Diablo 3 Coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation 3

blizzard PS4

Diablo 3 is coming to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3. Blizzard has just announced at Playstation 4 reveal event that Diablo 3 is the franchise they have chosen to move back into the console market with. The game will be four player co-op when it is released and they stated that a demo is coming soon.

No other information has been made available at the moment but Blizzard has always maintained they were looking into bringing it to the console. Blizzard has said this is a strategic partnership with Sony so it sounds like it will be a PS4/PS3 console exclusive at this stage, although it sounds like they will not rule out other platforms.

As far as the PS3/PS4 version is concerned we do know of a few features.

  • There will be direct control with the analogue sticks (no clicking)
  • There’s an evade capability to quickly dodge out the way
  • Local offline co-op as well as online co-op where the screen will zoom out to fit all players on screen.
  • Everything to do with loot and inventory has also changed on the interface
  • There is no paperdoll, there is a full 3D character.
  • May create new cinematics to fill in console players on the franchise backstory at the start of the game.
  • Its the same game, and there will be game updates with a base release of v1.0.7.
  • It’s pretty far along in development, PS3 version is further along than the PS4
  • They are looking at how they are going to utilise the touch bar on the new PS4 controller.

During the development there were indications that the Diablo 3 team were preparing for a console release, the skill window changes were probably the most obvious at the time and we had talked about that in the news here when it happened.  The console version was hinted at as far back as 2010 and console controllers were being tested by players during the PC Beta  test to show how it could work.

Chris Metzen’s full comments for the reveal are as follows

Console game development is in our blood,we’re very passionte about it and all these years we played on the PC side of the street, We have held a deep desire to get back into the mix and to bring console players some of the home cooked imagination and adventure we love to develop

The trick was always going to be how do we do it. we spent a lot of time thinking about which of our franchises could translate to console, which of any of our game products could make the jump while still maintaining their accessiblity, ease of use and playability. We feel we know in partnership with Sony we have our game. So I’m very pleased tonight to announce the game that Blizzard entertainment will be bringing to the Playstation 4.

Diablo 3 will be available for the PS4 and PS3. Right now we have version running on the PS3, it is amazing, runs well, looks great, we have painstakingly optimised our control schemes, anywhere from the entire user interface of the inventory system to the player customisation, even direct control over your player avatar, so if some of you have played on the PC side your not mashing your mouse into your desk.

Diablo 3 has never been easier to play.One of the really fun things about this version of the game the four player co-op mode that’s full screen, you can sidestep all the split screen shenanigans, it’s a smooth eeemless play. You can play with your three best friends on a couch. One couch to rule them all.

Coming up in the coming months we will debut the game, we;ll have video and playable demos, probably at PAX East.

We’re excited about he product and our partnership with Sony and what the future has in store for us . Hopefully world domination.

There is also an ongoing thread in the forums on the topic where there has been mixed reactions.


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  1. Playstation 3 also, apparently.

    • Since they make a big deal about couch co-op, I guess they have to have offline mode? Especially on the PS3.

      • Don’t know… my feeling was they would try to incorporate everything in Bnet 2.0… kind of like how Steam got Portal 2 compatible with PSN. I think cross-play will be possible. My guess anyways 😛

      • Yeah, I’m not sure if the console release will leave offline mode out of the question and then there are the auction houses. Perhaps publishers won’t let that happen? It’ll be interesting to see how Blizzard handles all of that.

      • I’m a bit interested in their solution to the three friends on the couch wanting to move their characters into different directions as they’re seemingly saying that it’s not splitscreen…

    • Actually, they were going to release it on PlayStation 2

      but then they doubled it …

  2. Oh boy. If the reddit thread is of any indication, this is thing is going to give birth to Mephisto.

  3. R.I.P Diablo. Everything about how D3 was designed suddenly became so clear.

    • You beat me to it!

      GG Blizzard, GG.

    • Yeah, I called this long ago. It was easily noticeable with the UI changes. And thus the “dumbing-down” of the game…er I mean “streamlining”…

    • Beat me to it. I fully suspected their decisions to be based around console catering ever since the possibility about it coming out for console was talked about originally. And people wonder why I despise when PC games end up with a console port…

    • D3 was just a test, FUCK you BLizzard

    • You know what, I am just gonna think the positive side about this.

