Diablo 3 Console Development Continues

In a Q&A session at Gamescom, Diablo III designer Josh Mosqueira said they are “very, very serious” about bringing Diablo III to a console platform. They won’t say which one they’re developing for, though past job openings on the Diablo III team for PlayStation 3 specialists might be something of a hint. A quote from the Kotaku write-up.

“Today, we’re trying to build the best console team at Blizzard,” Mosqueira said during a Q&A session. “We’re looking for programmers, designers and artists who think their dream job would be to bring Diablo to the console.”

While neither announcing nor confirming Diablo III for a Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo console platform, Mosqueira promised “All I can say is it’s going to be awesome. Stay tuned.”

It’s quite possible that the eventual console version of Diablo III will be great, but really… “dream job?” If your dream job is helping to water down Diablo III to make it playable on a much less powerful home gaming system without a proper keyboard or mouse…. you might want to have a word with your career counselor.

In other Blizzard gaming news from the same Q&A, Blizzard has no current plans to develop a Starcraft MMO, since all their developers are working on other stuff.

‘If there was a development team within Blizzard that was free and available to create a StarCraft MMO and that was something they were really passionate about then we would certainly consider it…But right now…, we’ve got our hands full with everything we’re doing.’

‘We don’t really have any plans to do anything beyond the StarCraft RTSes and the expansions right now,’

Finally, Blizzard wouldn’t comment on their newest trademark, “Mists of Pandaria.”

“We don’t comment on rumours or speculation,” was the initial answer World of Warcraft lead designer Tom Chilton gave when Brian Crecente asked him about Mists of Pandaria, the strange trademark application that came to light earlier this month, leading many to believe it was the name of the next World of Warcraft expansion pack.

Pandaria refers to the homeland of the Pandaren, anthropomorphic panda bears that have long been the subject of jokes between Blizzard and Warcraft fans. They appeared in Warcraft III and play a role in the World of Warcraft pen-and-paper RPG, but for the most part they’re naught but a legend in World of Warcraft proper, subject of tales of a hidden city locked away from the rest of Azeroth.

Update: Surprising number of complaints about the console joke in comments. It’s funny writing news posts with opinions and jokes to make them more interesting than just straight quotes or fanboy praise; we never know quite what will set some people off. Everyone likes (or at least doesn’t dislike) 99% the conversation, and then there’s that one thing that for one person triggers /ragequit bookmark delete!

We saw console versions of D2 and SC1, and “watered down” was far from the most unkind description that could have been applied. One hopes D3’s console version will be a big step up, but due to the technological limitations of current consoles, the ported versions of big PC games are watered down, and must be played without a proper mouse and keyboard. This may become less true in future generations of consoles, of course, but for now… it is what it is. See my reply in the comments if you want more debate about this silly issue.

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46 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console Development Continues

  1. I’ve noticed their careful wording when talking about Diablo on consoles. They never specifically say “Diablo III”, but normally, a “diablo experience”, which leads me to believe that it’s a different type of project. Perhaps an offshoot of Diablo III in some way.

    With how much Blizzard has vested in bnet, I can’t see them bringing a flagship title to a console. Maybe it’ll be some kind of “arcade” game like they have on xbox live; little (normally indie) titles that you download, not very long, cost a few bucks.

    • Hopefully this. If the developed an isometric ARPG from scratch for a console, it’d be pretty damn good. Designing the skills/combat to a controller layout should be a lot easier than RTS or traditional MMOs.

    • What like Diablo “Dark Alliance“?

      They have said that it would be Diablo 3 only it would be built from the ground up to work right on consoles, that they don’t want to try and shoe horn a PC game onto a console.  Jay Wilson said that in one of the interviews on Aug 1st

    • This tallies correctly with what Jay said to us in our interview. He wasn’t certain they could even bring the full game of Diablo 3 to the console, though if they could with the right team, they would. Thus, it would seem to me that, given the current complexity, it would be nigh impossible to get a game as fluid and true to the PC platform’s version.

    • They can tie anything on the consoles into battle.net if they want.

      Valve did it with Steam and Portal 2 on PS3. This would be a particular reason to make it a PS3 exclusive and not bring it to Xbox (and teach Microsoft a lesson).

  2. “water down Diablo III to make it playable on a much less powerful home gaming system without a proper keyboard or mouse”

    I don’t see what  processing power and input method have to do with the quality of a game?

    I thought D3 was being developed to work on a broad range of systems, from “less powerful” to top of the line.

    Besides, getting the chance to work for Blizzard and with the Diablo universe is one of my dream jobs!

