Diablo 3 Community Event Buff: +50% Experience Through March 24th

I’m not sure what the community event is, but right now on the US and EU realms all Diablo 3 characters are pulling an extra 50% experience bonus. This is 50% on top of all other bonuses, so if you’re running T6 for 1600% exp bonus, it’s 2400% right now. (And even larger if you’re doing multiplayer, wearing +exp% gear, etc.)

Cash in while the rewards are hot. Mira Eamon isn’t going to kill herself over and over and over again, after all.


Update: A blue post about this promotion went live on the Diablo 3 EU site, informing us it would run through March 24th, but that post vanished shortly afterwards. It later resurfaced on the US site, and includes a helpful tutorial video explaining the system changes in D3v2.

Reaper of Souls™ launches on March 25 for PC and Mac—and as of today you can prepare for death’s descent with a +50% bonus XP* in Diablo III.

C1BYCYBE4LQ61393840383638This hefty XP bonus gives your heroes a leg up on the new DiabloWikiParagon Leveling System, which just went live in patch 2.0.1. The new Paragon Leveling system not only allows ALL of your characters to share and contribute towards a single account-wide Paragon level, but it also grants bonus ability points with each Paragon level gained, which can be discretionally assigned to your character’s stats.

In addition to the Paragon Leveling System, the pre-expansion patch delivers tailored rewards with the all-new Loot 2.0, a revamped Difficulty system for bigger and better challenges, and significant skill updates to all five hero classes. Plus, for the first time ever, Diablo III players can come together with Clans and Communities, making this the ideal time to get your old adventuring group back together and dive into some serious loot hunting.

Reaper of Souls launches in just a few weeks. For more information on the upcoming expansion, be sure to visit the Reaper of Souls mini-site or the Diablo III community site.

In the meantime, slay well!

*Bonus XP ends March 24, 2014. The +50% Boost applies to the PC and Mac only.


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  1. Bleh…. I want to be able to turn it off. Right click the buff or so.
    Make it happen Flux!

    • Same, wanted to redo the story line to see how the new patch turned out and I’m level 20 by the time I’m at Skeleton King, it’s pretty dumb.

  2. damn i hate this mira shit. of all the boring, braindead runs that were popular in diablo series, this one is the worst. ;p

    the buff doesn’t affect quest reward exp btw

    • Agreed; Im having more than enough fun replaying the story to get that sweet skele king leg, XP is rolling in so fast anyway.

  3. That page said that it is running on PC and Mac until 24 March 2014.

  4. Good thing I have a Mac that can’t play the game due to crashing from everything… =(

  5. Enlighten me please, just started again. what is benefit of running Mira Eamon?

    • Most likely the new uber xp replacement for the much vaunted crypt runs.

      Because why play the game when you can game the game.

    • She’s quick and easy and the quest is worth a lot of exp. Players without the gear for high Torment levels can safely (and very boringly) score huge exp there. You’re giving up most of what you’d get in item finds, but if exp for Paragon levels is the only goal, this is the quickest way to get it in the game today.

      I’ve done a few runs for testing purposes, and it gets mind-numbing quickly. My new HC DH is all self found in v2 and can’t safely do more than T1 for real, but I can do Mira on T5 without much trouble. That takes about 3 minutes per game and I get about 14m exp for the whole cellar; the displayed exp for just the quest on T5 is around 7.1m, but I’ve got a ruby in my hat and HR and Leoric’s ring on my merc, so it multiplies up considerably.

      • They should remove the “green circle around me = mooove i’m gonna shoot”. In T6 I can take only one shot (I have not geared and skilled specially for that). If I take two, I die. But with the “warning I’m gonna shoot”, there is no risk of being shot (but lag).

      • She usually drop 3 item along with some gold. Plus the zombies at the entrance are hi-value XP kills as well. Last night our 4-man was running about 1 run every 3 1/2 minutes for 9+ million XP per and 80k gold per trip. over 2 plus hours I saw 12 to 15 legendries ID’d in our group… BIG change from night before when only 3 or 4 legendries. Lt Cage produces the SAME amount of gold and XP in Act 2, at Khasim Outpost, but is a little faster because of the cut down in conversations!!!