      At the very least, with the imminent release of a console version, we could probably expect that they will FIX the game first before releasing it, seeing as they wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistake a year ago.

      I know it sucks but the road should only get better from now on.

  4. cool, now even more people can be disappointed by it.

    • I gave you a +1 although I’m not seeing it as becoming true:

      I’ve said it more than once that D3 gives me a feeling of not beeing a western style arpg anymore, but more of an eastern style action adventure with rpg-elements. And that’s exactly what consoleplayers are used to. Western style rpgs were always a rare breed on the market of console gaming.

  5. Blizzard always gets my hopes up and crushes them lol. Was hoping for something new. SHOULDA KNOWN.

    • I didn’t watched from beginning… Firstly I was thinking about EA or Activision: the guy said Blizzard, ok… giant bomb guys started to joking: (of course) SC: Ghost later BlackThorn, R’n’R Racing… Seconds before Metzen said any title I thought: “Titan, at last”, no… Metzen (not literally) said: “Screw you!… Diablo III”.

  6. Just saw a post on reddit about this and honestly, I’m not surprised. The UI, 4 player multiplayer system, quest based public games, the huge skill window covering the screen, and the 4 slot skillbar all pointed towards a console experience. I had a feeling that D3 was a console game tailored for the PC but I generally kept that in the background but now it all makes much more sense.

    Can’t say I’m disappointed or anything but I will ask one question. Based on the loot drops and the general consensus that there’s too much RNG…will console players stick with this game? It’s mind numbing as it is and the possibility of finding an extremely good item is still statistically low and that begs the question whether or not console players will find some satisfaction with item drops.

    I have to ask another thing. Will Blizzard ever allow pc players to create public game rooms? Seems Blizzard needs to keep the console focus and their general resistance to changing anything for the PC isn’t helping at all.

    Anyway, what are everyone else’s thoughts?

    • To be honest, I don’t see it that way (as in, I don’t think every single decision up to this point about D3 was in light of the game coming out on console). Of course, this is just me speculating, as I can’t read into Blizzard’s mind (and frankly, no one else can either). IMO, the interface as is is still wayyyyy to un-console friendly; they’re still going to overhaul the whole UI (I’m looking at Torchlight on XBLA as an successful-ish example).

      As for the folks at reddit QQing over this announcement… why? I mean, this can just bring new blood to the community, the same community all those guys and the official forum guys are dooming in every second thread.

      But I agree with you on one thing: Loot-driven game on a console is still risky. Yes, Borderlands was a great succes… but it still was a FPS. It’ll be very interesting to see how the mainstream console players warm up to D3.

      • Yeah, I’m not outraged like everyone else is and I’d like to thank you for starting some discussion with me.

        Anyway, I’m sure that not everything was designed for a console but I’ll wager good money that the skillbar and lack of public game rooms were influenced by consoles.

        New blood to the community is great and I’m all in favor for more people getting into the Diablo games but long term longevity of a loot based arpg is certainly going to pose an issues within console gamers.

      • As much as I wouldn’t want to play Diablo 3 with a gamepad, Diablo 3s gameplay fits a console much better than any FPS
        I will seriously never understand how people can (or would want to) play a FPS with a gamepad.
        But they certainly do. In that sense D3 shouldnt be any worse off.

        • Actually, it all has to do with what console gamers are accustomed to. FPS have been on consoles since Doom on the SNES. Regardless of your personal preference, many people strictly play FPS on consoles (I’m 50-50 with FPS on consoles/PC).

          Anyways, what I’m saying is… many console gamers have played numerous console FPS (be it GoldenEye, Halo, CoD, w/e… the list is extensive), and many of then are comfortable doing so (just look at sales from the past decade). For top-down isometric Arpg, all I can think of is Diablo 1 on Ps1, Torchlight on XBLA, a few Baldur’s Gate on PS2? And these didn’t sell that great, so one could assume console gamers have a lot less exposure to these types of games.

