Diablo 3 Collector’s Editions Selling Out?

We saw pre-ordering shortages late last year, before they were back in stock last month. But now that Blizzard has revealed pricing and the release date, it seems like the DiabloWikiDiablo III Collector’s Edition is starting to run short. Or at least Bashiok wants us to think so, as he’s replying to forum posts and tweets from people reporting difficulty in obtaining their own D3CE.

are there global limits for CE or every retailer can pre-order as many as can sell? cos there is a rumor that CE is limited. –PeterGrozdanov1
Our CE’s are always produced in limited amounts. –Bashiok

Granted, I only checked the stores in my area (Gamestop/EBGames, Best Buy, Walmart), but no Diablo 3 Collector’s Editions are available for In-Store Pickup. I know it’s only a pre-order, but I have ordered for in-store pickup at these stores on pre-orders before. Has it always been this way with D3 CE, or did it just happen because of the mass of pre-orders that are undoubtedly coming now that a release date has been announced?
Most retailers that I saw began pre-orders for the CE as soon as it was announced at last year’s BlizzCon. It’s possible they’ve already sold out.

There are a limited number of Collector’s Editions produced, which is what makes them a collector’s edition (aside from all the extra goodies). Actually for the Diablo II CE we numbered each box.

We have an idea of how many we’ll be producing, and inform retailers of how many they’ll be receiving. Once they sell out of their allotment, that’s probably it. Now, there are some retailers that don’t take pre-orders, people won’t pick up their pre-orders, or others that simply don’t take pre-orders on their full allotment, so all hope is not lost.

I wish you luck in finding one!

Whenever we post about this a lot of you guys say you’re going to get the D3CE. If that’s your plan, you should probably find somewhere to order it from ASAP, since just strolling into a store and picking one up on launch day, or from Amazon in like… June, may not be a viable alternative.

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65 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Collector’s Editions Selling Out?

    • Could be fun, yes! But imagine the one with “1” on it, it could be worth alot of money one day 🙂

    • He said the D2 CE was numbered, but conveniently did not say anything about D3. I highly doubt the D3 will be due to the sheer volume as people would realize just how un-limited it is and it would be bad PR. Notice how he also avoids to confirm that they have a fixed amount. I very much doubt it will sell out globally before release. They will keep it low so that many stores will sell out, but they will print more and give to selected stores if needed (so that if you REALLY want it, you will be able to get hold of it even if it might not be from your local store). Once released they obviously won’t print anymore and what little stock stores might have is it.

      And for the record, yes I’ve already bought the CE 😉 

      • you’re a liar. you haven’t bought a damn thing. you can only preorder at this point. it’s not the same as buying because you don’t have it in your hands right now. especially if stocks don’t last and you end up cancelling it 🙂

  1.  I would like to get a collector’s edition without paying more than the list price for it, but my local gamestop has sold out.  Any other options?

    • Diablo games are released once per 12 years and you dont want pay extra few bucks to get CE…? anyways in Poland all online shops went “out of stock” on CE in less than 48h.  

      • The Collector’s Edition is already like $100 isn’t it?  What I meant by ‘not more than list price’ is I don’t want to buy it from someone else reselling it on ebay for like $1000.

      • How old are you? Your arguments are on quite a low level, sorry. 🙄

        I pay for the actual GAME and I couldn’t care less about the extra you get when paying $40 more. That doesn’t make me talk trash to those who think it’s a good deal though. Yeah, how old did you say you were? :mrgreen:

        • 25, but I dont know why you got so much hate? Did I really thrash talked? The guy wants to buy CE but he doesnt want to pay additional few buck for delivery ect. Thats why I ASKED (not flame or trash talk) is he really bother by few buck when the game comes like every 12 years or something is this really a big deal? But I guess you got problems with understanding what your reading, dont worry it comes with age.

          • Apparently good reading and writing skills don’t come with age.  But I’ll forgive you since English is not your first language (it seems like you’re located in Poland.)
            I’m willing to pay what Blizzard says the CE should cost, and the cost of shipping if applicable.  I’m not willing to pay the price some reseller up-sells it as, trying to get a profit.
            I thought that was pretty clear in my first comment, and in my reply.  I’m still looking for ideas of a place where I can get my hands on a preorder for CE.  Any suggestions, anyone?
            By the way, @webmaster, the advertisements in the captcha?  Even for logged in users?  HUGE turnoff.  I’ve been with this site since diabloii.net and the comment system is making me not want to come back.  (And on that subject, what’s with http://wow.incgamers.com/ redirecting to diablo 3 instead?  Is there no longer a wow site?  What’s up with that?)

