Diablo 3 Colour Blind Safe

Not being colour blind myself, I always find it hard to picture exactly what people see in games when they are. There are numerous games that give a ‘colour blind’ mode included, Battlefield 3 and CoD being a couple of the more recent titles where the colour palette/drop shadow on text used is ‘compatible’ with players suffering from colour blindness. So what about Diablo 3? According to Bashiok they are keeping this in mind.

We’re attempting to build the base game with it in mind. We’d like to know if anyone’s encountering any issues.

Have you experienced any issues with colour blindness and the Beta? If so it might be an idea to let them know. I have included a couple of videos after the break for MW3 and BF3 which show how the colour blind modes work in these titles in case you were wondering.

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28 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Colour Blind Safe

  1. well i would have 2 test it , maybe its difficult 2 differ the items (magic , legendary, and so on) but from the vids i have seen i didnt encounter any probs

  2. I’m not in beta so I cannot give feedback on colorblind issues but I know I have a lot of issues in many games. I have problems with red and green specifically, and I find it great Blizzard gives us colorblind people colors we can distinguish. People who are not colorblind probably can’t imagine what we see, and obviously vice versa we have no idea how colors are actually supposed to look.

    For those remotely interested, this wiki article gives a good indication on how different types of colorblindness see different types of colors.

    In Diablo 2 however the only real issue I had was Gold (from Unique) and Yellow (from Rare) but they’ve already removed the unique color (probably just for those reasons). It is nice to see that game developers in general are more aware of people with colorblindness.

    • it’s cause of people like you that the incredible unique color was removed, thanks for making everybody’s lives more miserable for your own selfish desires.

      • I’m not colorblind, but having more distinction between item colors doesn’t make me ‘miserable’. You really need to get over the fact that this game isn’t going to be an exact clone of Diablo II.

      • well i saw the difference in diablo2! i was disapointed when they changed the unique color aswell

        • I’m not color blind in any way but I could hardly distinguish gold from yellow in Diablo II, though I guess that was partly because of my very old very crappy CRT from 10 years ago. Still, getting rid of gold was an understandable move to get rid of this problem in Diablo III.

    • I for one would have taken out yellow instead…
      Also, you’d think they could just add an option for colour blind mode…

  3. Real life is not color blind proof and the color blind people cope very well with it. They adapt. Why should a game do otherwise.

      • Why the immature post? He didn’t hate anything, he said they coped with it well in real-life and can’t see why they don’t in games. I’m not in agreement with him, but calling his post hate just shows you need to grow up and get out. Maybe games is a little bit too big part of your life. 🙂

        • Middle ground : add a color blind mode like in League Of Legends , its just a mode where the colours are a bit different etc. to make it easier to distinguish , both sides are happy , problem solved 😀

    • Color in games actually tends to be much more important than it is in real life.  In most day-to-day things, color is just a small aesthetic note that doesn’t convey any meaningful information about the function of an object.  Generally, color can be fairly safely ignored.

      In games, however, color is often used as a visual cue, to convey information about something.  In some games, color is the only way to distinguish between two very different things.  I have trouble seeing red, which usually means I’m prone to confuse red with green.  But in many games, enemies are red dots on your map, and friends are green dots.  Red doors are locked, but green can be opened.  Red shells track, and green go straight.  The designers are trying to tell the player something with these cues, but it’s lost on me, and people like me.  

      Though I never had a problem with anything in Diablo or D2, it’s nice to hear that Blizzard is thinking about this stuff.

    • Yeah, i mean people with only 1 hand cope in real life, why can’t they play with a mouse and kb at the same time…
      An extra colour blind mode would be better, but that’s Blizzard’s fault for not implementing one instead of making it the unchangeable default…

  4. Yea totally not expected at all. Please answer me this, what issue is to you that a game shifts a couple of colours around to help those out that are colour blind. None whatsoever. I knew this hate storm would happen though I’ve seen the same on other game’s forums regarding colourblindness.

  5. If it’s an option to be enabled when installing the game and when in game, I don’t mind. However, altering the game’s colour pallete to cater for a minority of colour blind gamers without providing an option for non-colour blind users is just plain wrong and lazy with development, is their grandma colour blind as well? When are gamers (actual D2 fans) feedback going to be listened too?

    • well this is obviously an option ! like in WoW. Dont get so upset everybody

      (didnt meant to post this as answer)

  6. I am grateful that they consider this when making games.  The Diablo series has been pretty easy to manage with red/green colorblindness and I did not find anything in the Beta that was difficult to distinguish.
    Just for a counter-point in game design, when playing standard color palette in LoL I have a nearly impossible time knowing which creeps are mine and which are the opponents, it makes the game unplayable.  With their color palette 2 everything is great.
    The reason that it matters in a game and not in real life is that I choose to game for fun and when you can make a simple design decision to incorporate design guidelines that make this a non-issue, it is appreciated.  That said, the mechanics for Diablo in general, in my opinion don’t require this differentiation especially with loot being per user these days, I still appreciate Blizzards efforts here.

  7. dont underestimate the significance of colors, colorblind lovers. colors have an unexpectedly large effect on how we portray things. the unique color used in d2, i think all d2 fans can agree, gave a certain feel to the item. if you made that color yellow for example…it could potentially change gameplay- many people associate yellow with ‘cheap’, or something along that. so lets really hope the colorblindness adjustment is an option you can turn off.

  8. Im colourblind, and I would test the shit out of the game if they invited me 😀 The only games that caused huge problems for me so far was the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 target markers and the health bars in League of Legends (they recently fixed that so yay for that!)

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