Diablo 3 Console Demo Now Available

A downloadable (1.2gig) Diablo 3 console demo is now available for the Xbox 360, and the PS3 (thanks to BJ for the link).

  • Xbox 360 download. (Xbox Gold only.)
  • Playstation 3 download.
  • This is the first Diablo 3 demo, since the PC/Mac version didn’t get one. Instead, the B.net-only nature of the game meant that we got the Diablo 3 Starter Edition/guest pass, which was the full game up to the Skeleton King, plus some scammer/gold-farmer-blocking limitations on the content and interactions with others.

    Update: The D3 console demo allows you to play as either the Wizard or the Barbarian, and includes all the normal content up through the Skeleton King. Difficulties easy/medium/hard are included, as is character saving. There’s no match making and it’s softcore only. Thanks to Flint for the details.

    Update #2: Blizzard has posted an official blog pointing to the download links and sharing a few happy words. View that here.

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    7 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Console Demo Now Available

    1. The Xbox360 version of the demo appears to be similar to the beta in content, although you can only play as the Barb or the Wizard. I haven’t gotten to the Skeleton King yet but I expect that’s the end of it. Additionally, the difficulties are limited to Easy, Medium and Hard (no Master Levels). Fortunately, I was able to save a character instead of what many demos do which is give you a time limit or no ability to save. DIII has neither of these. No matchmaking and it is limited to softcore.


    2. I remember playing D2 demo back in days. Running with barb, killing mobs with dagger. Same memories with D3 open beta weekend and running with spectral blades.
      True love has it’s beggining at demos.

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