    • It means “simplify the way Diablo 3 interacts with the gamer”. I dont think it means simplifying the game’s visuals. And anyhow, this is something that Torchlight did very well. I think Blizzard has a lot of their work done for them so this D3 console version shouldnt ideally take much time.
      But ofc….you can trust Blizzard to be pain-in-the-ass original. So I guess even D3-console will see light of day after a loooong time, maybe with Expansion 1 of D3.

      • Blizz could do that, but I don’t see why they would ‘need to’.  Flux used the words ‘less powerful’ so I figured he was referring to the processing power.

        It seems they could keep almost every system; runes, artisan, followers, etc. intact for a console and only really change some skills to be usable without a mouse.

        But of course battle.net is a whole other animal.

  3. They didn’t give me StarCraft: Ghost so until I see it I won’t believe it. (except, this time I kind of don’t want to see it =P)

  4. Mosqueira is the lead designer of the console version. expect console announcement on Blizzcon

  5. “It’s quite possible that the eventual console version of Diablo III will be great, but really… “dream job?” If your dream job is helping to water down Diablo III to make it playable on a much less powerful home gaming system without a proper keyboard or mouse…. you might want to have a word with your career counselor.”
    It’s retarded shit like this makes me (usually) skip everything but the blues post. I get that some of it is done tongue-in-cheek, but I’d much rather read some real commentary instead of your tired old rants.

    • ye people would properly much rather work @ subways/Mc`Donalds than working on an AAA-Game for the most succeful Videogame company, with the best working environment and payment you can possibly get in the industry….
      but how would Flux know he gets no invitation to Blizzard HQ

      • Oh, it’s the best working environment in the industry? Cool. Didn’t know you’ve dipped your toe into the water of the gaming industry as a whole to deliver us this awesome report.

        What was your time like at Atari? Valve?

        • well i know first hand from freelance artists who worked for blizzard  and / or talked with Artist at Blizzard HQ irvine. they also payed better per piece (mostly WoW TcG) than similar companies.
          though  i cannot tell if other companies can offer similar luxuries like inhouse cinemar/gym/lybrary/cafeteria i`d bet my left arm that this is far from standart – and even if its not _THE BEST_ its propably among the best.

    • *Not sure if crazy blizzard fanboy or crazy console fanboy…*

      Logically, wouldn’t anyone who wanted to help produce the watered down console version of D3 rather be part of the team making D3 in the first place? Creating the game itself, not just converting it to a couch potato version?  It’s like saying someone’s dream job is designing the DVD for a movie, instead of designing the movie itself.

      Obviously working on a diablo console project beats most other jobs in the video game industry, and it would be a great way to get a foot in the door at Blizzard, but none of those do a “dream job” make.

      Or perhaps it’s just a definitional issue. I take “dream job” to be the best job you could ever have or want. Not just something pretty good that might be a stepping stone to something better, down the road.

      • people in the industry are very specialzed. and the platform programer / experts  would do the same job for every company and if this particular profession is not their “dream-profession” why would they have learned it to begin with ? what matters is the position – and if the position is at blizzard – hell why wouldnt any platform programmer want that particular job ?
        besides what are your illusions about programer in general ? ; i mean you do realize that this is a programer position and not a Game design position do you ? do you think its all just fun fun fun – like playing diablo 3 before everyone else ?  i mean the programer also do nothing else than what the gamedesign people say they want – . i bet everyone gives opinion on design but at the end of the day everyone has his particular job.
        and what people consider to be a “dreamjob” is very objective anyway … not everyone wants to be a rockstar.
        do you consider your job to be a  dreamjob ?

  6. hubb, If you just want the blues just go directly to blues.incgamers.com, no ‘rants’ there.  @WhiteGiant – I think he would know he’s been there half a dozen times already (on invitation).

        • so talking down to people on the frontpage for being a poor miserable platform programer who “water down” the diablo franchise is objective journalism ?
          wow that piece of feedback means so much too me especially considering the modest source. thanks Risingred.
          i dont think it offended flux because i used the adjective “stupid” about his remark. but rather because he knew i had a point. and he would have only made it worse if he commented on it. but with the power of the moderator you can easily undo such things. convinient

          • Flux probably hasn’t seen your comment. It was me who deleted it for reasons not  dissimilar to what Risingred supposed.

            As a multiple console owner I don’t feel offended in the least bit.

