A downloadable (1.2gig) Diablo 3 console demo is now available for the Xbox 360, and the PS3 (thanks to BJ for the link).

  • Xbox 360 download. (Xbox Gold only.)
  • Playstation 3 download.
  • This is the first Diablo 3 demo, since the PC/Mac version didn’t get one. Instead, the B.net-only nature of the game meant that we got the Diablo 3 Starter Edition/guest pass, which was the full game up to the Skeleton King, plus some scammer/gold-farmer-blocking limitations on the content and interactions with others.

    Update: The D3 console demo allows you to play as either the Wizard or the Barbarian, and includes all the normal content up through the Skeleton King. Difficulties easy/medium/hard are included, as is character saving. There’s no match making and it’s softcore only. Thanks to Flint for the details.

    Update #2: Blizzard has posted an official blog pointing to the download links and sharing a few happy words. View that here.

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