          But the concern that Winterfield and I have with D3 on console is if standard consoles gamers will get “in” Diablo… grinding endlessly to high Paragon levels with low upgrade probability (well, that is if there’s the AH on the consoles). I’m a bi-gamer (as in I game extensively on consoles and PC, har har), but I know a lot of my friends aren’t; and I don’t see them playing the same game on their consoles for months that’s not named COD or NHL (I’m Canadian).

          • @JohnnyC

            I generally agree with you, and would like to remind us that action RPG had much success on the consoles before it lost the spotlight.

            –> IMO old top down Zelda and Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) series are the ancestors of Hack & Slash.

      • “To be honest, I don’t see it that way (as in, I don’t think every single decision up to this point about D3 was in light of the game coming out on console).”

        I just want to remind you of the art discussion way before release, when the first tiers of equipment were shown. In retroperspective it seems a clear indication to me that opening the game up for console gamers was already in stock on the drawing board and just the ability to deliver in question – up to now. But as you’ve stated I could be wrong there, as there’s only the outside view open to me.

  7. This is my last post. Any ounce of hope I had for this series just died – they dumbed this game down for consoles and now that it is on a console it will stay dumbed down. RIP DIABLO it started on May 15th/2012 and ended on Feb 20th/2013.

    They have the nerve to release another version of this garbage without fixing pretty much anything. What a joke. Hopefully I see some of you guys around PoE.

  8. This could be positive for Diablo 3.

    It gives Blizzard a very direct financial reason for trying to improve D3.
    Now its more than brand damage-repair. They actually want to convince someone to buy D3.

    • While “financial reason” and “Blizzard” seem to be close terms these days, I wouldn’t expect this console port to be a major, high budget project for them. At least not high priority enough to suddenly start extensive patching again or even resume producing content. After all, the series, and the third installment in particular, had to so much bad press that I wouldn’t expect them to risk major investments here anymore.

      Instead, expect them to have a small team of console developers, tasked with making a port over to not too-shabby console controls and that’s it. Maybe they’ll get a few guys from the art team to come over for a couple of hours to do interface stuff where absolutely needed. The first screens of their adapted console UI at least don’t really look like a lot of effort went into them. I imagine it to be a little side project to keep their console team busy and gather experience by learning from mistakes until multi-platform work for Titan may commence.

    • But do people who play exclusively on consoles want the same things as PC gamers? I don’t mean that disrepectfully in any way, I have a console but I don’t use it much.

      What could attracting the console market encourage Blizzard to do with Diablo 3 that will benefit the game for PC users?

  9. they stated that a demo is coming soon™

  10. Now it’s clear why the game was so dumbed down, so it can be played by console owners. D3 for PC was just a giant beta for the console version…

  11. I have no problem with this as I think it’s a very fitting financial move for them at this point. They really do need to remove “Diablo” from the title of the game though so it’s not so misleading to our console friends. “Dungeon Tycoon” as I have previously suggested would be a perfect fit for the console version of this game.

  12. What, Flux no comment?

  13. IncGamers is no longer censoring comments. Great job. Diablo 3 is the only games which wants to be released in Polish and Russian languages.

  14. ughh Blizzard is so out of touch with the core of the community. I hope the game fails on console release. I certainly understand from the business side of things, which blizzard is of course, but it seems like so much stuff for the PC version was sacrificed for ease of access and playability on the console version.

    Now it all makes sense why they scrapped the old rune system. It was too complex to translate into good game play for consoles. RIP Diablo. I honestly hope some massive rage and backlash is brought to blizzcon this year and is let loose on blizzard. So fucking full of themselves.

    Oh and custom games and clan support all that sh*t isn’t in the game because blizzard, for whatever terrible reason simply don’t want to do it. It would translate fine into a console port. It’s only a matter of blizzard being way out of touch.

    As the captcha says to post this “That’s enough” …

    ya thats enough diablo im done with this shit.

  15. fine, to this, I’ll say it – BS!

  16. Maybe they can let PC players use controllers? I have a num-pad w/ a thumb stick. Click-to-move is for the birds. If I can move w/ the stick and aim w/ the mouse, I’d be so much happier. Especially if I can move one way and attack in another.