          • @ Elly
            so why dont you let the community judge wether or not the comment was invalid / unreasonable ? via up-down / comment …. ?
            i mean it sure as hell was not so unreasonable  that it could be considered flat out spam / insult. (as you can see by other poster here who brought up exactly the same topic).
            i mean if there is a criticial  / biased opinion openly phrased on the frontpage one should atleast have the integrity to deal with oposing arguments / opinions. this is 21th century …
            iam always open for criticism. on the dealing and recieving end. and if this means being unpopular – so be it.

          • “so talking down to people on the frontpage for being a poor miserable platform programer who “water down” the diablo franchise is objective journalism ?”

            Who said anything about objective journalism? This is a fansite for a video game, it isn’t the Wall Street Journal.

            You didn’t even bother to think about why Flux’s comment was there to begin with. You’re on an entitled rant over your butthurt feelings for consoles (of which I often play my 360, by the by), which has little to do with anything.

          • you dont need to be Wall street Journalist to cultivate some kind objectiveness and empathy i mean this is no 16th century marketplace either – these are some very basic social skills you dont need to be a frickin journalist at all to get that.
            and btw my latest console is a Game Cube and even if my feelings were “butthurt” i would sure as hell have no illusions about Blizzard releasing Diablo 3 on the Game Cube. but if one reached your level of ignorance ; one can apparently go through brickwalls of reason and common sense. just to reach a cheap attempt of humiliation.

          • I totally agree with this. Seriously this site is becoming more and more annoying to read.
            I’m here because of the news only (which is at least something the site is doing well); but having to read all those front page posts posts from Flux are getting seriously annoying day after day. Those are just rants against Blizzard or anyone who is not agreeing with him like this Console position. Sorry but a lot of people would dream about that and making them feel like “retarded” (yah you did not use the word specificaly but it is the same) is certainly not very enjoyable. Same for like 90% of the post on the front page, always ranting after Blizzard or even posting votes that again make you feel like a retarded if you select the “wrong” option or another discussion about another “controversial” topic. No wonder why Blizzard’s PR is not sending you any invite for events anymore.

            It is you website guys and you can do whatever you want but I really think you should stop for second and slow down on bashing on everything if you want to keep people reading it. I really enjoyed this site a year ago…

          • @ imaginedvl and WhiteGiant – what you see is what you get here.  It’s not what you want, I get that and sympathise.  If I were in your position I’d think about finding another source for my D3 fix, something that suited my requirements better.

          • even though many frontpage article are biased, its still the largest most dedicated up to date Community – but i can tell the fiction from fact apart and iam not a blind lemming.  and after all, this fansight is more than Flux or you or anyone who happens to make an appearance on the frontpage- most of all, its the community. and even though you disagree with me – i think that fact alone bears some responsibility.

            and after all i dont mind a rumble / discussion if it has a leg to stand on – if it has one ; thats superb i enjoy thought out discussion / arguments.  if it has no leg to stand on 9 times ouf 10  people barely need me to embarras themself.

            but censorship ? sorry i have comprehension for that. its a medival form of expressing helplessness.

          • fanside* strange quirk of me to write words according to their sound… even if several words sound alike ..
            what a pitty you can only edit a comment a short while after posting it …

  7. I will buy the D3-pc-version at launch day.
    I will also buy D3-ps3-version at launch day.
    Thank you.

    • Just make sure to complain about how Blizzard completely ruined both games up until then. 😉

    • If it really is the next expansion, has Blizzard settled their disputes with butthurt China over pandas or is China just not going to get the next expansion this time?

  8. watered down?  I’m not gonna say you are wrong.  But I will say there are plenty of buttons on the ps3 controller to keep all 6 skills active.  x for normal attack, triangle, circle, square for skill slots 1-3.  hold right trigger for skills 4-6.  Still leaves 3 trigger buttons for other stuff like the occasional heal/mana potion.  not to mention the dpad.

    I’ve been playing dungeon siege 3 on ps3…it plays perfectly fine, even co-op.  In fact, given the choice, I might prefer console as I wouldn’t have to worry about hardware requirements.  Also allows me and the wife to play coop comfortably on the couch sitting next to each other, as opposed to our desks.

    Flux, I’m sorry but you are getting really negative lately.  To be honest, it’s making me want to find another site to follow.  Just report the news.  If you want to comment, do it in the comments.  I know its your site and you can do whatever you damn well please..but you weren’t like this a couple of months ago.  Of course, you might be doing it to drive traffic.  What better way to get people to comment than to say something controversial.  I suppose if thats what you are aiming at, you are doing a fine job of it.  I’d say thats a short-term gain tho, long term loss.  We might care at the beginning to comment, but eventually many will just leave and stop visiting.

