Diablo 3 Console Development Ramping Up?

We have heard in the past that Blizzard were “experimenting” with Diablo 3 on consoles and Bashiok’s last post on 10 January still stated they we re “exploring” the console idea.

“Yup” wasn’t meant to be an announcement. We’re still exploring a console version, but more importantly working on the PC/Mac version.

Another job posting has come up with this week and this time for a Senior Software Engineer, Console — Graphics Specialist where the position requires “developing rendering subsystems on multiple console platforms and ensuring the best representation of the game’s artistic vision”.

We can then assume that the console version is unlikely to be an ‘exclusive’ release on either the PS3 or 360 and that development could now be ramping up as the PC version is almost complete.

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  1. Wow, lol. The rabid people on teh interwebz.



  2. great……we  get D3 on nintendo DS…..   -_-

  3. They better hire back all those StarCraft: Ghost employees.  If you think about the limit of 6 active skills, and even how you navigate the skill rune configurations, they definitely are planning console friendly features.

  4. Still don’t see how you can play D3 with a controller…

  5. I’m all for a console version but there is just something nostalgic about playing Diablo on battle.net.

  6. If the focus is still on PC/MAC, then please for the love of all that’s holy enough with the console friendly UI. The current UI is a flaming pile of………

  7. If they were so console focused, you’d think they would have done these hirings years ago to release both console and PC versions at the same time.

  8. How can you aim your skills without a mouse?

    • Auto target when you move your character.

      • Doesn’t solve much problem imo. What if you’re a barb and you want to jump a cliff with leap? Is everything destructible an auto target?
        It’s IMPOSSIBRU
        Ok, let’s say you can make it with a PS3 joystick, still a pain in the “””.

        • Well, Torchlight on consoles aparently works fine, so why Diablo 3 would not ?

          • It depends. I haven’t played Torchlight, but if it’s as laid back as the Dark Alliance games, sure, I can see why a controller would work.

            But this is Diablo. If they stay true to the last iteration, serious playing will require precision and flawless reaction time.

            I present a simple situation like this one: img607.imageshack.us/img607/1541/targetu.jpg

            Waddle.. waddle.. DEAD.

          • [Some more editing possibilities would be cool, like adding clickable link to an url.]

          • precision? lol have you seen the atrocious auto targeting already in the beta?! bashiok keeps downplaying how much resources are being committed to console development.  you can quote me here, console launch is going to happen and expect it no more than a year after it comes on pc.  and ill go on a limb that it’ll come out before end of 2012. when it does come back and quote me.

  9. Can you imagine managing D3’s vast inventory space on a console controller?
    Seems like a nightmare to not be able to quickly drag and drop junk items with a mouse.

    • Don’t see why inventory would be much harder on a console. The main design decision would be whether to keep the click-to-go/attack where the cursor is from the PC or have independent movement/targeting systems (dual stick).

      • Yeah Duel Sticks Awesome!!!! but how exactly do you then use skills if both ur thumbs are locked on the sticks not being able to press X Y etc… beside that playing D3 on console would totally sloooow down everything, meaning: fixing inventory, aiming, looting, setting skills etc.. etc… I just don’t see it happening. There’s to many problem one cannot just simple fix without f*cking up the mechanics.

  10. If there is one game in the world thats supposed to be played on the computer, its Diablo 3!
    C´mon!!! Its the mouse cursor we are talking about!!!!!

  11. Why assume they won’t try to target a next gen box?  Isn’t the 720 happening before the end of ’13?

  12. Fuck the console version. This game should have been finished years ago.

  13. YAY!!……………not

  14. MORE GOOD NEWS!! First release date and now that they focus only on PC wohooo gj 😀

  15. I curious if you can link your battle.net account to an xbox version, if I could play from the same account and with my friends on PC.

  16. It’s obvious that they are still working on the console version, I mean, they just integrated the console version of the skill UI in patch 13. Wait ?…

  17. They don’t need to actively “work” on the console version.
    They can just make the PC version shitty because easier to port to console later.

  18. Nothing new here. Another gametype which just fucking sucks on consoles. Like fps.

  19. Come ooon, psvita version. Warriors Lair looks like repetitive grind fest. I want d3 on the go with ps3/vita integration.

  20. I remember playing Diablo 1 on Playstation 1, and from what I remember, it wasn’t the worst experience in the world. And that was before dual analog controllers. A PS3 can be had fairly cheap, much cheaper than a computer that can play it at full settings I would imagine. I would still prefer to play it on PC, as I did with D1.

  21. I’m not gonna buy this game if they screw it because of the consoles. I’m not gonna buy anything from Blizzard anymore. Just simple like that.

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