The Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition bestowed a virtual prize upon players, granting glowing Victoria’s Secret Angelic wings. That prize was reskinned to skeletal Kerrigan wings as a Starcraft 2 Collector’s Edition prize, and players who like them, like them. They’ve never worked correctly though, requiring players to turn them back on each new game, but that bug is set to be rectified in Reaper of Souls.

    They are currently turning off whenever you leave game, die or travel between acts.
    D3CE Angelic Wings.

    D3CE Angelic Wings.

    Vaeflare: We actually have some changes for how the Collector’s Edition Angelic Wings function coming up! Currently slated for Patch 2.0.1, once a player turns on their wings, the wings will stay on even if the player logs out and logs back in at a later date.

    To turn the wings off, you will simply be able to click the item to “use” the item again. This also means that you will be able to turn the wings on, and store the item in your stash, all the while maintaining the sweet visual effect on your character.

    If a player sells their Angelic Wings item, however, then the buff will automatically be removed when you sell the item. You can of course get the wings back by creating a new character on the account in the same way that it works now.

    Will this change also change how the Kerrigan wings work? I hardly ever use them because it’s more of a hassle than anything else.
    Vaeflare: Your Zergified Blade Wings will be usable in the same manner. 🙂 For the Swarm!

    Do the wings also show in the menu at hero selection screen? (and clan player list)
    Vaeflare: They won’t be viewable on either the hero selection screen or clan player list, but it’s something we may do in the future. 🙂

    Will we see a new type of wings with the Reaper of Souls CE? Or maybe a glowing metallic halo, like the one Imperius sports, giving fans the ability to full anglicize their look, just in tome for the Diablo game in which the angels are (overtly and outwardly) evil.

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