    • Completely agree with your last paragraph. There’s something to be said for objective reporting. It’s, like, professional.

      • It is objective if you look at texture quality, model polygon counts, load times, and input methods.  Nobody is saying it won’t work, it is just a derivative experience and IMO for-the-worse.  And I must say that I have 3 gaming PCs, a 360, a PS3, and a Wii… it’s not like I haven’t done the “Pepsi Challenge”.
        BTW, objective reporting?  Where, Fox? CNN? NY Times? That is like finding a unicorn.  Welcome to the real world! Happy gaming.

        • I like you.

          The game would be “watered down” not just on a technical side, but on a gameplay side. Like it or not, there’s a very different audience on consoles than on PC game. It’s a rift that’s been around for a very long time and it isn’t just imagined. There’s plenty of developers who have spoken on the differences between the two audiences and how they develop games for both.

          Call it “streamlining” if you want. I think that’s the usual euphemism.

  9. I think the whole ‘console gaming is lame and inappropriate/too weak for a game as awesome as D3’ slant here is pretty dated IMO.
    I really enjoy playing games on a computer – I have been doing it for 25 years.  And there are certainly some advantages for a game maker.  The full keyboard and mouse will support a very complex user interface.  You can focus all your energy on supporting just one platform (Windows/Intel) or maybe two (if you include Mac).  A new computer will often be more powerful than an existing console.  And the computer is the home device most likely to have a high speed internet connection.
    However, I think this is all kind of like extolling the virtues of VCRs and video tapes.  The world is slowly moving on from gaming on the PC.  There are a few genres, like RTSs and in depth RPGs, that are still predominantly on the PC.  But I think in general PC gaming is the past, console gaming is the present, and some mix of portable/console gaming is the future.  If you disagree, stop by your local Best Buy and check out the relative sizes of the PC Games section vs. the XBOX360/PS3/Wii sections.  PC Gaming is dying out.  Without Blizzard and EverQuest it would be pretty small.
    Most consoles now have decent sized hard drives and good Internet connections.  The Wii remote pointer is just as effective as a mouse.  The graphics on the XBOX360 and PS3 (and upcoming Wii U) definitely rival those of PC games.  And many mechanics that use a keyboard on the PC can use a combination of buttons or (gasp) better UI design on the console.  I’ve played console games with a lot of UI and menus, and they can be driven pretty easily.
    Why the shift?  Console systems are cheaper, boot in a few seconds, use your gorgeous 1080p big screen TV, and easily allow you to play with 4 friends in your living room vs. only allowing teaming with “Some Guy on the Internet”.  There are many companies writing games, and most of them have high software quality not requiring the general public to download & apply patches from the game producer.
    Portable systems have some of the same advantages, in terms of cost, boot time, and quality.  The small screen is a negative, but the ability to play anywhere easily is a major benefit.  Japan tends to lead the US in matters like these, and portable gaming is *huge* there; like smart phones were there years before they became popular in the US.
    Blizzard ported D1 to the PlayStation, and it was fun to play there.  I really hope Blizzard does port D3 to a console.  I suspect playing it on your big screen would be a blast, doubly so if you can play split screen with your buddy.  It would also be good for Blizzard’s future health, as I wonder what the age demo is for PC gaming.  I suspect there is a whole generation of people who would enjoy D3 who will be unaware or uninterested in it if it is a PC game.

  10. So what, now I have to have my 360 connected to the net to play a console game?  I know more people who play consoles offline only, than those who have problems with a solid and stable internet service on their home PC’s.   

  11. “If your dream job is helping to water down Diablo III to make it playable on a much less powerful home gaming system without a proper keyboard or mouse…. you might want to have a word with your career counselor.”
    I’m not sure it’s possible to water down endlessly clicking on bad guys any further. 😀

  12. i used to play wow, the panda shit.. they’ve joked about that before, as maybe a new race for cata ect ect
    but seriously, they might as well put pandas in wow now anyway its pretty lame. Im so over that game
    just keep the pandas out of diablo 3. :-[)

  13. Diablo 3 on a console is perfectly reasonable and that’s why Blizzard is putting time and money into trying to see if they can do it.  The PS3 and Xbox 360 are both capable machines and Blizzard are experts at game design and art, so they will have no problem modifying the art assets and engine to run on these platforms.