    Otherwise, there’s no way they leave in so many terrible awkward affixes on gear if you can’t read it in the new console menus. Maybe they’ll tighten up the item mods and fix a lot of the item problems. Can’t imagine your average couch jockey would ever bother w/ the current crafting system.

  17. Sort of looks like they made it more complicated to equip your items now. Rather then using a grid and seeing every variable of what’s equipped all at once as well as every item you have on your person it looks like you’ll have to change out gear one-by-one. The loss of a mouse hits this game hard.

    These screenshots makes me wish it was possible to have custom huds in D3.

    Lastly, it’s also funny to note: remember how the original D3 reveal had a 3d character model in the inventory UI? Looks like they went full circle on that one.

  18. At this point, would you consider D3 to be a PC game or a console game? It DOES feel more like a console game to me.

  19. Does this site become rather obsolete if Diablo is a console series?

  20. The rumors I’ve been hearing is that Titan is NOT truly a new IP, but is actually a spinoff inside the Diablo universe. Could the plan be to turn the ARPG series into a console series, and Titan becoming the Diablo universe PC offering?

  21. So… I want to assign my stat points, visit any series of bosses I so choose in whichever order, PvP a bit, and enjoy a rich and varied item reward system. If we mouse users can have that, feel completely free to release WHATEVER you want to the playstation network, but please give me back the Diablo franchise I remember.

  22. As others have stated, it’s not a big surprise this is happening and explains quite a bit regarding DIII development/interface. I’d be very curious to know how Blizz is going to integrate the AHs into the console versions – it’s pretty clear by now that the item system (drop rates/quality of drops) was crafted to make the AHs an integral part of the experience and I can’t imagine that Blizz would release a version that didn’t keep this feature. I wonder how the RMAH will work – does Sony get a cut as well as Blizzard?

  23. I have a bad taste in my mouth after hearing this news. Yes we all knew this day was coming, and D3 was console friendly with the interface and all that, but still, I feel like I got screwed by paying the game and being a beta tester of something which was not even designed for me to play (no intention of leaving my pc for a console yet).

    Don’t get me wrong, I am aware that the game can be played on PC too. Just knowing now that D3 is dumbed down gameplay-wise and interface, hell even mechanics are probably simpler to suit the mindset of console gamers in general, makes me wanna puke.

    Make games for console or pc, stop producing hybrid games, or at least be decent to announce it so we can choose not to play a console port or vice a versa if you are a console player.

    • Vote with your wallet come xpac time. $peak in a language they actually understand.

    • Perhaps learn to read. The IU and movement and other interactions like the inventory change completely on the console version.

      You see a post … And react like a bull on a red flag: read and inform you first before posting.

    • I see console exclusive features coming. Something like One-Button-Pick-It with predefined filters or other automated gameplay whereas PC-Players have to do the extra click to achieve the same.

  24. No one cares, LOL. diablo 3 jeeez…. game is horrible I loved how no one clapped when they announced it. bai bai blizzard

  25. People are really surprised that Diablo 3 is comming to consoles? Like… really ?

  26. Blizzcon will be all about D3C(onsole), I bet their priority is to get the game done on the PS4, not to release the expansion pack to the massive horde of whining little gamers who wouldn’t like the expansion anyway.

  27. Morhaime said their priority is D3, but I don’t expected that direction… Turn of action of (PS)4th act.

  28. Great news!
    Ever since D1 on the PSX I’ve been wanting to play another Diablo game on a console. Very curious to see how it’ll play using a controller.

    Am I completely happy with the current state D3 is in?
    Nope, but I find it’s still better than everything else available on the market today.
    Heck, even Blizzard agrees the game is far from perfect and that they will continue to back it up with patches for balancing, new features and what not.

    Let’s see what the future brings for this game…

  29. Time to buy me a console.

    Playing along with my wife and son on the couch. Great.

    Away from these no lifers on forums.

    Now for those saying it was obvious from the UI that D3 was developped for consoles …: the UI changed completely on the console version AND the movement is simply with the Pad.

    So you were wrong guys, the console version is different in controls and even lay out.

