Blizzard took fan criticism of the generally-lame pre-order Diablo 3 Console Bonus Items to heart and gave them buffs, as well as fixing the erroneous level requirement displays. See the previous post to see the stats they had ago; the updates images can be seen below.

    Note that DiabloWikiDiablo console pre-orders still get bonus dyes and glowing wings and such, these are just the bonus items that have changed:

    I just wanted to jump in to let you know what we’ve spent some time re-evaluating these items and have updated the Diablo III Console Preorder Bonuses and Exclusives blog with some corrected tooltips.

    The required levels on these items are now as follows:

    “Infernal Helm,” “The Hero’s Journey,” “Drake’s Amulet,” and “Leah’s Ring” – Required level: 1
    “Leoric’s Gauntlets” – Required level: 30

    The level reqs dropping from 57 (which was an error) down to 1 is obviously a big change, and the others are improved, but I have to shed a tear for Leah’s Ring. The original was 25% MF/GF, with faster run, faster attack, res all, and vit. This new one is more appropriate for level 1, but it lost the res all, movement speed, and gold find, and no longer looks like a worthwhile Follower ring.

    It remains an odd grab bag of bonus items, though. The Infernal Helm is a good design for low levels (though it really needs a socket to remain viable past level 15), but the others seem like the devs threw darts at a board with items and stats and stuck them together at random. They’re not terrible items (anymore) but what makes them bonus items?

    That said, I’m not sure what I’d want instead. What would you select, for special bonus items for the console? What’s game changing in the early going and gives a preview of the fun of having a well equipped end game character, but isn’t totally unbalancing? (Which is what twinked socketed weapons + rubies are for, after all?) Huge MF/GF bonus? Movement Speed and +%Experience?

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