    The real question for them relates to interface design, because a bad interface can make your game unplayable or at least a lot less fun.  As long as Sony will let them hookup battle.net to the playstation network, then this will probably happen at some point in the future.  My only concern with this at all is, the last time I wanted a PC genre to transition well to a console, not only did the game do poorly, but they closed one of my favorite developers.  I’m speaking, of course, about Ensemble Studios and Halo Wars!!!

    • consoles are just not made for RTS games :/ atleast no console only rts caught my attention yet…

      • I played both Halo Wars and Ruse on my 360 and I have to say that they are really enjoyable (stories and gameplay). So as far as gameplay for “single” player I would say that console are ok (it is my oppinion :)). Now like WhiteGiant said, consoles are just not made for RTS, especially for a competive one like SC2 and when multiplayer comes into consideration the mouse/keyboard setup beats the consoles by a mile… 

  14. Firstly there are some games that translate well… I thought Dragon Age played quite well on console…
    Secondly, current generation consoles support Mice and Keyboards, it’s just that except for the occasional MMO (and the like) devs don’t seem to take advantage of this.  Anyone want to bet if Blizzard’s DIII port supported keyboards and mice that it might see a decent percentage of use???  Anyone want to bet that it might be the pebble that starts the Avalanche???

  15. This is my second, and likely last for some time, experience with Diablo Inc Gamers, thanks to the unfortunately narrow-minded, willingly uninformed assertions of this “Flux” person who I only heard of a few days ago and hope I never encounter again, in my online ventures or in real life.

    The first experience was when I was looking for gaming podcasts and found this site’s. I listened to the one where Flux was arguing with a girl with a British accent whose name escapes me. She was making extraordinarily sound arguments for why a player who contributes heavily to a boss fight but dies close to when the boss is defeated should earn loot, and every time, Flux dismissed her argument with curt, short dismissals, with little to no real backing reason.

    The last straw was when he blurted four little words I’ve come to associate with idiocy: “well, that’s your opinion,” as if somehow a) opinions need qualifying as such, b) poorly informed opinions like Flux’s suddenly become well-formed, and c) non-subjective matters were to suddenly become subjective at the drop of said four words.

    Fine, whatever, I tell myself: I’ll just read the site’s news posts. There seem to be plenty, and if the podcast bothers me, I can just avoid it.

    Then I see this amazingly boneheaded drivel from Flux, re: potential console ports for Diablo 3:

    “It’s quite possible that the eventual console version of Diablo III will be great, but really… “dream job?” If your dream job is helping to water down Diablo III to make it playable on a much less powerful home gaming system without a proper keyboard or mouse…. you might want to have a word with your career counselor.”

    Unreal. Where does one even begin addressing the lack of logic here?

    Re: the controls: keyboard and mouse controls are great — and even my preferred control method for games like Diablo 2 — but the notion that a D3 character cannot be controlled *well* on a console controller, when D3 characters have 6 skills and maybe one or two more actions to input, is ridiculous at best. If that’s how console D3 works — hell, even if Blizzard adds a gamepad option to the PC version, which they really should, it doesn’t exactly harm players who don’t want to use said control scheme.

    To drive this point home further, look at the competitive fighting game scene, long dominated by arcade sticks until consoles were used widespread in tourneys. In any iteration of Street Fighter 4, C. Viper is one of the most execution-intensive characters in the game — in MOST fighting games, actually. Wolfkrone (Google him) is one of the best Viper players in the flippin’ world. And he plays on a PAD. A Dual Shock, to be precise. And he’s not alone; many Evo attendees this year (Evo being short for Evolution which is the biggest fighting game tourney on the planet) rocked it on pads and placed well. Last year Street Fighter 2 HD Remix even saw its champion win on a pad.

    To demonize control methods is beyond elitist (the bad kind of elitist, not the “good kind” some people wear like a badge of honor), beyond moronic.

    As for the question of less powerful consoles: consoles are focused on gaming, not subject to the multiple tasks and threads of PCs. No, my Xbox 360 or PS3 won’t top even my several years old Mac Pro tower running OSX and, via Boot Camp, Win7, but a properly made console game is still a sight to behold and a joy to play. And many mechanically strong games (like aforementioned 2D fighters, classic 2D platformers, or recent even RPG fare like the excellent Bastion) tend to have originated on consoles. PC games are great too; I play a ton, some on my 360 pad, some on keyboard/mouse, some on my custom-built arcade stick.

    But to crap on a console port of D3, to crap on the people involved in making it work… disgusting. Thoroughly disgusting, all of this.

    For whatever it’s worth, this site has lost a potential reader. And I hope that the people Flux surrounds himself with see fit to call him on his self-inflicted ignorance more often than not.

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