That *was* a feature in the RoS demo at Gamescom and will probably be in Loot 2.0 in D3, but it’s not in the console now.

  4. Not going to buy a console to play D3 for the time being.
    Bigger audience, bigger money, can’t really blame bliz here.
    I still have hope for improvement on the PC, come RoS and the pre-patch 2.0, can’t wait to reroll affixes etc. I wonder however why RoS does not feature Reforging à la WoW yet, so at least I could get 40% of that +150 DEX to INT on the Wands I find… Seriously, of all the WoW things they could bring in, we get Transmog…

  5. Going to get it for the Xbox One. It sounds like the console version is better than the pc version. Such a shame but life goes on..

  6. If all the video stores in my area hadn’t already closed down I would totally rent it to try. But, too invested in the PC version to buy it outright.

  7. Barb: lvl 18
    Wiz: lvl 15
    DH: lvl 15 (all in act II)

    I found 3 legendaries, but I did go in almost every cave so far (never happend in the PC version). I also cleared every place even when I know where to go obviously. Let’s be real here: The AH is the worst thing ever happend to the Diablo franchise. On the PC I spend all my gold on items when leveling my first characters and I loved it. Mostly because I hated trading in D2. But the AH sucks big time. I don’t even miss it on the console version and it let’s you play the game you want to play. The should remove it from the PC version.

    There are some fine changes to the game overall. Crafting and vendors are usefull now on low levels. I like the ‘new” gemsystem, but I’m not that far as really understanding it right now. Nephalem Glory is very usefull and offcourse the legendaries are better so far.

  8. Blizzard … remove the f*king auction house from the pc version, if you have any respect left for the community ..

    at least give a server where we are not forced to use it or have it influence in the slightest.

  9. i’ll admit that I was sort of put off D3 when it came out for pc, so I never really felt motivated enough to dish out the £40 for a copy, but when the console version came out I decided I needed something new to play so I gave it a chance.
    Very good so far, had it around 5 days and currently on Hell mode, almost finished act 1, I loved D2 and even though D3 is so different, it does remind me of the previous game.

    For all those people talking about legendaries, they are a LOT more common in the console version, in my first playthrough I had well over 12 or so different legendaries, they drop quite commonly on console, and i’ve currently got two decent legendaries for my barb on Hell.

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