      • I just tried a couple of these last night with my new lvl 60 HC DH. I got about 4 paragon levels, tried up to Torment 1, which is pretty good for my crappy gear.

        Can anyone confirm that the Community Event bonus DOESN’T apply to this run?

  6. I’m glad it’s for an extended period. I originally thought it was just for tonight.

    It’s a shame consoles aren’t getting it too. Wonder why that would be.

    • It would probably require a patch to enable the buff on the consoles, then another to disable it.

      On the PC it’s most likely handled by Battle.net. The client has all the information for the buff already, the server just says that now it’s enabled. Simple and no client-side patch needed. Perks of an online game.

      • Don’t forget that at least last generation – you had to pay a fee to issue a patch for a console game…guess that might have something to do with it too.

    • Probably b/c console players would just hack their local save files and max out+ paragon levels.

    • Probably because console do not get the expansion… This buff is a pre-expansion fest.

  7. I just got myself setup and ready to game, so awesome.

  8. Ah good just in time for my barbarian to be leveled up so i can get str gear for my future crusader!

  9. The reason that post vanished is because, I believe, they were gonna post it when the event applies to all regions, US, EU, and Asia. Apparently in Asia server, there’s no such buff at all.

  10. I refuse to engage in Blizzard’s pandering to make me push a blue bar to the right… so I guess I’ll use this to level a new set of characters up to 60 for RoS.

  11. 3 weeks of this? pretty cool, cant wait to see how many times I attempt to dodge death in hardcore mode! Im really glad to be back diablo, my pc`s been dead for so long and it’s revived with a power supply of resurrection!

  12. Awwww, I’d rather them wait so I can use it for my Crusader!

  13. Community Event, also known as “Let’s see if any of our players can hit P800 before RoS is even out.”

  14. Someone’s afraid of PoE expansion tomorrow I’m guessing…

    • yeah, and they should be. I am haivng a really nice time there..it´s surprisingly good in everyway possible and quite addictive aswell. I´ll try out RoS eventually, but for now PoE has my attention.

  15. QUOTE

    Don't forget that at least last generation - you  had to pay a fee to issue a patch for a console game...guess that might  have something to do with it too.
    True, but 30-50k isn't that much for a major company. It'd probably  cost Blizzard as much or more to deploy their own PC patches.
    I refuse to engage in Blizzard's pandering to make me push a blue bar to the right... so I guess I'll use this to level a new set of characters up to 60 for RoS.
    And move an orange bar to the right. Kappa
  16. The link to this article is broken on the main site.

  17. QUOTE

    And move an orange bar to the right. Kappa

    Aw man, I was hoping that if anyone noted that sarcasm, it would be you.

  18. If you can kill the zombies in the cellar and Mira on T6, then you can generally also safely farm Old Tristram road. There’s usually a very big group of zombies from the waypoint to Adria’s hut. You can farm another unique named Ebeneezer something, and the unique quill fiend in the road leading up to old Trist. Each unique (including Mira) is worth about 4 million XP. Only problem is you sometimes get multiple packs of Es in Old Tristram or the road leading up to it. They seem oddly easy to just avoid, though. Prior to this buff a Mira/Old trist run was yielding in the neigborhood of 40-50 mill XP for 10-15 minutes of work. So, roughly the equivalent of a prepped Crypt run on MP10 pre-patch, which took roughly 30-45 minutes.

    If you get bored of Mira/Trist runs, Wizards can do Iskatu T6 runs. Slot back in Archon: Pure Power, slot in Evocation, and melt those shadows. Don’t transform right away because Iskatu doesn’t show up for about 10 seconds, and when he does the shadows stop coming. When he vanishes, there will be another large wave of shadows and this time they won’t stop coming. The god news is, each shadow killed increases your Archon dmg by 6%, so you can easily get up to 1,000,000 DPS in this fight and melt Iskatu. Overall worth about half as much XP, and over twice as time consuming/dangerous as Mira, but not as boring.

  19. I think the bonus is only for kills, not quests.

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