  30. I would have boo’d him off stage. One day blizzard

  31. Are you all for real? I’m hearing ‘dumbed down’, ‘skill bar was for consoles’ and all that *&^%. How many skills did Diablo 2 have available at once? Huh? Two. Two skills. Two buttons.

    On a console that’d be: right trigger skill, left trigger skill, x for opening crap/looting, y for potions or something, then youve got all these buttons for other stuff. Seems like D2 was more console-friendly if you ask me…

    All the moaners out there as well, it’s so predictable that you’d see the announcement and flock back to forums to throw your hardly enlightening two cents in. You know what has ruined my diablo 3 experience over the last year? YOU PEOPLE. Seriously, I can’t go to a single forum to have a constructive conversation about what is objectively a magnificent piece of gaming brilliance.

    • Are YOU for real? How much Diablo2 have you played? You can bind any key to any skill your character had learned, yes those keys assigned the skill to a mouse click but so what, you have the flexibility to set it up as you want, you can set left-click to auto attack or even *gasp* just move, meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally clicking some huge-ass hitbox and attacking instead of moving. My sorceress and assassin both have about 10-12 skills available to them at once, more if I like, that’s flexibility rather than this hand-holding crap we have in D3.

      • Incorrect. Your sorc had 2 skills max available AT ONCE. And 8-10 others it could scroll through, reassigning the keys on the fly. that on a console would be a simple ‘hold button’ mechanism. Also, go into the menus in d3, you can assign hit only, move only, and all your other macros. Christ.

        • Eh? Are you genuinely confused about this or just trolling? I suggest you fire up D2 and refresh your memory, or read a manual, or something, there’s no scrolling through skills 🙂

          • In d2, you can scroll through your skills via the mousewheel. I never use the feature because i couldnt get a feel for what skill my scrolling stopped on without taking my eyes off the action for a moment to look at the icon. I use hotkeys to change spells because im a good typer and can sense what key to hit without looking.

          • As a sorc in d2, i map spells to F1-F12. F1 is static, f2 is frost nova, f3 is teleport, f4 is frozen orb, f5 is hydra, f6 is frozen armor, etc. Numbers 1-4 are the 4 slots on my belt. 1 is health pots, 2-3 are mana pots, 4 is recall scrolls. For bosses i replace some with full rejuvs.

          • as an avid F1 key user in D2 – didn’t you just love the combination of “alt”(show items on ground) + F4 for skillswitch … ?

          • Who the hell used the default F keys? Are you kidding? ASDF;WERT;GVC. Boom, 7 skills, 4 potions. ZXQ for buffs/golem/non-combat skills. Space bar for stand still (instead of shift), B for bags, third mouse button for show all. D3 is even better in that regard, although they should just make the default keys be ASDF etc. They redid the default hot keys in Starcraft 2, they should have done the same for D3. Slight tweaks like that teach beginners how to play better.

  32. Ofcourse they will change some aspects of the UI to fit for consoles.

    *But the \party finder\ and many other interfaces are designed to be build upon for consoles.
    *Or do you remember when all items were going to fit in one inventory slot, but then it was scrapped for current hybrid system?
    *Pressing \W\ to move forward.

    The train of thought between man UI changes from D2 to D3 were structured upon the console idea. If you have seen the lobby/interface done by a user in some forums (very popular screens and they also made their way to official forums to even have blues comment on) are all too complicated for console users to navigate through.

    I can’t think of a worse, dumbed down UI, Skill and systems approach then this. Especially when it comes to Blizzard who were used to known for their innovative approaches AND their ability to adapt the good parts of rival games or letting modders/add on writers help improve the interface…


    If you can not see the artificial constrictions they have put in this game’s development in all disciplines (being, gameplay, skills, mechanics, custimization, interface etc), you are either inexperienced with the games in general or blind.

  33. I love the way he goes on stage with jeans, a beard, a black shirt, oh but some sort of black (leather?) jacket as well. Like he’s trying to be some sort of badboy version of Steve Jobs.

    • Jonathan Blow’s shirt wasn’t any better 🙂

    • Metzen’s been doing sort of a meterosexual frat boy slacker thing for years. Usually with tinted Bono-style glasses and facial hair. It’s not a look I’d embrace, but in an industry where baggy jeans and XL black t-shirts are the unofficial work uniform of everyone at every studio, it’s nice to see someone at least trying to show some sartorial style.

