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    Diablo 3 is coming to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. Blizzard has just announced at Playstation 4 reveal event that Diablo 3 is the franchise they have chosen to move back into the console market with. The game will be four player co-op when it is released and they stated that a demo is coming soon.

    No other information has been made available at the moment but Blizzard has always maintained they were looking into bringing it to the console. Blizzard has said this is a strategic partnership with Sony so it sounds like it will be a PS4/PS3 console exclusive at this stage, although it sounds like they will not rule out other platforms.

    As far as the PS3/PS4 version is concerned we do know of a few features.

    • There will be direct control with the analogue sticks (no clicking)
    • There’s an evade capability to quickly dodge out the way
    • Local offline co-op as well as online co-op where the screen will zoom out to fit all players on screen.
    • Everything to do with loot and inventory has also changed on the interface
    • There is no paperdoll, there is a full 3D character.
    • May create new cinematics to fill in console players on the franchise backstory at the start of the game.
    • Its the same game, and there will be game updates with a base release of v1.0.7.
    • It’s pretty far along in development, PS3 version is further along than the PS4
    • They are looking at how they are going to utilise the touch bar on the new PS4 controller.

    During the development there were indications that the Diablo 3 team were preparing for a console release, the skill window changes were probably the most obvious at the time and we had talked about that in the news here when it happened.  The console version was hinted at as far back as 2010 and console controllers were being tested by players during the PC Beta  test to show how it could work.

    Chris Metzen’s full comments for the reveal are as follows

    Console game development is in our blood,we’re very passionte about it and all these years we played on the PC side of the street, We have held a deep desire to get back into the mix and to bring console players some of the home cooked imagination and adventure we love to develop

    The trick was always going to be how do we do it. we spent a lot of time thinking about which of our franchises could translate to console, which of any of our game products could make the jump while still maintaining their accessiblity, ease of use and playability. We feel we know in partnership with Sony we have our game. So I’m very pleased tonight to announce the game that Blizzard entertainment will be bringing to the Playstation 4.

    Diablo 3 will be available for the PS4 and PS3. Right now we have version running on the PS3, it is amazing, runs well, looks great, we have painstakingly optimised our control schemes, anywhere from the entire user interface of the inventory system to the player customisation, even direct control over your player avatar, so if some of you have played on the PC side your not mashing your mouse into your desk.

    Diablo 3 has never been easier to play.One of the really fun things about this version of the game the four player co-op mode that’s full screen, you can sidestep all the split screen shenanigans, it’s a smooth eeemless play. You can play with your three best friends on a couch. One couch to rule them all.

    Coming up in the coming months we will debut the game, we;ll have video and playable demos, probably at PAX East.

    We’re excited about he product and our partnership with Sony and what the future has in store for us . Hopefully world domination.

    There is also an ongoing thread in the forums on the topic where there has been mixed reactions.

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