A fan brought up something I’ve heard muchly from Diablo 3 console players; that not only are legendaries very common, but that they very often come from non-monster sources.

    I have not played console version a lot because I’m a pretty busy guy, but when I do play… I love breaking things like graves, barrels, ashes, etc. Why? Because I just love breaking things!

    But… most importantly, on console it is worth it even if you don’t like to do it! Why? Because let me tell you a little secret. Out of the rough estimate of say… 50 legendarys I’ve found this far, at least 15 have flown out of things you break. So start breaking things!!! You get free loot!
    Grimiku: Breaking all the things and looting all the stuff isn’t everyone’s preferred method of play, but I’m happy to hear that some of you are finding that it’s worth your time. Personally, I love smashing breakables in Diablo III console, and have noticed that I have decent luck with finding awesome stuff when I do. Does anyone else try to stick with builds that have a spammable aoe ability just so you can easily break stuff?

    This matches what the console players have told me on the podcast thus far; that not only are the legendaries much more common, but that they very often come from breakables or chests or armor racks or other non-monster sources. That seems to be a huge change from the PC version, where not only are legendaries much less common on the whole, but they’re much much much less common from non-monsters.

    clickable-armor-rack-annotatedThat’s not just anecdotal either; thanks to the Legendary Drop Survey thread we can see exactly what players find their legendaries from, and across thousands of legendaries found by various players, less than 5% are found from breakables or chests.

    Since starting that thread I’ve personally recorded the source of my last 200ish legendaries, and of those 3 came from chests or clickables (like dead bodies), and the actual tally is 1 golden chest, 1 armor rack, and 1 dead body. Zero legendaries from breakables like barrels or tombstones out of my last 200. And that’s significant since my chars mostly break breakables thanks to AoE effects, but I only bother to click maybe half of the dead bodies or loose floor tiles or the like I see in game.

    So, questions for discussion: Do you want a (big?) boost to legendary drop rates from clickables and destructibles on the PC version? And do you now, or would you with such a boost, go out of your way to click more of them?

    Also, one helpful factor on the console is that all the clickables open automatically once your character runs near them. (Since there’s no mouse pointer you can’t actually point and click on chests.) Would you like to see that feature added to the PC version as well? How about that for a legendary item passive? “Automatically clicks clickables within 5 yards. Also, automatically picks up all light blue objects (materials/gems/potions) within 50% of your gold Pickup Radius.” WANT.

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