We saw pre-ordering shortages late last year, before they were back in stock last month. But now that Blizzard has revealed pricing and the release date, it seems like the DiabloWikiDiablo III Collector’s Edition is starting to run short. Or at least Bashiok wants us to think so, as he’s replying to forum posts and tweets from people reporting difficulty in obtaining their own D3CE.

    are there global limits for CE or every retailer can pre-order as many as can sell? cos there is a rumor that CE is limited. –PeterGrozdanov1
    Our CE’s are always produced in limited amounts. –Bashiok

    Granted, I only checked the stores in my area (Gamestop/EBGames, Best Buy, Walmart), but no Diablo 3 Collector’s Editions are available for In-Store Pickup. I know it’s only a pre-order, but I have ordered for in-store pickup at these stores on pre-orders before. Has it always been this way with D3 CE, or did it just happen because of the mass of pre-orders that are undoubtedly coming now that a release date has been announced?
    Most retailers that I saw began pre-orders for the CE as soon as it was announced at last year’s BlizzCon. It’s possible they’ve already sold out.

    There are a limited number of Collector’s Editions produced, which is what makes them a collector’s edition (aside from all the extra goodies). Actually for the Diablo II CE we numbered each box.

    We have an idea of how many we’ll be producing, and inform retailers of how many they’ll be receiving. Once they sell out of their allotment, that’s probably it. Now, there are some retailers that don’t take pre-orders, people won’t pick up their pre-orders, or others that simply don’t take pre-orders on their full allotment, so all hope is not lost.

    I wish you luck in finding one!

    Whenever we post about this a lot of you guys say you’re going to get the D3CE. If that’s your plan, you should probably find somewhere to order it from ASAP, since just strolling into a store and picking one up on launch day, or from Amazon in like… June, may not be a viable alternative.

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