    • does that mean they’ve officially run out of stock? I managed to squeeze in a preorder a few weeks back, hope I still get it

  2. I am so nervous right now…
    I did order mine for 1 year ago but still… this is making me nervous.

    • Hell, I’ve pre ordered 3 from 3 different stores in case one screws up, and I’m nervous

  3. I ordered and payed for my D3CE august 2011, sure hope I’m getting it release/dayafter release..! (as of most stores having it \out of stock\ here in sweden too)

    • “Alternatively, you can get the digital version now, play right at midnight, overwrite your license with your CE when you pick it up, and then contact our support department. In most situations they’ll be able to grant you a new standard key, which you can then give to a friend, or whatever.”
      – Bashiok, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4175421603?page=2#24             

      Damn, it was supposed to be reply to superaffe comment :c                  

      • message recieved ty = ) <3

        but i dont need two versions because all my friends get it on day 1 anyway

        i still dont get why if you order CE from amazon it should be later than if you get it from a local store. so i ask again: is it true that online-shop-CEs arrive some days later than online-shop-regularEditions? 

    • I preordered mine from Webhallen over a month ago. They still have option for preorder, but not sure how much stock they will get.

  4. why is it that i red more than once that the CE wont we in your mail on release day? or is it just amazon? is there an option to get CE and still play on day 1?

  5. I’m sure it won’t help, but for you guys/gals who either missed out on the CE or just chose not to get it, don’t feel bad.  Remember, you’ve been waiting 12 years for Diablo 3, as in the game.  That’s the most important part!
    Originally I was sure I’d get the CE, then I just sorta decided to keep the money.  I might just be blasphemous here, but down the road, what I’ll likely remember most is playing Diablo 3, and not the stuff that comes with the CE.

    • yeah I planned for the CE just as much as the other guy, but in 2012 it dawned on me that they spent too much time developing the game so I’ll punish them by not buying the CE edition (which is not jaw dropping by the way) and stick to the digital version.

      That way my mind is at ease cause I’ll play this great game on day one, and also I get my petty vengeance by not giving them 100 euro. 

      • Go one step further and buy the boxed version instead of digitally from blizzard since they cost (some how) the same.  

        • Actually the boxed version is cheaper than the digital one, but I want to play it as soon as possible, so meh.

        • Buying digitally puts the money directly in Blizzard’s hands instead of a retailer taking a cut and they get to spend less on it because they don’t print a box, press DVDs, etc.  So, if you’re in it to support Blizzard the best you can, I’d go with the Digital version or the CE.

          Also, I think for $40 bucks, the CE is pretty amazing.  The ingame items are always fun (portraits, pets, banners, wings, and dyes), but then the two licenses of Diablo II are $20 bucks by themselves, then you get the Behind the Scenes BR/DVD combo (which should be a lot of fun), the soundtrack (which is amazing so far), and an art book!  All in all, it seems like a pretty sweet deal to me… definitely worth my money.

          Edit: Oh, yeah, I totally misinterpreted your comments – if you feel the need to punish Blizzard for making the game the best they possibly could, then yeah, buy the boxed standard edition.

  6. Already pre-ordered mine (via online, they’ll ship it to me) at Futureshop Canada months ago. I went to their website again and the pre-order isn’t available anymore. So it looks like a good sign for me, seeing that I made the cut-off.

  7. Mine was pre-ordered when it was announced and BestBuy (Canada) was giving a 5$ rebate so it was only 95$ CAN. I used to receive email updates on the order not shipping yet and with the announcement, last emailt hat came in had the 15th May date in it (was 30th June before that)
    I couldn’t care less if I don’t play at midnight and receive the box 1-2 days later. I’ll download the client and just wait for the CD key when it arrives.

  8. my shop did not have CE in offer and i refrained from preordering from some other shop that would just accept before knowing their allotment. When release date was announced they added CE I ordered it as soon as i could knowing it may go out not in days but hours, dunno how long it took but on Sunday CE was not in offer anymore.

  9. This is kind of what they said with every CE.

    The last two CE have been… how do you say, not rare? Eh. 

    Sure, they were selling out at the beginning, both Cataclysm and SC2 CE. Now they’re magically reappearing. The fact that I can find both retail online even now is somewhat annoying.

  10. An irrelevant story, when WoW (vanilla) came out, I strolled into Target at 9PM on release day and purchased the collecter’s edition.  Long live Mini Diablo!

    • I worked at Circuit City back when WoW vanilla came out. I hadn’t followed development of WoW much at all, but someone else I worked with was in beta and said I should try it. We got two CEs in and I looked at one, said hey this is kinda nifty, and when it was still sitting on the shelf that night I picked it up and bought it. If I had only known the addiction that would come from that first purchase, lol..
      I preordered my copy of Diablo 3 CE as soon as they’d let me at Gamestop. I went in when it was announced since I already had the base game on preorder and they said it wasn’t even in their system yet. Showed up the next morning after it was in the system and they upgraded my preorder for me to the CE.