  34. “Diablo 3 has never been easier to play”… Are you kidding me? So it seems that all the design approach was focused on the comfort of a casual console player!

    Remember when they said they wanted DIII to be “easy to play, hard to master”?

    No words… UI, controls, being led by the hand through quests, stacking 5 affixes to achieve power regardles of a build/class…

    Someone please tell me, where exacly is it hard to master? Seems like the intended casual console game design from the very beginning.

    Of course you wont hear what are they working on, ie. a blog about the major game changes/fixing major game issues. Instead you hear a bunch of amazing controls within console pad they work really hard on BS every time there’s an occasion just to mention it. If the occasion doesn’t show for some time, they will brag about changing dueling to brawling instead!

    I predict very disappointing sales of Diablo III on consoles unless they really adress current game state issues and rebuild their relationship with the community. No signs of these coming though, the 1.0.7 Q/A just proves it.

  35. This… Looks… Good.

    *gulp* Please don’t kill me.

  36. Well… I won’t buy a console just for that (financial and ideological reasons) but I will probably find some good PS3 emulator and maybe even (gasp) buy a second copy of the game just to see the difference.
    I wonder about new cinematics and how they are planning to keep all four players on the same screen (extreme zoom out?).

  37. I’ve haven’t played console since the Atari 2600 days so I’m wondering what’s the go with having an evade capability? Can’t they move fast enough on console?

    • Well, I guess you wouldn’t know if you haven’t played a console since, like, ever, but just picture yourself playing this game without a mouse and instead, with a joystick…it just seems like complete masochism.

      I never understood these sorts of ports, especially RTSs. Playing these kinds of games with a pad would be a torture for me. But maybe for someone who hasn’t experienced it with mouse+key, it’s not such a big deal. Just the fact that they’ll have an “evade” button shows how little control you have…wouldn’t touch it with a (joy)stick!

      • Play X-Men Legends 2. The controls actually feel better than D2. There are some quirks; teleport distance is fixed, targeting enemies behind other enemies is almost non-existent. But moving w/o a mouse is freaking great. Mice are for aiming.

  38. cool 🙂

    i really hope the pc version gets gamapad support too then 🙂

    cant wait 🙂 … torchlight has been a blast with controller 🙂

  39. I am really curious to see how they handle drops, item affixes, and if there will be an auction house. What about elective mode? Will it be possible to assign any skill to any button?

    Diablo games don’t seem like something that you could just pickup at a party and play with 3 other people, unless there are premade characters available, fully equipped to handle inferno. This ‘sitting on the couch’ scenario seems impossible – maybe if the owner of the ps3 geared up all the characters? I smell rmah possibilities! Blizz store premade characters.

    Also, how would you play a ww barb or cm wizard with a gamepad?

  40. At some point in the future there will be a ps4 emulator for pc, and someone will have the rom available for download as well. Unfortunately, that will be the only way to play offline on pc.

  41. Damn, some people will just accept anything from Actiblizzard.

    • Diablo 3 is published by Blizzard (see photo and boxes). Activision is another branche within the company.

      Also Diablo 1 was published on both PC’s and Playstation 1.

      Learn your history lessons kid.

      • Please, child. Ever since Activision came into the picture, Blizzard has gone downhill and put monetary gain ahead of their fanbase/quality. Diablo 1 was also not dumbed down for the upcoming console release, as is the obvious case with D3. Hell, they even tried to claim that they reduced the players in each game to 4 because of “balance” … and not because consoles have 4 controller ports. The shitty multiplayer game finder? Autojoin for consoles. The list goes on.

        I know you love sucking on Blizzard’s nut sack no matter what, but I would have actually liked to play a Diablo game that was a progression from D2. I didn’t realize I would be buying a demo for the console version.

  42. Ok, so console players get offline mode. Frankly, I don’t care. It’s their world. But more important question is: Will they be playing online on the same servers (same AH) as PC players?

    If so, I won’t be buying any of the future Blizzard products for the sake of PC master race.

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