  11. You guys should really chill out and open your eyes. Vanilla WoW was the  last limited CE. Ever since Activision, the CEs are not “limited”. And SC2 CE was a disappointment for me so I’m guessing this will be even worse than that. Stop believing the PR bullshit.

    • So you’re saying they still produce them beyond the original printing? Because I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. I have a feeling that the ones that show up years later were stored away in a retail warehouse or bought by someone thinking they’d be worth something in the future. Just because you can find them doesn’t mean that they’re still being made. Thus, limited.

      • FFS try and search for a Diablo 2, WarCraft 3 or WoW vanilla CE. Then try the ones after that? Get the difference? The original printing number for the latter games is ALOT higher than back in the ole’ days when a “limited edition” was fucking limited. And tbh I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t print another series if needed, after all Kotick wants your every dime.

    • Yup.
      They basically get another 40 bucks for 2 bucks worth of crap.  There’s no way they’ll “run out” with margins like that.

      • Diablo II is crap? Two bucks? D2+LoD=20, a 4gb custom USB drive with a custom mount, an art book, a bluray, two bucks? Where do you shop at?

        • Yeah but those digital versions of the old games cost blizz exactly 0$. Everything that is digital besides the game is just fluff for which you pay real money.The USB and artbook printing are the only significant costs IMO.

          • Yup, the book is the only real cost on B’s end.   The other tchockes are probably a quarter or two to manufacture in scale, maybe the usb costs a buck on their end.  Treeware costs a little bit of money, maybe a few bucks.  So, sorry, rred – a little under five bucks of crap.

  12. It’s so bad because there is no CE on the canadian website of Bestbuy, amazon or futureshop. Why ? Damn

    • Best Buy Canada doesn’t take pre-orders for CE. If you want one at launch, you have to go line up outside the store for a midnight launch.

  13. I know that Wal-mart is still taking pre-orders for it online (but that doesn’t mean they’ll be able to fill them all) and Best Buy, in my area at least, is also taking pre-orders.

    But there’ll be an allotment of CEs that weren’t preordered. This happened with SC2, although the demand for CEs wasn’t as strong as it is for D3. I went to best buy a week after SC2 came out and saw some copies sitting on the shelf.

    So if you live in the US and don’t get a pre-order, I would check your local best buys to see if they have a midnight opening, and if not, check out walmart at midnight. They’ll probably have a copy or two at least that isn’t spoken for.

    I can’t speak at all for non-US stores, though. 

  14. Or you could just go to Fry’s Electronics and pick up a copy… even if it was “limited” the Anaheim, CAl Fry’s has 1000’s of copies on hand in stock for years after release.  If you haven’t been there it is ~100,000 sq ft electronics store with ~100 check out counters.  (although they only use that many for really big events)
    Of course, this is also one of the locations where the developers sign copies on the night of opening.
    I thought I’d buy two copies of one of the CE WoW expansions, over a year later there were still pallet fulls there.
    So I’ll just head over during my lunch break on release day and pick a copy up.

  15. “There are a limited number of Collector’s Editions produced, which is what makes them a collector’s edition”
    I always thought “limited editions” are limited…. 😕

  16. I pre-ordered my CE with EBgames the minute it was announced. So I’m covered and can rest easy.

  17. I was going to tell people to order from Amazon.com but looks like they’re sold out and only some 3rd party companies are selling them for $200+…

  18. I’m wondering if they have addressed the issue with hardcore players losing the CE wings if they die?

  19. I find target has a tendancy to have CE’s available on launch day- I’ve seen Starcraft, Mass effect 3, several WoW X-pacs, and a few more- If people want a Ce they should try Their local target store, or try preordering from them online, (like I did).

  20. It’s definitely easier, around here, if you want to pre-order in store and it’s not EB or Gamestop. At my local Best Buy, even today, you can go right in and pre-order a CE copy. Probably has more to do with the availability of Gamestop to pre-order the game way back and the Best Buy not doing the same. May also have something to do with less people thinking about pre-ordering the game through Best-Buy’s local pickup.   The only thing is that it may not have a midnight release for it. No biggie for me. I didn’t think I’d jump in at that time anyway.  

  21. i actually got 2 CE diablo 3 witouh ordering just today quess lucky me 1 is for sale;) :mrgreen:

  22. The replies made me angry.
    I know it’s limited. How about others who cannot get them through online..
    I’m stationed to work in SEA.. and I can’t even get a copy
    How does it sound right?

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